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9 Sex Moves To Surprise Your Man (That Work)

April 28, 2024

Are you hoping to learn some awesome sex moves to please your man and take his excitement to a new level? 

Perhaps your sex life has become stale and hoping to freshen it up? 

If so, this is the blog post for you. I’ve created a list of 9 awesome sex moves to excite your man. 

But, first off, I need you to read the following sentences carefully.

I want to tell you about an aspect of male psychology that impacts a man’s romantic emotions more than anything else - and it doesn’t have anything to do with your sexual performance. 

Understanding this can quickly make him OBSESS over you. 

It’s called the ‘Hero Instinct’. I really struggled to keep a man’s interest for several years, until I learned about this.

After I learned it, my relationships with men became more loving and passionate (you can learn more about how I did this by reading my personal log here).

That’s not to say blowing his mind in the bedroom doesn’t help!

So, by all means, scroll down to discover my list of 9 mind-blowing sex moves.

Why Should You Try Different Sex Positions? 

I was always jealous of females that were naturally sexual, like the ones on TV or even friends who were able to just able to put themselves out there. I struggled with weight and confidence, so I was just not like that. And these issues affected my relationship and my sex life with my partner.

As someone who used to be very shy, it was hard for me to open up sexually with my partner. But thankfully he was experienced and patient, and overtime allowed me to come to trust him sexually enough to get confident enough to become sexually adventurous. Before we get started, I want to give you a few tips to liven up the fun with your partner.

Shaking things up in the sack has all kinds of perks and benefits. It’s fun, sexy, a great workout, and getting adventurous in bed is a sure way to ensure your man can’t keep his hands off of you and spice up your love life. A boring bedroom can be fatal to a relationship, so women often go searching for answers on how to entertain their men in bed. 

Sex Moves To Surprise Your Man

1. Have sex in front of a mirror.

Have sex in front of a mirror

Kind of like watching porn, there is something primal about watching the act of sex. Most men find it to be a very big turn on if you have a mirror placed somewhere they can see themselves making love to you. 

Having sex in front of a mirror may seem like an uncomfortable activity, but the key is getting so wrapped up into wrapping those legs around him, you don’t even notice. You may even enjoy watching him take you from behind yourself.  If you and your partner are having sex, he’s not thinking about your flaws, so you shouldn’t be either. 

2. Try some lingerie.

One other sexy surprise is getting yourself something sexy to wear. If you don’t have lingerie or if it’s hardly been touched, time to pull it out. Something about a special sexy outfit that only he gets to see is a great way to spark things in the bedroom.

3. Edible or sensation lubricants.

Lubricant can sometimes save the mood, and make good sex into great sex. There are flavored edible lubes that make oral sex exciting and fun, and lubes that warm or cool and even go back and forth between the two. 

Lubricant is important to keep on hand, as sometimes a woman’s body doesn’t always cooperate. The application of lubricant can be a sensual experience and incorporated into foreplay.

4. Play a game.

Sex games an be a kinky and fun surprise for your man. And you would be surprised how many sex games there are. From board games, bath games, card games, roleplay games, and much more, there is a huge variety of fun things you can do to bring a new meaning to family night. 

5. Talk dirty.

Talk dirty

Dirty talk can ramp things up in the mid-coitus. If you want to make things hot for your man, try getting a little filthy in the mouth. Tell him your desires, tell him what you want to do to him, and do it in language that’s rated R. Dirty talk is satisfaction guaranteed.

Fun Sex Moves To Try With Your Man

Sometimes getting creative with sex positions you’re already comfortable with is the key to making your sex like feel like new. Missionary doesn’t have to just be a missionary position and oral sex can be fun for both parties involved. The fun part about changing things up is getting creative.

And of course, trying new things completely is fun too. It all depends on where you guys are in comfort and trust. Here are some fun sex moves to surprise your man in bed, and kick start that new sex life. 

6. Get creative with old-school sex positions.

Nothing makes me feel like I am more sexually caged than having sex in the same scene over and over again. The bedroom, same positions, it can get a little bland. So that’s when I spice it up. 

You can pull him into the living room for a Ride-Em-Cowgirl session on the couch. If he is sitting up, it makes riding him more sensual. You can grip the back of the couch for support for some extra speed and penetration. You can even make the Cowgirl position fun by turning around and riding him Reverse Cowgirl. 

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On top, you can squat over him, and bounce. It’s a leg workout, and you may need to start off slow with this if you aren’t used to training your legs. If you are facing him, he can put his knees up, and give you support, to where you’re riding him at an angle. 

Another classic position that can be switched up in several ways is the doggy style. You can do the Face-Down-Rump-Up method where you put your head and upper body down flat as you cant against the bed, with your butt in the air as far as it can go. 

You can also go to the edge of the bed and both of you stand, or your partner can enter you while you’re on your knees on the edge. Or you can create a more snug feeling by laying flat on your stomach, your partner making love to you from behind as he lays on you.

One way to surprise your man is to keep it fresh and spontaneous, and even just these simple additions to your usual sex positions can make a big difference.

7. Try Tantra and Kamasutra.

If it’s more of a connection you are needing with your partner then Tantra is something that might benefit you. Tantra is a practice that originated in India over 5,000 years ago that teaches you to be able to reach new spiritual and emotional connections with your partner. 

Translated, roughly, Tantra means to weave,’ and it revolves around the spiritual journey to true connection with your consciousness, your body, your partner’s consciousness, and their body.

Kamasutra is another Indian art, that is all about helping couples reach a state of Kama - which is a state of ‘sensual satisfaction.’ It talks about connection, as well as offers fun sex positions to try when you are getting intimate with your one true love. 

8. Be generous with oral.

Let’s just be real here: Guys like oral. If there is one and only one tactic that I know for a fact will work when it comes to resolving sexual issues: it’s oral sex. Most men will claim they like to give oral just as much or more than receiving it. But 9 times out of 10 you won’t find your man passing up the offer of a blow job. 

Oral sex doesn’t have to just be a one-way street however, and there are several positions that allow both of you to snack on each other at the same time.  The 69 position allows your man to lay back and enjoy a good view of your butt as he licks you, while you have access to give him attention with your mouthy and hands.

You can also lay on your back, with your head at the edge. Allow him to have control over entering your mouth, while he bends down to enjoy a taste of you as well. One other way to make oral surprisingly sexy for your man is to stimulate yourself while you give him oral. Men like when you put on a show for them.

You can even make oral sex extra yummy with flavored edible lubes, inks, powders, stickers, and foods. One thing to remember, men enjoy all things sexual more when you are enjoying it. One way to make oral amazing for him is to enjoy giving it, just as much as he enjoys getting oral.

9. Try anal.

One thing that is really exciting for men is anal. It’s always a pleasant surprise for a man when his woman lets him go through the exit-only door for the first time. Anal has a bad reputation for being painful, embarrassing and taboo for women. But really its one of the ultimate sex moves to surprise your man.

If you use lube and breathe evenly, and if your partner can have patience and go slow, it’s really not that bad. Another trick to make it less painful at first is to start out with you on top, like you are riding him cowgirl style, but instead, slipping him into the ‘wrong’ hole so to speak. The control and position can make initial penetration less painful and more comfortable.  

10. Roleplay.


In our arsenal of sexy moves you can use to surprise your man, is playing a little dress up or playing a little pretend. Whether you make an old Halloween costume into a bedroom getup or invest in a brand new kinky outfit, it’s worth giving it a try. 

My personal favorite moves is to greet my partner when he comes home with a sexy outfit. When we have a date night at a club, sometimes we pretend we’re just meeting for the first time. It’s fun to mix things up, and sometimes a little imagination goes a long way. 

Some popular ideas for roleplaying are the naughty nurse, the sexy librarian, kinky cop. Not only are costumes for these hotty personalities easy to find that are affordable, but they are easy for roleplay beginners to break into this new sexual chapter.

11. Explore new positions.

Sidesaddle. Wheelbarrel. The corkscrew. These are just a few of many sex positions to try out. One of the most fun things about exploring new positions is getting to know your own and your partner’s body. Have enough wild sex in several different positions, you can really get in shape and push your body to new boundaries.

There are so many positions you can do. There are books with a position for every day of the year, and thousands of them listed online. Any surface, wall, or piece of furniture can be used for adult playtime, and anyway you can bend your body can be used to your sexual advantage. For more positions, you can go here for a detailed list and description of how to do them. 

12. Explore sensory stimulation and deprivation games.

One good way to surprise your man is to pull out a blindfold. Another fun thing to do is to tie up the hands. This can be fun for both parties in either role. Not knowing what and where you are going to do next is exciting. One second it’s a handjob that he can only feel, the next its soft kisses or a nipple in his mouth. Maybe slow teasing before a blow job. 

Sensory deprivation and stimulation games can lead to more intense orgasms and open up your senses so that sex is more sensual. The mystery is exciting, and so is handing that control over as well. It also can be a great trust-building game for couples who are bonding.

13. Whips, chains, and ropes.

BDSM is not everybody’s cup of kink, but most girls enjoy a light spanking, and it’s not uncommon to want to be tied up. Bondage can bring excitement to even the most vanilla couples. 

Bondage takes a level of trust, and it can be exciting to hand that control over to your partner. For him, it can be just as exciting to have that control as well. If you and your partner know and trust each other, there should be no reason to feel nervous handing that power over to him. It doesn’t have to be extreme to be exciting either. You can start out with a pair of fuzzy handcuffs, a blindfold, or even simple scarves to tie the hands. 

If bondage and BDSM is something you and your partner are interested in getting more serious about, I suggest finding an expert the two of you would be comfortable learning from as there is an entire culture and lifestyle behind it. 

14. Put on a show for him.

Put on a show for him

Men love it when you put on a surprise sexy show for their pleasure. You can give him a striptease, or a lapdance. Have him walk into the room while you[‘re rubbing yourself and moaning, and invite him to join you in the fun.

Walk around in your sexiest outfit - wear a short skirt with no panties. These are all little tips to surprise and seduce your man into the bedroom. A teased man is a force of nature, and you can manipulate it to suit your needs. It’s not that hard to get your man interested in a wild romp, just a little bit of imagination.

Visual stimulation is absolutely a key component to seduction. And when you put on a show, your man isn’t going to be able to resist enjoying it.  

Surprise Your Man With Confidence And Something New

So just to recap: Confidence, spontaneity, and creativity are sexy to your man. Surprise him with a new approach. Don’t let your insecurities keep you from getting adventurous. If he is with you and he loves you, he thinks you are sexy just the way you are. 

Try new positions, and get creative with old ones, and be brave enough to try and enjoy new things in the bedroom. Bring in toys and costumes, and find pleasure in giving him head. A man feels accomplishment in your pleasure, so don’t be afraid to tell him what you want and talk dirty to him. 

These are all simple, easy, and effective ways to surprise your man during sex. If your love life is in need of a revamp, take the time to consider each of these things. Are you doing your part to keep it interesting? Or have you both fallen into a sexual routine that has become lackluster? 

Don’t be nervous to try something you have never tried before. It’s fun and exciting to try new things with your partner. You can’t expect the honeymoon phase to last forever, so in a long term relationship, it’s important to keep things interesting and new. 

Do You Have A Surprise Sex Move Of Your Own? 

If you have a secret surprise sex move of your own that you don’t see listed here, share it with us in the comments! We enjoy hearing our readers stories. We hoped you enjoyed reading this article today, and that it gave you a few ideas for your sex life.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you enjoyed our article.

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