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How To Get His Attention Back: 5 Ways To Win Him Back

Do you feel that your man is more distant than ever? Do you want to get his attention back? Before you set off on your mission, let me give you some vital tips so that you don’t do the opposite and scare him off even more.

​It can be hurtful when your man is being distant and you aren’t sure why. He could be being distant for a number of different reasons such as you’re coming on too strong, he is scared of commitment or something unrelated to the relationship is troubling him. Whatever the reason, you want to do something about it to bring him back closer to you.

One the main mistakes many women do in these scenarios is to try too hard. There is a very fine line between getting his attention and coming across as desperate. If you cross this thin line and comes across as desperate then it could have a negative affect and push him further away.​

Don’t worry though, I will help you avoid this from happening with these very helpful tips that I myself have used:​

Don’t Drunk Text

Don't Drunk Text

It is crazy how much that one night with your girlfriends can turn into you drunkenly texting him and spilling your heart out to him. If you have done this then let’s hope that you were that drunk that the text message didn’t even make sense!

Seriously though, you need to avoid texting him when you have had a few to drink. My friend is terrible for this. She has currently split from her boy but then text him from my house after we had a few dry white wines to ask if he’ll pick her up and take her home.

Doing this makes her look like she depends on him. It is important that you remain independent and confident as these two factors are what will attract him back to you. By asking him to help you when drunk isn’t the most attractive quality and while it may get his attention, it won’t be in a good way.

Invite Him Out With Friends

Invite Him Out With Friennds

A good way to get his attention and win him back is to invite him out in group surroundings. Not only will this take the pressure off of him but it will also mean you can both have fun with others around,Sometimes the best remedy in relationship if fun. Remind him of the fun you have together without having any in-depth conversations unless he initiates them of course.

​If you and your friends are planning on going to a concert that you know he will enjoy then there is no harm in asking if he would like to come along. If you and your friends are planning a spring break then why not ask him if he would like to come along.

One of the worst things you can do to get his attention is to post pictures on social media with other guys to make him jealous. This never works and will only make you look desperate. He will see straight through it and won’t find it an attractive trait which could push him further away.

Share Any Exciting News

Share Any Exciting News

A very good way to grab his attention is to share any exciting news with him. This could the promotion you have wanted for ages that he knows you wanted really bad or it could be that you have gotten A grades.

The one thing that I would warn against with this is to not make it look as if you are boasting as this isn’t a very nice trait to have. You can share on your social media any accomplishments you have achieved which will be sure to grab his attention in a very positive way.

This is a much better way to grab his attention through social media than posting things like super bored right now or watching House of Cards. Both of these things don’t exactly sound exciting or reiterate that you are happy in life so I wouldn’t bother sharing every single thing you are doing.

Focus On Your Health & Fitness

Focus On Your Health & Fitness

One of the best ways to get his attention back is to focus on yourself to improve your health and fitness. You can share how well you are doing on your social media  which goes back to the previous point of sharing exciting news.

If he can see how well you are doing and how well you are looking after yourself then it will be sure to draw him closer to you. There is no point in moping and sticking your head in the sand. There is also no point in being unhealthy by not getting sleep or not eating. At this point, your first priority should be yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you need to look skinnier though; I’m talking about improving your overall lifestyle so that your mind is healthy and you are happy. The best way to get his attention is by showing how much of a happy and confident person you are.

Be Happy In Your Own Company​

Be Happy In Your Own Company​

One the most attractive qualities a woman can have to a man is independency. They do not want to a woman who depends on them to make them happy. In order to be truly happy in a relationship,you must be happy to spend time in your own company.

​You can do this by finding hobbies and new interests that you might enjoy and do them on your own. For example, I absolutely love to read and can sit on my own for hours with a good book and be happy super happy. It is nice for me and my partner to have our own individual interests as well as mutual interests. Being comfortable in your company will stop you from being too clingy.

Men like to feel that they are wanted and not needed which is not having to depend on him to make you happy is vitally important.

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