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How To Find A Boyfriend (41 Helpful Tips)

Are you longing for a boyfriend to build your life with? 

Do you dream of finding the right guy to take care of you and love you like you deserve?

If so, it’s important for you to know this: your soulmate isn’t going to magically knock on your door one day and declare their love for you?

You have to take some action to make it happen! This guide lists 41 things you can do to help you find an amazing boyfriend. 

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Still, if you have some sort of personal vendetta against online dating, don’t worry! I have listed 41 other things you can do to attract a boyfriend. Just scroll down and keep reading!

41 Tips on How To Find A Boyfriend

Are you struggling to get a boyfriend? Have you been in and out of relationships, or finding it hard to meet someone? 

Despite your challenge, understand that there’s always a way out. If you’re wondering how to find a boyfriend, this article has all the right answers for you. 

We’ve listed out interesting ways to get noticed while finding the right suitors. More so, we’ve outlined some extra tips on how to sustain your relationship when you eventually meet Mr. Right. If you’re eager to find out, then continue reading. Below are forty-one amazing tips on how to find a suitable partner for yourself.

1. Know your type

A relationship is much more than finding a partner to spend time with. You should be able to build a great connection with that person and achieve your goals. Therefore, the first step to finding a suitable partner involves knowing your type. This selection shouldn’t be based on looks alone. Your potential partner should have similar values and ambitions as you do.

If you focus only on superficial things like appearance, you might end up having a shallow romantic relationship. On the contrary, looking for depth and meaning will ensure you meet the best person who wants a serious relationship. You’ll match with someone who can truly support you while you start a great life with them.

2. Enjoy the single life

The worst way to look for a boyfriend is to be desperate about finding one. If you’re tired of the single life, it’s one of the signs you’re not ready for something serious. You have to enjoy the life you’re already living before you can find the right guy for you. 

You need to ask yourself what you spend your free time doing. If you spend most of your time daydreaming about being in a romantic relationship, you might not be ready for one. In most cases, your desired relationship will meet you unawares, especially when you’re comfortable with your life. If you’re too eager, you might end up with a bad person.

3. Try dating apps

There’s no better way to find out your preferences than attempting online dating. It’s a less intimidating environment for ladies trying to find a potential boyfriend. You can learn how to strike conversations and ultimately bond with people better. In the long run, you’ll be closer to being in the type of relationship you desire.

However, it’s crucial not to try online dating merely for the fun of it. If you want to get a boyfriend, then you should actively be searching for one while on dating apps. If you don’t have a clear motive, you’ll end up talking to every guy you come across. Therefore, you’ll unknowingly channel your energy into bad sources.

4. Join a group

If you want to meet a guy eventually, you need to go out of your comfort zone and join clubs. This step is particularly helpful if you know the type of man you want to date. It’s much easier to find a guy with similar values when you join groups. Understand that the best boyfriends aren’t always in the most common places. 

You can decide to join a group online or a physical one around your city. The essential thing is finding a common ground with someone you potentially want to date. Having a great relationship goes beyond having feelings for them. Having shared values guarantee that things will be purposeful and profitable to you and your partner. 

5. Have standards

We advise you to talk to guys on dating apps and even in physical groups. Nonetheless, we strongly encourage all ladies that want to get a boyfriend to have standards for themselves. Getting intimate with someone merely to solidify affection for them may not be a great idea. More so, meeting up with dates in shady places may not be wise.

Having high standards will help curtail your desperation to find a partner. More so, it’ll prevent you from falling victim to the wrong men. You should know what you want and strive towards achieving it, despite the temptations that may arise. This step makes the process of finding a good partner all the more worthwhile.

6. Attend events near you

Apart from joining groups, you can also find a boyfriend by attending the closest events to you. It could be a concert, book reading, or a conference. There’ll always be an exciting place that can help you get a boyfriend. The essential aspect of this exercise is to ensure you meet new people. 

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If you stay within the confines of your regular environment, you’ll never know what you might be missing. On the contrary, going for new occasions can help you diversify your interests. Know that you can find the relationship you’re looking for in the most unexpected places. Therefore, you should be willing to take the risk.

7. Tackle your stereotypes

Whether you’re online dating or searching for a partner at a new event in your neighborhood, you shouldn’t always meet guys that have a particular look. Physical features are important, but they tend to be superficial in the long run. You need to be spontaneous enough to talk to people who don’t necessarily match your ideal look of a partner.

Try to give the most unlikely guy a chance and see where it takes you. You shouldn't shut people out based on random factors. Instead, be friendly with everyone irrespective of their external features. You should also make your judgments after you’ve had a conversation with people. Otherwise, play things cool and avoid coming off as snobbish. 

8. Go on blind dates

go on blind dates

Another great way to find a potential partner is to go on blind dates. This process ensures you leave the comfort of your social circle and find new people. Many women may not like the idea of going on blind dates, but interestingly, there isn’t too much pressure to get things right. The most essential thing is to have fun during the process. 

Keep in mind that if things don’t go well, you’ve gotten a new experience about the dating world. In the long run, you'll know what to avoid and how to approach different situations. On the positive side, you might meet someone you like and kick things off from there.

9. Be patient with the process

If you want to have a solid relationship with anyone, you have to be patient with the process. Don’t expect to get a boyfriend immediately after you start searching for one. More so, guys might try to take advantage of you if they sense that you’re desperate. Taking things slowly helps you filter out the time-wasters.

It’s a good sign if a guy sticks around without wanting anything in return. This action shows that he’s interested in you. On the contrary, if a guy is in a hurry to take things forward, you should be cautious about him. Maintain your standards and allow the relationship to blossom gradually. 

10. Try flirting

When you finally find someone you’re interested in, you might have to make the first move. You can start on dating apps or by sliding into people’s DMs. Leave a compliment about something you saw on their page, and don’t hesitate to tell them that you find them attractive. Learning how to talk to your crush can help you find the perfect partner even faster. 

This process also helps you to know people more. If you don’t display your interest, things might never move forward. You don’t have to go all the way with flirting by mentioning subjects like dating. Instead, keep the conversation fun and casual until things naturally progress to that area. 

11. Talk to strangers

Apart from the virtual world, you have to approach people physically to build a relationship with them. You shouldn’t always expect others to start a conversation. On the contrary, take the first step and be as friendly as you can be. You can ask for directions instead of using your mobile map, complement total strangers, or find random ways to connect with people.

It’ll be wrong to just bring up a discussion without warming up the person first. More so, it might be awkward for the other person. Instead, find things you have in common with others and point them out. This process would be a great conversation starter and would help you bond with others.

12. Journey solo

If you’re trying to get a boyfriend, you can’t be around your friends all the time. This act might prevent your potential perfect match from striking a conversation with you. If you journey alone, it’ll be much more convenient for anyone to approach you. More so, you’ll be able to establish deeper connections with people, than when with your friends. 

Therefore, try to incorporate the habit of going to places alone. You can schedule outings with your friends on other days, especially if you’re going to talk to new people. Your journey to finding a partner might require more alone time than you expected. Nevertheless, it’ll be worth it in the end.

13. Attend a singles meetup

Many people aren’t aware of singles gatherings, but it’s a great place for unmarried folks to connect and do activities together. It’s not necessarily a place for singles to date. On the contrary, you can interact with people who are in a similar situation to you. Listening to their experiences can help you a lot more than you think.

Even better, you might meet a great person that’ll turn out to be a perfect match. This type of gathering is ideal for those who have friends that are all in relationships. You might get more relatable advice on how to find the best partner for you. 

14. Volunteer

Sharing love and compassion with others can help you find a partner faster than you expect. Instead of waiting to meet the love of your life, you can be the source of someone else’s happiness. The great part about volunteering is that you’re likely to meet other compassionate folks like yourself. 

It’ll be easier to bond over similar subjects, which will make the dating process easier than usual. However, we advise you to refrain from volunteering if you have no prior interest in the activity. If you don’t do it willingly, you might detest the process altogether. Nevertheless, such activities can help you meet new people outside your regular circle.

15. Try speed dating

If you’re looking for a quicker alternative to finding a partner, then you should try speed dating. It’s an intuitive way to meet many potential suitors at once. More so, you can gain the necessary experience of dating in a short amount of time. However, the downside about this activity is that you’re likely to meet the wrong kind of guy. 

The first few dates might be awkward, but if you’re lucky, you might finally find someone to fall in love with. Simply find the nearest speed-date locations and give the process a try. If everything goes well, you and your potential partner can meet up again at a coffee shop to get to know each other more.

16. Believe in love

believe in love

Having a wrong mindset about love can prevent you from having a good relationship. If you believe that love is difficult to find, you’ll inevitably always see faults in your potential suitors. More so, having unrealistic expectations from your matches might get your expectations crushed. 

It’s crucial to have faith in the natural process of love. Love isn’t perfect, but with patience and enough effort from the two parties, you can make any relationship work. Having this mindset will help you get a boyfriend that will likely not break your heart. More so, you’ll have achievable expectations while searching for the perfect one.

17. Be confident

If you’re going to approach your potential suitors, you have to display confidence. Avoiding eye contact and slurring on your words would only make you seem unsure about your advances. On the contrary, taking control of the situation will showcase your interest in the best possible way. You have to feel comfortable about what you’re doing before you can be confident. 

If making the first move goes against your standards, you probably shouldn’t do it. Instead, try to change your mindset about the process before approaching someone. Think of it as seizing an opportunity that’s already in front of you. More so, understand that not every guy would be bold enough to ask you out.

18. Smile more

A smile can communicate much more than some words. Therefore, pay attention to your facial cues while figuring out the right words to say. This tactic can help you get a boyfriend faster than you think. If you don’t look approachable, no one might believe you’re interested in having a relationship.

On the contrary, a simple smile would help potential suitors know that you’re interested in them. It also showcases that you’re friendly and up for a conversation. People will be eager to chat with you the more you smile. You don’t have to keep smiling all the time, but to ensure your expressions are as amiable as possible.

19. Wear clothes that make you stand out

If you want the right guy to fall for you, you have to look approachable. You don’t necessarily need to go out of your comfort zone to impress the person you like. Instead, try to look smart and sharp. Wear bright colors like red, but don’t mix too many colors in the process. Ensure your clothes make you stand out by paying maximum attention to your appearance. 

More so, avoid wearing sweats or baggy clothes because you might get lost in the crowd. We don’t advise you to dress provocatively merely to catch a guy’s attention. However, try your best to look good irrespective of the occasion. Ensure you smell nice as well because bad hygiene can also be a turn-off.

20. Ask your friends to set you up

There’s nothing wrong with asking your friends for a little help to get a boyfriend. If your efforts are futile, your friends can indeed come to your rescue. They might know a guy that’s perfect for you and can set you up on a date. Since they know you better than most people, they'd consider your temperaments and select a nice suitor for you.

This step increases your chances of being in a solid relationship. Getting advice from your friends can prevent you from making avoidable mistakes. Even so, they’d have your back if you have issues with any of the suitors. 

21. Don’t settle for less

While it’s essential to keep your options open, you should never settle for less when it comes to dating. If you get red flags while interacting with someone, you shouldn’t take things forward. A relationship entails building a life with another person. Therefore, you have to ensure you select a good boyfriend. 

Don’t be overly selective or you might never find the right person for you. However, jumping into any random relationship is more dangerous than the former. Have your type in mind and be attentive during the selection process. Never let your emotions get the best of you that it forces you to make a bad choice. 

22. Go out with friends

Online dating is a good place to find single guys. However, it’s still crucial to meet up with friends at sociable locations. This step is crucial to building your confidence because you’re in the company of people you trust. Meeting up in places like a coffee shop is an excellent idea. You don’t necessarily need to attend a party before you can meet potential suitors.

Your friends can also give you tips on how to interact with guys. They’ll also encourage you at the moment, helping you to make faster connections with others. In a nutshell, you should go out with your friends if they seem to be your support system.

23. Find new hobbies

Sticking to routines might be the toughest way to find a boyfriend fast. Sometimes, you might need to be spontaneous if you want to find the right guy for you. If most guys in your neighborhood aren’t your type, consider visiting new locations. Another intuitive tip would be to adopt new hobbies.

For example, try going rock climbing or horseback riding if you haven’t already done so. The best part about this step is that you’ll have fun during the process. You might also build interesting relationships with new people in the long run. Therefore, if dating is your top priority, you shouldn’t hesitate to try new things.

24. Accept invitations

accept invitations

Another great way to get out of your comfort zone is by accepting invitations. If your friends invite you to a new occasion, you should consider going. Even if you’re not used to the environment, it can renovate your mindset about finding a relationship. You’ll get to talk to more people and connect with strangers. 

Such actions can build your confidence to approach potential suitors more freely. Even so, you'll learn from your new encounters at different events. Try not to stick to usual locations, but be more willing to explore the world around you. 

25. Start conversations

Relationships bloom when two people connect on a deeper level. You’ll never know how much you have in common with someone until you strike a conversation with them. If you go out on a date with a guy, you can research interesting conversation starters. This process will ensure you bond well with your date. 

If you want your new partner to potentially be your future husband, you’ll have to make an effort to know them more. Don’t wait for them to start all the discussions. Instead, ensure you build the relationship from your end.

26. Give them a second chance

If you want to get a boyfriend, you should consider giving some potential suitors a second chance. If they didn’t give their best the first time, you can find out if they’re meant for you the second time. A second date is always a good idea, especially if you have many options to choose from. This process helps you to filter out the bad choices from the good ones. 

Remember that a first date may not always go as planned. People’s nerves can prevent them from showcasing their real personalities. Therefore, it’s crucial to have another date where your suitor will most likely be more comfortable.

27. Ensure they’re not in a relationship

It’s crucial to do background research on the person you want to date. If you feel they’re the right person for you, ensure they’re not in a relationship before taking things forward. Never let your desire to have a boyfriend let you skip this step. Many people often want to leave their previous relationships and do so in unusual ways.

Ensure you’re not another person’s rebound by asking intuitive questions. For example, ask them when their last romantic relationship was, and what caused the break-up. Next, you can ask them if they still communicate with their ex. This inquiry will help you decipher a lot about your potential suitor. 

28. Find out what other people think

Apart from asking your date some questions, you need to find out what other people think of him. You can do this by talking to his friends and finding out if they’re excited to meet you. If they seem welcoming, it’s a great sign. However, if they treat you like any random girl, it might hint that your potential partner has many options. 

You can also talk to your friends if you’re having doubts. They might be in the best position to offer great advice. They might see the loophole where you can’t see them, and possibly spot a fake person when you’re too emotional to do so. 

29. Take things slowly

Even though you want to find a boyfriend fast, understand that true love takes time to build. Most guys that are genuinely interested in you wouldn’t want to rush the process. They’ll spend their time getting to know you, and finding out your likes and dislikes. Therefore, take things slow if you genuinely want a worthwhile relationship.

The best way to engage this step is to enjoy every situation. Don’t be too eager to get to the next stage of the relationship that you fail to relish the moment. The more you’re comfortable with your present circumstances, the better things will be.

30. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not

The last thing you’d want to do when looking for the perfect guy is to feign another character. Being yourself will ensure you have the most authentic relationship you can find. On the contrary, adding to your personality will be difficult to maintain when you start dating. If you’re the quiet type, don’t try to be more outgoing merely to please your date.

Staying true to yourself ensures that the right person sticks around. However, this point doesn’t suggest that you shouldn’t change some aspects of yourself when necessary. It’s crucial to know what others think about you and work towards being a better version of yourself.

31. Build friendships

Some guys may not think about having a first date with you until they’re comfortable around you. Therefore, it’s crucial to focus on building friendships with the people you meet. This process will make it much easier for them to eventually ask you out. However, wanting a total stranger to ask you out might be a difficult task.

You might need to prove yourself as a worthy friend before becoming someone’s partner. Try to reduce your expectations when meeting new people, and be nice to everyone you meet.

32. Get to know people more

get to know people more

Getting to know people more is crucial to finding a future partner. While building your friendship with someone, try to be inquisitive about their personal life. Find out about their ambitions, goals, and desires. The more you start conversations like these, you’ll display your interest in them. 

However, if you expect them to stir up all the discussions, it’ll be difficult for the friendship to blossom. You can make research on the best questions to ask people. This step is essential to building a solid relationship with them before anything gets serious. It’ll also help you detect whether they’re a great match for you or not. 

33. Find commonalities

True love is built on finding a common ground with your partner. Therefore, if you find someone you like, it’s crucial to look for commonalities. Find out what both of you have in common. Do you like the same foods? Do you support the same sports team? Do you enjoy doing similar activities? 

Things like these will interest a potential suitor and make them consider dating you. This step also makes it easier for both of you to spend lots of time together. You’ll be comfortable around each other and can duly share your interests.

34. Be independent

While dating the person of your dreams, you still have to remain a confident woman. You shouldn’t worry too much about losing your partner, or it might affect your self-esteem. Instead, maintain your independence while you strive towards having a successful romantic relationship. Never become too invested in your man that you forget to take care of yourself.

The more you depend on your partner for everything, the more likely you’ll get frustrated sooner than you expected. On the contrary, being independent helps you cater to your needs while having the maximum energy to invest in your relationship.

35. Encourage and praise him

Support is crucial to sustaining long-term relationships. If you want to have a good boyfriend, you need to be a supportive partner. Even before you start dating a potential suitor, develop the habit of encouraging and praising him. Guys love it when ladies make them feel special. If you want a guy to notice you, you have to use this tactic. 

Talk about their perks and what makes them unique. Tell them how special they are and how you’re glad to be in their lives. Words like these will go a long way into making you a future partner.

36. Give him his space

It’s necessary to give a guy space even though you’ve been talking to him for a long time. This step is crucial to avoid sending the wrong message that you’re too dependent on him. No one can take advantage of you when you’re self-reliant. Therefore, it’s essential to create some healthy space from time to time both physically and on a dating app.

We don’t advise you to ghost your potential suitors merely to create interest. Instead, learn to handle some things on your own without needing their attention. More so, don’t overly monitor your potential partner’s activities or it might turn him off.

37. Ask him on a date

If you’ve known someone for a while, asking them out is a great option. This step is crucial if you want to take things further. If the person has displayed interest in you, they might want to be with you. However, try not to make assumptions. After a few dates, ask them if they’re interested in starting a romantic relationship.

If you’re shy about asking your crush out, you can give subtle cues. Tell them about interesting locations and ask if they can accompany you. More so, try to stir some conversations on the subject of romance to see their response. These actions will let them know that you’re interested in building something deeper.

38. Enjoy the process

The most important thing about dating someone is to enjoy every bit of the process. Don’t overthink every scenario or you might miss out on the beauty of being with your partner. More so, try not to be too future-oriented that you become uncomfortable with present circumstances. 

If you’re always focused on the next big goal, you might unconsciously detach from the present. So, try to avoid worrying too much about your relationship. Focus on building the relationship but don’t forget to live your life during the process. Remember that your happiness is crucial to the relationship’s growth. Ensure you smile and cheer yourself on for every little effort you put in. 

39. Be a good partner

If you’ve finally gotten a cute guy as your boyfriend, the next step involves being a great partner. You can do this by incorporating all the tips you used to win your man over. Be supportive, kind, fun-loving, and never stop knowing more about your partner. More so, you should have an adaptive mindset to cater to the ever-changing circumstances of your relationship. 

The more you put effort into making your romantic relationship work, the more you’ll see tangible results. More so, strive to continuously grow as an individual, which will positively affect your relationship.

40. Don’t be possessive

dont be possessive

It’s necessary to avoid being possessive when you eventually find a partner. People tend to unconsciously exhibit this act especially if they put maximum effort into finding a suitor. However, being controlling can make you lose your partner quicker than you found them. Therefore, ensure they can still live their individual lives despite being with you. 

You can focus on building your lives together as a couple but individual growth is key to the success of any romantic relationship. The more you’re happy with your personal life, the more you can make your partner happy.

41. Don’t cheat

Never lead other nice guys on when you eventually find the right partner for you. You should stop talking to your old suitors on any dating app if you’re in a romantic relationship. This act would inevitably betray your partner’s trust and can ruin the dynamics of your relationship.

It might be tempting to leave your options open, but this step can tarnish your integrity. Your partner would question your emotions towards him and feel deceived. More so, it would be hard to rebuild the broken trust. 


What is the best place to find a boyfriend?

Volunteering or joining online spaces are great places to look for a boyfriend. Even so, attending events, churches, or restaurants are perfect spots to meet a potential partner. Anywhere with a social gathering where lots of interesting activities take place, are great places to meet and connect with people.

What is the right age to find a boyfriend?

Finding the right age to have a boyfriend depends on the reason you want to date. Being in a romantic relationship may not mean the same thing to people in different age groups. Therefore, you have to identify whether it’s profitable for you to date someone before embarking on that journey. 

How do you flirt?

Little actions like making eye contact, smiling, or even complimenting someone can display your attraction to that person. Flirting involves subtly showing interest in someone using cues and little action. Touching their hands or sitting close to them are great examples of non-verbal ways to flirt.

Which age is best for kissing?

People often have their first kiss in their teenage years. However, you should never be under pressure to kiss anyone if you’re not ready for it. Kissing is an intimate act that tends to lead to other sexual activities. Therefore, you should only engage in it when you’re mature enough to handle the latter.

How do you know if a boy likes you over text?

If a boy is eager to chat with you, it shows he’s interested in you. More so, if he’s consistent with his interaction with you, it means he might like you. Subtle cues like using emojis, calling you nicknames, and texting you all the time might reveal that he has a crush on you.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article? Remember to be patient with the process of finding a suitable partner. Try not to force a connection with someone if things aren’t working out. Have faith that your Mr. Right will eventually come. Kindly leave a comment below if you liked this article, and share it with others.

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