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21 Flirty Sex Games For Long Distance Relationships

May 31, 2024

Are you looking for ways to spice up your long-distance relationship?

Would you like to know some sex games that satisfy your partner's urges, even when you can't physically be together?

Are you tired of the same bland sexting and phone sex?

If so, congratulations! You've landed on the perfect web page to solve your problems! This guide features 21 sex games created specifically for couples in long-distance relationships.

But, before I reveal my list of fun games for you to try, it's important that you read the next sentences carefully.

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With that said, let's now take a look at these 21 sex games to spice up your long-distance relationship.

Just a quick warning... perhaps this is a guide you don’t want to be reading at work 😉

21 Ways To Keep Things Fresh When You’re Far Apart

1. Sexting

Sexting is when you send your partner erotic fuelled messages over the phone. What you send is up to you, but it can be a great game to play so that your partner remembers you are a sexual being as well as able to meet his or her sexual needs when you are apart. 

2. Video games

Video Games

Sending each other videos of you masturbating is one of the best ways to harness the technology of your smartphone. The visuals that you get from your partner are fantastic for remembering each other when you are far apart and something that is not easily forgotten. 

3. Name a body part

If you want something more immediate, a good game to play with your partner is to name a body part. You can then film yourself touching that body part or caressing it in a certain way to turn your partner on. 

4. Phone sex

Phone sex is perhaps one of the oldest games in the book, but it’s still great to play if you are in a long distance relationship. You need to be completely at ease talking to your partner about what you would like to do to him or her while telling them where you are touching yourself as well. 

5. Watch porn

A good game to play with one another while making use of modern-day technology is to watch a porn film together but in different locations. This can help you both get in the mood if you find phone sex difficult to get into at first. It can help a long distance relationship stay fresh as well as help two people explore each other’s sexuality for the next time they see each other. 

6. 20 questions

20 questions is not always a sexual game, but it can be turned into one that can help that spark stay present between two people who live apart. All you need to do is ask your partner 20 questions about their sexual past. It’s a good one to help move your sexual connection up a level, even when you are apart. 

7. Roleplay

Using video and video games, you can use your smartphone and introduce roleplay between the two of you. Again, this is a great way of exploring each other’s sexuality while still physically seeing your partner in a sexual way too. 

8. Strip poker

Strip poker

A great game you can play that can help initiate phone sex and put you both at ease, is to play strip poker or another card game where you both have to lose an item of clothing when you lose. The anticipation that builds because it can be so tantalizing that it leads to more and more sex chat. 

9. Truth or dare

Truth or dare is a great game to play that can help strengthen your sexual connection with a person as well as helping push your boundaries again. Additionally, you can learn a lot about a person when you take turns moving through your truths or your dares!

10. Mystery photos

A great way to pique your partner’s interest is to send them to close up snapshots or photos of different parts of your body and ask them to guess where it is. You can then zoom out slowly - either by video or further mystery photos to turn them on. 

11. Share your fantasy

Sharing a sexual fantasy over the phone can be a great way of initiating things if you don’t want to engage in full-on sexting.

12. Lingerie

Either you or your partner wearing lingerie and sending pictures to each other is a great game to play when you are far apart and you have a while to wait until you physically see each other again. It helps remind each other about how your body looks good naked and that you are both sexual beings. 

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13. Set each other challenges

Sometimes, it can be best to keep things fun when you are trying to engage in a little erotica with your partner over the phone. As a result, see if you can set each other challenges while video-calling each other, but try to do it naked. 

14. Would you rather

"Would you rather" is another game that is not usually sexual in nature, but most definitely can be turned into something that turns both you and your partner on? Simply say something that is a more sexually charged question than normal. Something like "would rather be kissed on here or here?"

15. Never have I ever

Along the same lines as a sexual game of would you rather, is to take turns in never have I ever, which can be turned into something more sexual too. Plus, it’s a good way of learning about your partner’s past and it can help bring you closer as a result. 

16. Sex toys

Sex toys

The next time you are on the phone to your partner, play with sex toys during a video call. The image of you playing with yourself will send him or her into overdrive and will make them want you above anyone else. 

17. Phone apps

Phone apps can make playing games with your partner a lot easier and can help keep things fresh between the two of you. Plus, it can be good sometimes to have something else direct you both as to what to do in your game. 

18. Remember when

If you live far apart from each other, it can be a good idea, particularly when times are tough, to reminisce on times when you were having a great time - between the sheets or not. Therefore either send your partner or tell him/her on the phone a 'remember when' story that talks about a time you really enjoyed when you slept together - and why. 

19. Plan ahead

Just because you are not together all the time, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be a time in the future that you aren’t. That means you can start talking about what you would like to do with each other when you see each other again. Planning ahead can build that much-needed anticipation.

20. Buried treasure

When you are with each other, remember to try to hide something in your partner’s home. Then, when you are apart again, message your partner to tell him or her what you have left and give them the odd clue as to where to find it. This can be underwear, a new sex toy, or similar. 

21. Erotica

Reading porn can be as exciting as watching porn together. Try reading some erotica over the phone once in a while and see how much you both enjoy doing this tougher. 


Is Sexting good for long distance?

It is highly dependent on the people involved in the relationship whether sexting is good for a partnership or not. However, it can be great as long as you are both getting what you want from it as well as in every other aspect of your relationship. 

How do you keep sex alive in a long distance relationship?

Keeping that sexual spark alive when you are in a long distance relationship is hard work, but it can be done. Make sure that you keep telling each other you are thinking of your partner in a sexual way even when you are apart, and when you do finally get together, dedicate enough time to just being with one another.

What games can you play long distance?

Sexual games to play in a long distance relationship can be a great way to spice things up when you are apart. What you play is down to both your sexual preferences, but the key thing to ensure is that you are both happy and comfortable with what you are doing.

Do guys get tired of sexting?

Anyone can get tired of sexting, but if they do it tends to be more telling of what the couple feels for each other. If you still lust after a person or love them, sexting them will always be one of the long distance sex games that helps keep the attraction between them very strong. 

Does sexting bring you closer?

Sexting can bring you closer, but it is also something to be wary of doing with a person that you do not know very well yet. We can all get swept up in the initial stages of a relationship, but sexting is a highly personal thing that you should only do with someone you fully trust

How Do You Keep Sex Alive In A Long Distance Relationship? - Summary

Being away from your partner can be so hard and a big strain on a relationship. Not being able to be with them physically - sexually or otherwise - is something that cannot ever be recreated. Even with the advances, we have in technology. However, your time apart can be made easier with the introduction of games like the above that can help you both feel sexually fulfilled when you are not together.

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