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What Does It Feel Like To Be In Love?

Do you think you might be in love but you aren’t really sure? Are you worried that you might be misusing the phrase?

It’s pretty common to be confused about this situation. When I first got into a relationship, I was always wondering “What does it feel like to be in love?”. I understand exactly how you might be feeling, which is why I put this topic together.

It’s important to know what your feelings mean and how to deal with them appropriately.

Being in Love Is Different Than Loving Someone

You are probably familiar with the feeling of loving someone or something. For most people, this means caring about something or someone. It means you like them pretty intensely. There are plenty of other ways to describe loving someone or something.

Being in love and loving someone are two different feelings. They are often confused because the premise is the same. You might even use them interchangeably because the difference may be tricky to grasp.

Usually, if you are in love with someone, you will love them too. In most cases, loving someone comes first and is by itself until you truly fall in love with someone.

Once you have been in love and loved someone too, it will be clearer to see the distinction between the two. It will make a lot more sense to you and your boyfriend after you have been in both places.

Try to separate being in love from loving someone so that you can hopefully use the terms correctly and understand them. After you fall in love, these differences will be more visible to you and you will know that you’re in love!

You Will Think Your Boyfriend Is Special

You Will Think Your Boyfriend Is Special

If you are feeling like your boyfriend is really unique and unlike anyone you’ve ever met before. This may be the case already before you fall in love. You probably like him and think that he’s a special person.

Now, I’m not saying that he can’t be special before you fall in love. It’s normal to believe that your boyfriend is someone special. This is even more likely if you love each other.

When you fall in love, you will feel it even more strongly. You will constantly be surprised at just how special your boyfriend is. You will think he’s amazing and unique in every way.

Falling in love will also increase the romance and the flirting in your relationship because you will notice how great your boyfriend is.

Some girls even begin to overlook some of their boyfriend’s flaws once they fall in love. They are too focused on the positive things that their boyfriend has to offer to pay attention to anything that might be wrong.

Remember that you can think he’s an amazing guy right now, but you will notice it, even more, when you actually fall in love with him!

Your Feelings Will Be Unique

You have probably been in a relationship where you have loved someone. This is a common feeling. If you haven’t been in a romantic relationship, think about how you love a family member, a pet, or a best friend.

You wouldn’t necessarily say that you are in love with your cat and actually mean it. You might mean it to an extent, but it wouldn’t be the same as being in love with a boyfriend romantically. There’s a major difference.

The feelings that you will have for your boyfriend are unique in that they will be reserved for him alone. They won’t be for everyone else, like your family and friends. The feelings are only present in a romantic relationship and you won’t feel the same way about anyone else.

To see the difference, you should compare how you feel about a friend or family member to how you feel about your boyfriend. Now, you probably love everyone a little bit differently, but the overall meaning of loving someone should be the same.

You might notice a major difference if you are in love with your boyfriend. This is especially noticeable because you aren’t in love with your family in the same exact way.

You Will Feel More Confident

When you’re in a steady relationship, you will have less to worry about. Sure, you still have everyday life stuff going on, but you can trust that your relationship is secure. Breakups can still happen, but they are less likely in a committed relationship.

This doesn’t mean that you can let your guard down completely once you fall in love. It just means that you can relax a little bit and feel confident in this relationship the two of you have created.

If your boyfriend is in love with you too, you will probably get a boost of confidence knowing that somebody is that attracted to you. It can be satisfying and uplifting to know that someone feels so strongly about you.

You Will Feel More Attracted to Him

If you’re dating someone, it’s probably because you’re attracted to him in one way or another. Don’t let this confuse you and make you think that you’re in love when you may not be, but you will feel a stronger attraction to your boyfriend when you do fall in love.

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You will feel like he is such a great person, as mentioned before. This, along with the rest of your feelings, will help you to know that you’re in love with him.

You should just feel like you want to be with him more and feel a stronger pull to be in a relationship with him. Your feelings for him will intensify when you fall in love as a result of this attraction.

If you were losing your attraction to your boyfriend, falling in love won’t magically fix everything. It can definitely help you to feel closer to him and more interested in him though!

You Will Feel More Committed to Him

You Will Feel More Committed to Him

Since falling in love is such a special feeling, it’s not going to happen in every single relationship. It will happen in some, of course. It’s not as common as loving someone or wanting to be with someone.

Once you fall in love, you will likely feel a stronger connection to your boyfriend. You will feel more committed to him and the relationship too. This is especially helpful if you were worried about your relationship’s stability.

Even if you were already feeling committed, that feeling should be amplified. You will probably want to be with him even more. This might sound a little annoying, but it’s normal.

This can also mean that you’re even more sure of your future together. You might become more relaxed when you fall in love because you’re less worried about breaking up with him. You can truly focus on the relationship and being in love with your boyfriend!

If you think about your previous relationships, you will probably notice that you weren’t in love with many, if any, of your past boyfriends. This goes to show how unique the feeling of falling in love really is. This can show you who you should commit to!

You Will Focus on the Positives

Every relationship and friendship has its ups and downs. You and your boyfriend probably face some negatives here and there—no matter how happy you may be with each other!

Once you fall in love, you may notice that you have less of a focus on the negatives and are more drawn to the positives. In reality, you probably do want to pay more attention to the happier, brighter things in your relationship.

This will help you when you are working through your problems too. You will be aware of the negatives and need to resolve them. The positives will keep you inspired and keep the love alive too.

You will probably realize that your relationship is really great. You will likely look at your boyfriend in a more positive light as well. While this will benefit your relationship, it will lift you up as a person as well.

People who are in love often seem much happier and easygoing. This can definitely be the case once you start paying more attention to the good things about your relationship instead of the bad things.

This doesn’t mean you won’t see a single bad thing about your relationship. They will just be less noticeable because of the happier feelings you’re experiencing.

You Will Be More Empathetic

If you’re in love, you will probably feel some of the same emotions that your boyfriend is experiencing. If he’s upset, you might feel upset. If he’s in pain, you might feel his pain.

This is called empathy. It means that you can understand the pain of what other people are going through. Falling in love can make this feeling even stronger in relationships. You will be more aware of your boyfriend’s emotions and any challenges that he’s experiencing.

When you’re empathetic, you may have to help your boyfriend out. This might mean that you’re loving and supporting him along the way.

Being in love with your boyfriend can increase your motivation to be empathetic toward him. It helps you to know what he’s feeling since you have such strong feelings toward him anyway.

As with most of these signs of being in love, you can definitely be empathetic before you fall in love. It just skyrockets once you actually do fall in love.

You Will Think About Him More

When you fall in love with your boyfriend, you might feel like he’s all that’s on your mind. You might not be able to get anything else done and you might just be focusing on him.

Along with this, you will probably think about your relationship a lot more too. You will think about how good it is and how much it might have improved since you fell in love with your boyfriend.

When you’re in love, you will likely be happier. These happy feelings about your relationship can lead to more thoughts about your happiness. When you’re in a good mood, you will likely continue to dwell on it.

You and your boyfriend probably still think about each other as it is, even if you aren’t to the point of being in love yet. That’s totally normal and it’s nothing to be concerned about.

If you feel like you are obsessing over your boyfriend, you might just be in love with him. Remember that you can still be crazy about your boyfriend even if you aren’t in love with him. Look for more intense and frequent feelings though to be sure!

You Might Feel More Possessive

You Might Feel More Possessive

Once you fall in love with your boyfriend and notice your relationship becoming more serious, you might also become possessive of your boyfriend. This is a result of your strong emotions for him.

There is often a negative connotation surrounding possessiveness. This can be the case, but it’s not always a bad thing to be possessive. In this case, it should mean that you just want to be around your boyfriend and that you just want him for yourself.

When you do fall in love with someone, the relationship becomes more serious. It’s natural to make a serious relationship more about you and your boyfriend. When you’re possessive of him, you’re attempting to keep other people out of the relationship.

This possession is totally okay as long as you don’t become controlling of your boyfriend. It’s normal to want him for yourself, but you shouldn’t dictate where he goes or what he does. He’s still his own person no matter how in love you might be!

You Will Get Butterflies

You will still get butterflies when you just love someone. They will change a bit when you fall in love with someone though. You should be able to find the difference between butterflies when you love someone and butterflies when you’re in love.

“Butterflies” is a term used to describe a fluttery or excited feeling you might get in your chest or stomach. It’s often triggered by loving someone, having a crush on someone, or being in love with someone.

You might have gotten butterflies while flirting with your boyfriend. You get happy and excited. Your heart begins to race. This is a common feeling that girls and guys experience.

Once you fall in love, you might feel these butterflies more often. Every little thing that your boyfriend does might provoke those feelings.

Additionally, once you fall in love, the butterflies will likely get stronger. It’s hard to describe what this feels like if you aren’t familiar with butterflies. Just be on the lookout for a more intense feeling when you and your boyfriend are being sweet.

This may be more gradual too, which makes it hard to notice. As you’re falling in love, you might notice more butterflies over time.

You Will Depend on Him

As you fall in love with your boyfriend, you may find yourself relying on him more. This reliance can be for a number of different reasons.

Once you fall in love with your boyfriend, you are going to experience a lot of feelings for him. One of these is that you will feel like you can trust him more. With this, you will probably feel like you can give him some of your concerns.

He will be there to listen to you when you need him to. He should be willing to support you through tough times and guide you as needed.

Your boyfriend might support you in other ways as your relationship progresses and the two of you fall in love with each other. This is a big step in a relationship and can mean that you are more serious. You may depend on your boyfriend to provide for you.

Once you’re in love, you will feel more confident depending on him. You won’t be too concerned about him leaving or that the relationship isn’t substantial.

You can still depend on your boyfriend if you’re not to the point of being in love with him yet. You will just be more comfortable after this next step.

You Will Think About the Future

When you’re in a serious relationship, it’s likely that you will fall in love. This isn’t always the case, but it does happen. In serious relationships, you will probably be focusing on the future. When you fall in love, those future-focused feelings will grow.

You will probably become even more involved with your boyfriend and look forward to the future even more than before. This process of falling in love is a special one and usually causes positive changes in the relationship.

Keep in mind that you can still think about the future if you love someone or even just like someone. This is a normal part of romantic feelings and how they work. If you truly enjoy someone, you want to be with them for a while.

Still, it’s important to notice that falling in love can increase these feelings significantly. You might also feel more sure about those feelings and your future together.

Maybe you were thinking about what could be next with your boyfriend but you weren’t 100% certain that those things were a possibility. Once you fall in love, those hopes and dreams can become more realistic. This is a great thing for your relationship and will make you both happy!

What If You Are Questioning It?

If you’re questioning whether you’re in love, you may not be there yet. You might think you are. This is a normal feeling to have, even if you actually aren’t in love.

In my opinion, if you have to question it, you probably aren’t in love. From the times that I’ve thought I was in love, I was pretty sure of it. I wasn’t totally and completely sure that I was in love though. This led to some doubts.

Now that I am actually in love, I know that those past times weren’t actually times when I was in love. I can now compare being in love with what I thought was love a long time ago.

If you are questioning whether you’re in love, you are probably too focused on being in love. Though it’s good to be aware of your feelings, you might be trying too hard to be in love. This isn’t a positive thing in a relationship.

Try to relax and stop questioning it so much. I know you’re excited to be in love, but rushing it won’t help. When you’re actually in love, you’ll know it for sure. You don’t have to ask yourself over and over again!

You Will Know When You’re in Love

There are several hints that you might be in love, but it really is pretty simple. When you truly fall in love, you will know.

Being in love has a very distinct feeling. It can be hard to describe, but you will understand it when you get there. It will make a lot more sense when you are truly experiencing the feeling.

Some people are worried that they’ll never truly know when they have fallen in love with someone. This is a reasonable concern to have, but you shouldn’t worry too much. It will feel very natural to you.

When you’re questioning whether you’re in love, you may not know the answer. As mentioned, you probably aren’t in love if you have to question it.

Once you stop doubting the fact that you might be in love, you might realize that you actually are in love. This distinct feeling is hard to miss when you’re actually there. Don’t look too hard for it. You won’t miss it when it’s time!

This video outlines some of the ways you can tell if you’re in love:


Overall, it’s most important to be aware of your feelings. Once you actually fall in love, you will know it. You won’t have to question it anymore and it should be pretty clear to you. Look for signs, such as more intense feelings or more commitment.

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