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How To Know If A Guy Is Serious In Courting You (17 Ways)

February 3, 2024

Today, in comparison to ancient days, most people prefer dating in relationships to have the freedom to flirt or easily walk out on their partners. They don't believe in courting as some people think it's archaic for the world of today. This doesn't mean you can’t break up with your partner.

The only difference between courting and dating is, courtship comes with intention, discipline, commitment, and compromises. It means being with a man for the primary purpose of engagement or marriage. But if a guy doesn't practice or exhibit any of those qualities, it may be one of the signs he's not interested in you.

It's hard to be in a relationship with a guy without knowing his intention or plans for you. Most times, being with a man in the name of courtship may not do the trick, as some people court but don't seem interested in the lady they're courting. 

There are numerous cases like this out there with little or no clue to confirm if the man is serious about it or not. So, how do you know if a guy is interested in courting you or not? Keep reading to learn 17 signs if a guy is serious in courting you or not.

17 Ways To Know If A Guy Is Serious In Courting You

1. He’ll openly express his intention

Courtship means you meet a man who would love to be with you for the rest of his life; he obtains your permission, and you both start a committed relationship. Being with a man who makes you feel special without expressing his feelings or openly asking you to be his girlfriend is not courting.

The reason behind courtship is to get to know a man or a girl, get married to them, and start a family together. So if he says his intention, that's one of the signs a guy is serious in courting a girl.

2. You top his list of priorities

you top his list of priorities

It takes some time for a man to make a girl a priority in his life. Guys always have other things to take care of; ideas to execute, family and friends to hang out with, or a quiet time to reflect without disturbance.

If a man makes you a priority in his life, he will treat you right, making you important as much as he can. He would make time for you from his busy schedule to have a moment or spend time with you. This is one of the signs a guy is serious about courting you.

3. He’s open, honest, and transparent with you

A man will always be open and honest to any woman he truly loves, which is one of the effortless characteristics of courtship. He'll be transparent to you about most of his daily routine and what he spends his time doing.

This is where trust comes in, even if it might build gradually. A man who is open with you will trust your opinion in his plans, want a long-term relationship, and not hesitate to let you into the different aspects of his life, which is one of the numerous signs a guy is serious in courting you.

4. You meet his close circle

Introducing you to his family and friends is one of the numerous signs you know a guy is serious about courting. He would organize a hangout, invite you for occasions, or to places where his loved ones would be so he can introduce you to them.

He will encourage you to get to know them. Guys that are not serious with you won't do this. Sometimes you may hang out with their friends, and they'll skip introducing you as their girlfriend, which is not a sign of a guy who is serious about courtship.

5. He shares his passion with you

His passion includes his goals, career and business ideas, and plans. It also consists of every, and anything he does that encourages him to be happy. If a man shares this aspect of his life with you, it's one of the signs to know he's serious in courting.

But, if he ignores it for some odd reason, he barely has time to share his ideas with you; it could mean he's not serious in courting you. Don't get this wrong; not every guy who is serious in courting you would share his plans with you. Some of them are just secretive.

6. You both talk about the future together

Talking about the future as a couple is something you should do if a guy is serious about courting you. It won't be an issue for him. Some guys would get excited about making plans about the future with you. You'd feel it in your gut from their willingness to talk about it.

On the contrary, if he keeps avoiding the topic for specific reasons, that's a sign, he may not be ready to be in a committed relationship or courtship with you. It will help if you keep this in check to know which direction to go.

7. He listens to you

A guy who listens to you talk and accepts your suggestion of an idea, and gives you maximum attention, is in it for a long-term relationship with you. If you both have a conversation and he gives you time to speak, that's maximum respect.

Any man who is serious in courting you would respect your emotions and feelings while talking. Depending on his personality, he could ask your permission before speaking, proposing a solution, or making suggestions to what you say. This is one of the signs a guy is serious in courting.

8. Public display of affection (PDA) won’t be a problem

public display of affection (PDA) won't be a problem

Not every guy accepts a public display of affection in their relationship. But no matter what, any man who truly cares about you would make compromises for that to happen. One of the signs a guy is serious in courting is his ability to accept a form of PDA without any problem.

He shouldn't have an issue with you two pecking, holding hands, putting arms around each, or walking arm in arm in public. If a man asks your permission before exhibiting PDA with you, that's a sign he respects you as a person.

9. He makes and keeps promises

One of the signs of a man who is genuinely in love with you is, he will make and keep to his promises. It doesn't matter how much time or effort it takes him to achieve them; he won't make any excuses.

And if he can't fulfill those promises, he would ask your permission to tweak, replace them with something better, or do anything to make you happy while waiting for him to fulfill the past ones. That's a sign a guy is serious about courting you and ready for a long-term relationship.

10. Your boundaries won’t be an issue

Of course, there are boundaries in a relationship. It doesn't mean hiding most things or happenings from your partner, but being flexible enough not to interfere in each other's personal life or forcing your perspective of how things should be in your partner's life without permission.

If a man has no problem with asking your permission before interfering with your personal space and doesn't complain whenever you set little and friendly boundaries, that's one of the signs he has an intention in courting you. It means he respects you, and not all men do that.

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11. He relates to your feelings

It seems more like magic to understand women's feelings, but most of the men who do are ready for a long-term relationship. One of the signs a guy is serious in courting you is his ability to understand your feelings. 

He'll observe your feelings when he says random things or ideas to know if you agree with them or not. The same thing applies to when he wants to have fun, and you're going through period cramps. This means one of the signs a guy wants long-term courtship is emotional understanding.

12. You feel like home to him

When you're that one person apart from his family he can go back to, rest in her arms, talk about silly things, or relax in silence, without feeling uncomfortable, it's a positive sign he's serious in courting you. 

He would always want to talk to you about things instead of his friends or family and obtain permission from you to do certain things that may or may not affect your relationship. This is one of the signs a guy is serious in courting you, and it's his intention to make it long term.

13. He connects with you on all levels

If a man connects with you physically, emotionally, mentally, and otherwise, it's a sign he is serious in courting you. A guy connecting with you means he knows the right words to say, has ideas on how to spend time in a fun way, and an intention always to make you happy.

You can look at him and be convinced to have a family with him. Your jokes would make each other laugh, and you can't spend so much time apart. That's one of the signs he's serious in courting you. 

14. You enjoy his finances

A man who's in love with you will not hesitate to spend money on you. He would have little or no problem handling your financial instability whenever you need him, and he can help. He will do his best to support your finances and propose solutions where need be.

This gesture may sound little, but it's one of the signs a guy uses to show his intention of being in love with you in the long term. Of course, a good man would not interfere in your affairs without asking your permission. 

15. He tries his best to make the relationship work

he tries his best to make the relationship work

One of the signs a guy is in it with you for real is, he'll try his best to make your relationship work. Even when his family or other loved ones are not in support of your pair, his intention will always be to try to balance things out.

He would come up with fun ideas to spice things between you and organize surprise dinner dates or vacations depending on your love language. That's a sign a guy is serious about courting you.

16. No girl to compete with

Many men have issues committing to one woman. If you're with a man and he can't seem to concentrate on you alone, it's a sign he's not ready to settle and build a family, especially with you. 

A guy who is in love with you will leave you with no worries about other girls out there. If his intention is to be with you for a long time, he will gradually cut off other girls when he gets into a relationship with you. That's one of the signs a guy is serious in courting you.

17. He’s patient with you

A guy’s patience with you is a sign he's serious about you. He won't force you to agree or disagree with things. Instead, he'll bring ideas of things or activities you're comfortable doing at the early stage of the relationship.

He'll ask your permission to know if you're not ready to try certain things like intimacy or sex with him and will not push if you say no. He gives you time to be free and outspoken with him about how you feel at certain times. This is one of the signs a guy is serious about courting you.


How do you know if a guy is serious or just flirting?

A flirting guy is a definition of perfection. Everything will happen smoothly and fast, with little or no flaws. But a serious guy will take his time to know you. He wouldn't mind giving you enough freedom and space until you eventually warm up to liking him. If a guy is serious, he'll stick around.

How do you know when a guy is not serious about you?

You can tell when a guy is not serious about you by the way he responds. His manner of approach to relating with you, his words, and his attitude, whenever you're together, will tell it all. He'll care less about neither of you meeting your family or other loved ones, and you'll be the least of his priorities.

How do you know if a guy is being sincere?

He'll be transparent about most things that may bring an issue between you. Depending on his personality, he could show you proof if you don't believe his explanation. He would apologize, and after some time, if you don't believe him, he'll walk away until you come around. That's a sign he's sincere.

How do you know if a guy likes you but is hiding?

There are numerous signs that show when a guy likes you. Some of them include; the way he treats you compared to other women, his attitude whenever you have mood swings, and his reaction whenever you need support. Sometimes, he could buy you random gifts or check up on you.

How do you test a guy to see if he really loves you?

There's no proven method to test a guy’s love for you. It depends on the kind of person he is and how well he expresses himself. Ask for his ideas in a project, for a hangout, or to compromise something on his schedule for you. Men rarely spend time with you if they don't like you.

To Conclude

If you're in a relationship and wondering if he's serious in courting or with you for the short term, try the 17 tips I've mentioned to know the right decision to make. Did you like this article? Please feel free to drop a comment and share it with others.

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