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Dating A Highly Intelligent Man (9 Things To Expect)

We’re all attracted to different types of people. Some of us are drawn to highly intelligent men or intelligent people in general. In terms of dating, smart people are never usually seen as the Hollywood stereotype of a leading man, but many women and men seek out a clever person for a romantic connection.

Here, we look at what it’s like to date a person who has a high IQ and an intelligence that is off the chart. This type of person won’t be for all people, but for some men or women, they are hard to resist. 

What It's Like Dating An Intelligent Man

Not all these characteristics will be necessarily seen if you are in a relationship with a person with a lot of intelligence. Just one or two can be commonly experienced if you are dating a clever person.

1. Thirst For Knowledge

One thing usually links those who are insanely smart, and that is an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. You can therefore expect men or women with high levels of intelligence to ask questions constantly so that they get a fuller understanding of anything and everything. 

Many people may find this questioning quite intense, but it is how so many clever people deepen their knowledge of a subject. 

2. Articulate Conversation

articulate conversation

You can expect many articulate conversations with people who are very clever. If you are dating such a person, you, therefore, expect many high-level chats that see you talk about subjects that you may need help fully understanding yourself. 

Do not feel bad for asking questions until you come to a fuller comprehension of a topic therefore - your love interest won’t mind that you are striving for personal growth either. 

3. Ability To Learn Quickly

What often sets a clever person apart from someone with a more basic IQ is that they have the ability to learn quickly. Your love interest will therefore pick up a lot of understanding almost immediately. They will often only ever have to read things once or hear it said one time to apply that knowledge to their prior understanding of a subject. 

This can be great news for men and women dating a smart person as it often means little need to repeat themselves on any subject. 

4. Emotional Intelligence

Having high emotional intelligence goes one of two ways when it comes to men and women with a high IQ. They either have it in spades or they have very little sensitivity to others’ feelings at all. Depending on which type you are dating, can have a huge implication on your overall happiness. 

Dating someone who is not sensitive to your feelings can be tiring and exhausting as well as very frustrating. You will often have to say clearly how you are feeling, when really you may want your partner to know it instinctively. 

5. Lack Of Time Awareness

Again, this won’t be the case for every clever person out there, but often a smart guy will lack awareness of time. This can be quite frustrating to some who are eating them, so be prepared for it and try to accept if you can. If you can’t, you will need to find a way to work around it - either by working with your partner or by coming up with ways to help manage it on your own terms. 

It can also help to understand that the idea of time is sometimes at odds with a clever guy’s want to learn which is why they can get so carried away to the point that they forget to look at a clock. They won’t have an idea of whether they have been reading a book or newspaper for five minutes of five hours. 

6. Career Driven

career driven

Often, when a person has a smart personality, they will consequently be career-driven. This can be for many reasons. Practically speaking, directing their cleverness into a job is a fruitful exercise as being smart can often help you beat the competition when it comes to promotions or job opportunities. 

However, if this is the case with a person you are seeing, it can be hard to deal with as it often means you will not be at the top of your partner’s priorities. At best this is frustrating, at worse it is hurtful. Talk to them about it if it is really affecting your mental health. 

7. Respect Of Others

A smart guy will often have a natural respect for others. This is thanks to a well-read education and depth of knowledge that allows them to see things from many different points of view. They will therefore have an understanding that there are many different ways of doing things in many different cultures.

As a result, they will naturally respect others and, while they may not do things the same way, can understand why others act in certain ways. Women or men who are seeing a very clever guy can expect to have their opinions valued as a consequence. 

8. Impractical

Sometimes, intelligence comes at the price of being practical. It is therefore very common to see people who are smart to be very unhandy around the home, or with very little common sense. This is often down to their working in slightly different ways to a person with an average IQ or simply because their thoughts are consumed elsewhere with something far more cerebral than fixing something like a dripping tap, for instance. 

If you are seeing a person who is impractical, it can be frustrating if you are the person always in charge of the routine things in life, but it is perhaps one of those things that you simply just have to accept as well. 

9. Thoughtful


It is often seen in men and women with a lot of intelligence that they are very thoughtful people. This can be down to knowing so much about the person that they are seeing, due to having high emotional intelligence or simply a good memory that allows them to think of their other half quickly and easily. 

They will therefore remember what is a good way to react or what is a good way to deal with a conversation due to being so thoughtful. 


What attracts an intelligent man?

What attracts an intelligent man will depend on what that intelligent guy is passionate about in his life. Some will be attracted to a woman with ambition, others will be solely attracted to looks. Others may simply need a woman who can make them laugh. 

How can you tell if a man is intelligent?

You can tell if a man is intelligent in several ways. Firstly, they are most likely to be very articulate people. Secondly, they will have a deep knowledge of many different things. Thirdly, they will seem to want to spend a lot of time furthering their knowledge of anything they are unsure of. 

What do intelligent guys like in a girl?

Intelligent guys like to see many different things in a girl that they want to date. It will entirely depend on what that guy values in a person, which can vary regardless of the level of intelligence. Some will need to see a similar IQ, others will simply need to see zest for life. 

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What are the signs of high intelligence?

A high IQ is often displayed in a person by their unbridled knowledge of anything and everything. Additionally, every so often, a person of high intelligence finds it that little bit more difficult to be socially at ease with others, though this is not always the case. 

What successful man wants in a woman?

There are many different things that a successful man would want in a woman. It depends on the individual man in question. Even successful men have different wants and needs. For some, it will be a partner with similar success, to others it will be needing a partner who is very loving. 

What It's Like Dating An Intelligent Man - Summary

Being in a relationship with a guy with a high IQ can be intimidating at times. However, just because they are clever, it does not mean they are without their flaws. There are many advantages to seeing a clever guy, but there are disadvantages too. 

Remember, therefore, to make the most of the good parts of their character and to talk through the issues that may arise from their flaws. You will hopefully have a much happier relationship for it. 

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