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21 Texts To Make Him Think About You

April 28, 2024

Are you looking for some awesome text messages to grab the attention of a specific man?

Perhaps a budding romance has gone a bit cold, and you’re looking to spice it up again? 

Or maybe you’re just looking for new ways to excite your partner while he’s away from you? 

Either way, you’re in the right place as I’ve created a list of 21 text messages that’ll have a man incessantly thinking about you. 

However, before you use any of them, it’s important that you read the next few sentences carefully.

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Once you’ve done that, you can learn how to grab his attention with these 21 unignorable text messages. 

But first I’ll begin with some rules you should follow when texting a man. 

Don’t be too available.

When you are not with your man, you need to make sure that he actually has a chance to miss you. Therefore, it’s important that you don’t text him too much. He might get annoyed that you want to constantly speak to him, and it definitely won’t have the desired effect - that he is thinking of and missing you.

The six texts we are going to speak about therefore need to be used occasionally. If you are constantly texting him, then these texts probably won’t trigger much response from him. Don’t make him tired of you, make him miss you.

Don’t text him back straight away.

I’m not going to start telling you to play mind games with him, because most of the time they don’t work, and I think they are a waste of everyone’s time. However, if you want to keep the exciting chase between you and your man going, it’s vital that you don’t text him back straight away.

You need to look like you have a separate life and you’re busy. Which I am sure you are. But he needs to know that your life is not just dedicated to him. As much as it might be really exciting when he texts you, try to distract yourself so that you don’t reply straight away.

It might also be a good idea to see how quickly he replies to your messages. You don’t want to look like you’re the one more interested. If he’s taking hours to reply and you text back straight away, it could make you look desperate.

Also, don’t double text him.

Do use emojis and GIFs to add a tone to your words.

Important warning – I am not telling you to go crazy with emojis. You are not a teenager and a huge row of emojis is just downright annoying. However, emojis used properly can be really useful to add to your messages to convey a tone. 

Without seeing your facial expressions or hearing the tone of your voice, your man might not understand how you are wanting your texts to sound. For example, “You’re rude, aren't you!” sounds aggressive and mean in comparison to, “You’re rude, aren’t you (with a winking emoji face)”. You can see that in this sentence, the emoji has made the sentence sound flirty, light and sarcastic.

GIFs are now also a really good tool to add a bit more context to your messages. There is also a large selection of really funny GIFs that you could use to make him laugh or smile.

Don’t go crazy, but adding one emoji to the end of every other text can be really cute and helpful to him when trying to understand the conversation.

Don’t be negative.

If you are constantly moaning, complaining or trying to start an argument with your man, he is not going to want to speak to you, and he will definitely not want to be thinking about you. As the old saying goes, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all. This rings especially true when talking about texting your man.

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Firstly, you shouldn’t be negatively speaking to him if you aim to make him think about you and miss you. Nothing will drive him away faster. If you argue with him or complain a lot to him, that is going to be on his phone forever. He’s going to be reminded of the fact you were being negative.

Try to always stay positive when you text him, or if you have something to complain about, you could say something like, “I’m having a bad day, you would make it so much better.”

1. Sexual texts. 

  • “I can’t stop thinking about you running your hands all over me like you did last night.”
  • “You turn me on so much that I can’t think straight, even when I’m away from you.”
  • “I am touching myself over you.”

Men are sexual creatures. The majority of the time, they choose to think with their penis over their minds. So, sending a sexual text like the one above is a sure way that you intrigue your man. He will get all hot and bothered thinking about previous times when you two have been together. 

He won’t be able to stop thinking about you, and he might even turn the conversation into a sexting match. See who can get the other person hotter under the collar. This is a great way to bond, or if you have been together for a while, spice things up.

If you are in the early stages of seeing each other, you can still send risqué texts and it can be a real turn-on for him. You could say something along the lines of, “I can’t control my urges around you”. This not only tells him that you are one hundred percent interested in having sex with him, but it allows him to say the same back. After you’ve exchanged a few dirty texts like this, you might both feel comfortable and ready to get down to business next time you see each other.

Also, if you are comfortable sending nude photos or photos in which you are teasing him, do it. However, you should never feel pressured to send anything. The right man will appreciate if you aren’t comfortable with sexting or exchanging photos.

2. Open up the conversation for him.

Do you love it when your man seems interested in your day and asks you questions? Of course, you do, because it allows you to talk about your day and share all the interesting things that happened to you, with him. So, why don’t you start doing the same for your man?

It’s a fact that we all like to talk about ourselves, as selfish as it may sound. So, ask your guy questions. Not only will he feel like you’re interested in his life and what he is doing, but it also allows you to get to know more about him and what he does when you are not together.

You can be really simple and ask, “How was your day?” But this is a pretty boring way to initiate a conversation and it’s quite a close question in the fact he would probably reply something along the lines of, “Good, and you?” You need to be more personal. Think about what he has said to you recently, or if you know he is excited or nervous about something happening, follow it up.

He will really appreciate the fact that you have listened to him. It shows great initiative on your behalf. 

You could open the conversation up for him by asking similar questions to the ones below:

  • “How did your meeting with your boss go today?”
  • “It’s a beautiful evening. Have you got any plans for later?” This is a good question because not only does it allow him to tell you his plans, but it also insinuates that you want to see him. He will probably get the hint andask to meet you.
  • “I know you said that you are heading to that gig this weekend. Are you still really excited?”
  • “I’m thinking about getting a new computer. Do you have any advice on this? I would love it if you could help me.” Obviously, if you aren’t getting a new computer then don’t ask this question! But this can relate to anything. If you can ask for his opinion on something or his advice on what you should do, he will love it. Men want to feel needed and like their opinions matter to you. They want to help.

3. Remind him of the memories you have had together.

  • “I’ve just heard the song we were dancing to when we first met.”
  • “I have just walked past the bar that we had our first date in. It was so magical wasn’t it?”
  • “I was just looking through my old photos and remember that time we took a road trip?”
  • “Someone that walked past me was wearing the same cologne as you and it made me miss you.”

This point might be tricky if you have only just started to see each other, but I am sure there will be something you can remind him of. This time, I’m not talking about sex. If you want to remind him of how much sexual fun you had with him, head back to the first point.

For this point, I want you to think about something you have done together that has created a memory. We are all constantly reminded by memories. Whether it be from listening to a certain song, smelling a specific scent or driving past where that memory occurred. If a memory of the two of you together is triggered at any point for you, let him know.

If you remind him of memories that he has had with you, he will start thinking about it and it won’t be able to leave his mind. He will want to make new great memories with you.

Of course, don’t mention bad memories. You’re trying to get him to think about you positively, remember that.

4. Show him praise and affection.

  • “I bet you were amazing in your meeting today.”
  • “You were so sweet to me yesterday, I can’t stop thinking about it.”
  • “I miss your big bear hugs that make me feel so safe.”
  • “You are such a talented sportsman. I would love to come and watch you work your magic soon.”

Everyone likes praise. It makes people feel good about themselves. Receiving praise from someone that you like or love can also be one of the best feelings. Your man will want to be praised by you because then he knows that he is impressing you and therefore making you happy.

Seen in the examples above, you can give praise and affection through texts very easily.

So, if you start to praise your man or show affection to him through text, you will fill his heart up with joy. It is most likely that the praise you have given him will come back around full circle and he will also start to praise and be affectionate towards you. It is a win-win situation.

He will want to see you as soon as possible again because you make him feel good.

5. Don’t be too serious all the time.

  • Send him a comedy video that you know will brighten his day.
  • “I just tripped over on my way into the office” followed by a funny GIF or picture of yourself.
  • “Oo you want to have sex, with me?!” Try to be sarcastic - you can be flirty in a funny way. Not taking yourself too seriously we make him have a good giggle.
  • Send a photo of yourself pulling a funny face with a witty caption.

One of the biggest turn-ons for men is if a woman can make them laugh. Laughing not only makes us feel happy physically, but it also shows a man that you don’t take yourself or life too seriously. On the contrary, if you are constantly speaking seriously about life and your relationship with him, he will start to feel dragged down and it could become monotonous between the two of you.

You need to keep playful and cheeky, especially when it comes to texts because you can’t ever really sense the tone of voice used. If he is receiving funny and light-hearted texts from you, he will want to pick up his phone and reply to you. He will smile and laugh – you have made him feel good.

If you are sending him serious messages, he is more likely to turn the phone face down and reply when he feels like he can take the time to read it and reply in a similar tone.

6. Send him photos you know will make him smile or laugh.

  • “What do you think about my hair today? I’m not sure.” With an attached photo of you looking cute. He will also appreciate that you asked for his opinion.
  • “Check out what I drew at my art class” with an attached photo of your drawing.
  • “Aw, look at this photo I found of us last year” with an attached photo of you both last year, during a great memory. Not only will he love the photo of you both, but he will also be reminded of great memories with you.

 He won’t be able to not think about you if you send him a photo. Of course, photos of yourself looking beautiful can be great to make him think of you and how pretty he thinks you are. However, don’t send too many, because you need to keep him interested in and excited about seeing you again face to face.

You can also send photos of anything that you might want him to see, such as a drawing you did in an art class (the example above). Anything that will entice him into thinking about you and what your doing will be a great idea to share with him.

You should also ask him what he is doing and if he wants to send you a photo of himself, so you can see him too. This will make him feel really good because you are interested in him. Once he sends a photo to you, you can compliment him and tell him that he looks sexy.


I really hope that this article has shown you six different types of texts to send to your man to make him think of you, as well as some vital dos and don'ts of texting him.

If you liked what you read and this article helped at all, please let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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