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Signs Of An Aquarius Man In Love (45 Vital Signs It Is Love)

Are you wondering how an Aquarius man shows affection?

Perhaps you’re dating one and wondering how he really feels about you? 

Maybe you’re frustrated at his inability to open up? 

If you are, read on. This guide reveals 45 undeniable signs that an Aquarius man is in love with you. 

But, before you dive into this guide, it’s important to read the following story carefully. 

For most of my twenties, I was in relationships with guys who would never display any affection towards me. 

It was as if I was nothing more than their ‘bit of fun’.

More often than not, they’d leave me once they got bored or someone better came along. 

This was so painful. It felt like I’d never be good enough for a serious relationship. 

However, everything changed when I learned about a little-known aspect of male psychology called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

This deeply primal instinct seems to be held by most men - and it has a huge effect on how they feel about the women in their life. 

Once I learned how to activate this, I noticed men became a lot more affectionate towards me. 

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The ‘Hero’s Instinct’ is incredibly easy to trigger once you know how. The crazy thing is: so few people seem to be aware of it. 

If you’re struggling to have deep fulfilling relationships with men, I urge you to read the story of how I turned my love life around.

Of course, it’s possible that your Aquarius partner is already thinking about declaring his undying love for you! 

Below, I reveal 45 signs that this is the case. 

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45 Signs Of An Aquarius Man In Love

The Aquarius man is athletic, friendly, passionate, and intelligent —a true definition of the all-rounded man. Nonetheless, he could easily come off as a nerd to the outside world because he is the kind to devote his time and attention to doing the things he loves.

If there's one thing you can count on from an Aquarius man, it's that he'll be open and honest with you. He doesn't keep secrets or play games, so you'll always know where you stand with him. However, the difficulty lies in persuading the Aquarius man to declare his love because he has trouble communicating his emotions. 

The Aquarius man is generally cheerful. As a result, he is typically surrounded by friends. This can make it confusing to tell if he is truly in love with you or if you're stuck in the friendzone. However, if you pay more attention to his actions and less to his words, it'll be easy to spot the signs of an Aquarius man in love.

In contrast to other Zodiac signs, an Aquarius man in love may never communicate his sentiments verbally. As a result, it's up to you to decode his actions' hints and underlying meanings. On that note, here are 45 signs of an Aquarius in love and if he’s a good match.

1. His best friends know you

The first clear sign is flirting. It's no secret that an Aquarius man is a flirt. His close friends know this so that they don't bother trying to remember the names of all the girls he meets. Therefore, the fact that his inner circle is aware of your existence before they meet them is a good indication that he loves you and can't stop talking about you.

Clearly, he tells them all about you. In other words, be on the lookout for their reactions the first time you meet. You can tell your lover has been gushing about you if they seem friendly and welcoming to you. However, if his closest friends don't know about your relationship with him, it means he doesn't love you.

2. He trusts you

One of the telltale signs an Aquarius man is madly in love with you is that he trusts you. An Aquarius guy is notoriously cautious when it comes to making commitments or trusting others. Trust indicators include how often your partner defers to you in making important decisions or influencing his thinking. It means that he knows that you are always looking out for his best interests and that you never intend to harm him.

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An Aquarius man's romantic life revolves around building and maintaining trust. You'd be better off just being another acquaintance or friend if you didn't trust each other. To him, your trust is the only thing that differentiates you from being any other woman on the block. So make sure you are honest about your past romantic interests.

3. He pays attention to what you're doing

It's not uncommon for Aquarius men to come off as cold and emotionless. However, a sensitive side of him comes out when he falls in love, even if they don't show it as much as other sensitive men.

When an Aquarius man is in love with you, he gives you his undivided attention. It's not only what you say; it's what you do, too. When he takes upon a hint, he becomes more alert and aware. His indifference is no longer evident; rather, he cares about the things that matter to you. For his part, he wants to know how you feel on the inside. 

4. He spends time with you

Symbolically, Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac, and the water carrier represents the earth's food source. As a result of their intelligence and inventiveness, persons born under the Aquarius zodiac sign can be condescending. A man under the Aquarius sign is interested in spending time with you because he believes you can enrich his life.

If you're dating an Aquarius man, he'll want to take you out to lunch or brunch. He doesn't mind popping into your office for a few minutes of one-on-one time with you. In other words, he's trying to savor every second he has with you.

5. He is willing to give up a lot for you

Aquarian men don't have a problem with change. When it comes to the lady he loves, what's a little struggle or discomfort? The extent to which Aquarian men are willing to go to win your affections is unfathomable.

Remember that these individuals lived a generally carefree existence, and therefore they don't give a hoot about the tiniest details. For example, if you don't enjoy smoking and he's a smoker, you'll notice a change in his smoking habits. For the sake of your relationship and your comfort, he is doing all of this.

6. When an Aquarian man is with you, he's vulnerable

Like snails, an Aquarius guy is slow. When confronted by someone they don't know or trust, they guard their hearts and wear masks to disguise their true identity. He'll only open up to you when he's in love.

An Aquarian man lets you see the real guy, and let me tell you; it's not always a pleasant picture. Because he knows you won't judge him, he's willing to share his vulnerabilities with you. If you react badly to his revelations, he may decide not to pursue the relationship further.

7. He is affectionate in private

Compared to other zodiac signs, Aquarius men are the most averse to displaying their feelings in public. This can feel contradictory, considering he is a flirt, but it's just the way he is wired.

So don't expect him to go around kissing you or giving you a shoulder rub in front of other people. Nevertheless, a strong indicator that he's in love with you is how he treats you during your alone time.

He's more comfortable showing and expressing his feelings when you are alone. For instance, during a movie date, he might reach out to grasp your hand or let his arms linger over your shoulder. This is just one of many clues that you have a special place in his heart.

8. He compliments you endlessly

he compliments you endlessly

While an Aquarius guy appreciates the beauty of a woman's body, they are more interested in her brains, intellect, and overall attractiveness. To tell you the truth, you can always tell when you get thoughtful comments from him. 

For example, if you're wearing a beautiful dress, he'll say he admires your great sense of style, not just your clothing. This indicates that he pays attention to your appearance and respects how you think about clothing.

9. He wants to hear from you

Love is said to distort one's vision and thinking. Those words were probably coined with an Aquarius man in mind. Whenever an Aquarius man falls in love with you, he sees every word you say as wonderful because he's fallen for your real sense of love and approach to life. So he'll hang on to every word you say.

In addition, an Aquarian man will constantly turn to you for advice when he is unsure about something. He respects your opinions, even if they conflict with his own. He recognizes that you have a brilliant mind and will always seek out your thoughts on important matters.

10. He surprises you frequently

Spontaneity is highly valued in the Aquarius man's personality, which aligns with their air element. When he's in love, he'll show you that he's the king of surprises in no time at all.

'Go big or go home’ is the mantra of this individual. He'll do whatever to make your day a little more special. What if he has a sudden urge for Chinese or pizza? He'll be at your door in an instant to have a pizza date with you. He gets just as excited as you do about these little surprises. Having said that, if you want to win his heart, you'll need to keep a few surprises in the bag. 

You can bet he enjoys being surprised and may even give a hint as to what he's looking for, like leaving open browsers of his favorite stores on your laptop.

11. His admiration for you is evident

Over-the-top gifts rarely ever pique the Aquarius man's interest. While he enjoys a good surprise from time to time, ultimately, it's the thought that matters. If he shows how much he cares about you, you can be sure that he's in love with you.

He expresses his gratitude for everything you do for him, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you. Your presence in his life clarifies how much he appreciates it. You know he's fun-loving, but that doesn't mean you can't take him seriously.

12. He asks you to join him for adventures

The Aquarius man is an outgoing person who doesn't like to sit still for lengthy periods. With or without a companion, his wandering eyes and thoughts will always compel him to seek out a new adventure. On the other hand, this individual is self-sufficient and doesn't mind going alone because it gives him the flexibility to do as he pleases.

One of the indicators an Aquarius man is in love with you is if he invites you to join him on his excursions. It's a sign that he appreciates spending time with you and thinks you're a great travel companion.

13. He stares at you

It is common for Aquarius men to avoid physical displays of affection (PDAs). They would rather show how they feel in private. Your loved ones prefer to express their feelings for you privately, out of public sight. Even yet, when an Aquarian man is madly in love with you, he's not above the occasional display of affection.

He may hold your hand as you cross the street, or he may brush your hair from your face. It's not the kind of PDA you're used to, but these small gestures demonstrate how much this man is in love with you.

14. He believes in your dreams

An Aquarian man isn’t the kind to let their creative juices go stagnant. As a result, they turn to others for inspiration even after their own creative spark has dimmed.

As a result, if an Aquarius man is madly in love, he will put up with your ridiculous notions. He will pay attention to what you have to say and help you in any way he can, whether that be emotional, physical, or financial. He will be your most ardent supporter as you strive to achieve your ambitions. There's no doubt that a man like this would make any woman happy.

15. He enquires about your long-term goals

When he no longer sees himself as a separate person and instead sees you as an extension of himself, an Aquarius man may be falling for you. This means that he is interested in your worries, and your objectives become his objectives as well.

The Aquarius man you're interested in will want to know about your life's ambitions. Not only will he learn, but he'll want to get engaged in helping you attain your goals. It's only natural that someone with this man's abilities and drive would want to take advantage of any chance to show them off.

16. He enjoys having intellectual conversations with you

he enjoys having intellectual conversations with you

Aquarius men are well-rounded individuals and deep thinkers with strong intellects. He takes great satisfaction in his ability to come up with original ideas and concepts, and his wide range of interests makes him an excellent discussion partner.

It's a very good sign if an Aquarius man is interested in having an intellectual conversation with you. He'll solicit your opinions and suggestions. This is because he respects your point of view and is ready to hear what you have to say.

Do a lot of study on the topics your Aquarius partner likes to talk about, so when he brings up a topic in the future, you'll have a lot to say.

17. He commits to you

Men born under the Aquarius sign do not have difficulty committing to the woman of their dreams, but they also do not rush the process. This Zodiac sign, you see, values his independence and is quite content with the idea of remaining single. Because of their kind disposition, it is unlikely that they will be lonely.

When it comes to relationships, an Aquarius guy is only willing to commit to someone he truly admires and trusts. You know you're in love when he says he'd want to be more than just friends with you, and you know you're in love when your relationship goes beyond friendship. He's made up his mind, and I'm confident that he's done so because these folks are quite well-informed.

18. He criticizes you

It is true that if you dance to the melody of your established goals, an Aquarius man in love will cheer enthusiastically for you. However, even when there's a good connection and love between you two, he won't love you blindly. This man will praise and condemn you at the same time.

You can't expect an Aquarius man to allow you to spend the rest of your life in mediocrity because he wants to see you blossom as the best version of yourself. He will tell you where you've gone wrong or when your mood swings are out of order and encourage you to improve them.

19. He takes you to meet his family

Like the Aquarius woman, the Aquarian guy is typically family-oriented as they form a part of the small circle of people he trusts. Therefore, if he is in love with you, he will want you to meet them because your acceptance and inclusion in his family are important to him. It's critical that you get to know the people who have formed him into the guy he is today.

Don't be surprised if they already know about you before meeting face-to-face because he's told them. This is a positive sign that he wants a serious relationship with you and sees you as a part of his future; he wants you to spend time with his family and have a great relationship with them.

20. He shows up without prior notice

A man born under the sign of Aquarius will never pass up the chance to impress you. He enjoys making people happy, and creating surprises is one of his favorite pastimes because of this.

To be in the presence of an Aquarius man is to always keep your foot on the gas pedal since you don't know what the next move will be. For instance, when you've had a very stressful day at work or are feeling under the weather, you can be rest assured that he'll use his free time to be with you.

21. When you come over, he is delighted

An Aquarius man in love wants to spend every waking moment with the woman he cares about. Because she fills him with joy and peace, he won't want her to leave his side.

For these men, boredom doesn't last long because they're self-sufficient. They're always up to something, whether it's with a group of pals or a series of activities. It's a sign he's in love with you if he's excited about the prospect of you staying the night and spending quality time together at his house.

22. He considers you when making decisions

You can tell whether an Aquarius man is in love with you by how often he talks about the future with you included. You'll need to pay attention and be watchful to recognize this indicator because it can appear in a fleeting but significant moment.

Even if you ask him how he plans to spend his vacation, he may not be forthcoming and indicate he will spend it with you. He may gradually introduce the subject by saying that he'll plan to spend the weekend in your city or town and that he wouldn't mind running into you if you're nearby. Two things are going on here. He needs to know whether or not you are interested in him since you are part of his plan.

23. He can’t stop talking around you

An Aquarius who is madly in love with you will want to talk nonstop, just like other guys do. You'll have the impression that he's utterly enamored with you. At any given time, he is working on some kind of flirty message to send to you. In order to hear your voice, he may even call you for no apparent reason.

When this zodiac sign has feelings for someone, even if they don't express them out loud, you'll be able to tell by the increase in your communications frequency.

24. He compromises to please you

he compromises to please you

The Aquarius man is a free spirit. He has a distinct perspective on the world and prefers to walk in his truth rather than society's reality. However, they despise being confined and dislike being forced to do things they are unwilling to do that they have a strong desire for independence.

When an Aquarius man falls for you, he'll be willing to make concessions. Because he wants to be more than just your friend, he becomes less self-centered and more selfless.

25. He flirts with you

Flirting with an Aquarius man is virtually impossible to stop. There is no better sign for someone who enjoys flirting than an Aquarius.

One of the first signals that an Aquarius likes you is when he flirts with you. As a result, if you're smitten with him, you'll need to learn how to flirt back as it'll make him love you more.

26. He refers to you as his best friend

It is not uncommon for an Aquarius guy to begin a relationship with a woman as a friend. In the realm of platonic partnerships, these men rule the roost. An Aquarius wants to be your buddy before he takes you into his amorous realm. 

As a friend, he doesn't feel the need to impress you and allows you to express yourself freely. He uses this time to get to know you and see if you're a good match for him.

His best friend status is a sign that he enjoys your company and thinks the two of you are compatible. He uses the term "best buddy" to convey to you how important you are to him.

27. He's excited about the prospect of going on an adventure with you

Aladdin comes to mind when I think of the Aquarius man, and I'm beginning to believe that he was an Aquarius himself as these men like to live to the beat of their own drum. The excitement of the unknown appeals to the Aquarius man's sense of adventure.

Regardless of where his next journey takes him, if this man likes you, he'll want to include you in his universe. His creativity and wildest fantasies will demand that you accompany him every step of the way. Your relationship will deepen as a result of sharing these experiences with him. If you care about him, he'll remember you fondly whenever he reflects on those times.

28. He begins to listen intently

Does it ever feel like your Aquarius man is the only one who truly listens and understands you without having to say too much? If the answer is yes, then it's time to start jumping in victory because it's a sign that your Aquarius man is in love with you.

When he's in love, an Aquarius man's listening skills are at their peak. He becomes an active listener, asking follow-up questions to elicit more detail and more discussion. Talking to a man like him who is not feigning his comprehension and cares about what you have to say is comfortable.

29. He wants to get to know you and your loved ones

It is common knowledge among women that a man's refusal to make physical contact is a sign that he is not interested in them. However, an Aquarius man will force you to reconsider your position.

Despite his aversion to physical intimacy, this man demonstrates his devotion to you by inviting you to meet his inner circle that includes his friends and family members. Your significant relationships are a part of your history, and he'll want to learn more about them.

30. He is affectionate

If you're in love with an Aquarius man, you'll never lack attention. When you're alone, he'll smother you in kisses, and he's attentive to your emotions. Most significantly, his feelings are not based on sex but emotional connection.

Being affectionate to you is a sign that he values emotional connection. Be on the lookout for signals like his readiness to assist you in making your day a little brighter, like when he gives you a foot rub or puts you to bed with a warm water bottle because of your period cramps. These are the kinds of gestures that make him an unforgettable guy.

31. He stops flirting with other girls

Women are always charmed by the Aquarius man's warmth and charisma. His mannerisms are impeccable, even when he expresses himself in ways that most men aren't allowed to. The ease with which he seduces women exemplifies his easy charm. Flirting is a pastime for him, and he revels in the astonishment of women.

If an Aquarius man believes that you are the right person for him, he stops flirting with other women. He'll put aside all other casual relationships and focus solely on you.

32. He remembers everything about you

he remembers everything about you

Aquarius men will remember everything, from birthdays to their parents' anniversaries. He cherishes every moment he spends with the girl he adores and does not want to forget any of them.

In addition to the memorable and romantic dates, he recalls the things you tell him about your life, as well. You see, remembering what you say is an important part of being a good listener to this man, and if you know anything about Aquarius men, you'll know that they're constantly thinking about something. Yet, he nevertheless manages to create room for your recollections.

33. He's concerned about your well-being and wants you to be happy

One of the biggest signs of an Aquarius man in love is making his girlfriend his top priority. If an Aquarius guy has a romantic interest in you, he will put his heart and soul into whatever you have to say and do.

He'll call and text often to stay updated on your affairs. Also, don't be surprised if he skips work to remain home with you if you're sick. To him, the most important thing is that you get the best care possible, and he will do everything it takes to make sure you do.

34. He gets inquisitive

A wise man once said, asking the appropriate questions can reveal a lot about a person. This is exactly what Aquarius man does, so whoever said that must have been talking to him.

When you first start dating an Aquarius, he's going to ask you a million and one questions about you. He's an inquisitive individual who's constantly generating new concepts in his mind. So that he can remain in your good graces, he seeks to learn everything there is to know about you.

35. He's eager to share his knowledge with you

Men born under the sign of Aquarius enjoy learning new things and, when they find something that works for them, they tend to stick with it. They're the kind of folks who do what they say they're going to do.

It is natural for an Aquarius man to want to share his knowledge with you if he likes you. Be ready to take note of all the things that captivate him since he wants you to be his friend in every manner. His patience and willingness to go at your own pace make him an ideal teacher.

36. He never cancels plans

Uranus rules Aquarius, and as a result, their goals are ever-evolving. They appear and then disappear in a matter of seconds. It's nothing personal, and his buddies know that he could cancel plans at any time.

However, when an Aquarius man is in love, he will always show up on time and stick to plans. This is one of the biggest signs you should watch out for to know his true feelings towards you. 

37. He gets serious about his finances

First and foremost, the Aquarius man is not a wild spender. However, when he's in a relationship, he gets even more meticulous about keeping track of his finances.

From the price of a roll of toilet paper to the cost of a dinner date, he will want to know everything about his income and expenses. It may annoy you at first, but he's just doing what he can to make sure you have a bright financial future together.

Being a reliable fixed sign, the Aquarius man likes to know that he can care for his woman, so he will put in measures to ensure that you have a financially secured future.

38. He flirts with you with a sense of wit

The charm and wit of an Aquarius man go hand in hand. He knows he's humorous, and he'll exploit it as an attempt to win you over. He may use sexual innuendos to make you laugh and elicit strong feelings in you. However, this could go wrong for him if you're Capricon because they rest on the opposite side of the Zodiac wheel.

At his core, the Aquarius guy is a naive youngster when it comes to women. He'll make fun of you with jokes and pranks from time to time. This means that if he continuously says crazy things to you, it is clear that he is in love with you. 

39. He is generous with his time

Aquarius men are always on the go and never run out of things to do. A man born under the sign of Aquarius will happily give up his calendar to the woman he loves, especially if he thinks she is the right person for him.

Now, instead of focusing on what he wants, he's more interested in what the two of you can accomplish together. To begin with, you can always count on his being there for you if you need him to be.

40. He reveals his thoughts and secrets to you

he reveals his thoughts and secrets to you

An Aquarius man acts aloof sometimes, giving people the impression that he doesn't have a care in the world. But on the contrary, the Aquarius man tends to hold on to a lot of his feelings, leading to a lack of emotional expression. While he may talk openly about his ideas and opinions with his friends, this man reserves the more emotional chats for those he considers the closest to him.

Therefore, a sure sign that he likes you is when he begins to open up to you about his private life. Best you guard his secrets diligently because once you've ever lost an Aquarius' trust, you might never get it back.

41. He asks you to watch him perform

When it comes to being creative and imaginative, Aquarius men tend to be art-lovers. Consequently, when he's in love with you, he will want to take you to see him in action. He wants you to be interested in the same things he is.

Because he cares about your opinion, he will want you to see him in his element and share your thoughts afterward so make sure that you strive to be his biggest cheerleader because he would do the same for you.

42. He's quite curious about you

His affection for you makes you feel like an emotional encyclopedia to him. Anything and everything you can tell him will be of interest to him, from the things you like to the things you despise and the anxieties you have. Be prepared to answer a slew of inquiries from this man—all of your favorite things, from your favorite books to your favorite songs to your favorite scents.

In addition to asking you questions, he will pay attention to the intangibles, such as your laughter, smile, and expressions. You intrigue him, and he wants to learn everything there is to know about you.

43. Acknowledges his feelings and expresses them verbally

You might think it's impossible, but it can happen. Aquarius men can't help themselves when they're in love, and they'll be honest with you about it.

We may never find out how he will go about admitting to his feelings of love for you because he is a man of many surprises. On the one hand, he might decide to keep it private and intimate, but on the other hand, it might be him declaring I love you with a banner and balloons tied to a helicopter.

44. He hints at surprises

Many people have inquired, "do Aquarius guys like being chased?" Well, certainly, they do. The Aquarius man likes to feel desired. So one of the signs that he loves you is when he begins to drop subtle hints on ways to surprise him.

You see, even though the Aquarius man likes flirting, he has a small social circle and even fewer people he trusts. Therefore, planning a surprise for him would make him know that you want him in your life as much as he wants you in his. So pay attention to hints and surprise your man.

45. He is keen on building a legacy with you

People born under the sign of Aquarius are forward-thinking, independent, intelligent, and full of optimism. As a result, most of them are keen on making the world a better place and building a legacy. 

For instance, if you pay attention to the lives of famous Aquarius men like Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Chris Rock, all have one thing in common - they are known to be eccentrics and geniuses in their field, which they use for humanitarianism.

Therefore, when an Aquarian guy loves you, he will involve you in building his legacy. He will want to get your opinion on things he can do to better the world around him and encourage you to be actively involved in the project.


How does an Aquarius man fall in love?

To an Aquarius man, the superficial is repulsive, and they long for a deeper, more meaningful connection with those they meet. As a result, they tend to choose others who share their progressive views. 

This is why most people born under this air sign tend to fall in love with others who share their interests, causing them to develop feelings for people within their social circles and close friends.

How do you make an Aquarius man miss you?

If you're continually chatting to an Aquarius man or always around him, he won't have time to genuinely miss you. Give him a break so he can begin to seek your affection again. 

Other effective ways to make Aquarian men miss you are through their sense of smell and recollections of the past. Make sure to wear a nostalgic smell when next you spend your time together and focus on making wonderful memories. This way, he won't be able to get you out of his head with these.

How do Aquarius show affection?

Since Aquarius is an air sign, it's no surprise that they are loyal lovers who can be very passionate. 

When in love, the Aquarius act will be geared towards serving you. He shows affection by making you a priority, yearning to connect with you emotionally, surprising you, supporting your ambitions, and soliciting your input on important issues that concern him.

Where do Aquarius like to be kissed?

For Aquarians, stroking or kissing their wrists might be stimulating because of their delicate wrists. It's also a good idea to grab them by the wrist and direct their hand to an area of your body that you'd like touched. 

Remember that an Aquarius strongly cares about making their partner happy in the bedroom, so while figuring out places to kiss him, ensure that you convey how much it excites you to turn him on. This way, he'll be motivated to help you discover more sensual parts of his body. 

What is an Aquarius love language?

It doesn't matter if it's a romantic relationship with your platonic relationships with his buddies, the Aquarius man's love language is acts of service. 

People born under this air sign believe in both rand and small gestures. So while he will fly a plane over the sky to wish you a happy birthday, you can also count on him to give you foot rubs when your legs are aching from standing in heels all day, or make a cup of coffee for you because you were working late on a school appointment.

In Conclusion

When in love, Aquarius man enjoys putting on a show, despite being a reserved person who treasures his individuality and freedom. There is no denying that the Aquarius guy's personality traits make him one of the best air signs a woman can hope to date.

I hope you appreciated this list of signs an Aquarius man is in love with you. If yes, please let us know your thoughts in the comments sections, and don't forget to share with your friends and family.

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