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How To Tease A Guy And Win Him Over Every Time (31 Sexy Ways)

April 4, 2024

Are you wondering how to tease a guy in a way that makes him more interested in you?

Do you feel like you’re really awful at teasing men?

Perhaps you regularly hurt a man’s feelings when you tease them, or you’re too worried to try it at all. 

If so, stay tuned because you’re about to discover a masterclass to teasing a man and making him attracted to you.

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Teasing is an essential part of flirting - and something that all women should learn how to use properly, but activating the ‘Hero’s Instinct’ will turn his attraction up to addictive levels. 

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With that said, let’s dive into my teasing masterclass.

What Is Teasing?

If you want to know how to tease a guy, you first need to understand what teasing is. According to Psychology Today, one of the most notable sources in the field, sexual teasing involves the possibility or hint of sex with no follow-through. In other words, you will act like you are interested in having sexual intercourse with a guy, and then you withdraw the invitation. 

Girls may tease a guy who is in a long-distance relationship because they know he hasn’t gotten “any” in a long time. When you are dealing with a taken guy like this, you are playing with another girl’s territory, and it’s really not fair to her. Girls who “tease” are often called teases because they are playing with a guy’s sex drive, drawing attention to themselves unfavorably. 

Some girls like to tease a guy because it captures guys’ undivided attention when you talk about sex. It’s like playing hard to get but without having to worry about following up with a relationship. If you aren’t actually interested in a guy but want to have some fun with him, you might enjoy learning how to tease a guy and carrying out those actions!

How To Tease A Guy And Make Him Want More

1. Use your mouth

If you lick your lips, it’s a surefire sign you are trying to tease! You may think about French kissing the guy you are doing this with, or maybe you are just doing it for fun. I know this was one of my signature moves when I was younger and not in a relationship. Guys will eat this up! They love a girl who is a bit naughty yet acts innocent.

You can make strong eye contact with the guy you are interested in and then lick your lips as if you have something on them. You might make sure you have beautiful red lipstick on there first. That way, your lips will really radiate sexiness and confidence! Plus, red is a sexy color and makes your lips stand out among the others in the room!

You might open your mouth a little bit when you make this move. Then, just let your tongue slowly trace your lips as you stare into the eyes of the guy you are trying to tease. If you are in a relationship, this is a great way to keep the spark alive, too! So, this move can be useful for many situations! Why not give it a try?

2. Wear sexy scents

wear sexy scents

Wearing sensual scents can really get a guy going; they’ll be turned on before you know it. They even make perfumes with artificial pheromones in them that you can purchase and wear. It’s like wild animals searching for their prey. You can whip on some perfume and find the innocent lambs you wish to slaughter with teasing!

Learn more about the most attractive scents to a man, so you will know what to put on to attract the opposite sex. Personally, I use a Victoria’s Secret perfume, some intoxicating coconut body spray, and tropical-smelling or vanilla lotion all over my body. Those scents seem to drive my man mad with desire as he smells them each day!

3. Touch him

While this is pretty self-explanatory, many girls don’t realize how much “a touch” - any touch - matters to a guy! You could simply brush your breasts “accidentally” against his back or shoulder. He’ll know what you are up to, so it’s not like you are being mean by teasing him this way. Instead, you are showing the level of interest you have in him!

4. Wear the color red

It’s true that the red color works! It’s hard to believe, I know this, but it really does make a difference to the opposite sex. If you want to tease a guy and keep him interested, just wear something bright and colorful and focus on the color red. If you are one of the lucky ones to have naturally colored red hair, you should definitely wear red.

Your hair will match your outfit and really make the beauty of your hair stand out. If you don’t think red is your best color, try pink or black. Black has been shown to make women look slimmer, so it’s always a great choice. However, red really does indicate hotness on a scale that even scientists can’t completely understand!

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In fact, in one groundbreaking study by the University of Rochester, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, there were five experiments completed. The results showed that the color red makes men feel more amorous toward women. These men had no idea they were being tested on this, either!

5. Give him an “almost kiss”

An almost kiss is a very sexy thing. It’s when you reach out to a guy when you are talking or teasing him and act like you are going to give him a kiss but don’t quite make it that far. This is a great way to tease because he’ll lean in expecting to get a great big kiss when really you don’t have the intention of doing that at all. What a tease you are!

6. Have phone sex

Phone sex can be powerful. If you are in a relationship where you don’t see each other on a regular basis or can’t see each other because of parental rules or other boundaries, this is a great way to connect with one another. You can talk dirty to one another, mentioning all the things you would be doing if you were only face-to-face at this time.

7. Wear something skimpy

Sometimes, your clothes can say everything about your intentions. You might want to wear something skimpy or a short little dress that shows off a good portion of your body. If you want to tease a guy, you don’t need to worry about being modest with your clothes. You want him to see how confident you are in your own skin!

When I was younger and dating lots of guys, I used to love to tease them! Teasing was a fun way to get attention and capture the looks of different guys. One way that I did this was by wearing skimpy outfits, things that left little to the imagination. Don’t get me wrong; I wasn’t going around sleeping with every guy under the sun or anything. 

You don’t have to be slutty to be a tease. A tease is known as one who enjoys teasing the opposite sex because it gives them attention and affection. I had the body and long hair to pull off the confident look of a tease! If you are full of confidence in yourself and look, go ahead and wear what flatters you the most!

8. Send him dirty text messages

You can send your boyfriend text messages that are dirty in nature and tease him that way. You might let him know what you wish you were doing to each other right now or tease him by saying that you are currently touching yourself because you are thinking of him. This will make him want to keep talking to you to learn more!

9. Wear lingerie

Even if you decide not to show the guy you are teasing the lingerie you are wearing, you will feel like a hotter person if you wear it! Plus, you can always start talking to a guy, saying something like, “If you think I look sexy in this, you should see what I have underneath it all!” That will drive him nuts, and he pictures what you are wearing!

10. Tell him you are getting hot down there

By talking about what’s going on downstairs with you, your man will surely have a new level of curiosity that’s developed regarding your sexual status. Are you wanting to have sex soon? Are you doing this just to tease him? Will he get to watch what happens next? Are you going to take care of yourself? All these questions will flood his mind!

11. Do a striptease dance

do a striptease dance

I cannot recommend this enough for those who want to get into teasing guys. Dancing is exciting by itself but learning how to do a striptease is even better. Carmen Electra has a great series of DVDs or Blu-Ray videos you can purchase to learn how to do all sorts of sexy things. In one video, she teaches you how to do a lap dance, for example.

Even in the most basic video, she teaches you how to do a simple striptease dance with some light stretching. Anyone of any size can learn how to do this, and it can make all the difference in your sex life. Striptease dances are typically very sensual and slow, but you also need to understand the moves that you’ve got to perform. 

For example, in her most beginner video, Carmen shows you the difference it makes to put your index finger in your mouth while dancing! That’s something pretty simple that you can do to any dance in the world to make it sensual. Give it a try and see if it doesn’t make your guy crazy with all the teasing that will come out of it. 

12. Raise your eyebrows

This basic body gesture can mean that you are interested in a guy, making him wonder what you are interested in - a relationship, dating him, or making hot sweet love to him. Teasing a guy with your body language can be very effective, so take advantage of little things like this when you are trying to tease someone. You’ll be glad you did!

13. Fix yourself up real nice

Looking your best is a must when teasing a guy. You want him to know you like him enough to do your hair and makeup. If you like him enough to start teasing him, you can surely throw on some mascara and lipstick. Just make the extra effort to show him you are interested and super gorgeous!

14. Flash him

With video cameras on every phone, this may not be the best strategy. Previously, before social media was as popular as it is today, flashing was a great way to tease a guy. Teasing by way of showing off your chest could make a guy feel all sorts of sexual feelings as he stares at your chest. Just make sure you’re comfortable doing this!

Also, ensure that the guy is trustworthy, or a picture of your chest may end up all over social media, and you don’t want your parents or grandparents to see that! 

That could be quite uncomfortable, especially if they have no shame and bring it up during holiday meals! You would probably choke a little on your phone, and you try to come up with an appropriate response.

15. Suck on a lollipop

Sometimes, what we do with our mouth says everything about what we wish we were doing in bed. You could suck on ice chips or a popsicle if that’s something you enjoy doing. Trust me; this will drive a guy crazy with passion as he thinks about what you might do during sexual intercourse!

16. Touch his thigh

If you want to be skilled at teasing, you may have to let your hand roam a bit. Give a guy the impression that you plan to give him a handjob, even if you have no such intention. The point is to make him believe you do, which is what makes this teasing! You could also rub your chest up against his when you talk or hug one another. Make contact!

17. Have fun making out

To be a tease, you can make out, but don’t take things far enough. Always leave the guy wanting more. That’s what makes teasing different - he’s always wishing and waiting for more to come!

18. Call him “Daddy!”

There are many nicknames you can call guys that will make them on fire for you. Daddy usually means you are ready for something to happen in the bedroom. If you just want to start teasing your man, call him something like this, and he’ll wonder what is going on inside your head. This will drive him nuts as he tries to uncover your intentions!

19. Move slowly and sensually

To be truly sexy, you should practice teasing by moving slowly but with a certain intent in mind. Reaching for the remote slowly without saying anything isn’t exactly teasing. But if you were to reach for the remote and say, “I wonder what’s on that we could REALLy get into, and that would make the room steam up!” - that would be teasing!

20. Tickle him

Being playful works wonders when you are trying to tease! Just tickle him in his favorite spots and show him that you know how to have a good time!

21. Touch yourself in front of him

If you are somewhere where the two of you can’t touch one another, this can be very effective. Just show him you aren’t afraid to explore your own self in front of him, and he’ll wonder what in the world you have in store for him in private.

22. Treat him like a puppy

Some guys love it when you talk down to them as if they were a cute little puppy. If you treat them like lost souls, they’ll appreciate the special attention you are paying to them. This is one method of teasing that has to be done carefully because you don’t want the guy to think you are bossing them around. “Do the dishes” doesn’t have the same effect.

23. Wear heels

Many men find heels to be extremely sexy! Plus, when you wear heels, it props your legs up, making your calves look super sensuous! What guy can resist a girl with great thighs? This is not even mentioning the fact that you will feel hotter if you wear heels, and confidence is the biggest key to teasing effectively!

24. Play strip poker

You can even “lose” on purpose if you want things to take a quick turn to the bedroom!

25. Talk softly

If you have a loud, annoying voice, consider quieting things down. Pretend you are in a library and must talk in a whisper,full-body, and this tip will work great!

26. Gaze into his eyes

Making eye contact signals that you are really into someone. It’s a way of flirting and showing you are interested in being more than friends. 

27. Massage each other

A massage can be a very sensual act without being a sexual one. You could rub your man’s shoulders or give him a full-body rub-down.

28. Play “footsie.”

You can do this by rubbing your feet with the guy you are into! He’ll think, “I wonder why she’s doing this and what it means!” That’s perfect because we want to keep him guessing!

29. Shower together

shower together

Soaping and rubbing all over each others’ bodies can be very sensual and can mean a lot to a guy. You don’t have to let things go all the way, either. That’s why showering together is a teasing move. It’s just a “taste” of what you have to offer!

30. Enjoy PDA

What’s great about PDA is that you can go only so far in front of other people without risking getting in trouble with the law. That means that there are limits to how far you can go sexually. This is a great move if you want to tease one another!

31. Listen and move to sexy music

Sure, you can dance, or you can just listen to hip hop or other sexy music in front of the guy you are trying to tease. If you sway with the music or sing along, it shows you are really into the music and this can be pretty steamy! Listen to the soundtrack from Fifty Shades of Grey for some inspiration on songs that are sensual like this!

How To Tease A Guy With Your Words

If you are a master texter, that can be a really hot thing to do. You don’t even have to use your mouth or body in any way if you are just texting. If you are face to face, you might want to have a sexy, soft tone of voice when you talk to your man. Let him know how horny and crazy he makes you and that you cannot wait until the next time you get to have sexual intercourse!

Flirting via text message or with words can be tricky because you don’t want him to get the wrong idea, or do you? What is the intent behind you wanting to tease your guy? If you just want to keep him motivated in your relationship, you might just talk about sexy things, like lingerie, sucking on long foot products, or how you physically are feeling right now. 

If you tell your man that he makes your legs weak, he’s likely to understand that you are very horny. He’ll want to know what else is on your mind. Talk about what you wish could happen right now, sexually. This will increase the anticipation between the two of you when it comes to sex. You can also do playful things like calling your boyfriend “Daddy!” Super sexy stuff!

How To Tease A Guy By Building Sexual Tension

If you’d like to get your man thinking about sex, you can build the anticipation of the actual physical act of making love by talking about what you want to do the next time you see him naked. You might explain what he’s doing to your body, even if he’s not doing anything at all. For example, you could say, “Just thinking of you has made my body all bothered!”

He’ll understand that you are steaming because your body is on fire for him. You could say that you might have to lose your clothes because you are so warm underneath them all. This will tell him that you are very sexually turned on right now, and your teasing efforts will have paid off. He’ll be thinking about you all day long, every second until he gets to see you again!

You can also build sexual tension by flirting with your man in a playful way. Show off your confidence by being approachable and cute yet sexy and irresistible. He’ll wonder what side of you he will be getting in the relationship - the cute version or the confident one. Keep him guessing! That’s what makes a relationship special and magical - the mysteries!


What does tease mean sexually?

If you want to have sexual tension with a guy, teasing is the way to go! Teasing is basically when you indicate that you want sex but don’t actually follow through with the indication. Girls who do this are often called a “tease” because this practice is well-known.

How do you tease someone who likes you?

To tease the guys who already like you, make sure you use your body and act sexy. You might give them a kiss on the cheek, lick your lips, and wear skimpy clothing. You’ll always want to look sexy, so leave your hair down and put on makeup.

What does it mean if a guy playfully teases you?

Guys love picking on girls and teasing them. They think this shows they are interested in the girls. Poking fun of girls may mean tickling them or just teasing them by giving them a hard time. The guys might call them names, trying to be cute or funny!

What does it mean when a guy calls a girl a tease?

If a girl is called a tease by guys, she may be showing off her body or talking about sex a lot, even though she has no intention of having sexual relations with any guy she is teasing. This girl creates sexual tension in the air as she teases!

How do you flirt and tease a guy over text?

You can become a master texter and know exactly what to say with the right attitude. If you really want to drive a guy crazy, talk about what you wish the two of you were doing sexually right now. Act as if you would perform crazy sexual acts if he was there with you.

To Summarize

Do you now know how to tease a guy? Are you ready to have some fun and do things he’ll love? What fun way do you tease your guy? Is he a good boy? We’d love to hear your end of this conversation! Leave a comment in the section below!

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