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Strength In Marriage (11 Strong Values In Marriage)

July 1, 2024

Marriage is a legally recognized union of two people; historically male and female, who have decided to be partners. They spend time with each other, are responsible for themselves, start a family (have kids), and grow old. It's beautiful to see two individuals decide they want to be with each other for the rest of their lives; it's also not an easy commitment to make

There's more to marriage than the wedding ceremony; the euphoria of moving in with someone, having marital sex or a social security number, a married couple’s life would change forever. 

However, marriage is hard work to sustain, and by this, I don't mean suffering (there's a huge difference). It's not going to be all sweet; there would be ups and downs, but those ups should outweigh the downs, or you're not doing it right. 

For any healthy, happy, and stable home, there are certain strengths each spouse should learn and sustain. However, you and your spouse have to decide what works for you, as some values are either more or less important to each couple. That said, listed below are vital strengths anyone getting married or already married should know. 

11 Strong Values In Relationships

1. Love


Love is an important strength in relationships; without it, maybe you shouldn't get married at all. Love is what encourages you to be with a person. It is what makes you try to build a bond with each other. Love also makes forgiving your partner more comfortable. Trust me there will be a lot of forgiving and you shouldn't get tired. 

Love is what keeps a marriage running smoothly. Keep in mind that it's not the only thing; just one of the most important. Love is also the foundation of any union, without it you're just tolerating each other, and that's toxic. 

2. Communication

I cannot overemphasize the importance of communication in a union, especially marriage. Partners need to know the love languages of their spouse and communicate with them accordingly. This ensures that you both feel loved in the way you want to be loved, not the way your partner thinks you should be loved. 

Good communication between couples promotes peaceful and happy living. You know how to give and take correction, how to choose your battles, even how to apologize to your spouse. It sounds like a simple strength to acquire, but it takes a while to build strong communication skills with your partner. 

3. Trust

I bet you're wondering how trust is a strength, keep reading. Not many people realize the importance of trust in relationships. Being able to have faith in your partner isn't something you can build in a day. 

During courtship, you learn about the values and principles of your partner. This helps you build trust in him. If you keep suspecting your husband is cheating on you or don't trust him to do anything without your supervision. More so, it gives room for arguments. Being able to trust your spouse shows love and respect. 

4. Romance

If you're off the train of thought that romance dies after marriage, fall off that ride, you're going the wrong way. Romance should increase even after you’ve both moved into your marital home. It helps keep things spiced up and exciting. Giving and receiving gifts, having regular sex, and taking romantic vacations, keeps the marriage moving. 

The fastest way to kill a marriage is to take away the romance. The ability to continually show your spouse that you appreciate him is a good strength and not many people have that. If you do, hold on to it; it'll help you keep the marriage strong. 

5. Commitment

The real definition of marriage is two people deciding publicly to commit to each other. I'm sure that explains why commitment is one of the core strengths. Going back on your vow to commit to your partner is a deal-breaker in marriage. It's one of the core foundations of the institution; there's no marriage without commitment. 

Staying committed to your partner builds trust between you two and makes living together easier as well. Some people can get past a broken commitment, but it takes a while to get back on track. If commitment is your strength in a marriage, you probably already have this whole thing figured out. ‘Commitment issues’ have no business with marriage. 

6. Time together

Time together

After being married for a while, you may forget the importance of quality time. The experiences you have with each other are what make a marriage grow healthy. A couple can grow individually one without the other, and that imbalance can cause a rift in the union. 

Quality time together also creates an atmosphere for romance to come in and trust me; you need all the romance you can get. Growing together would also help you guys understand each other better. Don't be afraid to admit your willingness to spend time with your spouse; you should because it's a vital factor in the growth of any marriage. 

7. Spiritual agreement

If you guys have religious differences, it can easily cause friction between the two of you. Either you both agree with the fact that you do have different values and think of ways to live happily around it. However, a happy couple has a spiritual or religious agreement with each other. 

You must understand the principles and core values of your spouse to be able to build a happy home. It's chaotic for two people with vastly different religious beliefs to live with each other, let alone be married to themselves. The union becomes a strong one if both of you accept each other's values.

8. No third party

Keeping third parties out of a marriage is a strength both couples need to possess. You don't necessarily need the opinion of others (except on issues of extreme importance). Third parties have a way of disorganizing a marriage with their various views on how things should work. 

It's so easy to make your parents or best friend a third party, but you have to draw a line. The marriage is about you and your partner, not anyone else. Don't share intimate information with third parties; most of them don't care as much as you think. 

9. Power balance

In marriage, there must be a power balance. As ladies, we feel we’ve given up the most, and that may be true. You may have to change where you live and give up certain things in your life like your name. Email addresses, social media names, and important documents may also have to change. 

However, rather than hold it against him and try to get the upper hand all the time, it would help if you don’t try to control your spouse. Also, don't enter into a marriage with a man who is over-controlling and beyond correction.

10. Caregiving

It's possible to love someone but not care for them, and caregiving is one of the strengths that help in maintaining marriages. If nurturing your partner is your strength, don't belittle it. It's a sweet thing; it shows the value placed on your significant other. 

11. Listening

To have a successful marriage, you must be a good listener. Listening to your partner would save you so much stress. Don't just listen, make a mental note, and adjust if need be. 

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What are the three most important things in a marriage? 

Love, trust, and communication are the foundation of any union. Without loving each other deeply or being open to growing in love, the marriage would suffer. If you find it difficult to trust your partner, you shouldn't be marrying him. Lastly, communication, you have a life with each other, imagine how those years would be without good communication. 

What keeps a marriage strong? 

Even though it's paramount, there's more to a strong marriage than love. Married couples who are in love with each other can fail at marriage because they lack good communication skills or do not trust themselves. Generally, healthy growth is what keeps a marriage strong, in my opinion, when both partners keep learning about each other and making equal adjustments (in love) to make it work, they develop an unbreakable bond. 

What's your biggest strength in a relationship? 

I can't tell you what your biggest strength in a relationship is because that's relative. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses; you may not be like someone else, we all have our strengths. However, the core strengths of relationships are; commitment, listening, romance, cheerleading, good communication, and caregiving. Things like malice, unforgiveness, distrust, and poor communication will only weaken your bond.

How do you know the strength to leave a marriage? 

It's not easy to finally connect to the strength you already have to leave a marriage. Start with cutting yourself some slack, it's okay to make mistakes, especially when you're growing from it. Keep a diary to write your feelings without holding back and find something that'll bring you new joy. Before you know, you'd be ready to leave

What's the key to a happy relationship? 

Learning how to pick your battles is a strength in a relationship that'll keep you happy. It's about knowing when to talk about issues, how to talk through them, and when to discuss them. Loyalty is another key to a happy relationship. The list of these keys are endless, but the most critical key is love. Without love, the rest don't function well. 

In Conclusion 

I hope you enjoyed the article. It contains all you need to have a happy and fulfilling marriage with your partner. Talk to me in the comments section below and please share this article with others.

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