Editorial Policy & Guidelines

Our Vision

HerNorm is a one-stop source for improving its readers’ love life:

  • Dating tips and advice,
  • Relationship issues and advice,
  • Ideas to level up and spice up romantic relationships,
  • Tips and advice to deal with breakup and infidelity,
  • Relationship astrology.

Our Vision is to make it easier for readers to find relevant information about their problems and help them make healthy decisions. HerNorm aims to make dating and relationships more flawless and entertaining for women.

Our Point of View

At HerNorm we have an open-minded and liberal view on relationships. This means the articles showcase respect for women and gender equality. Thus, the writers avoid using expressions implying sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or other prejudice and discrimination. 

People of any gender are never generalized with expressions like “all men” and “all women.” 

Relationships of any type are discussed with respect and empathy, no matter the writer’s personal views.

Information and Research

The information presented in the articles is based on deep research conducted by our writers and fact-checked by our editors. The research aims to bring together expert opinions and the readers' needs to give valid answers to their questions

It means the writer should never express their opinion about the issues or give advice based on their experience unless the writer is a qualified professional. Instead, they should provide the reader with all the useful information about the topic and guide them to find the most relevant professional services to solve their problems.

When explaining psychological or medical terms or giving psychological advice, the writer should cite or refer to valid and well-known research institutions or medical associations. 

Style Guide

The tone of voice of HerNorm is as follows:

  • Friendly
  • Moderately serious/professional
  • Optimistic and supportive
  • Helpful
  • Respectful

The language is American English. 

Submission guidelines

If you want to contribute a story to HerNorm, please ensure your topic is relevant to the topics we cover and follows our editorial and general style guidelines. The article should be original and can’t be published anywhere else.

Additionally, prove the importance and popularity of the topic in the pitch. The word count can’t be less than 1500 words.

Submit your pitch to [email protected], and we’ll get back to you within a week if we like your story.


The content should serve the purpose of helping the readers find answers to their questions. In this context, any relevant commercial materials and tools can be suggested to the readers. Note that it will be checked by our editors and can be removed from the article without any further notice.

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