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Places To Have Sex (201 Adventurous Spots)

June 30, 2024

Keeping things fun and fresh in the bedroom can be a key way that a couple maintains a strong connection throughout their relationship. Sex is a key part of any romance, so making sure that two people have their sexual desires met is critical to the success of a partnership.

However, keeping it fresh and fun can be hard to do if you only ever have sex in the bedroom. Here, we look at where to have sex that can really spice things up a bit between a couple. Many of the places to have sex that we list have the added drama of the chance of getting caught. This can sometimes add to the thrill and public sex can be great. However, remember that sex in public places is not legal, so if you are looking at public places to have sex, make sure that there is very little chance of getting caught so that you don’t get a criminal record. 

201 Best Places To Have Sex

Here are our suggestions for different places you could have sex with your other half. Do what you need to make sure that these locations give you maximum pleasure with the minimum amount of risk of being found. 

Try to use your imagination to make these experiences as worthwhile as possible as well as just going with the flow. If it doesn’t happen or it isn’t working for you, don’t feel like you always have to follow through. 

Some of the hot spots will need you to be inventive and think about some of the practicalities when it comes to the positions available to you at the time. But that can be part of the fun!

Read through right to the end to see our last suggestion - it may really surprise you! 

In a Hotel Room
  1. In a Hotel Room 
  2. Somewhere in a Department Store
  3. In a Photo Booth
  4. In A Deserted Parking Lot
  5. At The Back Of  A Movie Theater
  6. On a Ferris Wheel
  7. In a Dressing Room
  8. On One of Your Kitchen Counters
  9. In The Shower
  10. On The Washing Machine
  11. On A Pool Table
  12. In The Bath
  13. On The Couch
  14. In A Swimming Pool
  15. In A Coat Check
  16. In A Public Toilet
  17. On A Plane
  18. On The Stairs
  19. In The Sea
  20. On A Train
  21. In The Garden
  22. On The Hallway Floor
  23. At Your Parents House
  24. In You Office
  25. At The Shopping Mall
  26. In The Cinema
  27. In A Lift
  28. On The Beach
  29. On A Picnic Table
  30. In An Alleyway
  31. At An Art Gallery
  32. At The Airport
  33. In A Jacuzzi
  34. On A Porch
  35. A Sauna
  36. A Massage Table
  37. At A Wedding
  38. In A Forest
  39. On A Motorcycle
  40. At Your Old High School
  41. In A Limo
  42. In A Taxi
  43. At The Gym
  44. In Your Parents’ Bedroom
  45. At A Strip Joint
  46. At A Service Station
  47. During A Skinny Dipping Session At Night
  48. In A Tent
  49. On A Horse
  50. On A Merry Go Round
  51. At A Sports Stadium
  52. Under The Bleachers At A Running Track
  53. In Ikea
  54. In A Theme Park
  55. On A Hotel Balcony
  56. In An Empty Classroom
  57. On A Friend’s Couch
  58. Up Against Floor To Ceiling Windows
  59. On The Hood Of Your Car
  60. On Your Desk 
  61. Over A Hay Bale
  62. On A Yacht
  63. In Your Walk In Wardrobe
  64. In Front Of A Mirror
  65. In An Empty Library Aisle
  66. On A Trampoline
  67. Underneath A Waterfall
  68. On A Swing Set
  69. On A Picnic Blanket
  70. Install A Mirror Above Your Bed
  71. On A Water Bed
  72. On A Lilo
  73. On A Pedalo
  74. On A Roof Terrace
  75. At A Tourist Attraction
  76. On A Massage Table
  77. In Someone Else’s Hotel Room
  78. In The School Parking Lot
  79. At An Open Air Cinema
  80. At A Drive-Thru
  81. Down A Deserted Country Lane
  82. In The Middle Of A Farm
  83. On A Jetty
  84. On A Motor Boat
  85. In A Shed
  86. In A Motel
  87. In An Open House
  88. At The Zoo
  89. At The Doctor’s Surgery
  90. At A Vineyard
  91. On A Stage
  92. In The Wings Of A Theater
  93. In A Box At A Concert
  94. In A Cave
  95. At The Bottom Of A Canyon
  96. On A Golf Course
  97. In A Golf Buggy
  98. In The Back Of A Truck
  99. In A Hammock
  100. On An Air Bed
  101. On Garden Furniture
  102. At Your Gran’s House
  103. On The Subway
  104. Underneath An Overpass
  105. On A Rotating Bed
  106. In A Carwash
  107. On A Tractor
  108. On A School Bus
  109. In A Camper Van
  110. In A Courtroom
  111. In A Dressing Room At A Leisure Center
  112. On A Ride On Lawn Mower
  113. In A Book Store
  114. In A Janitor Closet
  115. In An Outdoor Shower
  116. In A Public Stairwell
  117. On Your University Campus
  118. On A Bouncy Castle
  119. In A Cafeteria
  120. At An Antiques Fair
  121. In A Locker Room
  122. Next To Your Bed
  123. In Your Downstairs Bathroom
  124. In A Restaurant Restroom
  125. While Watching A Sunset
  126. While Watching A Sunrise
  127. In A Treehouse
  128. By A River
  129. In A Vintage Store Dressing Room
  130. In A Secret Garden
  131. On A Movie Set
  132. In A Toy House
  133. At A Dinner Party
  134. On A Bean Bag
  135. In The Sea
  136. At Your Yoga Studio
  137. Under Your Dining Room Table
  138. On A Canal Boat
  139. At A Music Festival
  140. Whilst Lingerie Shopping
  141. At A Sex Shop
  142. At A Furniture Store
  143. On A Bridge
  144. In A Tuk Tuk
  145. In A Rental Car
  146. Under A Willow Tree
  147. During Paintball
  148. In A Shop Front
  149. While Shopping For Christmas Trees
  150. On A Cruise Ship
  151. In A Museum
  152. Underneath A Bar
  153. During Thanksgiving Dinner
  154. A Parent-Teacher Conference
  155. In The Principal’s Office
  156. In A Charity Shop Dressing Room
  157. At A Skydiving Center
  158. In The Cockpit Of A Helicopter
  159. In Your Living Room With The Curtains Open
  160. In Your Garage
  161. On Your Weights Machine
  162. Behind A Concierge Desk At Night
  163. In An Airplane Toilet
  164. Under The Cover Of Fog 
  165. In A Public Fountain
  166. Behind A Tree
  167. At A Laundromat
  168. In A Telephone Box
  169. On A Park Bench At Night
  170. At The Top Of A Deserted Playground Slide
  171. In A Wave Machine
  172. In A Hot Tub
  173. In A Steam Room
  174. In Front Of A Log Fire
  175. On A Sheepskin Rug
  176. In Every Corner Of Your Apartment
  177. In A Friend’s Car
  178. On A Public Footpath
  179. In A Bike Shed
  180. At A Peep Show
  181. At Your Local Starbucks
  182. In Front Of A Kinky Film
  183. On A Coach
  184. In The Backseat Of Your Car
  185. In An Old Style Elevator
  186. In A Barn
  187. On The Floor
  188. In A Church
  189. Against A Wall
  190. On A Football Field
  191. At The Supermarket
  192. Whilst Waiting For Your Luggage
  193. At Work
  194. With The Blinds Open In A Hotel Room
  195. In Front Of A Video Camera
  196. At The Spa
  197. On A Viewing Platform
  198. In A Caravan Or Rv
  199. On The Coffee Table
  200. Under The Stars
  201. In Your Bedroom
In Your Bedroom

Your bedroom may be considered a pretty boring and staid place to have sex. But really what you do in it doesn’t always mean the missionary position. Remember to change things up enough so you and your partner still manage to keep the passion alive between you. 

This can mean different positions, having sex at different times of the day, or acting out different fantasies. If you are finding things are getting a little predictable between you and your partner when spending time between the sheets, the best thing you can do is talk to each other. This can mean either before, during, or after sex. Telling each other what you like or where you want to be touched can really reignite the sexual spark between the two of you. 


Is it good to have sex?

Having sex can be a great thing to do with a person you love. It can also be a great thing to do with anyone providing it is good and that you have your sexual needs met. Sex can mean many things to many people, so those needs can vary from individual to individual.

What does it mean to be sexually compatible?

To be sexually compatible is a great thing in a relationship between two people. That relationship doesn't have to be serious to be sexually compatible. To be this way, you both need to be able to bring pleasure to one another when having sex or making love. 

Why do we do sex?

Biologically speaking, we have sex to have children. However, sex has become a much bigger thing to humans who now have sex for pleasure. It can also be a great activity for people in a couple as it can strengthen the bond or connection between them. 

How can I be more sexually compatible with my partner?

If you feel that things between the sheets are not as good as your partner as they could be, one of the best things you can do is talk to each other. Tell one another what you like and what your needs are. It will materially improve your sexual compatibility.

How many rounds of sex is normal?

When it comes to the amount of sex you have in one day or night, there is no amount that is normal. For some just once or twice is enough, whereas to others - particularly at the beginning of a relationship - they will need to have sex a lot more. 

In Summary

The majority of these places are in public, so you need to be wary of having sex there in case you get caught. Of course, the thought of getting caught is what can make the experience of having sex there even better. You just need to be extra specially careful that the thrill of having sex doesn’t overtake any caution you need to ensure that you don’t end up with a criminal record. 

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