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43 Sex Moves to Surprise Your Man

Last updated on June 9, 2022 by Olivia Surtees

Are you looking for some amazing new sex moves to surprise your man and turn him on more than ever?

Perhaps your relationship has become a bit stale in the bedroom and you’re hoping to freshen things up? 

Or maybe there’s a special occasion on the horizon and you want to put on one hell of a show for him…

Either way, you’re in the right place as I’ve created an immaculate list of 43 incredible sex moves to surprise and pleasure your man. 

However, before you use any of them, it’s important that you read the next few sentences carefully.

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Yet, it’s so simple to learn that you’ll kick yourself for not doing so sooner. 

If you’re looking to make a lasting impression on your man, click here for my guide on understanding the ‘Hero Instinct’.

Once you’ve done that, you can make his head spin with the 43 mind-blowing sex moves I’ve listed below.

Without further ado, let’s begin. The faster you have learned about these moves, the faster you can try them out on your man. Some of them will require a lot of practice, but that’s not too difficult is it?

1. The Plough. 

Let’s jump straight in with a position that requires strength from both partners.

The Plough comes into fruition when you lay face down on the edge of the bed and hang your legs off it. Your arms will be the only thing left on the bed, and you should prop yourself up and support your body weight with your elbows. Your man will be stood behind you penetrating you.

It’s basically like a much hotter but much harder version of doggy.

2. Splitting Bamboo.

This position isn’t too difficult, and it leaves you with hands-free deep penetration.

Lie down on your back and put on of your legs stretched out of the bed, as you would in classic missionary. Then, with the other leg, put it on your man’s shoulder. He will then straddle you and start to penetrate.

Your hands are free to give yourself a little extra stimulation to yourself or to touch your man with.

3. The Padlock.

This is the perfect position to have your man anywhere but your bed – a big turn on for both of you.

You need to sit high up, so it could be on the kitchen cabinet or a desk. Lean back and open your legs wide. Support your body weight with your arms if you feel unsteady. Your man will stand in front of you and will enter you standing.

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For a more intimate experience, you can wrap your legs around the back of your man’s waist. For deeper penetration, check out the next position.

4. The Erotic V.

This position is very similar to the padlock position but allows for deeper penetration.

You will need to be sitting on a tall piece of furniture again. If you have already used the kitchen cabinet or desk, then why not try the washing machine or the dining table?

Then, you need to lift your legs high up and rest them on your man’s shoulders. He can grab your bum from underneath and move your body in time to his movements.

5. The Reverse Cowgirl.

This position is very similar to you getting on top and riding your man, but with an exciting twist. If you’re not too comfortable going straight into a difficult position, this can be a good first step to take if you are wanting to surprise your man.

Your man will need to lie down on his back, and you can then get on top of him. The difference with normal cowgirl is that you will then turn around and be facing the other direction. He will get a great view of your ass bouncing up and down on him.

Now, it’s all in your control to get moving. Don’t worry though, if you get tired, you can switch to the 69-position. We are going to speak about the 69-position next.

6. The 69.

Even though this is not technically a sex position, it is still a great move that will surprise and impress your man. It’s a great way to enjoy intense foreplay, right before you dive right into another position to have sex.

All you need to do is get on top of your man and turn around like you are going into the reverse cowgirl position. Then, shuffle your legs back towards his head, so that your vagina is now resting on his face. Lower yourself and your mouth will come to his penis.

This is a great way for both of you to have foreplay at the same time. So, enjoy the sensations of him eating you out while you give him a blowjob.

7. The Side Saddle. 

This position is relatively easy but does require some strength from you to hold your body weight.

Your man will lie down on his back with his legs fully stretched out. You will then climb on top of him and choose a side to put your legs. Once you have put your legs to one side of your man, use your hands on the other side to support your weight. He will start to penetrate, and when he does, you can open and close your legs slowly to add some variation.

8. The Ballet Dancer.

This is a great position if you only have room to stand up. Perfect for a quick steamy session in the bathroom at a party.

Both of you need to stand up facing each other. You will then raise one of your legs and wrap it around the back of his waist. He can then hold your leg, which will help your balance and his too when he is penetrating you. With your leg that is still on the ground, you can go on to your tiptoes if you need to – you will have to if your man is much taller than you.

This is a really great position and I would recommend trying it out in a public place which is naughty in itself. But it’s even more naughty because you are both facing each other, you can see how turned on the other person is becoming, even though you would have to be quiet.

9. The Scoop Me Up.

This position can be really intimate and cute. If you want your sex to be more romantic, this might the position you choose.

You both need to get into the spooning position. Get him to lie behind you and spoon you. Then, bring your knees up to your chest a little bit. He can then take you from behind and start to penetrate.

10. The Lap Dance.

This is a really great position that allows for a tonne of hand usage. Before you start having sex, you might actually want to give your man a lap dance. This will surprise him and turn him on a lot, so he will be ready to enter into you.

Get your man to sit on a chair or on the edge of the bed. Then, get on top of him and don’t face him, as if you are also sitting on a chair. You might need to guide him into you with your hands. After it’s in, you can get going. Both of your hands are free to do what you like.

I’d recommend either giving yourself some clitoris stimulation with your hand or rubbing him while he is going in and out of you.

11. The Crossed Keys.

This is a really easy position that will still make him go wild over you suggesting it.

You need to lay on your back on the bed and put your legs in the air. Then, cross your legs. Your man will be standing at the bottom of the bed ready to insert himself into you. He should hold your ankles or shins when he penetrates you.

For deeper penetration, you could put a pillow under your bum.

12. The ‘Ascent to Desire’.

This position can be strenuous for the man, depending on how fit he is. So if he needs to stop, don’t be annoyed with him. Just change the position to one where you do the majority of the work.

Your man can sit on the edge of the bed, and you then climb on to him and wrap your legs around the back of his waist. Then, he stands, whilst holding you. You wrap your arms around his neck. He will start penetrating you then.

13. The Lotus.

This position is one of the most intimate that I will be telling you today. If you aren’t sure what a lotus position is, it's where you sit up straight while your legs are crossed. Think of how people sit when they meditate.

Your man needs to sit in a lotus position on the floor or the bed. Then, you will climb on to him and wrap your legs around him. You will end up both facing each other and being very close. He can start to penetrate you from there.

The closeness can give a certain amount of intimacy to this position, so it might be a good idea to keep your eyes locked or kiss each other through the sex while you are here.

14. The Deckchair.

This is one of the best positions for deep penetration.

Your man should sit with his legs stretched out and lean his torso back slightly. He can support his weight with his hands. You should lie on your back facing him - so that you’re almost mirroring him. Then, put your legs on the top of his shoulders. You should both be able to feel it pretty deep.

If you would like it to be deeper, you can add a pillow under your bottom.

15. The Crouching Tiger.

You should only really try the position if you know that you have fairly strong leg muscles. If not, it might be best to practice some other positions before trying this one.

Get your man to lie down on the bed, with his legs just hanging off the edge of the bed. Then, straddle him whilst you are facing away. This might seem similar to reverse cowgirl. However, this is when the tricks come in. It’s time for you to put your legs into a squat position. Then you can start riding him.

It might help to put your hands in between his legs, so you can support yourself with contact from the bed or floor. Also, be careful. You are near the edge of the bed and you don’t want to fall off.

16. The Eagle.

This is a fairly easy position, so great to try if you are just starting to experiment with other sex positions.

You will need to lie on your back and put your legs in the air. Split your legs open while you have them in the air. Your man will then kneel at the bottom of your body and enter you like that. He can hold on to your legs for balance, or to keep your legs in the spread position.

17. The Bridge.

This is one of the hardest positions, so it might be a good idea to try this one when you’re comfortable and possibly more flexible from trying some other new positions.

You are going to have to tell your man to get into the bridge position. This means that he will first of all lie-down, then he will use his feet and hands to push his body up and his head will hang. Then, you will climb on top of him and almost stand over him whilst you guide him inside of you. You are the one in control here, so start to ride him slowly.

It is a good idea to keep in mind that all his blood will be rushing to his head, and this position is hard to stay in for a long time. So, make sure he knows that he can stop and relax at any time. If he wants to stop, he can come down from the bridge and you can change into the cowgirl position very easily.

18. The Acrobat.

This is a position where your man has access to the whole of your body with his hands, so get ready for some extra stimulation coming your way while you get penetrated.

Your man is going to lie on his back, with his legs stretched out. Then, you will lie on your back on top of him. So, you are both facing upwards. Bend your knees underneath you and put your arms over your head, letting them rest behind your man's head. Then, he can start to enter you.

19. The Dolphin.

This is one of the easier positions to try, but you might get tired quickly, so take it slow.

Lie on your back and let your man kneel in between your legs. Then, he will put his hands underneath you and lift the bottom half of your body off the ground. You will now only have the support of your shoulders and neck to take your weight. You could arch your back to make the penetration deeper.

If you have difficulties supporting your weight, you can put your arms up so that they are supporting your back. This might take some of the pressure from your neck and shoulders.

20. The Wheelbarrow.

This is a rather intense position, and you have to have the strength to stay in the wheelbarrow position for some time.

You will start by lying on the floor face down. Your man will stand behind you with his knees slightly bent. Then, he will lean down and take hold of your legs. You will then put your hands on the floor and extend your arms. You will then be in the wheelbarrow position.

However, because neither of you can guide his penis inside of you at this point, you will need to have made sure that he is as hard as possible, and you are wet enough.

21. The Amazon.

This position puts you fully in control, but it is a hard one to conquer.

Your man will need to lie on his back with his knees bent towards him. This essentially will form a kind of seat. You will then need to squat down on to this new seat he has provided and put him inside you. Your feet will be flat on the bed or floor.

For this position, you need to have fairly strong legs.

22. The Fusion.

This one stands out from the crowd, I think. It gives you both completely new sensations and provides him with a great view.

Your man will need to lie down on the bed and lean up slightly. He will need to support himself by propping himself up with his elbows. You will then face towards him and start to lower yourself on to his penis. You can also prop yourself up by putting your arms below you. Your legs are near his head. You are both facing each other, which makes it intimate. However, you are too far apart to kiss or caress each other’s torsos.

He will also have a great close up view of going in and out of you.

23. The Lazy Man.

This position is how it sounds – you do all the work.

Your man should sit on the bed, with his back supported by either the headstand or pillows. His legs should be outstretched. Then, you should get on top of him and straddle him. Your feet should be flat against the bed and therefore you can use them to help you lift up and down while you ride him.

24. The Flat.

This is a really simple position, but it feels great.

All you need to do is lie face down on the bed and keep your legs together. Stay flat. Then your man will climb on top of you and enter you. He will need to guide his penis in, so you might want to open your legs slightly to allow him easier access. Once he is in, close your legs again and it will make a tight fit for both him and you, making you both feel great.

25. Mountain position.

This is almost similar to what you might imagine the position of scissoring to be like.

Both you and your man should sit on the bed facing each other. Both of you then need to bend your knees and spread your legs. You should be mirroring each other. Then you can edge forward and slowly he can enter you.

26. The Close-Up.

This position is similar to the ‘Scoop Me Up’ position, but a little more intimate and loving.

You will both need to get in the position of spooning, but you need to both bend and bring your knees up towards your chin. 

You will feel locked into each other in this position and you can push your bum further into him for a deeper sensation.

27. The Handstand.

This is one of the most difficult sex positions to perfect. However, if you can do a handstand then this will be really beneficial!

Your man is going to stand behind you, while you do a handstand. When you are going into the handstand, your man can help you by supporting your legs. Then, your man will hold you around your hips and bend his knees slightly so he can enter you.

28. The Seat.

For this, you will need to incorporate a chair. If you are wanting to have sex in a public, you could also utilize a toilet seat for this.

Get your man to sit on a chair (or preferred object where he can sit comfortably). Then you should sit on his knee. Whilst you sit down on his lap, you can guide his penis into you. Your legs will be on the ground, so you can use them to support your movements.

29. The Lowered Doggy.

If you like to have sex in the doggy position, you will love this.

Get yourself into the doggy position. So, you need to lie down on your front and push your bum into the air. Your man will be behind you, ready to enter you. However, this is different from doggy because you aren’t going to be on all fours. You need to lower your arms onto the bed, so it is just the bottom half of your body that will be in the air.

Your man can also bend his knees and lean over you while he penetrates you.

30. The Basket.

This can be a great position that will allow you to have some extra stimulation from your partner.

Your man will need to sit upright on the bed, with his legs stretched out in front of him. Then, you can climb on to his lap, facing him. Guide your man's hands to your hips, so he can control the pace of your movements too.

In this position, his hands can caress your body freely and you can kiss. His eyes will also be at the level of your breasts, so he can enjoy seeing them bounce around or kiss them.

31. The Arched Cowgirl.

If you like cowgirl but want deeper penetration, this is the position for you.

Your man will need to lie down on the bed. You should mount him like you are going into the cowgirl position. However, you need to put your arms behind you, either side of his legs. Then you can lean back and arch yourself. This will allow for a deeper feeling for both of you.

32. The Squat Challenge.

Don’t read this wrong, this is not a fitness test. Well, maybe it is.

To get into position, you need to get a chair or stool and stand on top of it. Then you need to squat. Your man will be behind you and can pull your hips a little further backwards so that he can enter you.

33. The Kneeling Wheelbarrow.

This is a simpler version of the Wheelbarrow position that I mentioned toward the beginning of this article.

You need to follow the same instructions at the beginning. You will start by lying on the floor face down. Your man will stand behind you with his knees slightly bent. Then, he will lean down and take hold of your legs. However, he will leave one of your legs so that you can bend it and use it as support. Therefore, only one of your legs is fully off the ground. You will then put your hands on the floor and extend your arms.

This might be more sustainable than the full wheelbarrow.

34. The Head Rush.

This is a great position if you love to be dominant, or your man likes being submissive.

For this position, your man will need to be hanging off the edge of the bed so that his head is on the floor or hanging towards it. Once he is in this position, you can climb on to him. Face him and sit on his penis. You can put your legs either side of his torso, or even on his torso if you are gentle.

35. The Pretzel.

For this position, you need to be lying down on your back. Choose a side to lean to and twist your whole body that way. With the leg that is on the opposite side to the one you are laying one, wrap it around your man's waist. He will then be wedged in between your twisted body, straight on.

This a great deep sex position where you can still make eye contact with each other and use your hands for extra stimulation.

36. The Bicycle.

This is a great position to watch some close-up action of him entering you.

For this position, you need to get yourself to the very end of the bed, lie down and lift your legs up. Your man will be stood at the bottom of the bed and will hold on to your ankles to move you in the motions that he wants to.

37. H20 fun.

This position does require a swimming pool, jacuzzi or the sea.

Having sex underwater can be one of the most amazing experiences and no one will even realize. For this position, you need to face your man in the water and look like you are giving him a hug. Down below, you can just move your swimsuits around a little bit, wrap your leg around him and slide him into you.

38. The Lazy Susan.

This position requires you to have sex on the sofa – the more comfortable, the better.

You will need to bend yourself over the arm of the sofa, putting your head and upper body on to the sofa and your ass will be in the air on the arm. Your man will stand behind you and will take you from behind. The angle of the sofa makes for a deep kind of sex.

39. The Missionary Position.

So, you might think that the missionary position might not surprise your man, and you might be right. However, the missionary position is the world’s favorite way to have sex. You might just need to know how to do it right. Lie back on the bed and let your man take you. Touch your breasts, moan, rub your clitoris. Make it sexy and exciting again.

40. The Mantis.

This position is really intimate and loving.

You will need to lie on the bed on your side, facing your partner. Then, bend your legs and push your vagina towards his penis. Wrap your legs around him. You will then be cuddling while having sex.

41. The Bees-Knees.

This is a foreplay position that will surprise your man. It’s also a really easy thing to do in public toilets if you want to feel a little kinkier.

All you need to do is get your man to stand in front of you, with his penis out and you can sit on the floor underneath him with your knees bent, leaning up. Then, work your magic with your lips and mouth all over his penis.

42. Face-Rider.

This is another foreplay position, but it is focused on you this time.

All you need to do is lower your vagina on to your man’s face. He will love the visuals and the taste of you. This will turn him on because you are taking the initiative to fulfill your own needs. Let him eat you.

43. Tutor Him.

This is not a position, but it is definitely something that will make him go wild for you.

If you know that your man is about to walk into the bedroom, strip off, hop on to the bed and start playing with yourself. When he walks in, don’t stop. In fact, keep going. It can be fun teasing him and seeing him get hotter and hotter.


What can I do to surprise my boyfriend sexually?

Sex is a very intimate act, but there are many ways to make it more intimate and a little more heated. Surprise your man by maintaining eye contact with him always, even when you're climaxing. Pay attention to his face and make a mental picture of the moment. Also, you can try talking about your physical needs without holding back.

How can I surprise my husband sexually?

Tease your husband with new, hot lingerie. It can be tasteless or tasteful, just wear it and have fun with him in the process! You can also try dirty talk during sex or foreplay, as a lot of men love this from their women. If you've both built a high level of trust, you can go the extra mile to ask your husband to wear your panties for you. This creates a connection at a more in-depth and higher level.

Can good sex Make a Man Fall in Love?

One of the critical ingredients to falling in love is dopamine, and this is released in ripples during sex. These chemicals promote the feeling of love and affection for both genders, and as such, great sex can make a man fall in love.

Where do men like to be touched?

Men love to be touched in a lot of places women might never even consider. The first most common place is their hair. Run your fingers through his hair, or nibble on his neck, just below the ears. Men can never get enough of this, especially when it's followed by a tantalizing kiss with the tongue. Use your tongues to tease his mouth and lips ever so slightly, and leave him begging for more now and then.

How can I be a good wife in bed?

Generally, many women fear exploration in the bedroom (or kitchen). The first way to be good in bed is to explore different positions. Move away from the normal missionary position and try other moves that make you feel tighter, or enable him to go deeper. It's best to keep switching places, to spice things up now and then.


I really hope you have a great time impressing your man with some of these positions and practicing them to perfection. 

Did this article help you at all to spice up your sex life? If it did and you liked what you read, please let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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