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How To Make An Aquarius Man Miss You (11 Powerful Tips)

Are you trying to make an Aquarius man miss you?

Whether you're trying to win your ex back, or win back the attention of the Aquarius who stopped texting you, this guide can help you.

It explains the key personality traits of an Aquarius, and how you can use these to make them miss you.

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In the guide below, you'll learn more about how the personality of a male Aquarius tends to work - and how to make them miss you.

Characteristics Of An Aquarius Man

Of course, the characteristics of a person are unique to them, and not every characteristic we’re about to share has to apply to the Aquarius man that you’re interested in. However, most of the time, people actually do have very similar personality traits to their zodiac signs. 

Firstly, if you don’t know, Aquarius is anyone born between January 20th and February 18th. Aquarius is known as the water bearer but is an air sign. Overall, Aquarians are great communicators, they seek justice, they’re intellectual and they’re unique.

11 Ways To Make An Aquarius Man Obsessed With You

One of the most important things you need to know when it comes to learning how to make an Aquarius man miss you is that they are very independent people and they require a lot of personal spice. They also take a while to really open up to loved ones and will only enter into a relationship they feel is perfect for them.

1. Dial down the intensity

Aquarius men do not like intensity, at all, so if you’re being intense while you’re away from your beau, stop it immediately. Whether you’re trying to make this guy open up or you’re trying to ask him what the two of you are, dial down the intensity and take a step back.

An Aquarius guy will back away from intensity because they are concerned about opening up too early and being tied down to the wrong person. Aquarians take a long time to open up and they need to be able to fully trust the person they’re opening up to, so by being intense, it’s only going to push them away further. 

2. Create space

The best way to make someone miss you is by removing yourself from their side temporarily and creating space. Aquarians definitely aren’t the kind of people that need to constantly be by someone's side, instead, they actually really enjoy time alone. So, if you’re trying to get him to miss you and fall in love with you, you need to make sure you’re not smothering him by taking a step back and creating space between the two of you every so often. 

3. Be as independent as the day you first met

Be as independent as the day you first met

Aquarians typically go for a partner that can stand on their own two feet -  they need an independent woman. Normally when we get into relationships we tend to lose some of our independence as we get consumed by thoughts of someone else for a while. However, this simply isn’t possible in a relationship with this kind of guy - if you lose your independence, they will lose interest. 

So, to make sure you get an Aquarius man to miss you, you need to do your own things. He was probably attracted to your independence when you first met each other, so you need to remind him of the fact you still have this independence. Take him apart from him to go and live your best life, see your friends and concentrate on the things that matter to you.

4. Don’t tell him everything

All men, and Aquarius men, in particular, feel attracted to mystery. If you tell a guy about every single detail of your life and he feels like there’s nothing else left to learn, his interest in you will very quickly disappear and he won’t miss you when you’re around, because he’ll know about everything to do with you. Instead, you need to continue being mysterious so he feels like there’s always something he doesn’t know about you. 

5. Don’t double text

Although double texting is never a good idea, if you’re trying to make an Aquarius man miss you, you need to make sure you never double text. As mentioned above, Aquarius’ like to be independent and have unpressurized relationships, so if you double text one of them, rather than making them miss you and want to be with you, it’ll make them want to run in the opposite direction.

6. Leave behind items that will remind him of you

Due to the fact they love being independent and they don’t want to feel pressured in any way in a relationship, you need to make an Aquarius guy think about you, without you having to put in any work. 

One of the best ways to make him think about you without having to actually do something or say something is by leaving behind some of your items at his place. For example, if you leave behind a scarf, he’ll see it and think of you, which then makes him realize that he likes you because he’s thought of it out of the blue, without you pressuring him too.

7. Send him your song

If the two of you have a particular song that you listen to together or a song reminds you of your beau, a really sweet way to make him miss you is by just sending him the link to the song. You don’t have to say anything intense, in fact, the less intense the better. You could just say that you thought of him when you heard this song or that it reminds you of a memory the two of you share. When he listens to the song, he’s immediately going to miss you.

8. Appeal to his intellect

Aquarius is one of the most intellectual zodiac signs, and therefore one of the best ways to make him miss you and make him feel attracted to you is by appealing to his intellect. Instead of sending him messages about how much you miss him, send him an interesting fact you found out or a link to an academic article. Not only will doing this make him appreciate you, but he’ll also wish you were sitting right next to him having this intellectual discussion in person.

9. Tease him sexually

Just like pretty much all men, Aquarius men are intrigued by sex, and therefore one of the most obvious things that will make him miss you will be if you tease him sexually. You can try everything from dirty talking to him to sending him a sultry photo of yourself, depending on the stage of the relationship you’re in and the trust shared.

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10. Let him make plans

Aquarius appreciates it when you’re independent and you have your own life, as mentioned above, so whatever you do, don’t go running around after him trying to make plans with him. Instead, let him make the effort to make plans with you. As soon as you stop trying to meet up with him, you’ll realize that he’ll be all over you trying to plan the next meet up.

11. Make him chase you

Make him chase you

Aquarius men love the chase, so you simply need to make him feel like he is always chasing you. This means that you shouldn’t always be available, you shouldn’t reply to his texts straight away, you shouldn’t be the first to text and you should always remain slightly mysterious and aloof. 


How do you know when an Aquarius man is in love with you?

An Aquarius man when in love is completely different to an Aquarius man normally because he will open up to you and show his vulnerabilities to you. Due to the fact that Aquarians are incredibly independent, they don’t allow themselves to open up to anyone unless they have a deep connection with them. So, an Aquarius man in love really opens up to you.

How do you make an Aquarius man regret losing you?

They don’t want any drama and playing games really aren’t their thing, so don’t try to go out of your way to make him miss you and regret losing you. If you really want an Aquarius man to miss you and want you back, you just need to be independent, give him space, and live your best life. By doing this, he’ll see how amazing and strong you are, making him miss you being in his life.

What does it mean when an Aquarius man says he misses you?

As clear communicators, when he says that he misses you, you should believe him. Aquarius men have no time for playing games or messing people around, so when he tells you that he misses you, he does. It means something else - he likes you because he is being vulnerable to you.

How do you get an Aquarius man to chase you again?

By using the 11 tips above you will be able to make an Aquarius man miss you and want to chase after you. More specifically, the eleventh tip details how you can make an Aquarius guy chase you - they love to chase, so make sure you utilize this tip!

How do you know if an Aquarius man is no longer interested?

As mentioned above, Aquarians are really clear communicators, and therefore if an Aquarius man isn’t interested in you anymore, he will most likely tell you that the relationship between the two of you has to come to an end. Although this obviously hurts, it’s honest and doesn’t have you reading in between the lines.


This article has hopefully made you aware of some of the things you can try to make an Aquarius man miss you. Overall, due to the fact Aquarians are fiercely independent, you just need to give an Aquarius guy space to breathe and some time to do his own thing. When you do this, he’ll really appreciate it and inevitably actually start to miss you.

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