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Divorce Rate & Statistics (2023) - How Many Marriages End In Divorce?

Key Statistics In 2023, approximately 50% of all marriages will end in divorce Subsequent marriages have an even higher chance of ending up in divorce, with 60 and 73% of second and third marriages…
By Sonya Schwartz
January 20, 2023
Marriage And Divorce Statistics

97 Surprising Online Dating Statistics & Trends for 2023

Key Statistics: In the US in 2023, approximately 35 million people have used online dating at some point in the past Online dating is slightly more popular amongst males, with 32% of all men…
By Sonya Schwartz
January 20, 2023
Wife not answering phone

101 Surprising Infidelity Statistics in 2023 – Who Cheats More?

Key Statistics Statistics show that 70% of all Americans cheated at least one time during their marital life In general, married men are more likely than women to cheat: only 20% of men and…
By Sonya Schwartz
January 20, 2023
How To Tell If He's Cheating By His Balls

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