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"Does My Ex Want Me Back" Quiz (Find Out)

If there’s one thing worse than a break-up, it’s a break-up when the door isn’t completely closed on a relationship.

Ex-boyfriends have a horrible habit of dropping hints that they want to get back together, without explicitly asking for it.

This is akin to twisting a heart that’s already broken. Why do they have to make it more painful? If they want us back, why can’t they just tell us!?

The answer is complicated.

Sometimes our exes are darlings who want to check that we’re doing OK, but don’t actually want to get back together.

If you have children or shared possessions, he may be obligated to continue communicating with you. This can murky the waters even further.

Other times, they’re complete assholes who continue flirting with us just to make themselves feel more desired. These guys can get in the trash where they belong!

Yet, it’s also possible that they’re desperate to get back together, but won’t ask because they’re terrified of having their heart broken a second time!

It’s not easy to know what a man is feeling, especially when you barely see each other any more.

That’s why we have created a quiz to help you out.

This quiz will dissect your ex’s behaviour and deliver a verdict on whether he wants you back.

Answer the 10 multiple choice questions below to get our conclusion.
We’ll also suggest what steps you should take based on how he is feeling. After all, just because your ex wants you back, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should get back together.

Whatever the verdict is, we want to let you know that you’ll recover from this broken heart eventually. Maybe it’ll be with your ex boyfriend, or perhaps with someone better.

Either way, you’re an awesome woman who deserves an awesome partner ^_^.

Best of luck!


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