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23 Fun Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

January 31, 2024

Are you looking for fun games to play with your boyfriend?

Maybe you’re trapped inside on a rainy day with nothing to entertain you? 

Perhaps you have a long flight or road trip ahead, or maybe you’re just running out of things to talk about with them?

Either way, this list of 23 games to play with your boyfriend should help to lighten the mood and help you enjoy your time together. 

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With that said, let’s take a look at some games you guys can play together.

23 Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

If you know already that your spouse loves to enjoy games, this can be a great way to revive your relationship and get it back to a fun and joyful space. If you haven’t ever played games together it can be a great time to find something new together. Games can help you learn more about one another and to get to know and understand each other better. 

One of the most relaxing and enjoyable things that you can do together with your spouse includes playing fun games with each other. Couples that enjoy games with each other have a strong and fun relationship. Consider what types of games you both love to enjoy and try to incorporate this into your relationship. 

Some couples prefer to enjoy games outside, go on adventures together in the outdoors, while others prefer to play more relaxing games indoors such as bedroom games (More info at School of Squirt). There is nothing wrong with spending time at home together, and it is a great way to save money and avoid wasting your savings on expensive activities. Keep reading for some game ideas to enjoy with your boyfriend. 

1. Play a Movie Quiz

This can be one of the simplest but fun games for couples to play together. You could come up with a PowerPoint presentation of movie images from romantic movies, comedies or horror films, depending on what your partner's favorite genre is. Think about a possible prize for whoever wins the quiz to make it even more exciting. 

2. Play Never Have I Ever

This is a well-known game to play with your spouse. It is common and popular for a reason. This is the perfect game to play with your boyfriend when you can’t think of anything else to play. This can be made even more fun if you share a bottle of wine together, however, you don’t have to drink to enjoy this game. But this is a great way to learn more about one another. 

3. Blindfold Each Other

This is another exciting game to play with your boyfriend. Start by putting a blindfold on your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is an exciting and fun game to play together. You can do whatever you want to mess with your spouse without them seeing what you are doing. Set a timer for the time limit of how long you each have the blindfold on and see the fun that you have. 

4. Play the No Response Game

If you are looking for fun games to play with your partner, consider playing the no response game. This is a game that only two people can play, making it perfect for you and your partner to enjoy together. It can be a game that can get very emotional and intimate. Ask them a personal question and their response will be reflected in whether they take on or two sips of their drink.

5. 2 Truths or Lie

This is a fun and intimate game for couples to play together. You will learn a lot more than you used to know about your partner’s past and his exes. Decide who will go first and then ask them to make three statements, including two truths and one lie. The other spouse must figure out and guess which statements are true and which are lies. Then take turns playing the game. 

6. Truth or Lie

This is another variation of two truths, one lie. In this version of the game, you and your partner will both come up with just one truth and one lie. Each of you must guess what the other person is lying about and also telling the truth about it. This game can be as intimate and personal as you desire, but it is perfect if you are getting to know each other.

7. Sticker Game

This is one of the most exciting “couple games” to play together with your partner if you are a little bit more daring or you want to know how daring your partner will be. This funny game includes trying to put as many stickers as possible on other people without them noticing. Compete with your partner to put stickers on others without them knowing and see who wins. 

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8. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

This is another great game to play if you are looking for games to play with your boyfriend. This is a very common and well-loved game. It can involve more players than just you and your partner and could perhaps be a good game to play if you are on a double date. You can make this game as exciting and personal as you wish. Take turns to ask each other a question. 

9. Eye Contact Game

This is another fun but somewhat unusual game to play with your partner. Many people may have played this game when they were children but it is a fun game to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend too. It is a game that can be played wherever you are. The person who stops maintaining eye contact with the other person first loses the game. 

10. Rock, Paper, Scissors

This is another game that many people may have played when they were children but is a fun game to play as adults. It is another game that can be played anywhere and at any time. It does not require much thought or planning and can be played without much prior thought. All you need is your partner and your hands, have fun!

11. Sing-Along

This is a game that requires you to be in the right mood to sing with your partner. If one or both of you aren’t in the mood to play this game, it is not going to be very enjoyable. Sing one line of a song and let your partner sing the next line and see what song you come up with together. Take turns and whoever can’t finish the song loses the game. 

12. Scavenger hunt

This is a fun game to get to know your partner better. This is a game that involves a lot of exercises so make sure that you are energetic enough to play this. This is one of the games that can help build your bond with one another and also learn more about each other. Text clues to one another and follow them to find the prize at the end of the game. 

13. Mysterious noises

This is one of the most fun games to play with your boyfriend when you are bored and looking for something new to do together. It is also a good game for those couples that love music and media. Record different sounds or parts of songs on your phone and send them to each other over message. Allow your partner to guess the song or the sound that you have sent. 

14. Dare

This is another version of a dare game for you to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend to get to know them better. Dare your partner to do something and if they refuse to do the dare they have to take their clothes off. You can play this over messaging and send a picture to each other each time you fail to complete a dare and have to take something off. 

15. One Word Answer

This is one of the best games to play with your boyfriend as it will be sure to revive the spark that you once had in your relationship when you first started dating. It can help you to take a trip into your shared memories together. This can only be played by couples who know each other really well. Mention one word and the other response with an answer. 

16. Surprise Game

This is one of the most romantic games to play with your boyfriend. It involves writing on several pieces of paper with notes for your spouse. Choose one piece of paper at a time and follow what the note says. It may say that you have to go for a moonlit walk together, cuddle for two minutes or cook your favorite meal together. This is a perfect way to spend an evening. 

17. Charades

This is another one of the fun games for couples. It can even be played if you are on a double date with another couple to make it extra fun. It can be played both indoors and outdoors and doesn’t require any equipment for prior planning. This is a great way to get to know your spouse better and to also spend time with other couples too. 

18. Board games

Board games are a great way to spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Some board games are two-player and others require more players. This can be a great way to spend an evening with just your spouse or as a double date with another couple. Choose your favorite board game and enjoy some snacks while you play for the evening. 

19. Twister

Twister is a game that is fun to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It allows couples to spend quality time together. It is all about being flexible and seeing whether your body can twist and bend in certain ways without falling over. This game is exciting and enjoyable and a great way to spend an evening with your other half.

20. Card games

Card games

Card games are great for couples and are a handy game to bring with you when you are traveling due to their compact size. There are so many different games that you can play with just one pack of cards. It can take a little while to learn the rules of each game, but it will be worth it when you are enjoying them together. 

21. Hide and seek

This is a game that you may have played when you were a child but is just as fun to play as an adult. This game can be played both indoors and outdoors and is a simple way to have fun together without needing to plan anything beforehand. 

22. Treasure hunt

Plan a treasure hunt for your other half in your garden or in a nearby park and watch them follow all of your clues to find the prize at the end. They will love how much time and effort you put into this game. 

23. Video Games

Video games that are two players are perfect for couples. This is a perfect way to spend an evening with your spouse. Buy some of your favorite drinks and snacks and load your favorite game onto your console. 


What games can I play with my boyfriend over text?

If your relationship has become somewhat boring and monotonous it may be a good idea to incorporate some new ideas into your relationship. Playing games with each other can add a new element to your relationship. If you are looking for games to play over text, consider playing 21 questions together to find out something new about your spouse. 

What are fun things to do at home with your boyfriend?

Being in love is one of the nicest feelings that you can experience. However, you can sometimes go through rough times together. It is important to continue to put effort into your relationship and to continue to do fun and spontaneous things together. Consider playing board games or truth or dare together at home. 

What is a good 2 person game?

If your relationship is going through a difficult patch, consider playing games with one another. If you are in such a tough situation, playing fun games together can make all of the difference. Consider playing funny games such as truth or dare or 21 questions that will help you to learn more about one another and find out how to understand each other better. 

What game can I play with my girlfriend?

If you are looking for games to play with your girlfriend because you want to add more excitement to your relationship, consider the things that you both love to do. There is no point in playing a game that neither of you is going to enjoy. If you love being outdoors together, consider playing fun games or going on adventures together outside. 

What is the 3 day rule?

The three-day rule is one that has been often seen in romantic films. The three-day rule says that texting someone the first day after a date is too soon. Rather it says to wait until three days after the date as texting on the second day can appear as if it has been planned. According to many, three days is the perfect time to wait until you text your date

The Bottom Line 

Playing fun games with your spouse can be a great way to add some excitement and an element of fun back into your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you have realized that your relationship has become boring or monotonous, consider planning to play more games together, whether this is inside or outside, it will revive the spark that you once had in your relationship.

Let us know what you thought in the comments and don’t forget to share this article!

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