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Sexy Truth Or Dare (601 Dirty And Fun Questions)

Truth or dare is one epic game that can light up any gathering. You get the opportunity to learn new things about people and also test their limits with fun dare games. Finding the right questions to ask, or the right to dare for the game can be quite challenging. 

To better matters, this article has sections on truth or dare games, which will perfectly suit the game you want to play. From sexy truth or dare questions for adults to fun and embarrassing truth or dare games over skype, you’ll never run out of ways to play this game.  

601 Sexy Truth Or Dare For Partners 

  1. What has been your best sexual experience?
  2. What was the last time you gave head?
  3. What is the longest time you’ve ever given head?
  4. Have you ever done a threesome?
  5. Would you ever do a threesome?
  6. What’s your take on sex in groups?
  7. Can you ever watch your partner have sex with someone else?
  8. How many partners have you had at one time?
  9. Give a description of how your orgasm feels.
  10. Where’s your favorite place to make out?
  11. Have you ever done the backdoor style, and would you?
  12. What is the longest time you’ve gone without sex?
  13. Do you prefer rough or slow sex?
  14. Do you like to be on top or beneath?
  15. What is your favorite sex position?
  16. Do you prefer anal?
  17. What sex position do you dislike?
  18. What is your worst sexual experience?
  19. Have you ever had sex outdoors?
  20. What is the strangest place you can ever have sex?
  21. Have you ever done oral on a stranger?
  22. Have you ever paid someone to have sex with you?
  23. Who was your first sexual partner?
  24. Have you ever made a sex tape?
  25. Do you have a favorite porn star?
  26. Do you have a favorite strip club?
  27. Have you ever stripped before?
  28. Do you like to do it with the light on or off?
  29. Does size matter to you?
  30. Do you like to have music in the background or not?
  31. Do you like your partner to be silent or loud?
  32. Do you like a little bit of foreplay?
  33. What’s your favorite part of foreplay?
  34. Have you ever tried role-playing?
  35. Do you have a 'sweet spot'?
  36. What is your weirdest sexual fantasy?
  37. Would you ever have sex with someone for money?
  38. Are you flexible in bed?
  39. What is the highest number of orgasms you’ve had in one sexual encounter?
  40. Would you spit out or swallow?

Truth Or Dare For Partners (Dare Questions)

  1. Do a striptease in front of everyone and on the table.
  2. Tie a cherry stem with only your tongue.
  3. Get on your partner and start riding.
  4. Take off your clothes and start twerking in your underwear.
  5. Lick your partner from their neck all the way to their middle region.
  6. Suck on your partner’s belly button for thirty seconds.
  7. Suck on your partner’s nipple for a minute.
  8. Put a piece of candy in your mouth and unwrap it.
  9. Put a piece of candy in your mouth and unwrap it with your partner.
  10. Remove your partner’s underwear with only your mouth.
  11. Kiss around your partner’s lower region.
  12. Place your hand in your partner’s pants for a minute.
  13. Kiss one person seated next to you.
  14. Sit in your partner’s stuff until the next round. 
  15. Spoon your partner until the next round.
  16. Give your partner a head for one minute.
  17. Run an ice cube on your partner’s body for a minute.
  18. Bite your partner’s booty.
  19. Kiss your partner’s booty.
  20. Lick whipped cream off someone’s body part.
  21. Take off all your clothing for the rest of the game.
  22. Sit naked for the rest of the game of truth.
  23. Send a naked selfie to your partner.
  24. Make a naughty video with your partner.
  25. Kiss your partner’s private.
  26. Stand outside naked for one minute.
  27. Have sex for only 3 minutes, and you have to stop with the timer stops.
  28. Take off your partner’s bra with your teeth.
  29. Send a nude to your ex.
  30. Wear your partner’s underwear.
  31. Give your partner a back rub.
  32. Do whatever the next person has always wanted for fifteen minutes.
  33. Do what the entire group says for fifteen minutes.
  34. Your partner has to rub your inner thighs.
  35. Put a hickey on the inner thighs of someone in the group.
  36. Give your partner an orgasm in two minutes.
  37. Undress and wear the first thing you find in the closet.

Truth Or Dare Questions For Partners Or Spouses (Truth Part)

Truth Or Dare Questions For Partners Or Spouses
  1. What was your first sexual impression on your partner?
  2. Are you in love with your partner?
  3. Did you first have lust or love for your partner?
  4. Would you ever get bored of having sex with your partner?
  5. Do you have a friend you’re attracted to?
  6. How many days a week will you have sex?
  7. Who is your partner’s least attractive friend?
  8. Who is your partner’s most attractive friend?
  9. What is your partner’s most annoying sexual habit?
  10. How many sexual relationships have you been in before?
  11. Have you ever thought of sleeping with someone else?
  12. What is your partner’s sweetest trait during sex?
  13. What is your favorite body part of your partner?

Truth Or Dare For Partners Or Spouses (Dare Questions)

  1. Kiss your favorite part on your partner’s body.
  2. Sing you and your partner’s favorite song.
  3. Do an impression of your partner.
  4. Put a strawberry in your mouth and eat it with your partner.
  5. Say something sexual in code that only your partner will understand.
  6. Tell your partner something that will turn them on
  7. Take off your partner’s shirt only with your teeth.
  8. Hop into the shower for two minutes.
  9. Try not to look at your partner for five minutes.
  10. Give your partner an Eskimo kiss.
  11. Do an impression of your partner’s best friend.
  12. Turn on your partner without touching them.
  13. Be your partner’s slave for five minutes.
  14. Lick syrup off your partner’s best body part.
  15. Make out with your partner until the next round.
  16. Brush your partner’s teeth.
  17. Sit on your partner’s lap until the next round.
  18. Make a one minute song about your partner.
  19. Give your partner a foot massage.
  20. Switch underwear with your partner.
  21. Strip in front of your partner.
  22. Smack your partner’s booty.
  23. Suck your partner’s toes for one minute.
  24. Eat strawberry from your partner’s underwear.
  25. Call your partner’s ex.
  26. Bite your partner’s bottom lip.
  27. Go through your partner’s cell phone.
  28. Massage your partner’s back.

Sexy Truth Or Dares Questions For College Students (Truth Questions)

  1. Have you slept with anyone on campus?
  2. What’s your GPA?
  3. What was the craziest thing you did in your freshman year?
  4. Have you ever made love with a professor?
  5. Have you ever passed out from too much booze?
  6. What’s the craziest thing you did while drinking?
  7. What’s your dirty little secret?
  8. What’s the craziest place you’ve made love on campus?
  9. Do you like your roommate sexually?
  10. What is your roommate’s best body part?
  11. Have you ever had sex in your roommate’s bed?
  12. Have you ever considered sleeping with a roommate?
  13. How many pool parties have you been to so far?
  14. What’s the craziest pool party you’ve been to?
  15. Have you ever had a threesome?
  16. Have you ever hosted a pool party?
  17. Did you smoke or drink before you got to college?
  18. Have you ever stripped for money?
  19. Have you ever had sex with your friend’s partner?
  20. Have you ever had sex for money?
  21. Have you ever considered having an orgy?
  22. Have you ever had an orgy?
  23. Have you ever used a sex toy?
  24. What’s the longest sex you’ve had?
  25. What’s the highest amount of shots you’ve had in one night?
  26. Have you ever wet your bed when drunk?
  27. What’s the longest you’ve gone without sex?
  28. When was the last time you skipped class?
  29. How many times have you skipped class?
  30. Have you ever gotten an STD?
  31. Have you ever woken up to a stranger in bed?
  32. How old were you when you started drinking?
  33. Have you ever wondered what a professor looked like naked?
  34. Have you ever slept with a freshman?
  35. Have you ever slept with someone for money?
  36. Have you ever done a sex train?
  37. Have you slept with a freshman?
  38. Have you ever imagined me naked?
  39. Have you ever imagined your roommate naked?
  40. Have you ever fought with someone you were sexually attracted to?
  41. Have you ever fantasized about sleeping with a professor?

Truth Or Dare For College Students (Dare Questions)

  1. Run-on the street with your underwear.
  2. Give one person to your right a hickey.
  3. Slap the next person’s booty.
  4. Feed someone a pack of dry noodles.
  5. Pour raw egg on the next person.
  6. Take a picture of the next person in their underwear.
  7. Lick someone’s toe.
  8. Eat toilet paper.
  9. Twerk on someone.
  10. Make a freestyle about everyone in the room.
  11. Give someone a lap dance without any clothing on.
  12. Make a prank call and say something naughty.
  13. Twerk on the floor.
  14. Take someone’s shirt off with your teeth.
  15. Kiss the next person to you.
  16. Eat the first thing you find in the fridge.
  17. Give someone head with their underwear on.
  18. Someone should give you a sexy dance while you’re blindfolded.
  19. Drink an entire beer in 5 minutes.
  20. Kiss someone’s partner
  21. Raise your shirt and play with your nipples
  22. Lick someone’s face
  23. Walk outside completely naked.
  24. Do a striptease with high heels on.
  25. Sit in a trash can for ten minutes.

Sexy Truth Or Dare Questions For Adults (Truth Questions)

  1. If you were to have a threesome with anyone in the room, who would it be?
  2. What’s your nastiest browsing history?
  3. Have you ever sexted anyone before?
  4. What sexual adventurous thing have you always wanted someone to do to you?
  5. What’s an illegal thing you wished was legal?
  6. What’s your favorite sexual fantasy?
  7. When was the first time you came?
  8. When was the last time you came so good?
  9. Do you have a favorite sex toy?
  10. Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever had sex?
  11. When was your first kiss with someone?
  12. Who has been your best partner so far?
  13. What’s your favorite body part of the opposite gender?
  14. What’s your favorite body part on yourself?
  15. Have you ever cheated before?
  16. How many people have you slept with?
  17. Are you jealous of anyone?
  18. Do you like angry sex?
  19. Do you like makeup sex?

Truth Or Dare For Adults (Dare Game)

  1. Fake an orgasm in front of everyone.
  2. Everyone has to kiss you, and you have to say which one is your partner.
  3. Kiss one person you touch while blindfolded.
  4. Leave a sexy voicemail to your ex.
  5. Lick peanut butter off someone’s body.
  6. Go skinny dipping with someone in the group.
  7. Pretend to make a game plan to sleep with someone in the room.
  8. Everyone has to feed you and you have to reply with, "Thank you, Daddy". 
  9. You have to do a timeout on someone’s lap.
  10. You have to order a sex toy off Amazon.
  11. Act out your favorite sex position.
  12. You have to undress and take a shot for every piece of clothing you want to keep on.
  13. Trace your fingers on someone’s lip and whisper something naughty.
  14. Dare someone to change their Facebook status to, "I’m coming…".
  15. You have to wear a swimming suit for the rest of the night.
  16. Give someone a back massage while kissing their back.
  17. Place your hand on the inner thigh of the person next to you.

Sexy Truth Questions For Your Crush

  1. Have you ever had a sex dream about me?
  2. Do you have feelings for me?
  3. How much do you love me?
  4. How many exes do you have?
  5. How many people have you kissed?
  6. How many people have you had sex with?
  7. Have you ever been so turned on that you couldn’t control it?
  8. Have you ever touched yourself?
  9. Have you ever had sex at work?
  10. Do you like being in control in bed?
  11. Do you prefer being controlled in bed?
  12. How far have you gone for sex?
  13. What’s the highest number of sexual intercourse you’ve had in a day?
  14. Have you done it in people’s presence without them realizing it?
  15. What kind of foreplay do you like?
  16. Would you take a hot shower with me?
  17. Have you ever tried to feel someone up when hugging?
  18. What got you hot for the first time?
  19. What gets you hot every single time?
  20. How bad have you always wanted to tear off my clothes?
  21. Do you watch naughty movies?
  22. How bad do you want to pull my hair?
  23. Do you like being kissed on the neck?
  24. Have you ever thought about me when showering?
  25. What naughty things do you keep in your nightstand?

Truth Or Dare Questions For Your Crush (Dare Game)

  1. Wash your crush’s feet.
  2. Tickle your crush for a minute.
  3. Try your crush on with only sounds and without lights.
  4. Get extremely close to your crush and say something dirty to their face.
  5. Blow hot and cold air on their neck for one minute.
  6. Write out something secret on their back, and they have to guess it right. If they don’t, they’ll do something for you.
  7. Dress your crush up in your clothing.
  8. Call your parents and tell them you love someone.
  9. Call your crush’s parents and tell them you love them.
  10. Do a sexy belly dance using only one leg.
  11. Your crush has to ride you.
  12. Exchange clothes with your crush.
  13. Fake a British accent.
  14. Re-enact a scene from Romeo and Juliet with no words.
  15. Do whatever the group tells you for one minute.
  16. Give everyone a foot massage.
  17. Try to convince your crush to make out with you for two minutes. If they agree, you win. If they refuse, they win and will have to tell you what to do.
  18. Dance to some music without pants on.
  19. Take off your bra with your shirt on.
  20. Make out with the third person to your right. 

Truths Or Dares For Married Couples (Truth Questions)

  1. Tell me anything you’ve always been afraid to say.
  2. Do you have a favorite piece of clothing, and why?
  3. Do you have a favorite sexual memory of me?
  4. Have I changed since we got married?
  5. What do you love most about me?
  6. Did you always know we’d get married?
  7. What sexual adventures have you wanted to try with me?
  8. What’s the most surprising thing I’ve done?
  9. Is your browsing history clean?
  10. Are you achieving your goals so far?
  11. What can you buy with as little as $100?
  12. What dancer name do you think will fit me?
  13. Did you ever fantasize about someone older than you?
  14. Have you ever put anything weird on your body?
  15. When was the first time you ever watched porn?
  16. When was the last time you watched porn?
  17. When was the first time you were attracted to me?
  18. Would you play oily twister with me?
  19. Have you ever wanted to try tying me down to the bed?
  20. What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever imagined doing to me?
  21. What’s your wildest sexual fantasy?

Truth Or Dares For Married Couples (Dare Game)

  1. Give your spouse your phone for two minutes to do what they want.
  2. Your partner has to use a picture of your orgasm face as their lock screen for 24 hours.
  3. Put on your wedding dress and describe your first sexual moment with your partner.
  4. Put an ice cube on your partner’s private for one minute.
  5. Create an old photograph.
  6. Act out a dirty steamy version of your wedding night.
  7. Give a sexy version of "How to Make Cereal".
  8. Create a flower bouquet from items found in your kitchen.
  9. Take a shot for every time you forget your anniversary.
  10. Take a shot for every time you forget your partner’s birthday.
  11. Whisper anything hot and steamy into your partner’s ear.
  12. Give your partner a full body massage.
  13. Your spouse has to ask you three questions about them. If you get them right, you have a special reward. If you get them wrong, you have a special punishment.
  14. Kiss them somewhere new every minute.
  15. Lick whipped cream off their stomach.
  16. You have to beg your partner to spank you.
  17. Go skinny dipping immediately.
  18. Send your spouse your naked picture.
  19. Take a naughty picture with your spouse.
  20. Tease your partner a bit.
  21. Give your partner a naughty dance without pants on. 
  22. Act a passionate kissing scene from a movie.
  23. Massage their neck with your mouth.
  24. Do a striptease for your partner.
  25. Massage their back with your mouth.
  26. Tell a story about how your first day went without speaking.

Sexy Truth Questions Just For Girls (Truth Questions)

  1. How did you feel when someone went down on you for the first time?
  2. Have you ever been attracted to a girl?
  3. Have you had a terrible kiss before?
  4. What’s the most fun you’ve had on a date?
  5. Have you ever done anything romantic that you’re proud of?
  6. What’s your favorite male body part?
  7. What’s your worst wardrobe malfunction?
  8. Have you ever felt embarrassed by a crush?
  9. What was it like going down on someone for the first time?
  10. Have you ever faked an orgasm?
  11. How does it taste when you go down on someone?
  12. Have you ever regretted a hookup?
  13. Have you ever regretted doing anything for love?
  14. How often do you trim down there?
  15. Have you ever gotten a bikini wax?
  16. Have you ever had a threesome?
  17. Will you ever have a threesome?
  18. Do you have any fetishes?
  19. Have you ever had a sex dream about any guy I know?
  20. Have you ever gone to a strip club?
  21. Have you ever stripped for cash before?
  22. What’s your most powerful sexual experience?
  23. When did you lose your virginity?
  24. Name one thing you’ve wanted to try so bad with a guy?
  25. Have you ever has a one night stand?
  26. What’s the weirdest thing that turns you on?

Truth Or Dare Questions Just For Girls (Dare Game)

Truth Or Dare Questions Just For Girls
  1. Fake an orgasm for thirty seconds.
  2. Put some socks in your pants and pretend it’s your penis for the night.
  3. Act out your favorite sex move.
  4. Kiss your best friend in the room for thirty seconds.
  5. Give any girl a foot massage in the room.
  6. Put some ice cubes into someone’s bra for five minutes.
  7. Take off your underwear without anyone telling the color.
  8. Take off your bra for the rest of the night.
  9. Wear someone else’s underwear on your head.
  10. Draw someone’s face on your belly button.
  11. Put a bra on your head for the rest of the night.
  12. Post a picture of your tampon on Facebook.
  13. Take off your pants and put on some heels.
  14. Do a sexy dance with a broom. 
  15. Do jumping jacks for three minutes.
  16. Touch someone’s tongue with yours.
  17. Shave one of your legs.
  18. Demonstrate fingering someone.
  19. Do 25 squats on the front porch.
  20. Wear the first thing you see in the closet.
  21. Try to market your favorite naughty toy.
  22. Do a sexy crawl on the ground.

Sexy Truth Questions For Guys (Truth Questions)

  1. What’s your favorite body part on a girl?
  2. What’s the most embarrassing moment you got turned on?
  3. Have you ever thought of having sex with a guy?
  4. What’s the craziest thing you ever did for love?
  5. Have you ever been embarrassed about something you did for love?
  6. Have you ever had a crush on someone out of your league?
  7. Have you ever cheated?
  8. Have you ever cried for love?
  9. Have you ever made someone cry?
  10. Have you ever had a threesome?
  11. Have you had a sex dream about anyone I know?
  12. Would you ever have a threesome?
  13. Have you ever had an orgy?
  14. Would you ever have an orgy?
  15. Have you ever had sex in a car?
  16. When did you lose your virginity?
  17. What do you wish to try in the bedroom?
  18. Have you ever been given head while driving?
  19. How do you like lingerie, a little reveal, or no reveal?
  20. Have you ever done role play before?
  21. Do you like second rounds or are they exhausting?
  22. What’s the worst lie you’ve ever told a girl?
  23. Do you have any steamy videos on your phone?
  24. Do you have any hot photos on your phone?
  25. How many people have you seen naked?
  26. Mention one thing you’ve wanted to do so bad with a girl?
  27. What’s the craziest sex dream you’ve had?
  28. Have you ever had a bad experience with alcohol?

Truth Or Dare Questions For Guys (Dare Game)

  1. Act out how to woo a lady.
  2. Talk about your penis like it was a person.
  3. Reenact sounds from your last sexual encounter.
  4. Hit on someone in the group like at a bar.
  5. Try to make different possible sounds with your lips.
  6. Make different possible fart sounds with your underarm.
  7. Hide anywhere in the house, whoever finds you have to make you do anything.
  8. Explain how to wear a condom using a banana.
  9. Put ice cubes in your mouth until they melt.
  10. Eat anything in the kitchen as sexily as possible.
  11. Tell your best friend some nasty words in his ear.
  12. Give someone a foot massage in the room.
  13. Act like you’re having sex with the couch for a minute.
  14. Read a book in the most seductive way possible.
  15. Throw some ice cubes into someone’s pants. Make sure they don’t remove it until it melts.
  16. Make out with your hand to a romantic country song.
  17. Put on some headphones and dance to your favorite song.
  18. You have to hold water in your mouth until the round finishes.
  19. Slap your behind and talk about how bad you’ve been.
  20. Feed someone some strawberries using only your mouth. 
  21. Draw something nasty on your face.
  22. Grind to your pillow for a minute.
  23. Feed someone almond with your mouth.
  24. Passionately play an air guitar for one minute.

Truth Or Dare Questions Via Social Media (Truth Game)

  1. What was the last video you watched on YouTube?
  2. What are you wearing right now? 
  3. What color is your underwear?
  4. What are the naughtiest things you’ve ever done so far?
  5. Tell me anything your mum doesn’t know about you?
  6. What’s your most embarrassing fart story?
  7. What was your first impression of me when we met?
  8. What did you want to be when you were little?
  9. What’s the dumbest statement you’ve ever made?
  10. What’s the dumbest statement I’ve made so far?
  11. When was your sexual awakening?
  12. When was your best sexual experience?
  13. Tell me one secret no one knows about you.
  14. What was your best shopping experience at $50?
  15. When was your first sexual experience?
  16. What was your wildest sexual experience?
  17. If I went through your room, what would I be surprised to find?
  18. What’s the most sensual part of your body that you like to be kissed?
  19. Do I remind you of anyone?
  20. Is there anything you’d like me to do?
  21. Is there anything you’d like me to do with you?
  22. What’s the worst thought you’ve had so far?
  23. What is the best news you’ve ever gotten?
  24. What’s the naughtiest activity you’ve done at work?

Truth Or Dare Via Social Media (Dare Game)

  1. Send a video of yourself eating ketchup.
  2. Send a picture of only your torso.
  3. Send a video of you making out with a pillow.
  4. Send a video in yourself in your undies singing your favorite song.
  5. Send a picture of the sexiest part of your body in an unappealing way.
  6. Wear every single underwear you have and send a picture. 
  7. Send a video of yourself doing the moonwalk. 
  8. Send a video in yourself in your undies trying to walk like a worm.
  9. Draw a picture of your naked self and send it.
  10. Wear a swimsuit and take some pictures.
  11. Send your most adorable picture.
  12. Send your sexiest picture.
  13. A dare to use the other person’s picture as a profile picture for a day.
  14. Demonstrate your best sexual position with signs.
  15. Walk outside in your underwear.
  16. Walk outside naked.
  17. Change into the hottest outfit you have.

Truth Or Dare Over Video Chat (Truth Game)

  1. Do you have a journal?
  2. Have you ever cried because of anyone?
  3. Have I ever made you cry?
  4. What is your favorite belonging?
  5. What are your major body-part insecurities?
  6. What naughty things have been on your mind lately?
  7. Have you been thinking about me?
  8. What naughty things are you thinking about right now?
  9. What are your biggest sexual fears?
  10. Has there been anyone who got away during sex?
  11. Have you dyed your pubic hair before?
  12. What color are you open to dye your pubic hair to?
  13. Are you turned on right now?
  14. Do you like being tied up?
  15. What’s the number one activity you hate in bed?
  16. Where would you like to be massaged?
  17. Do you have any funny sexual experiences?
  18. Have you ever had sexual intercourse in public?
  19. Would you sleep with any of your exes again?
  20. What’s the hottest thing someone has done to you?
  21. Name one activity you wished someone did to you?
  22. What would you pay $1000 to get in bed?

Truth Or Dare Over Video Chat (Dare Game)

  1. Do the rest of the call in your underwear.
  2. Put your butt on your phone for thirty seconds.
  3. Sing opera.
  4. Take off any three items from your body.
  5. Draw anything silly on your face.
  6. Cut some parts of your hair.
  7. Make a silly video in your underwear and post it on Instagram.
  8. Continue the call with your underwear on your head.
  9. Continue the rest of the call naked and with a jacket on.
  10. Write a naughty story and send it.
  11. Make three sensual hand gestures.
  12. Read a dirty part from a romance novel.
  13. Talk dirty for thirty seconds.
  14. Dance dirty to any song on your phone.
  15. Draw a picture of the person you’re talking to and post it online.
  16. Show three embarrassing spots on your body.
  17. Draw a mustache on your face.
  18. Try to recreate a kissing scene from a movie.
  19. Demonstrate your favorite sexual position.
  20. Pleasure yourself with ice cubes all over your body.
  21. Lick your phone screen for ten seconds.
  22. Try to act seductive for the next five minutes.
  23. Try to turn someone on with only your eyes.
  24. Eat your favorite snack seductively.
  25. Twerk in front of the camera.
  26. Strip in front of the camera.
  27. Try to juggle any three items.

Truth Or Dare To Know Someone Better (Truth Game)

  1. Who is the love of your life?
  2. Who used to be the love of your life?
  3. What’s your favorite plant?
  4. What’s one naughty secret that most people can never find out about?
  5. Have you ever done something sexual you felt really guilty about?
  6. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  7. What used to be your favorite cartoon character?
  8. What’s one secret only close friends know about?
  9. Have you ever had a disappointing sexual experience?
  10. Have you ever been turned down sexually?
  11. What’s that one item you’ve kept since childhood? 
  12. What’s the most fun object in your bedroom?
  13. What’s the weirdest item in your room right now?
  14. The worst sexual mistake you’ve ever made?
  15. Where are your favorite romantic places?
  16. Have you ever made out with someone of the same gender?
  17. Have you ever slept with someone of the same gender?
  18. How many adult toys have you had?
  19. Have you sexted someone before?
  20. Have you ever thought of being in bed with me?
  21. Have you ever pictured me naked?
  22. Have you ever picked your nose during sex?
  23. What’s the weirdest stuff you do by yourself?
  24. What’s the craziest stuff you do all alone?
  25. Who do you currently find extremely attractive?
  26. Which one of your friends turns you on the most?
  27. Which one of your friends turns you on the least?
  28. Have you ever farted during sex?
  29. Have you ever took a break during sex?
  30. Have you ever grabbed a snack during sex?
  31. Have you ever been bored during sex?
  32. When was the last time you peed or pooped your pants?
  33. Have you ever done anything illegal?
  34. What sex act do you wish you could erase from your memory?

Fun Truth Or Dare For Friends (Dare Game)

  1. Show your underarms.
  2. Read the first message in your inbox.
  3. Sing a song with your mouth stuffed with fruits.
  4. Wear a pair of pantyhose on your head for the rest of the game.
  5. Do a funny freestyle about the next person.
  6. Put on a swimming suit for the next hour.
  7. Give someone access to your dating profile to do what they want for fifteen minutes.
  8. Drink a cup of smoothie made with ingredients someone has to choose.
  9. Make a sandwich and feed it to someone.
  10. Eat macaroni mixed with whatever someone chooses.
  11. Pour one tablespoon of ground coffee in your mouth and chew.
  12. Make a fart noise in someone’s face.
  13. Someone picks a hilarious new nickname for you.
  14. Call someone on your contact list and tell them you love them.
  15. Put an embarrassing picture as your profile picture.
  16. Do a fast dance to a slow song.
  17. Eat your food without cutlery.
  18. Kiss someone’s belly button.
  19. Smell someone’s shoe for two minutes. 

Dirty Truth Or Dare For Parties (Truth)

  1. What sexual activity are you never going to do again?
  2. What’s the shortest time you’ve known someone before sleeping with them?
  3. What’s the weirdest sexual fantasy you’ve had about someone?
  4. Who’s the weirdest person you’ve had a sexual fantasy about?
  5. What sexual activity do you think is overhyped?
  6. If you had to choose between oral and penetration forever, which one would you go with?
  7. Do you prefer to be in love and be intimate or just strangers?
  8. Who’s the oldest person you’ve slept with?
  9. Can you remember the full names of everyone you’ve slept with?
  10. What body count do you consider too many?
  11. What’s your sexual goal for now?
  12. Have you ever slept with a virgin?
  13. Would you rather be on top or beneath?
  14. Where turns you on, on the opposite gender?
  15. What do you like doing in bed, but others dislike it?
  16. What’s the sexiest statement you’ve heard from someone?
  17. What’s the most unintentionally least appealing thing you’ve heard from someone?
  18. Would you prefer to give unlimited orgasms, or receive?
  19. What type of porn have you watched?
  20. What age do you think is too old to be a virgin?
  21. Name on sexual superpower you wish you had.
  22. What character in a movie do you have sexual fantasies about?

Dirty Truth Or Dare For Parties (Dare)

  1. Suck on my fingers and pretend you’re doing oral.
  2. Sing a song you’ve made love to.
  3. Randomly select anybody on your contact and say something hot about them.
  4. Send a seductive message to someone on your contact list.
  5. Lick another person’s lips and they have to resist kissing back.
  6. Talk dirty to someone for two minutes/
  7. Wear a blindfold and kiss whatever body part is put in front of you.
  8. Lick anything sweet off someone’s neck.
  9. Take a seductive selfie and send it to someone in the room. 
  10. Send a seductive message to someone you’ve slept with.
  11. Whisper anything to the next person that will turn them on.
  12. Undress someone with only one hand.
  13. Use an adult toy for 60 seconds.
  14. Take off your underwear for the rest of the night.
  15. Show everyone the sexiest picture you have on your phone.
  16. Put whipped cream on your body, and allow someone to lick it off.
  17. Sleep with someone in a room you’ve never done it before.
  18. Try to make someone orgasm in five minutes.
  19. Kiss someone’s neck for thirty seconds.
  20. Try to arouse someone without touching any sensual places.
  21. Use your tongue to spell out anything on someone’s body.
  22. Kiss someone’s earlobe for thirty seconds.
  23. Whisper to someone anything you’ve wanted to do with them.
  24. Show everyone the dirtiest message you have on your phone.


What are dirty dare questions?

A dirty dare for someone can include putting a blindfold on, sticking your tongue out, and guessing what sensual part of the body is used to touch your tongue. Others may include trying to undress someone only using the teeth.

What is a dare question for BAE?

You can dare your partner to tongue kiss anywhere you choose or try not to get aroused while they sit on your lap and you kiss their neck. You can also dare them to whisper their naughtiest fantasy in your ears.

What are the truth or dare questions for adults?

Truth or dare for adults can include asking someone to eat something from the fridge as seductively as they can, or to show the naughtiest text or pic they have on their phone. You can also ask them to reveal their most thought-about sexual experience.

What’s a good flirty dare?

A good flirty dare can include trying to kiss or lick someone’s lips without them kissing back, or to read something romantic or naughty from a book. You can also dare them to describe your body in detail while blindfolded.

What are good dirty dares for guys texting?

You can dare a guy to send a seductive message to someone he’s slept with, or put an embarrassing naughty text on his status for fifteen minutes. You can dare a guy to run outside with his underwear or even naked. 

To Summarize

Did you enjoy this article on truth or dare? You can always come up with your own crazy and unique dares just to suit the theme of the event. Leave a comment below if you liked this, and share this article with friends that need to see it. 

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