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If A Guy Sends You Pictures Of Himself (21 Things He Might Be Trying To Tell You)

by Sonya Schwartz

Sending pictures has become a norm between close friends and family members. That’s because they’ve gotten used to each other over a long time. Some people feel it’s weird for others to send pictures of themselves during a chat. While some others think it’s cool, because of how interesting it could make a conversation. 

A guy may choose to send you his photos depending on how well he knows or wants to be close to you. His reasons may not sound logical to you, but they are, as long as he feels they’ll help him achieve the kind of relationship he wants to have with the girl. 

Sending photos is not a bad thing. But, it depends on the kind of pictures he sends to you. He may send an erotic photo, selfie, group photo, or any random photo of himself. This depends on the kind of relationship he wants to build with you, whether it’s romantic, sexual, or just platonic friendship.

To you, it may not matter the kind of photo he sends to you, but his reason for sending it may matter. If you’re in this situation or find yourself in a similar situation, keep reading this article to know 21 reasons why a guy would send photos of himself to you.

21 Reasons Why Guys Send Pictures of Himself

1. To start a good friendship

to start a good friendship

A guy may want to increase his circle of friends. He may or may not know how to go about it, especially if it has to do with a girl. Sometimes, words aren’t enough for guys to express what they truly want. 

This makes them try every other possible way they can to make things work. If you meet a guy and it’s been a short while you both started talking, he may send a selfie just to say he wants to be friends with you. That photo could be one of the signs that he means no harm but wants to be a good friend.

2. His outfit may be cool and he thinks you should see it

You may have gotten to a stage where you both like each other and are ready to be in a relationship. That way he could send you his photo as your soon-to-be boyfriend. Let’s say he wore an outfit that has your favorite color, he may want you to see it.

If he’s already your boyfriend, it means he already has the permission to send you his photos, especially if he feels you’ll like them. But, this excludes it all if you’re a strict girlfriend, or you love doing your things a certain way.

3. To make a text conversation interesting

It’s not that easy to keep a conversation going when you’re texting. This happens to most people who prefer calling others rather than getting involved in chatting. He may fall into this category of boys but may avoid calling if he’s not sure how you’d react if he does.

To prevent either of you from losing interest in texting, he could send a photo of himself to you. He may do it to get your opinion about something, or as a way to kick off a new topic of discussion between both of you. Either way, he’ll only do it in the best interest, which is one of the signs he's in it for good.

4. If it’s a photo of different outfits, he wants you to help him choose one

Everyone has that struggle of finding an outfit. It doesn’t matter if it’s a casual or formal occasion. We all need help when choosing an outfit, once in a while. Since he talks to you, he could send you photos of different outfits to help him select the perfect combination.

In that case, you can take it as a normal thing. It means he has logical reasons for sending you his photos. That’s also his way of showing that he has developed trust for you, and wouldn’t mind taking your suggestions for specific things.

5. He wants you to repost so your female friends can see

There’ll always be single boys out there. If you have a guy-friend who knows you’re in a relationship and respects that, he may send you his photo to repost for other girls to see. It’s not a big deal and it takes nothing from you. But, it also depends on the kind of photo he sends to you.

A photo of him doing something crazy may just be to crack you up. A picture of him volunteering somewhere could be to tell you about the event and how it went. But, if he sends a lovely photo of him in a nice outfit, it could mean “you need this in your gallery and your female friends need to see this, too.”

6. It’s his birthday and he wants you to post nice pictures

Many guys are particular about photos of them you post. You may be the fun person who loves posting adventurous and exciting photos, but they may want you to post recent and organized photos. He could send you photos occasionally to ensure it works his way. 

This could sound funny, but many guys do this to prevent people they know from posting their throwback photos. He may or may not say it, but sending you his photos is an indirect way of telling you this. This could be a reason why a guy would send you his photos.

7. He may send it to tell you about a memory

It’s a usual thing to tell stories with photos and videos. Not everyone is this creative or detailed. If a guy sends you his pictures to reminisce about a past event, it means he values you so much he wants you to have a mental picture of what he’s talking about. 

As funny as it may sound, using past photos to talk about a particular memory or memories, helps to make a chat interesting. That’s because it makes it easier for you to understand any story he tells, whether it’s boring or not. This is another reason a guy may want to send you his photos.

8. If you’ve never met, he wants you to see what he looks like

You could have met online and for a long time, and you both don’t know what you look like. In a case like this, he may decide that you both exchange photos to have a mental picture of what you look like. Not everyone agrees to this, but sometimes men do.

He could go as far as sending photos of him in different situations, so you imagine what he looks like when he’s stressed, happy, and ready for work. He may not necessarily send all these photos to you on the same day, but at different times as he takes them or finds them in his photo gallery. This could be a guy’s reason for sending you his photos.

9. He wants to start a relationship

he wants to start a relationship

Receiving pictures from a guy could mean he’s falling in love with you. Maybe he thinks it’s not enough for him to engage you in a chat, or express how he truly feels about you. That could make him send a combination of memes and his photos. 

So, a guy may send you his photos as a way of saying he’s not only in love with you but wants to start a relationship with you. He could even use it as his way of asking you out on a date. If he does this, it could be another reason that would make a guy send you his pictures.

10. If it's a selfie, he respects you and wants to take things slow

When a guy constantly chats with you, chances are, he may like you. And when a guy likes you, it takes self-discipline to filter what he sends to you. If he can control himself to send only selfies, it means he would like to be in a relationship with you but would prefer to take things slow.

He could also be a fun person who wants to share his happiness with you. He may want you to see and virtually enjoy the exciting things he’s doing, which would make him send his photos. If he does this, it’s a good sign he’s not doing it for his selfish interest.

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11. He may just need compliments from you

When a guy is constantly texting you, and he’s proud, he may send you pictures just to receive compliments. It is not because he can’t get it from another girl, but wants it to come from you. It may be because he has a special interest, or it may make him feel good hearing you compliment him.

It doesn’t matter if he's in the friend zone or not, a word or an emoji of admiration would do the trick. That could help build your friendship or make things more interesting, depending on how well you handle it.

12. If he sends a picture of him with his friends, he has settled well with you as his friend

It takes a level of understanding for guys to send pictures of them with their circle of friends to girls. It means you both have gotten to a stage where you can tolerate most of each other’s flaws, and you don’t mind him sending you his photos.

But, if he does this when you’re still trying to get used to each other, it could mean he can’t wait to see you that close to him in the future. It could also mean he’s proud to let you see his group of friends. That’s a good sign he respects you more than you can imagine.

13. He wants you to respond to his messages

Nobody likes to be ignored, no matter how insignificant you could be in a place or situation. The same thing applies when a guy is chatting with you, and you ignore his messages for no logical reason. He may feel hurt and try his best to prevent it from happening in the future.

That’s why you may see him sending his photos occasionally, not because he wants you to comment on them, but to say ‘hi’. He might just want your attention, even if you don’t reply as much as he may want you to. It could be another reason why he sends you his photos.

14. If he sends an erotic photo, he wants a sexual relationship

There are numerous categories of pictures a guy can send to you, and they include nudes. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll send you a naked picture of his full body. He could send you photos of his intimate body parts, or something close to that, whether they’re safe with you or not. 

Some of them don’t care if you’re interested or not, they may send it hoping you’d react positively to them. Some of them could misinterpret your messages, thinking you’re demanding pleasure. Whatever the case may be, this could be a reason a guy would send his picture to you.

15. He may want you to know who’s messaging if he has no display photo

A different case scenario could be when you exchange numbers with a guy, but you don’t message or call each other immediately. You may not remember him when he finally texts. Or, you may be trying to place exactly who he is from the numerous people you met. 

So, he may need to send a selfie to remind you about his face. You may think his display picture may do the job, but not all guys use their personal photos for that. In a situation like this, it’s normal for him to make an effort to further describe himself by sending his photo. 

16. He may want you to send your photo, too

Some boys find it hard to ask girls for their pictures. So, they feel the best way to go about it is to send their photos first, then they can use that as a way to ask for the girl’s photo. The guy you’re texting may be using the same technique.

If a guy keeps sending his pictures to you, it may be that he’s shy to ask you to send your picture. He may also want to be careful not to overstep boundaries by asking for yours. So, he’d prefer to send his photo first, instead of asking for yours.

17. If he sends a shirtless photo, he wants you to see how good he looks without a shirt

if he sends a shirtless photo, he wants you to see how good he looks without a shirt

Not everyone is good with words. Some use actions to express anything they feel the need to. Some guys fall into this category. They find themselves chatting with a girl they want to impress, but lacking the necessary chatting skills to keep a conversation going. 

If a guy sends you a shirtless picture, his looks may be his only way of proving his worth. He may have had failed attempts to chat successfully with you, hence, the shirtless photos. It may seem like a desperate way to achieve it, but this could be why you’re receiving photos from a guy. It’s something you should look out for.

18. Your conversation may be boring and he wants to switch it up a bit

Many guys find the normal daily pleasantries to be boring in a conversation. Asking common questions like “have you eaten?” and “how’s your day going?” could bore you during texting. So, he may think it’s cool to send you a picture of him doing something crazy for a change.

He may send a picture of him during a trip to a particular country. It could also be him having fun during an adventure. A photo of him doing anything exciting or embarrassing could switch up things a bit, especially if he wants to take your friendship to the next level.

19. He’s comfortable chatting with you

When you get comfortable chatting with someone, like your friend, you feel free to send them many things. You won’t care about their reaction, because you know their personalities, and you know they’ll accept them. The same thing applies to a guy who’s comfortable chatting with you. 

He would send many things he feels you’ll accept, including his photos. They may not be erotic or inappropriate photos, but calm photos of himself. Sometimes, he could send them with a lovely caption. That way, you get to fully understand his reasons for sending you any photo at a particular time.

20. He wants to prove a point

Some topics of discussion or conversations need proof, or instances to support their points. If you’re both chatting and arguing about something that concerns him, he could send his photos to justify anything he says. Or, it could be something that relates to a similar situation he experienced in the past.

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In this case, you can assume that he’s sending his photos because it’s based on your discussion, which is all positive. It may happen once, or a few more times, especially when it involves you both. He could also find proof after your discussion, and send the photos. As playful as it may seem, it could be a guy’s reason for sending you his photos.

21. If he sends a photo of him with his family, he trusts your company

Guys share photos of themselves and their families when they trust the girl they’re talking to. If you both have been chatting or talking for a while, and he sends photos of his family, that’s trust. It means he’s comfortable enough with you to share certain secrets and memories.

So, if he rarely sends photos, but sends a family picture with him in it, appreciate and share in the joy. He may not want to date you or have sex with you, but build a good and beneficial friendship. That is a great sign you’re close to becoming a valued person in his life.


How do guys respond to selfies?

They could reply with compliments, send a nice and cute emoji, or ignore. Guys have different personalities and each of them responds to selfies according to their mood, and level of interest. Depending on the scenario, they could react with their selfies to balance the conversation.

What does it mean when a guy sends you a picture of himself shirtless?

There’s a general mentality of how a guy’s body should be. That includes a well-chiseled and firm body to make them look more masculine. A guy may send you a shirtless picture to prove this or show how good he looks if he doesn’t have the kind of masculine body you desire.

How often should a guy text if he likes you?

It depends on how he expresses himself when he likes a girl. Some guys would prefer to text you a few times, leaving some breathing space. Some would text you continuously, all day long to make sure they have your maximum attention. While some others would text occasionally to ask you out on a date.

Why does he keep sending me selfies?

Maybe he wants to be friends with you. He may not also be good with words or know how to keep a conversation going. When a guy keeps sending you selfies, it means he’s interested in talking to you for a long time but doesn’t really know how to go about it.

Why does a guy ask for your picture?

If a guy asks for your selfie, he wants to see how you look in your worst state. If he asks for a random photo, he may want to post it on your birthday, show it off to his friends, or for the fun of it. He may not have a specific reason for it.


It could be surprising for a guy to send you pictures of himself. If you find yourself in a situation like that, feel free to refer to the 21 reasons I’ve mentioned to guide you for a start. If you liked this article, please drop a comment and share it with others.

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