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29 Impressive Gifts For An Aquarius Man

Aquarius man is an exciting and easy Zodiac sign to buy gifts for. But you do have to understand his star sign. 

This eccentric guy is intelligent, loves innovation, and is open-minded. He loves a challenge, likes the unconventional, and appreciates surprises. 

He is an Air sign which means he ponders and thinks things through. Air signs are curious, probing, inquisitive, and always learning. They are the communicators and the talkers. 

Air signs hate being restricted. This is one sign that doesn’t think about settling down, in fact, they value their freedom above security. 

Before I talk about the best gifts for Aquarius men, I want to take you through various aspects of his Zodiac. Why? Because only by going through each one separately is it possible to build a list of Aquarius man gifts.

What Is An Aquarius Man Like?

Aquarians are humanitarians and compassionate people. They feel a deep connection to the planet and those who are less fortunate than themselves. 

Ruled by Uranus, this is the planet that dictates abrupt changes and deviations from the norm. Uranus governs science, technology, and innovation. It is forward-thinking, always buzzing with new ideas. 

Aquarius belongs to the fixed groups of signs. Fixed signs like to get on with the job. They will muck in and get their hands dirty. 

Finally, his symbol is the Water Bearer which denotes a person pouring water from an urn. This symbolizes the providing of deep and profound wisdom. The water bearer has great knowledge. 

Now that we know a little more about this sign, it’s far easier to see exactly what sort of gift ideas we can come up with. So what makes a great gift for an Aquarius?

What Kind Of Gifts Do Aquarius Men Like?

1. Science


You can’t go wrong with popular science. This can range from quantum mechanics to aquatic life to the Big Bang theory. But they also love anything related to science. 

  • Objects – Aquarians love quirky objects that add to their intellect, like an interactive app for their smartphone of the night sky complete with stars and planets. Or a realistic moon lamp that details the craters. 
  • Books - They will spend hours poring over the latest book by their favorite professor, or on a subject they feel passionate about. 
  • Learning - They’ll be fascinated if you buy them prehistoric seeds that actually grow. Just as they’ll love a boxset on the wonders of the universe.

2. Technology

The newest tech will always get Aquarians queuing overnight in a parking lot. They are fascinated by the latest smartphone or gadget. 

  • Hobbies - The best gifts for Aquarius man will marry technology with a passion of theirs. So think about what your Aquarius man really loves and try and find a gadget that will complement this passion. 
  • Fitness - For example, for guys into their fitness there are literally tons of gadgets available, from self-cleaning water bottles to smart socks and underwater earbuds. 

3. Experiences

Aquarius man is always up for a challenge so a great gift idea would be to buy him an experience he has never had before. 

  • Exciting - The best gifts are outside events, such as a flying lesson, quad-biking, zip-lining, or scuba-diving rather than an indoor event.
  • Relaxing - If your Aquarius man is into sports you can treat him to a box at the races or a VIP suite. Or how about a morning in an escape room or a tour of his favorite football ground? 

4. Charity

You can appeal to your Aquarius man’s humanitarian side. Don’t be boring and just make a donation to his charity of choice. 

  • Environment – Why not buy something from his favorite charity like wildlife seeds for the bees and make a date to plant them together.
  • Animals/People - Lots of charities have tee-shirts and tote bags or you can sponsor an animal or person in their name. 

5. Innovations


This is the sign of innovation so anything new and exciting makes good Aquarius gifts. 

  • Quirky - It can be something as simple as a coffee mug that changes color when a hot drink is poured into it. Or a fish tank with artificial fish. 
  • High-tech – Aquarius men have to have the latest innovation on the market, so if you are thinking about what to buy, always get the most modern version, for example, a drone with stunning camera capabilities, or a telescope with night vision, or a 3D pen. 
  • Art - They also love bright and colorful objects so think about neon flashing signs, digital picture frames, or space lamps.

6. Alone Time

If there’s one thing Aquarius man loves, it’s his freedom. So, the perfect gift for an Aquarius man is time away on his own

  • Time with the lads - You could consider giving him a ticket to the match or drinks money for a night out with the lads.
  • Pamper - Sometimes the water bearer can be a little negligent when it comes to looking after themselves. Why not buy him a male pampering session at a spa facility?
  • Grooming - Or how about treating him to one of those proper barber razor shaves with the hot towels? Any way you give him his freedom will be one of the best gifts for Aquarius man. 

7. Self-Improvement

This sign is looking to improve itself, both in body and in mind. As such, a good gift for Aquarius would be a gift that educates or assists with self-improvement. 

  • Mindfulness apps – Self-help or mindfulness apps are brilliant for Aquarians because they allow this sign to rest their overactive minds and pause for a moment. 
  • Yoga classes – Time to unwind and contemplate his navel is priceless for Aquarius man. It allows him that space to enjoy his freedom and to try a new challenge
  • Philosophy - Aquarius is seeking to attain the next level and is philosophical in nature. Perhaps a book of Confucius or Plato quotes would be something they appreciate? 

8. Music 


Music resonates with Aquarius man because he feels transported to another place in his mind. Remember, everything happens in their heads. Aquarians love the feeling of being lost in the moment

  • Headphones - You can combine music with a new gadget if you don’t know what type of music your Aquarius man likes (really?) For example, the latest earbuds or noise-canceling headphones. 
  • New bands - But keep your ear open for references to new bands he’s mentioned he’s interested in. A copy of their latest CD is a really good choice for this sign. 

9. Holiday

To say that Aquarius has itchy feet and loves to travel is a huge understatement. This sign loves adventure and exploring. 

  • New destinations - A holiday to a new country he has not visited before will be a great Aquarius gift. 
  • Surprise getaways - A holiday that is spontaneous and as unplanned as you can bear will be ideal for Aquarius. They are not fans of the all-in package deal. They don’t like things like being restricted to eating in one place.

These are the natural explorers when curiosity gets the better of them. So book some flights and a hotel and simply pack your bags and go. 

10. Travel Accessories

Talking of holidays, Aquarius men may love spontaneous trips away but they also like having some decent travel gear. 

  • Camping - I'm talking about sturdy backpacks, a weatherproof tent, or a super-warm sleeping bag. 
  • Comfort – Just because Aquarius loves exploring doesn’t mean he doesn’t like a bit of comfort while he’s doing it. He’ll appreciate a comfortable travel pillow for long flights. Even things like sweat-proof socks for hiking or non-chafing straps for backpacks. 
  • Smart travel accessories – Don’t forget this is a tech gear guy so a great gift would be a travel organizer bag for all his smart gear. He’ll definitely appreciate scratch-proof luggage and accessories for his smart devices. Examples include a photo lens kit for his smartphone.

11. Membership

Aquarius men don’t look after themselves or tend to treat themselves. However, you can do this for them. 

  • Museums – I’m not talking about the dusty old boring ones we were forced to visit at school. They’ll love a membership to a planetarium or anything science-related or artistic. 
  • Outdoors – Subscriptions to national parks or membership that allows them entry into gardens will appeal to the freedom-loving side of Aquarius.
  • Subscriptions – Aquarians love surprises so gift ideas could include something that comes every month, you know, man gifts like a different beer or food subscription.


What kind of gifts do Aquarius men like?

Aquarius men love surprises, quirky and innovative gifts. They are interested in science and technology so the latest gadgets will appeal to them. They also love exploring and will be delighted if you plan a weekend away somewhere they have never visited before. 

What does Aquarius like for gifts?

Aquarius likes anything new, exciting, and non-traditional, so you can forget the socks and shirt routine with these guys. Surprise them with some new technology that complements a hobby of theirs. Or whisk them away for a long weekend. 

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How can I surprise my Aquarius man?

Aquarius really loves surprises and this is easily achieved. Plan trips away with them and don’t tell them where you are going. Buy them a subscription so they get a surprise every month (they’ll forget it’s coming). Don’t get stuck in a routine with this guy. Change it up every once in a while.

Which is the best match for Aquarius man?

Fellow air signs such as Gemini and Libra make good matches for Aquarius man. Gemini women value their freedom as much as Aquarius man. On the other hand, Libra woman understands her Aquarian and provides a sense of calm for this flighty sign. 

What do Aquarius men wear?

Aquarius men are not concerned about labels or luxury clothes. In fact, they are more likely to wear ethically-sourced clothing. These are eccentric characters that don’t care about the opinions of others. So it is likely that they will have an outlandish sense of style. 

Summing Up

I hope you enjoyed my suggestions of gifts for Aquarius man. Please share with your friends if you liked this article. 

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