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"Am I In Love" Quiz (Really Works)

The beautiful feelings when a man and a woman begin to fall for each other. The light-headedness, the butterflies in the stomach, the goofy smile permanently stitched on your face. It’s enough to make you wonder: “Am I in love?”

It’s even more magical when he feels the same way.

These shared emotions can make you feel wonderfully illogical and spontaneous, as if nothing else matters but to chase more of these feelings with your partner. In these moments, it’s you and him against the world and nothing could feel any better.

Then, something happens to bring you down to earth.

Often, your partner will ask you to take a big ‘next step’ in the relationship that’ll have a significant impact on your life.

Or maybe you’ve been offered a huge opportunity outside of the relationship that could drive you further apart from him.

Either way, you suddenly feel a serious need to answer the question: “Am I in love?”

These goofy light-headed sensations can be the symptoms of short-term lust, which isn’t a feeling you should use to make long-decisions.

However, it can often be tough to diagnose whether you are actually in love with someone or not. After all, there are thousands of definitions to choose from within books, movies and 1980s power ballads.

That’s where our quiz comes in…

We’ve honed our knowledge of dating and relationships to create 10 multiple choice questions that will help you discover whether you are truly in love with this man.

Answer the questions as honestly as possible, then we’ll deliver our verdict on how you feel, as well as offering some advice as far as what the next steps should be in your relationship.

Is it love or just some short-term infatuation? You’re about to find out.


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