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43 Interesting Dares For Your Boyfriend Over Text

A game of ‘truth or dare’ is a great way to spice up your relationship over text. 

This guide explains how to frame this game in a way that’s enjoyable for both of you. 

It also includes a list of fun dares that you can challenge your boyfriend to complete. 

But first, I have an important story to share with you. 

Back in my early twenties, I always felt the need to send extra-quirky messages to guys, just to keep their attention.

It felt like none of them liked me for me.

This fear was often confirmed by the fact that I could barely keep a man interested in me for longer than a heartbeat. 

Thankfully, I was able to turn this situation around and I want to share how... 

It all started when I began reading about a little-known aspect of male psychology called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’. 

This powerful psychological tick supposedly had a huge impact on the way men feel about the women they’re dating. 

Once activated, it triggers deep feelings of pride, power and purpose. Naturally, he begins to feel closer to the women who can make him feel this way. 

So, I learned how to do it - and the results were incredible. Instead of seeing me as ‘a bit of fun’, it was common that men would begin to OBSESS over me (you can learn how this works by reading my personal story).

It’s an incredibly easy skill to master, yet so few people seem to be aware of it. 

If you’re constantly stuck in relationships where men don’t care about you, I’d highly recommend you learn more about how I discovered the power of the ‘Hero’s Instinct’

Then, by all means, scroll down to discover some fun dares you can send too.


Some of these dares can turn your man on and sending him sexy dares while he is at work is a no-no. For all your effort to yield the best output, you have to have the right timing.

A friend of mine, Celia wanted to make her boyfriend (who had been on a business retreat for two weeks) anticipate their lovemaking session. She didn’t find out what time he would be free because she planned on surprising him so the first thing he sees when he opens his message box is her, barely covered in clothes. Unfortunately, her boyfriend, Dominic, had a presentation that morning and was in front of the members of the board of his company when Celia’s message came in. Dom was expecting a software application from his colleague at the same moment and he opened the message only to develop an instant hard on. Right! In. Front. Of. The. Members. Of. The. Board.

While Celia had the best intentions for her relationship with Dom, she had the wrong timing and could have as well gotten him a query.


When playing this game, you should keep to the rules. Breaking the rules either by refusing to do the dares or refusing to do what is stated as a consequence will make the game uninteresting.

Before we dive fully into the dares, I would like to remind you that some of them are funny, some are flirty while some are just plain daring. They include the following:

  • Describe what you would do if you saw me in a sexy lingerie
    You have to attach a picture of you in a lingerie to this dare. This is sure to turn him on and give him inspiration on what things he would like to do to you.
  • Describe your wildest sexual fantasies
    This dare can give your partner an insight into those sexual fantasies you have always had. If he truly loves and want to please you in bed, and is comfortable with them, he could use this knowledge as reference when next you guys hit the sack.
  • Touch the lips of the girl sitting nearest to you
    Hopefully the girl is a friend of yours or you would be in for a fit with a random lady.
  • ​Go outside and dance like a cowboy
    LOL! It doesn’t matter if you know what a cowboy dances like OR NOT. You just have to try. The fun in this dare is that you either make a fool of yourself or be admired by people watching. If I dared my boyfriend to do this, he would sorely make a fool of himself as he can’t even dance to save his life.
  • Dial your ex and leave an ‘I miss you' message
    Now, this one is HILARIOUS. What if the breakup was a bad one? I have a friend who was asked to do this dare. Turns out his ex still wanted him back. Lol
  • Make a prank call to a random number and scream ‘help’ into the phone.
    Normally when one is in danger he would call 911 right? I can imagine how confused the person on the receiving end would feel. But then its fun. Be sure to put the phone on speaker though.
  • Say your deepest secret
    Your partner might have secrets they don’t want to tell so be sure to come up with a heavy fine for defaulting.

​Say your deepest secret

  • ​High-five five random people on your way home
    You might need the help of someone to tape this from a distance and capture their reactions as you high five them. You can also change routes as you do this so you don’t bump into familiar faces.
  • Make a video of you doing the monkey dance
    ​You should do this is the confines of your room to avoid embarrassment.
  • Call your mom and tell her you’re moving to Kenya

    Me:  Mom, I’m moving to Kenya

    Mom: Have you been drinking? You have never been to Kenya!

    Cut the call right after that, I guarantee she'll call you back.
  • Dress up as the opposite sex and go to the nearest mall
    ​If it fits properly, don’t be surprised when a non-straight person hits on you. Be sure to have this on camera though!
  • Upload the eleventh picture in your gallery to your Facebook wall
    ​Oooh. Best believe if you have nice, sexy pictures in your gallery, you are good to go. But what if it’s an embarrassing picture of you? You still have to do the dare.
  • Tickle the first person you see
    ​Please be at home when you do this LOL. If you decide to do this at work. Say, at lunch break, make sure you don’t see your boss first. Ha-ha
  • Change your accent for the next one hourBritish, American and Irish accents are the best for this dare if you would take my advice. Just for the reason that according to a survey by TimeOut Magazine, they are the top 3 sexy accents in the world.
  • Send a 4minutes voice note talking about just anything.
    ​This shouldn’t be difficult. You could just keep going on and on about something you needed to say to your partner.
  • Take a walk with your clothes worn inside out
    ​Do this in a crowded place and you’re sure to turn heads LOL. Just not for the reasons you dreamt you would. Bystanders reaction could be caught with an arranged video camera.
  • Take your bath with your clothes on.
    ​This is quite an easy dare. Placing your video camera strategically, you can capture this epic moment in the bathroom.
  • Send kisses via video call
    ​This dare will keep your partner on the edge with longing for the real deal. It makes for a memorable experience when you eventually meet.
  • Send a video with you making some of your best seductive moves
    ​You have moves? This is the time to showcase your talent in the most seductive way you can for your partner.

seductive moves

  • Tell me five things you don’t like about me
    ​He has to mention five things he doesn’t like about you. If there’s none, I think you owe him a reward.
  • Touch your nose with your tongue
    If he is unable to do this, I suggest you tell him he owes you a five minutes kiss when next you see each other
  • Send me the worst picture of you in your gallery
    Your partner already knows what you look like in your good and bad moments so, if you can send a picture, do , and have a good laugh about it.
  • Give me the passwords to your major social media accounts
    Now, you don’t have to check his account. It is sooo not cool. But if he gives you the passwords without hesitating then he is a keeper
  • Pretend like you’re a cat for 10 minutes
    You would have to make meowing sounds as well. Ten minutes? Haha
  • Go out, shake a stranger’s hand and refuse to let go
    Then what happens? LOL. Place some really nice consequences on this please.
  • Get a random stranger and introduce yourself for no reason
    Arrange for a hidden camera to capture the moment of confusion  on the strangers face.
  • Mix chili pepper with ketchup and orange juice and drink the mixture
    ​Woah. Okay. This is some concoction. Sounds peppery though!
  • Do a catwalk in public
    ​Although, most people on the streets would mind a guy doing the cat walk, you could still record this dare.
  • Tell me the last five porn sites you visited
    ​You could decide to be sneaky about this and ask him to screenshot his web browser history after typing in porn as the search word, or you could just straight on ask him.
  • Send me a picture with you posing like the statue of liberty
    ​Well, he has to do whatever you tell him to right? You could get someone good to take the photographs.
  • Go to Walmart and ride an electric cart.
    This should be good and captured on video camera as well.
  • Wear underwear on your trousers and go out in public
    This dare is sure to create laughter in the hearts of passers-by. Be sure to capture the moment on video camera.
  • Update your Facebook status saying ‘I am coming and after one minute saying ‘I just came'
    ​While some guys might find this as nothing, some persons are not this free to update their statuses especially on Facebook) with something of this sort. You have to think of something big as a consequence for not doing it.

Do 25 sit-ups

  • Do 25 sit-ups
    This shouldn’t be much of a trouble if your boyfriend works out. He can just assume it is one of his work out sessions.
  • Say something terrible you have been meaning to say but haven’t had the guts to.
    ​Anything at all you’ve had to complain about or that you really want to talk about. Here’s your window to talk.
  • Read loudly to me, a sexy text in your most sexy voice
    ​You would need to write the sexy text first. This one could be done in audio and sent across to your partner who whom You’re playing the dares.
  • Describe the most romantic thing you have ever done in your life
    ​If you are the romantic kind of boyfriend. Then you could least the romantic things you have done in your life
  • Hit on me like you would a girl you just met at a bar
    This should be fun. You have to woo your girlfriend over again.
  • Perform a song as though you were at a karaoke bar
    ​This one should be an easy dare if you have done karaoke before. If not, you could still ask for tips on what you should and should not do.
  • Describe the parts of a girl that gets you turned on
    This is a very sensitive dare. Be careful about playing this one. You don’t want to start feeling like you are not enough for him. Then again, this depends on how great you feel about yourself.
  • Describe what you sex position you would love to do with me
    This should be fun. I suggest you both decide to do whatever sex position he mentions even if you have not tried it before, you can try new things.
  • Send a voice note of you reciting ‘She sells sea shells at the sea shore’ 5times
    ​You have to say it in audible tones, record and send to your partner. This will keep both of you laughing for a long time


What are some good dares over text?

A good game of truth or dare via text can be both endearing and exciting. Some great dares to share with others via text include:

-        Telling them to describe their wildest sexual fantasies
-        Calling or texting their ex to say to them they miss them.
-        Touching the lips of anyone next to them
-        Going outside and making a fool of themselves by dancing or singing.

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What should I dare my boyfriend?

Playing with your boyfriend can be pretty eventful, depending on the dares you give each other. Some great one sot start with are:

-        Do a pole dance for me.
-        Kiss me passionately
-        Get into the shower fully clothed
-        Tell me what you think about me
-        Let me blindfold you for five minutes.

What are some good dares?

Some great dares you should try with your boyfriend or crush include:

-        Kiss a friend, passionately. This is great when it's just the two of you.
-        Put your partner’s bra on.
-        List five parts of your partner you’ll like to kiss.

What is a dare question in the text?

 A dare question in the text is very similar to the truth version of truth or dare. It requires one of you to answer honestly every question asked, void of lies or hesitation. Typical examples of such questions include;

-        Have you ever flashed someone?
-        When was the last time you got angry?
-        How many women have you kissed?
-        Do you have a nickname for your unique places?

What are Dare night ideas?

During dare night, these are some great dares you can consider doing, to bring both you and boyfriend joy.

-        Kiss a randomer.
-        Pole dance wearing no clothes.
-        Swap your clothes for a day.
-        Shout each other’s names from one part of the street.


True or dares is one of the most sexy love games a couple can engage in. If you’re at the beginning of your relationship, it helps you bond, and get to know each other better.  If your relationship is long-standing and you need to keep the passion, this game is spot on. Playing love games increases intimacy between couples.

However, as popular and interesting as this game is, it can be very risky and chaotic if its not played with the right spirit and with the right persons. People who are quick to get conscious about what others think are advice not to play this game. The MAJOR rule for playing this game remains that ‘whatever happens in Truth or Dare, stays in Truth or Dare'

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