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If A Guy Waits For You What Does It Mean (19 Possible Meanings)

Have you asked a guy to wait for you until you’re ready to be in a relationship?

Did he actually agree to this?

Did this surprise you? Are you now wondering what his intentions are during this waiting period?

It’s a tricky situation to be in. Perhaps you think this guide is too good to be true to agree to these terms?

The guide below should help you understand what’s going on in his head right now. It features 19 reasons why a man would be willing to wait until you two get into a relationship.

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With that said, let’s take a look at some of the potential reasons why he could have agreed to wait before getting into a relationship with you.

19 Reasons A Guy Waits For You To Be In A Relationship

1. He wasn’t expecting you at this point in his life

He wasn’t expecting you at this point in his life

One of the reasons a guy waits for you instead of immediately acting on his feelings for you as your boyfriend is because you came into his life at the most unexpected time. For instance, if you met your man at the time he had his focus on getting a second degree to get a promotion at work, he would probably not be ready to be with you. 

If he tells you he wants to wait for you even though you’re the right girl for him, you should probably ask him why. If his reason is genuine and you’re cool with it, no reason you can’t wait to.

2. You have commitment phobia but he’s willing to work through it for you

When a guy waits for you while working through your feeling of commitment phobia, he just might be the real deal. One thing is for a guy to tell you he cannot be with a girl who can’t be committed to one man, another thing is him saying he will wait for you to get to the point where you can be committed to him.

When men who find it hard to be faithful to one girl vow to walk the straight line, you can be sure they mean it. Similarly, it is a fact that a man willing to wait for you to change your ways will earn your trust and you’ll start reaping the benefits of loving a faithful man.

3. He is scared of hurting you but he keeps assuring you that he’ll take care of you

One thing a man who cares deeply for you won’t do intentionally is to hurt you. What a serial monogamist fears the most is being tied down to one woman for long. So, when you capture his attention, he will get scared of becoming too intimate with you. As such, he will ask that you keep things private for a while.

However, while keeping things private, he will do all he can to take care of you and not hurt you. If you have been burned too many times before too, he will be careful to make you happy even while he continues to keep your relationship private. 

4. You make him so happy

If the decision to wait before entering a romantic relationship with your guy is from you and he agrees, it could be because you make him happy. When men find women who fill the need that they’ve had for so long, their happiness is usually genuine. 

A man whose needs have been met will begin to have the feeling of completeness and will do everything to ensure the girl doesn’t slip away, even if she isn’t ready for a serious relationship and would rather maintain her privacy from him. 

For example, if the guy waits for you to be ready before he initiates sex, he probably cares a lot for you and won’t mind too much that you’ve put him in the friend zone. 

5. He cannot imagine his life without you in it

A guy who is completely into you will sacrifice so much just to be with you, even if that means he will persevere or exercise so much patience before he can be with you in every way that matters. 

You need to understand that it won’t be easy for him to maintain secrecy or give you privacy when he needs to be close to you but, he will do it just to assure you of his love for you. When you see how devoted he is to your happiness, you might decide to no longer keep things a secret. 

6. He wants you to mature a little bit more before starting something real

Do you like this guy so much but he says he wants to wait a bit more? Is he older than you in terms of age and experience? Then, you may want to see his actions from the perspective that he wants you to mature into a more knowledgeable adult before things can happen for both of you.

You don’t need to get offended by his point of view but accept that he is doing the best thing for both of you.

7. He is selfless enough to understand you need to live your private life

The reason most relationships crash is because there is no form of privacy. The fact that you are in love doesn’t mean you won’t live your private life as you choose or put pressure on your partner to do what they don’t want to do. As long as you don’t betray his trust and still create time to express your feelings to him, you have the right to your privacy.

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8. He finds peace with you and doesn’t want anything to mess with that

He finds peace with you and doesn’t want anything to mess with that

Men love women who will bring peace to their heart at all times. If your words and actions have been bringing peace to him and doing his heart good, he will go to any length for you, including waiting for you before taking the next step.

Where peace is lacking, will end up with a bitter and impatient man with no desire to wait till his girl is ready.

9. You’re fun to be with and he needs that in his stressful world

When a guy waits for you to be ready to date you, it might not be because he is in love or ready to settle down with you. A guy could stick with you because you bring so much fun and excitement into his life.

If his career or other things he engages in stress him, he will see your exuberance as a welcome escape every time. As such, he will wait for you until you give a green light. 

10. He sees marriage in the future for both of you

People protect what they cherish and so, if your guy feels like secrecy and holding on will preserve things in the long run, you may want to see things from his perspective. 

A man who genuinely has the intention to marry you will give you good reasons for wanting to wait before taking things seriously and yet, he won’t deny you the expressions of the love he claims to have for you. 

11. A guy waits for you when he loves you

Guys usually don’t beat around the edges when they are genuinely in love with a girl. A guy in love with you will say and show it and even if you are feeling overwhelmed by the attention, he will take a step back until you’re ready. 

As such, he might be eager to wait for you simply because he is in love with you.

12. The guy doesn’t want sex to spoil the easy intimacy

When it comes to waiting for someone, it could be in terms of sexual intimacy. A guy hesitating to have sex with you could be doing so because he feels sex cheapens relationships. If you both started as friends, the guy might keep his feelings for you a secret because he doesn’t want to spoil things. However, you know he wants you but he’s willing to wait to have sex until you’re both officially a couple.

13. The guy knows you, your past and present, and is willing to be your future too

If the guy is childhood or long-time friend, chances are he knows you better than any boyfriend you’ve ever had. He has seen you go through breakups, pain, joy, and other phases. If you swear him to secrecy about certain things he will do it because he knows a lot about you.

Therefore, this guy won’t pressurize you to start something new until you’re well and truly ready for one. He is also ready to wait for you to see he’s exactly what you need all the while you’ve been searching for the right man to love.

14. He is hiding a secret from you

He is hiding a secret from you

Secrecy is only allowed if both parties are using the tool to keep external parties out of their affairs. The moment you start keeping secrets from each other, there will be problems. 

As such, ask him why he doesn’t want to make things public. If his words sound like a lie, he isn’t waiting for you, he’s just wasting your time.

15. He might appear willing to wait for you because he is secretly gay

While this idea might be a stretch, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility because closet gay men are willing to pretend for as long as they can before they gain the courage to come out. Therefore, question and observe him be sure he isn’t deceiving you about waiting, especially for sex, because he is gay.

16. If your guy is the old-fashioned type, he might find it easy to wait till you’re ready

If you love old-fashioned men who can deny themselves sexual or romantic gratification,  then this might be the man for you. However, if you don’t mind the caveman “let’s wait till our wedding night" kind of man, then him waiting for you won’t serve you in any way.

17. He is protecting himself

We have explored the positive aspects of why a guy could be waiting for you, so it is only wise to wonder about the negative ones too. The fact that a man seems to be sincerely looking out for your interests doesn’t mean that is what he is doing. 

A guy can keep you at arm’s length while hindering you from hanging out with other guys. You should be careful with such a guy because he might just be playing games with your heart whole selfishly protecting himself. That is, he doesn’t want to commit to you but he also doesn’t want you to be committed to another person. 

18. He has a side chick, while he keeps you for marriage

Like the selfish guy protecting his heart, this kind of guy that claims to be “keeping himself for you" might be leading you on. If he doesn’t initiate sex with you and you know he’s normally sexually active, he might be getting from another woman.

His intentions for you might appear pure to him but it still doesn’t change the fact that he’s unfaithful to you. 

19. The guy is not as committed as you thought he was

Many people hide their true feelings under the canopy of “I’m waiting patiently for you" but in reality, they do not incline to be committed to you. Their actions are probably due to confusion but you shouldn’t allow them to hold you down while they are trying to figure out their lives.


What does it mean if a guy waits for you after class?

When a guy waits for you after class, it probably means he likes you, has been looking for means to talk to you and doesn’t want you to slip through his fingers anymore, especially if he is the bold type.

How long will a man wait for a woman he loves?

A man isn’t as patient or long-suffering as a woman can be and so, he can only wait for as long as he is capable of before moving on to another woman. However, there are exceptions whereby a man will never love another woman if the one he wants doesn’t reciprocate his love.

Will a guy wait for you if he loves you?

A guy can wait to have you if he loves you but there’s no guarantee that he won’t hook up with other women along the way.

Is it healthy to wait for someone?

Love is a weird strong feeling that can make you decide to wait for someone for as long as possible but, it is not always healthy to wait for someone who isn’t thinking of reciprocating your love. You deserve a chance at happiness with someone who will care for you back.

How do you know if a man is falling for you?

A guy who is falling in love with you will spend more time with you, reveal his deepest heart desires, and express his love for you in ways you never knew was possible. 

In Conclusion 

Having a guy willing to wait for you until you are open to a relationship or certain intimacies is an amazing thing but, you should be careful not to fall for the lies of a guy up to no good.

Hopefully, these tips will help you figure out which end of the stick your guy falls and help you decide on what to do. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed reading and use the share button as well.

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