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Can All Women Squirt? Understanding Squirting and How to Do It

July 9, 2024

Let’s start with the most important thing you need to know about squirting, it is not the same as reaching orgasm. This is what most people tend to get confused about, and this is because it is a subject that is highly unresearched and in turn, completely misunderstood.

Squirting can be quite difficult to achieve. Some women squirt really easily, it all depends on where your pressure point is. Some women even think that squirting is the same as female ejaculation, it’s not. 

So, what is squirting? And can all women squirt? Well… Let’s get to it, shall we? 

Key Takeaways 

  • Squirting is not the same as female ejaculation.
  • Squirting is not the same as an orgasm.
  • Squirting is not urine.
  • You can squirt and climax at the same time. 
  • Squirting is an involuntary response.

What Is Squirting? How Common Is It?

Lovehoney sexpert in her video What Is Squirting? explains that squirting is “the involuntary release of fluid during firm intimate stimulation”; typically G-spot stimulation. It is released from the urethra and passed through the bladder, resulting in the tiniest bit of urine found in the released liquid.

However, a study from The Journal of Sexual Medicine: ‘The Nature and Origin of “Squirting” in Female Sexuality’ states that “squirting is essentially the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity, although a marginal contribution of prostatic secretions to the emitted fluid often exists.” Yet opposing studies argue that urine is only a trace liquid, it’s certainly up for debate.

Squirting is highly misunderstood, because it’s lacking in research. Some women squirt every time they have sex, others find it incredibly difficult. You can achieve squirting through persistent firm pressure, but it’s not always achievable through penetrative sex or even with finger stimulation; sometimes the use of sex toys is the best way to go. 

For me personally, I find squirting quite easy to achieve but typically through finger penetration. It entirely depends on your sexual partner, and their access to your G-spot. Some women have been known to squirt through clitoral stimulation, but typically G-spot stimulation is the way to go. 

So, we know that squirting is the involuntary release of liquid during sexual stimulation, but what does it feel like? Well, I remind you that it is not the same as orgasming. However, I can understand why people get this confused.

Squirting is a very intense feeling, and will certainly leave you feeling sexually satisfied even if you’ve not reached climax. It’s almost like a tingling feeling from the pit of your stomach, and you can feel every inch of release; it’s kind of magical really. 

Some women say that squirting resembles the feeling of needing to pee, this is why some women are apprehensive to squirt. As research is lacking, I can assure you through personal experience that squirting is not pee, it has no scent, and it feels amazing. So, next time you feel close to squirting, continue with that persistent stimulation and try it for yourself!

You can even squirt at the same time as reaching climax, this is called a squirting orgasm and it’s been known to intensify and prolong a woman's orgasm.  

How to Make a Woman Squirt? 15 Tips to Unlocking Squirting

Whether you’re looking to experiment with squirting during couples play, if you’re wanting to give your partner some tips, or even if you’re looking to achieve squirting through masturbation, you’re in the right place. 

1. Apply firm and persistent stimulation 

The number one rule to achieve squirting is to apply firm and persistent stimulation; you want to be hitting the same spot until the point of release. 

For most women, this spot is the G-spot. When you apply a certain amount of consistent pressure, your body is forced to produce this involuntary response that is squirting. 

You may be thinking, well, how do I know if I’m hitting the right spot? Believe me, you will feel it. Your vagina will become very sensitive and you’ll experience a feeling that resembles needing to pee. Keep at it, and soon enough you will get to enjoy the pleasurable release of squirting.  

2. Use G-spot focused sex toys

Sex toys

Sex experts recommend the use of sex toys for a firm and persistent stimulation to be achieved. It all depends on you and your sexual partner, the location of your G-spot, and their access to it. If you typically don’t orgasm through penetrative sex then it’s not likely that you’ll be able to squirt through penetrative sex as both are achieved through G-spot stimulation.

If this is the case, definitely consider using a G-spot orientated sex toy, especially one that has a larger tip as it will cover more surface area of the G-spot and in turn increase your chances of squirting.  

3. Consider a penis extender 

If you’re not a huge fan of solo play, or you’re specifically looking to experiment with squirting with a partner, then you could consider a penis extender to help achieve that access to the G-spot. 

The best way to reach the G-spot during penetrative sex is to get as deep as possible; a penis extender is only going to help you in this case. 

I want to point out here that if you can’t access your partner’s G-spot, it doesn’t mean that you have a small penis. The G-spot can be found deep within the wall of the vagina, and it varies from each woman; it's not always easily accessible

I also want to point out that many things can get in the way of squirting, such as your mental state or how turned on you are (we’ll get into more detail with that later). 

4. Consider materials 

So, remember you want firm persistent pressure, firm being the keyword here. When looking at G-spot sex toys, consider what material you’re going to buy. 

I would personally suggest glass or metal, something hard in texture that’s going to allow you to achieve that firm stimulation; you can also experiment with temperature play with these toys by popping them in the freezer.

5. Use lube

Always use lube! I’m such a big advocate of lube and it’s highly underrated. 

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Whether it’s during solo play or couple’s play, lube allows you to glide easily encouraging stimulation and helping you to squirt, orgasm, or both. 

Lube can enhance pleasure in any sexual situation, if you ask me. You can even get creative and consider a warming lube, a tingling lube, or even flavored lube to help with foreplay and oral sex. 

6. Get comfortable 

It’s super important that you’re comfortable. 

Squirting isn’t always easy to achieve, you want to make sure you’re in a position that gives you easy access to your G-spot, but that you’re comfortable enough to remain in that position until you achieve your end goal. 

Remember, you need persistent stimulation in order to squirt, so you need to be comfortable enough to achieve this.

7. Relax

Sexual pleasure is mostly down to your mentality; this is why porn can be so effective. It’s important that you’re relaxed, stress-free and have no distractions. 

This is especially important when you want to achieve orgasm or squirting. If your mind is elsewhere, it simply won’t happen.

My best advice in this case is to focus on enjoying the journey. If you obsess over reaching climax or squirting, then it’s most likely going to delay or stop you from achieving your goal. Take the time to feel and appreciate the pleasure to be had. If you’re with a partner, focus on your intimacy and your chance at squirting will be increased. 

8. Go to the toilet beforehand

Remember, squirting resembles the feeling of needing a pee. If you haven’t been to the bathroom and experience this sensation, it’s likely going to cause you to panic and become apprehensive to continue with the persistent firm stimulation that’s required to be able to squirt. 

Going to the bathroom takes away this stress. You then know that you’re not about to pee yourself, and may feel more at ease with the sensation that you’ll experience. It also takes away any embarrassment afterwards. 

The amount of fluid released varies, just like it does with female ejaculate, so you’re likely to feel less embarrassed afterwards if you know in yourself that you’ve not just peed all over the mattress. This brings me to my next point… 

9. Put a towel down

You never know how much fluid is going to be released, especially if you experience squirting for the first time. 

As a safety net, and a bit of reassurance, it’s a good idea to put a towel down first. Then, you at least know that you’re not going to have to deal with much cleaning up; you can simply pop the towel in the wash and get back in bed for some after-sex cuddles (the best). 

10. Put in the effort 

Woman playing with herself

Really take your time with foreplay, especially because your G-spot swells when you’re turned on making it more accessible and in turn helping you to squirt. 

Not everyone is on the same page with foreplay. Many women love it, whilst others consider it a waste of time. I personally find foreplay really effective as it helps both partner’s to get turned on, it prolongs pleasure and enables you and your partner to get really intimate together. 

Life can be so overwhelming sometimes, and ultimately you want your sex life to feel like an escape, so I would always recommend making the most of it and making your pleasure last as long as possible. 

11. Consider positions 

Choose a position that’s going to maximize G-spot stimulation.

Some positions that are great for this are: 

  • Missionary, 
  • Doggy, and 
  • Legs over the shoulder.

Anything that’s really going to maximize accessibility to the G-spot.  

12. Communicate 

Communication is so important in the bedroom. Squirting can be a very intense feeling, and it can also last for a really long time (especially in comparison to reaching orgasm). 

So, communicate to your partner what feels good, if he’s hitting the spot or not, to carry on once you start (because it really does last a while). 

Side note, if you’re nervous about the amount of liquid, I can assure you that it’s a huge turn on for a guy. Being wet is hot anyway, but being dripping wet after squirting is so hot that it’s probably going to send your partner over the edge. 

13. Consider couples play or solo play

If this is your first time squirting, consider what is best for you. Would you feel more comfortable exploring your boundaries through masturbation or is this an experience that you want to share with a partner? 

I would usually recommend trying something yourself first, then you can help guide your partner and you know what to expect so you don’t have to deal with any surprises in front of your partner. 

14. Continue stimulation

So, I’ve already mentioned that you will recognize the sensation as soon as you experience it. It really is incomparable to anything else that you’ll experience in the bedroom.

I urge you to push through the sensation! It’s going to feel intense and probably very sensitive, but keep at it, it’s the only way you’ll actually be able to squirt. 

You may come to realize that it’s not for you, and that’s totally okay! But, if you’re very keen to give it a go, then remember to maintain that firm and persistent stimulation until you reach your release. 

15. Keep going

Remember, squirting is not the same as climax. If you really want to intensify your release, then keep going after you’ve squirted until you reach orgasm. 

The first time I ever squirted, I had absolutely no idea what was going on. I always thought squirting was a form of orgasming (of course, I know now that this isn’t the case). I remember being really surprised at how much liquid there was, and I felt overwhelmingly satisfied but I knew that something was missing; my orgasm! 

If you’ve not reached climax at the same time, make sure that you continue with stimulation whether it’s through penetrative sex or foreplay and keep going until you get your orgasm. I have learned since then, and can guarantee you that nothing compares.  


Is squirting pee?

I’m going to say no, but I’d be lying if I told you I’m 100% on that. When it comes to squirting it’s a topic that's highly unresearched. Some studies show that squirting has a trace of urine, yet others show that squirting fluid is mainly urine. 

From personal experience, It’s not something I’ve ever noticed, however at this point there’s no conclusive evidence. 

What’s the difference between squirting and female ejaculation?

Female ejaculation is released by the skene's gland at the point of climax, it’s typically a milky white fluid and can be quite sticky in texture. Squirting is a lot more like liquid. It doesn’t have a scent, and it resembles water more than anything else. 

What does squirting feel like?

It’s a very intense feeling, and if you squirt during climax it can prolong and intensify your orgasm. 

The best way I can describe it is that you can feel it from the pit of your stomach. It’s almost like a full-body release that just keeps going. It’s very satisfying, and paired with an orgasm it can only be described as magical. 


Being able to squirt really comes down to finding the right technique for you. Consider the best way to engage your G-spot, and consider comfortable positions that will allow you to achieve that persistent stimulation.

So, can all women squirt? 

Well, all women have the potential to squirt, I mean, it literally comes down to the anatomy of the vagina, it really depends on a lot of things. My number one advice when achieving anything new sexually is to simply enjoy the journey, don’t stress yourself and obsess over the end goal and you’ll be much more likely to achieve it anyway. 

Sometimes, these things take time. Don’t worry yourself if it’s not happening. Every sexual experience should be a learning curve. As long as you try different techniques and focus on your pleasure, it will happen eventually. 

Please feel free to share with a friend in need, we all need a bit of squirting tips in our lives, don’t we?

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