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How To Impress Your Crush (17 Ways To Make Them Notice You)

There’s nothing quite like having the world’s biggest crush on someone. Except for the sinking feeling that you get when they don’t seem to notice you’re alive. Or when they do but are the opposite of impressed by you. That doesn’t mean that you’re stuck in the friend zone, though. 

Even if your crush talks to you, you want to make sure that they really notice you. More than anything, you want them to like you. These tips on how to impress your crush will help you accomplish both of those things. 

How To Impress Your Crush

1. Make sure you’re around your crush

make sure you're around your crush

If you have to go a long way home or from the break room back to your desk. If you want your crush to notice you, you’re going to have to be sure that they have the opportunity. Don’t be too obvious about it, though. You want them to notice you while you aren’t looking, or they don’t think you are. 

As with everything, you want a perfect balance. For example, go the long way to your desk once every other day. This takes longer, which can be frustrating, but it’s essential for your crush to like you back. If they know there’s a shorter way to your desk but they see you ten times a day, and you’re staring at them, they might pin you for weird or desperate. 

2. A sense of humor is always sexy

Embarrassing things are a great time to laugh at yourself. Make funny jokes. Tell funny stories. Make it one of your missions in life to make him laugh. Every guy loves a girl that is not serious all the time, and one that can make them laugh. 

Sharing funny memes is a great way to make him grin. If you’re already friends, share them via social media. You can also lookup jokes online to make him laugh. Try a few different styles to see what type of jokes he likes. Don’t forget to make light of situations that aren’t too serious. 

This is one of the biggest ways to make a guy like you back, and it can work within days. Your smile and lighthearted demeanor will instantly make him attracted to you. Simultaneously it makes you easier to approach than women that are serious most of the time. 

3. Self-confidence is sexy

Just like every guy loves the kind of girl that can laugh things off, every guy loves to see a confident woman. If you have low self-esteem, make sure to start working on it. Women that are confident should start wearing it on their sleeve. To show confidence: 

  • Avoid fidgeting
  • Make eye contact
  • Smile more
  • Stand up straight
  • Don’t slouch when sitting down

These small things will help you radiate confidence. This is essential if you’re trying to impress your crush. 

4. Smile more

Men not only seem to prefer women that smile more, but they also gravitate towards them. This is because you’re more approachable when you smile. Women that smile more in life let men know that they might stand a chance when they try to talk to them. 

5. Take care of your appearance

take care of your appearance

I don’t just mean the clothing that you wear. Take care of everything from your head to your toes. Play with your hair. Try out some new eyeshadow looks. Wear clothing that fits your body well, and doesn’t show too much skin. Your extra efforts are guaranteed to help you catch his eye. 

6. Ask questions when he talks

If you’re having a discussion with him, even if it’s just about work, be sure to ask questions. When you ask him about his passions, his work, and his life in general it shows him that you are interested. This can also encourage him to open up more around you. 

If you’re new to the dating scene or have simply been out of it for a while, you can stick to the basics at first. There’s nothing wrong with going with cliche things like “what’s your favorite color?” to break the ice. However, don’t forget open-ended questions too. Here are some great questions to start a conversation: 

  • What’s your favorite television show or movie?
  • Where’s the one place that you want to travel to?
  • What do you spend most of your time doing?
  • What’s the one thing that you love to spend way too much money on?

Other cool topics you can bring up include: 

  • Astrology
  • Aliens
  • Anything outer space
  • Travel destinations (like those cool igloos they have in Finland)
  • Politics
  • Latest news stories
  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
  • Do you believe in ghosts?
  • If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would do?

Keep things light-hearted and fun at first! This will give you a chance to get to know your crush, and for him to get to know you. 

7. Independence is still sexy

Independence never goes out of style. In fact, it’s one of the traits that most men look for in a woman they want a relationship with. When he’s at work, he won’t want you blowing his phone up non-stop or getting mad at him for being busy daily. This doesn’t happen as often with independent women. 

Besides, men like women that can contribute something. For example, you should be able to make your own points in the conversation. Talk about your hobbies and your interests. Try not to focus as much on a future relationship. 

Another great way to show that you’re independent is by solving problems yourself. The damsel in distress act is great, but only every once in a while. Outside of that, show him that you’re a strong, independent woman by tackling things yourself. Then, tell him about it, and what you did to fix it. 

He’ll be impressed, but beware that some guys really do want to fix everything and will give you advice on how to solve your problem in a better way. Don’t take it personally. 

8. Be genuinely interested in your crush

be genuinely interested in your crush

If you’re wondering how to impress your crush, pay special attention to this one. The world is packed with superficial people that only care about a person’s looks. While this might be the reason behind your initial attraction, you need to go deeper than that to impress your crush. 

Be genuinely interested in the guy behind those handsome looks. Learn about his hobbies and passions in life. Pay attention to the wonderful qualities that he has, like being smart or kind. 

9. Be yourself

If your crush is a vegan, don’t suddenly stop eating meat. As a matter of fact, don’t change anything about yourself. There’s almost nothing more annoying than a person that copies everything you do because they like you. This is a huge turnoff. 

Instead, impress your crush by having your own opinions, and don’t be shy about them. If they like one genre of music, feel free to state what type you prefer, even if it’s not the same kind of music that they like. Your crush will instantly be more attracted to you. 

10. Don’t be desperate

If you want to impress your crush, guarantee that you don’t come on too strong. While it’s important to show interest, too much interest will make him feel like you’re smothering him even though you’re not in a relationship. There is a nice little balance. 

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To use this to impress your crush, focus on your own life. Take up some new hobbies. Don’t double or triple text. Avoid being the one to always instigate the conversation. This kind of back and forth will let you know how interested they are in you too!

11. Give it time

If your crush notices you, it can be hard to resist the butterflies in your stomach, but you need to. Resist the urge to throw yourself at them. Instead, give them plenty of time to decide that they like you on their own. Girls that don’t will get thrown into the desperate category. You don’t want to be in that zone. 

12. Watch your friend group

Most people associate you with your friends. For example, if your friends are constantly going to the club and getting drunk, you could be labeled as doing the same thing. The old adage that “birds of the same feather flock together” is what most people go by. 

If your friends are into something you’re not, hold off on making introductions. When that can’t be avoided, make it known that you do or don’t do certain things so he won’t be mistaken. 

13. Show off your spontaneous side

Random new hair color is a sure-fire way to get your crush to notice you. Being spontaneous is a great way to get your crush to like you too! It instantly gives you a little bit of mystery and makes you look fun. Holding back or re-thinking your actions before doing them is boring. Instead, let that spontaneous part of yourself out to play. 

14. Ask for help

ask for help

Guys love to help women. Need your sink fixed? Ask him if he knows how to do that. If he’s a tech guy, ask his opinion on the best anti-virus software for your computer. Guys love to feel needed, and the occasional damsel in distress act definitely works. 

There is a slight catch, though. You don’t want to ask your crush for too much help. A healthy balance is critical, or you risk being thrown into the needy and desperate category mentioned above. 

15. Open up

Granted, some men like the challenge of a woman that is a bit closed off. However, there are far more men that prefer a woman that is open and honest. No matter how many questions he asks, answer them honestly. He’ll love that you’re able to hold a conversation and have your own opinions. He’ll even like getting to know your personality. 

16. Ignore him a little bit when he pays attention to you

Make a comment that you didn’t notice him staring if he says he was. See him smiling at you out of the corner of your eye? You’re just so busy you didn’t realize he was. Handsome guys that are used to every woman they meet wanting their attention will be intrigued. 

A man that loves independence will enjoy that you don’t try too hard with him. Playing that cat and mouse game never fails unless you ignore them a little too much. You want to come off as busy, not disinterested. 

17. Rudeness is the biggest turnoff

If you’re not used to being assertive with your opinions, try it anyway. However, avoid coming off as rude. You don’t want to try and force your opinion on them, or get into a heated argument about differences. Being disrespectful or rude will make him head the other way

Not only will being able to express yourself without being rude could make him like you, but it’s also a great way to impress him. Guys tend to gravitate more towards women who are sweet and kind. He’ll appreciate both your manners and your original personality. 


How can I impress my crushes with words?

Whenever you speak, be real. Don’t fake that you have a perfect life, or that you are perfect. Share your honest opinions when asked. If you’re talking, or dating, send them romantic quotes or tell them that they’re the best part of your day. 

How do you get your crushes to like you back?

Make time for your crushes. Get to know them. Show them that you’re interested. Don’t try as hard as you want to. If you want to call them every night, call them every other night. Then, give it time. It might take him a little longer to decide he likes you, and that’s okay. 

How do you make your crush jealous?

Post on social media about the fun you’re having with other guy friends. Spend time with other people, even if he’s right there. Show off a little bit. For example, your hot new body because you’ve been following a strict exercise program. Make it look like you’re proud, not like you’re trying to get his attention, though. 

How do I look pretty for my crush?

Be well-groomed. Don’t use too many makeup products. Your hair should look neatly trimmed and put together. Your outfit should show off some of your curves without being too sexual, such as showing cleavage or wearing short skirts. Remember, you’re going for pretty, not sexy. 

How do I talk to my crush?

Take a deep breath. Ignore the butterflied. Then, pretend they are someone else. Imagine you’re talking to a guy friend. Or a brother. It can help to actually think of that person when you talk to your crush, but make sure you don’t call them by the wrong name!


It can be hard to impress your crush, but it doesn’t take as much effort as you think it does. Instead, make sure your looks are on point, be yourself, and don’t chase them. They’ll come running over to you if you give it time. What else would you do to impress your crush?

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