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What Turns Guys On? (53 Interesting Things)

Are you trying to figure out how to turn guys on? Maybe you want to impress a specific man, but you're not sure how to go about it? Maybe you're seeking some extra motivation to give your relationship a little more oomph? If yes, you've come to the right place. 

Understanding how to turn a guy on can earn you bonus points, but it can also be perplexing. It doesn't help that each man is unique and has his own set of preferences! 

Many women are unaware that male turn-ons do not always have to be physical. Yes, a soft caress can set off fireworks, but often it's the smaller details that pique a man's interest. It's all about reading the scenario and selecting the appropriate turn-on technique.

Despite individual preferences and diversity in tastes, there are several common ways to turn a man on that you may learn about to better understand your man and improve your sex life. On that note, here are 53 things that turn men on.

53 Things That Turn Guys On

1. Confidence

For a man, having confidence is crucial. Nobody wants to be in a relationship with a woman who is constantly insecure and looking for validation. Still, neither do they want to be with a girl who is constantly concerned with her appearance.

Men admire self-assured women, particularly those who are confident about their sexuality. As a result, you should let go of the notion that men will only find you appealing if you act like a defenseless damsel in distress

If you want to turn a guy on, you must entirely own who you are and demonstrate to him what you want and don't want. He will adore you if you demonstrate confidence in whatever you do.

2. Clothing choice and appearance

While I don't like being the person who tells women to dress sexy and take care of their beauty, the truth is that all men are swayed by what they see and how attractive you appear to them. 

To attract a man, you should dress in a way that highlights your greatest characteristics rather than one that is overtly provocative. For instance, make the most of your hourglass form by dressing in ways that draw attention to your natural curves. Avoid baggy jeans if you have fantastic legs; instead, opt for a skirt or figure-hugging trousers. 

3. Intense eye contact

intense eye contact

Intense eye contacts are one of those "turn-ons" for men that work regardless of how long you've been dating or if it’s a new relationship. Although I have to admit, it can be awkward to lock gazes with someone you're interested in. 

It makes you feel exposed. You feel like he can pick up on every ounce of your innermost thoughts and feelings - all the more reason why you should do so! 

Prolonged eye contact shows your interest. It's also a lot of fun to do. You can tell someone genuinely cares about you when you look into their eyes. They are aware of our existence and are concerned about our well-being.

Let the person you like know you want him by giving him a few seconds of your undivided attention from across the room before you look away.

4. Sensual massages

Often men have a lot ongoing on that they don't talk about, so a massage is a great way to help him destress, especially after he's had a long day. 

To make your massaging session more fun, don't provide hints that he'll be getting a happy ending if you know what I mean. Instead, get him to lie on the bed and begin massaging his back with some aromatic massage oil. Next, undress and resume the massage while he's like this. 

Again, you can put the oil on his body, and your hands should begin working around his thighs. You might also sweep your hands down his chest, stopping at the top of his groin. He may begin to notice that the massage is becoming more sexually explicit. 

5. When a woman makes the first move

Flirting with a guy, expressing interest, or even asking him out can be terrifying, but it's a terrific way to capture his attention. Unfortunately, only one in ten women are courageous enough to make the first move, while 92% of men love it when women chat them up first.

While a man might be taken aback, he'll also be happy. So If you find yourself interested in a man, don't hold back! Ask for his phone number, or if you're feeling up to it, you could ask him out. After all, the worst that can happen is to get a 'No.'

6. Tie him up

It's possible that your man enjoys being dominated, whether subtly or overtly. If this is the case, it's time to show him who's in charge in bed. This will take him by surprise as he's probably never seen your dominant side.

Get started by putting ties or handcuffs on the floor, then begin kissing him as a way to get him going. This is something you can do ferociously so that he is immediately prepared to submit to your authority. 

Place your hands over the top of his head and kiss him, but don't let him go until you have bound his hands together or tied them to the bed frame with a tie or handcuffs. Knowing he can't touch you will drive him insane, but it will also excite him to the point of insanity.

7. Flirty texts

Getting a little flirtatious via text after a few dates is a terrific strategy to turn a guy on and make him crazy for you. In other words, even if you don't want to go all-out sexting, you may still create an impression using text. You want him to think about you and want you when you send him a series of flirty text messages.

If you haven't had sex yet but plan to do so in the foreseeable future, you can drop clues about how much you're looking forward to it and how wonderful it will be to make him want you even more. Sexting will put both of you in a sexual mood and go a long way in improving your sex life.

8. Sexy lingerie

You should take advantage of the fact that most guys are visually stimulated. A male is constantly turned on when he sees his girlfriend in seductive lingerie. 

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While men find gorgeous lingerie attractive, it should be your priority first and foremost. Whenever you're feeling sexy, he'll notice. Nothing beats a woman who exudes Sexy Confidence! 

Therefore, putting on lacy red underwear and a bra beneath your outfit should make you feel wonderfully seductive. For instance, you can wear a sweater with a wide neck collar, so your bra peeks out and attracts his attention.

9. The color red

Not many people know this, but the color red can raise your blood pressure and heart rate.

Putting on something red will make your lover's pulse race and increase his desire for you – extra points if it's a flattering outfit. However, don't limit yourself to only outfits. You can also add red to your face, hair, or nails. 

For instance, red hot lipstick can instantly make you look put together, confident, and hot. Likewise, a red ribbon and red painted nails. Studies show that men are more attracted to women with red lipstick than any other color. So, if you haven't considered red before, now is the time to do so!

10. Blindfolds

Another way to seduce your man is to put on a blindfold during sex with him. By depriving him of one of his senses, he is forced to concentrate more on his other senses, making your touch become even more intense and sensitive.

Another reason guys love to get blindfolded is that they are never sure where you will kiss or caress next. This naughty exercise can also help create a long-lasting partnership because it makes both parties feel secure in their relationship.

11. Come up with a secret signal

Create a secret signal that will alert him that you are having dirty thoughts about him and that you intend to make a speedy getaway from wherever you are for a steamy session. Your secret sign could be as simple as a blink of the eye, flipping your hair in a particular direction, or making a hand gesture.

You can use this signal when you're in the middle of a boring party, having a good time with your friends, or even at the grocery store. I guarantee that he'll be eager to put his shopping basket down and discover what surprises are in store for him!

12. Sex toys

sex toys

Many guys are unaware that women use sex toys regularly, so bringing one of your faves out and showing him what it can do for you could be a big turn-on. However, if you don't already have one, you can go out and get one together. There is such a wide range of options, so do some research and see what you think you would be most comfortable using.

However, if you want the sex toy to be something that both of you enjoy, you should acquire a pleasure or cock ring. This is a vibrating ring that your lover will wear around his penis. The vibrations he creates as he enters you will not only make you orgasm faster or more strongly, but it will also help your partner's erection last longer.

When it comes to a sex toy like the pleasure ring, you might want to use it sparingly as overusing it can take away the pleasure from regular sex.

13. Roleplay

Do you and your partner have any wild fantasies like playing a sultry nurse in a role-playing game? If yes, now is a good time to bring your dream to fruition.

Role-playing with your partner is a fun way to pretend to be someone else for a few hours or even a few days at a time. You have a wide range of possibilities, so you can be as imaginative as you like.

As long as you feel comfortable, role-playing provides a means of escaping from reality. It is simply a way to get away from the realities of everyday life. So by role-playing, you're giving each other the green light to express yourselves in ways that may be quite different from your normal selves.

14. Exchange of sexual fantasies

Did you know that you can turn a man on by simply having a conversation with him? This works best when you're in bed and about to sleep. So while lying in bed, exchange stories about your naughtiest sexual fantasies, and don't forget to maintain eye contact during the conversation.

Understandably, many people have difficulty talking about their sexual dreams with others. As a result, you must ensure that your man is at ease. To make it easier, you could start by sharing one of your fantasies with him and then have him tell you one of his. Alternatively, you can both play a little game where you each tell the other one. 

Don't take anything too seriously and have fun with it. Then you may ask him if he's ready for the first steamy fantasy you stated after you've finished talking about them.

15. Hair and makeup

A woman's hair is a sexy asset that few know how to use. Your hair can be used in many ways to get a guy's attention and turn him on.

For instance, you can twirl the strands at the side of your face or run your fingers through the length to make a sultry impression. Also, if you typically always have your hair up, try wearing it down on your next date to see how it looks. Bonus points if you give it a hot throw in front of him.

In the case of makeup, less is more. You see, while men like a woman who looks put together, they aren't big fans of heavy makeup. 

Makeup should be all about highlighting your best features and concealing your flaws. So assuming your skin is already flawless, you won't need to put on much foundation. However, if you're suffering from a minor breakout, don't hesitate to apply some concealer.

16. Sexual games

Sexual games are a great way to set the mood. Trust me, the mere thought of a sexual game is enough to turn your man on.

A good starting point is to give your man little pieces of paper and tell him to write down what he wants you to do to him on each piece of paper while doing the same thing. Next, fold all of your notes and exchange them. 

The idea is to fulfill each other's wishes as written on the note. However, if you aren't comfortable with something, you can tell your spouse that he has three passes, and so do you.

17. Watch porn together

If you're like most people, you probably think of porn as something you watch when you're masturbating. On the contrary, watching porn together can be huge turn-ons for both of you.

Watching porn with your partner will not only get you both excited, but it will also allow you to talk about your desires without making either of you feel awkward or uncomfortable.

Try a live webcam session and watch other people have sex as you do things to each other if you're both feeling particularly naughty. However, if you're not comfortable watching porn, you can opt for a sexy movie.

18. Shower together

Who says a shower is just for getting clean? It's also for getting dirty, if you know what I mean. It's especially a turn-on for guys if you surprise him in the shower by sliding in behind him. 

Take your time to wash his body sensually and kiss him passionately in the shower. You may also choose to get down on your knees and perform oral sex. 

Alternatively, you can reverse the roles and seduce him into the shower with the promise of a sexual encounter. 

Start arousing yourself with the water from the showerhead then, yell to ask for his assistance. His reaction to seeing you will be both pleasant and surprising. You'll be amazed at how quickly he moves to get right in there and start groping you.

19. Striptease

To successfully striptease a guy, you will need to be hot and confident.

Stripteases necessitate putting on enough clothing to truly strip for him, so be prepared. Remember that your underwear should always be the last thing you take off, irrespective of what you choose to wear.

As you enter the room, begin moving your body slowly and rhythmically at the foot of the bed. Try to make yourself believe that this man is actually paying for your services. Then, begin to take off your clothing, one item at a time. Don't forget to maintain eye contact and keep things sexy at all times.

20. Play with him

play with him

Unleash your inner child and play with your partner. However, ensure that it is the right time and place to avoid embarrassing him. 

For instance, you can choose to engage in pillow fights or tickle fights. I mean, there's no reason for two adults to tickle each other than to give themselves an excuse to touch each other more often. 

You stylishly ask for his ticklish spots and launch a full-on attack. Don't be surprised if this play ends with you and your partner lying horizontally on the floor naked.

21. Kisses with no hands

While it's advisable to take turns being in charge of your bedroom affairs, it's also wonderful to assert your dominance now and then by taking control of the activity. 

For instance, you can establish a no-touching rule while you kiss and mandate that he abides by it. Obviously, the sexier you are, the more he'll want to get a hold of you, but rules are rules!

If necessary, bind his hands together or hold them together with yours to prevent him from touching you. When you finally untie them, you'll be shocked at how quickly he'll pounce on you to have sex. 

22. Short steamy makeout sessions

As we get older and gain more responsibilities, sex can become challenging, especially if you have kids. Nonetheless, you can still do so much with the little time you have. 

A good example is to spend a minute and a half in a passionate kiss or touching, caressing, and fooling around. Remember that not every encounter has to end in sex (though it often does), but even a brief encounter can be enough to make you feel hot and develop anticipation for the next time you can get your hands on each other.

23. Moaning during sex

Males adore it when females groan during sex because it is a sign that they are performing well, which will boost their self-confidence and make them more attractive to men.

This does not imply that you should scream loud enough to wake the neighbors. If, on the other hand, you've always been the quiet kind, your boyfriend will like it if you moan from time to time. 

Furthermore, you are under no obligation to create noise when having sex; you are not obligated to do so if you aren't feeling aroused. However, if it feels good, go ahead and do it. It's a win-win situation for both of you.

24. Watching you get aroused

A man's senses of hearing and sight are innate. Watching women masturbate is, in a sense, the ultimate form of pre-romance play.

Think about it! The one thing better than porn is having a real woman naked and in front of him masturbating and moaning.

When a man sees you touching yourself in front of his eyes, he becomes incredibly turned on. Because you're simply enjoying yourself, this is an easy way to turn him on without trying too hard. Alternatively, you take things to another level by engaging in mutual masturbation.

25. Taking control

Ladies! Show your partner that you can handle him in bed by not being shy. Your partner will be pleasantly surprised, and you'll be pleased as well, so don't hesitate to show them that you are capable of meeting their needs. 

If you're unsure what to do, try having a passionate makeout session while sitting on his lap. Eventually, build to a climax and engage in dirty talk with him. Talking dirty involves whispering naughty things in his ear like revealing your desire to give him oral sex. Alternatively, you can tell him that you'd like to experiment with something new in your relationship. 

Don't forget there are varying levels of dominance; if you're not sure how far your man will go, ask. Observe his reactions; if he gets turned on, you're doing something properly.

26. Letting him take control

Whether at the workplace or home, men take pleasure in dominating. When a man dominates a woman in bed, he feels more powerful, and this is one of the more subtle things ladies do that turns men on.

Men have a strong sense of self-worth, and being powerless in a relationship can make them feel vulnerable. Therefore, s strong woman who is also submissive in bed will undoubtedly get your partner excited about you.

27. Trying new positions

It's always great for couples to experiment with different sex positions. For instance, if your man is a butt guy, there are several sex positions that will let you flaunt your buns. Great examples are the reverse cowgirl and doggy style.

On the other hand, if he's a boob guy, the missionary and traditional cowgirl styles will enable him to see your boobs. Who knows, experimenting with different new positions like the reverse cowgirl may make him last longer.

28. Hugs


Most girls don’t know this, but men appreciate a woman who is physically attracted to them – a woman who makes an effort to maintain contact without trying too hard. Yes, guys enjoy a good challenge, but being with a straightforward lady is not enjoyable either.

The ability to maintain the appropriate level of interaction with a man is one thing that turns men on. A great form of subtle but intimate physical contact is a hug. 

So whether he's just got in from work and is ready to start dinner, simply press your body against his body and put your arms around his waist or chest. This will instantly make him feel good.

29. A woman's natural smell

For a moment, skip the perfume! It may surprise you to learn that your natural body odor is a greater turn-on than you believe. Each of us has a particular odor that serves as our fragrance identity. This scent can elicit great arousal and plays an important role in the chemistry of attraction, despite being generally overlooked

As a result, don't bother lathering up with creams after a shower; your natural smell can serve as the best aphrodisiac.

30. Vulnerability

No matter what kind of relationship we're talking about — whether it's a friendship, a family relationship, or a romantic one — being vulnerable is essential to developing a closer, deeper, and more authentic bond with someone else. 

Vulnerability helps us be honest with one another and with ourselves, break down barriers, reduce the possibility of miscommunication and misunderstandings, and be completely ourselves.

Generally speaking, men are attracted to warmth, gentleness, and vulnerability. As such, they are turned on when a woman expresses her vulnerability. This allows him to act on his hero instinct and protect you.

31. Cuddling

Did you know that men love cuddling? Well, think again. Many of us ladies assume we are the only ones who enjoy cuddling, but in reality, both men and women benefit from this simple yet intimate act.

It is believed that when men or women get soothed by their partners, the brain produces oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. It strengthens the link between you, making sex much more enjoyable.

Another way to turn your man on is to feel each other's breath in motion while you are cuddling and stroking one another. This is a very pleasant and meditative manner to engage in foreplay.

32. Prepare Pumpkin Pie

You're probably well-versed in the wonders of traditional aphrodisiacs such as oysters and chocolate, but what have you ever thought of sexy smells? A study conducted by the Smell and Taste Research Foundation in Chicago discovered that various scents could boost penile blood flow in those with normal olfactory acuity.

Some of these scents include lavender, licorice, donuts, and of course, pumpkin pie. It was noted that the combinations of such scents elicited strong responses. So next time you need to get your man's little friend up and active, consider preparing pumpkin pie.

33. Intimate conversations

Irrespective of whether or not your guy is a sapiosexual, which means someone who gets genuinely turned on by your brains and on-point intellect, there's no doubt that having some serious chats might lead to you becoming closer. 

If you don't know where to begin, you can consider starting with the New York Times' 36 questions that were designed to make people fall in love. In addition, it's common sense that the closer you are to one another, the more you'll desire to get down in the sack.

34. Cooking


Men are sensory beings, and believe me when I say they enjoy their taste buds being tickled. Food is an excellent way to make a man happy both physically and sexually, and there are reasons for this.

On the one hand, men know and understand the amount of work that goes into making a meal, which is why they are turned on by the notion that a girl will go to such lengths to produce something delicious for them.

On the other hand, most men consider cooking to be something women did traditionally; therefore, watching their woman cook reminds them of her femininity, something they find highly attractive.

35. Complimenting their body

Believe it or not, men appreciate receiving compliments. Understandably, given the prevalence of hyper-masculine attitudes in our society, this may appear to be a ridiculous claim. But I'm here to tell you that guys like being admired just like everyone else.

Here's something you might not be aware of. Insecurity sets in when males don't feel appreciated in their own lives. The sneaky thing about it is that guys are less inclined to express how miserable they are feeling verbal once it happens.

This uneasiness can be exacerbated when previous factors are taken into consideration, such as a bad dating history or concerns with male body image, among other things. Therefore, a good way to turn your man on is to make him feel sexy by complimenting his body.

36. Asking them what they want

As with anything sex-related, communication is the important thing to consider when turning a man on. Besides strengthening your bond during the process, it also prevents you from doing things your partner doesn't like. 

Take time to examine your partner's behavior and discover what turns them on and why. Also, make an effort to be open and flexible to the possibility that they may be reluctant to discuss what makes them tick because they fear being judged, but this should not deter you. 

Let them know that this is a free and non-judgemental space, and you're under no obligation to participate if they mention something you aren't comfortable doing ). However, simply allowing them the opportunity to express themselves is energizing and revitalizing for them.

37. Accidental touches/ grazes

It doesn't matter how many dates you've been on with a guy; men love small (but seemingly unintentional) touches. They are huge turn-ons for them.

This could be a situation where you're both reaching for the salt shaker at the same moment, or your hands accidentally grazed his arm while reaching for the popcorn in a dark cinema, or under the table, your legs lightly rub against one another.

There are an unlimited number of ways in which you can find an excuse to touch him, so keep your eyes peeled for these moments.

38. High heels

high heels

Have you ever monitored the look on your hubby's face when wearing high heels with your outfit? It's quite intriguing. Heels are a great way to elongate your legs and look sexier in any outfit, and as long as you look comfortable and confident, you'll be sure to turn him on.

Don't stick to wearing heels only when going out; you can also wear them in bed. That's right! Heels and lingerie are a killer combination. No man can ever resist a woman dressed in lingerie and high heels since it's so enticing to look at her.

39. Sitting on his lap

Have you ever sat on a man's lap for a while? Give it a shot. Even if the guy is concentrating hard on losing the election, you'll feel something hard forcing its way up in less than a minute if you sit in the right spot.

There are several reasons why this act turns men on. For starters, it's a (subconscious) sign of submission and dominance. When a girl sits on a man's lap, she submits to him through her body, trust, and respect. She agrees to put herself in a vulnerable position and submits to the man's authority. At this point, he can do a lot to her.

Secondly, this sitting position is way more intimate than sitting apart, especially because of proximity to each other's private parts. It's almost like spooning while standing up. 

When a man is in this position, he controls the situation. He can choose to keep things PG or make them sexual; it's a rush for him, and each party gets a turn at the tease. 

40. Curves

The hourglass form is an enticing asset that all men admire when it comes to women. It's a well-known fact that it's one of the most attractive things about men.

After all, larger hips in a woman are an evolutionary signal that automatically signals to a guy that she is ready to reproduce — whether she is or is not! Make sure to emphasize your curves, and your man will immediately drool over you.

41. A flash of skin

Because it's unexpected and taboo, a flash of skin is seductive and one of those hard-to-ignore physical turn-ons for guys.

Every male knows he should turn away if a lady unintentionally flaunts herself more than she intended, but the sight is too enticing for him to do so. When you're leaning over or wearing a skirt, you can show a little skin. It's always crazy effective and gets a guy's attention.

42. A spontaneous woman

Something about a "youthful" demeanor appeals to males, and they are more likely to find this trait in spontaneous women.

Most men are adventurous, and as such, they believe that life's just too short to spend it becoming monotonous. This is why they consider it more fun to date women who challenge them, keep them on their toes, and open their eyes to a different way of seeing the world. 

So if you want to turn your man on, consider planning a surprise. Perhaps a gateway to a cabin or island, whatever rocks your man's boat best. This new surge of energy and creativity will drive him crazy (in a good way).

43. Talking dirty

Guys are turned on by ladies who can have dirty talk with them. When you have a dirty talk with him, it lets him know the mood you're in and where your mind is going. 

So tell him a dirty joke to turn him on, or you could also create a nasty inside joke that only the two of you understand its true meaning. You could consider sending a text that explains how you want to give him oral sex in the middle of the day; he will rush home eager and ready to pounce on you.

44. Wearing their clothes

Do you ever wake up on a quiet weekend wearing his shirt or t-shirt? This is a turn-on for men, especially if you have no makeup and let your hair down. 

This isn't to say you shouldn't get dolled up for your partner now and then, but you should also show him that you're comfortable in your skin without makeup or fashionable clothes. If he's used to seeing you in pretty attire, shock him now and then by showing up in baggy or boyfriend jeans or anything. 

For most males, the fact that you can change up your attire and look nice in anything is a significant plus.

45. An ambitious and independent woman

an ambitious and independent woman

Women who have their ducks in a row and can finance themselves are considered attractive to men. 

However, be careful not to come across as a conceited braggart, boasting about your accomplishments and showing off; this is when independence becomes a turn-off for them. 

Men are not interested in women who require a lot of attention in terms of being high maintenance, so showing that you can care for yourself will turn him on and make him eager to match up your energy.

46. A girl that knows something about sports

While you don't have to know every footballer in the world, most men would appreciate a lady who can simply kick it with the boys, play PS with them, or watch a football game without nagging or whining every second. 

Men also value competitiveness in this regard - you know how when you're playing a game of cards with your partner, and you nudge him after you win? Not in a combative way, but just a little bit extra? Yes, they find that nudge to be sexy. 

47. Dancing and humming

Let's face it. Dancing and humming while going about some of your daily chores are not actions that'll typically come to the top of your head when thinking about what turns guys on. But alas! They are turn-ons for guys.

Men find it attractive when girls dance or ding while doing normal things like making breakfast, cleaning, or gardening. These are highly appealing, especially when the lady is in her natural state with no makeup and has a messy bun.

48. Modesty

With all of the crazy daring things that men adore, they equally adore modesty in ladies. Guys love it when ladies display their skin but maintain some mystery.

Also, being straightforward beings, they seek a woman who is both sexy and modest and confident and humble. They're looking for a woman who knows how to look put together but doesn't apply too much makeup to a point where she looks unnatural.

Being this type of female can turn a guy on almost instantly.

49. Stiff nipples

A nice pair of jugs will pique any man's interest. Remember that if you want to turn a guy on, you receive bonus points for having stiff nipples or not putting on a bra!

Stiff nipples, whether on a female on the street or the girl next door, are a sight that no guy forgets.

Finding the exact location of a girl's nipple is every guy's dream. If you can assist him with this, his small member may rise to offer you a standing ovation.

50. Sexy voice

A sexy voice is another simple thing that gets the attention of men and turns them on. When a woman's voice drops, it immediately attracts the attention of men.

It gets more exciting for guys when the girl accompanies this voice with a naughty and sexy look. This is exactly what gets men excited in bed because such sentiments drive men insane in the first place.

51. See-through clothes

Girls in sheer white shirts and black bras are every guy's dream, especially when it's raining. They love the way ladies' clothes cling to their bodies, revealing their curves.

Most guys enjoy seeing every curve on the female body through sheer clothing that is so thin and fragile that they don't need to overwork their imaginations thinking about what your curves look like.

You can take advantage of this turn-on trick when next you're at the beach or by the poolside. 

52. Dressing up

Not many people know this, but dressing up is just as much a turn-on for guys as dressing down. 

When a man watches you dress up, it can feel like he is watching some mini makeover, and you know how we all feel about makeovers - they get us excited. This is exactly how he feels, as it allows him to appreciate you and your body.

Next time you're getting ready to step out, and you're on shorts, bend down under the guise of scooping something up and show him your assets. Alternatively, request his assistance with the sandals strap and reposition yourself so that he can see up your dress. This will send fireworks up his body.

53. Sheer gauzy nightgowns

If you want to give your man a hard-on, dump the pajamas and unflattering night wears. Instead, opt for a sheer, gauzy nightgown.

Wear it and move around the house in such a way that accentuates your curves. Don't make it obvious that you know he's watching you. The unintentional act of dressing sensually will be a complete turn-on for him, regardless of how you went about it.


How to turn on a guy on a phone call?

If you want to turn on a guy on a phone call, start by calling him by his name instead of using pronouns. It will personalize your conversation, making things more intimate.

Also, get naughty. For instance, when he asks what you are doing, you can say something like you just out of the shower. Alternatively, you could talk about your body, like how the workout you're doing has made your butt firmer. In simple terms, tempt him!

How to turn on a guy long-distance?

The downside to long-distance relationships is the lack of physical connections. Nonetheless, there are other ways you can work around this.

First, embrace technology by engaging in video calls, exchanging naughty videos, and sexting. Next, talk dirty with each other and allow yourselves to fantasize about your next sexy time together.

What turns men off?

Just as there are many ways to turn a guy on, many things turn them off, but at the top of this list are dishonesty, being narrow-minded, playing games, and not reciprocating things. In a nutshell, men dislike women who are self-centered and difficult to please.

How to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it?

When it comes to telling if a man loves you secretly, the truth lies in his body language. For instance, does he lean in when talking to you? Does he mirror you or turn his body to face you? And lastly, does he ask you a lot of personal questions? These are a few signs that he is attracted to you but hiding it. 

What are the signs a guy is really into you?

An easy way to tell if a guy is really into you is to pay attention to how he treats you in public or when other people are around.

For instance, if you're with a group of people, he'll always want to sit next to you. Also, when you say something, he will pay close attention and possibly ask follow-up questions to keep you talking. 

In Conclusion

It is important to prioritize sexiness as it gives your relationship a solid foundation. However, getting there isn't all about putting on shorts, high heels, or sexy lingerie. It's also about forming an emotional connection with your man, so don't forget to make this your end goal irrespective of what technique you choose to improve your sex life.

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