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How Do Introverts Flirt? (23 Charming Ways)

Every individual has their own specific way of flirting with people. Some people like to be bold and outlandish, whereas others prefer to be romantic and gentle - there are so many flirting styles! However, most of the time, you can tell if someone is flirting with you. 

The only time you might not be able to tell if someone is flirting with you is if an introvert is flirting with you. People that have an introverted personality type find it difficult to actually put themselves out there and flirt with people that they’re interested in, and most of the time, the person they’re trying to flirt with won’t even notice. 

So, sometimes it’s essential to know how an introvert flirts so that you’re aware of the things to look out for.

Do you think that an introverted guy likes you? Are you an introvert that’s curious to know how other introverts flirt and pick up on some dating advice? Or maybe you’re here to simply understand how different personality types have different flirting styles? 

Whatever the reason, this article is going to share the 23 ways an introvert flirts, so that by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be an introvert relationship expert!

What Is An Introvert?

Before we take a look at the ways that introverts flirt, it’s important to actually understand what an introvert is. An introvert is someone that has a quiet, reserved, anti-social (not in a rude or bad way) individual. 

The kind of person that’s an introvert will avoid large social gatherings and spending time with people on a constant basis. If a person is introverted, they will prefer a night at home in their own company than a night on the town with their friends.

An introvert is the opposite of an extrovert! An extrovert is someone that enjoys being with other people more than they enjoy being with themselves, and they’ve typically deemed ‘the life of the party’. 

1. They won’t make it obvious

Introverts don’t flirt like other people. There won’t be any cheeky touches or flattering compliments like you might expect from someone trying to flirt with you. You will find it extremely difficult to tell if an introvert is flirting with you because they won’t make it obvious at all! 

You need to look out for other, not-so-typical signs that an introvert is flirting with you, hence the reason this article is here to help.

2. They might try and get you to make the first move

They might try and get you to make the first move

Since introverts don’t like to obviously flirt or put themselves out there too much, they may try and get you to make the first move. This means that they will typically hang back, use their secret flirting tactics to try and make you interested in them, and then wait for you to approach them for their number or a date.

3. They will start a conversation with you

Introverts like to keep themselves to themselves, and they don’t tend to like starting conversations or engaging in small talk with people that they aren’t already close with. So, if an introvert makes an effort to start a conversation with you, it’s because they’re interested in you and want to get to know you further, not just because they’re engaging in polite small talk with you.

4. They will have meaningful conversations with you

Introverts don’t tend to chitchat or small talk with a lot of people, simply because they see it as a waste of time to speak to people that they don’t know and don’t intend to know in the future. So, if an introvert is speaking to you and having a meaningful conversation with you, it’s because they’re interested in having you in their life.

5. They will open up to you, and no one else

Introverts are quiet people that don’t tend to really open up to anyone unless they trust them and think that they will be an important person in their life. So, if an introvert is opening up to you, it’s because they like you, they trust you and they’re actually willing to invest their time in sharing information about themselves with you.

6. They listen to you intently

Introverts don’t enjoy speaking to or listening to a lot of people, so if someone is speaking to them that they don’t really know, they will most likely switch off. This means that if an introvert is really listening to you and making an effort to remember what you say, they like you and they’re genuinely interested in what you have to say.

7. They make time for you

Someone that’s an introvert wants to make a life for themselves and live life on their own schedule, and they won’t usually make time for anyone unless they’re really worth it. So, if an introvert is making time to see you, it’s because they like you and they value the time you spend together.

8. They will ask about your interests

They will ask about your interests

If an introvert is interested in you, they will want to know exactly what makes you tick and what kind of a person you are, so they will ask you a lot about your interest and hobbies. They aren’t just asking you these things as some kind of chit chat, they’re asking you because they want to hear all about you and figure out if you’re actually a good fit.

9. They will want to spend a lot of time with you

Even if an introvert makes time for you occasionally, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they like you in a romantic sense, they might just be going through a more social phase. However, if an introvert is constantly wanting to spend time with you and they’re willing to give up a large amount of their alone time to be with you, they’re certainly romantically interested in you.

10. They communicate with you a lot on social media

Introverts love the fact that social media and texting exists because it makes it so much easier for them to communicate with everyone! So, although an introvert might not be obviously showing you that they’re interested in you when you’re with them in person, you’ll know that they’re flirting with you if they message you a lot via social media or texts.

11. They do things without you asking them to

Introverts think about themselves a lot, not because they’re more selfish than others, but because they tend to prioritize doing what they want to do and spending their time by themselves. So, if an introvert does something kind for you without asking them to, they’re doing it because they want to show you (instead of telling you, of course) how much they like you.

12. They try to find common ground

Introverts highly value their time alone being able to do whatever they want, whether that be playing video games and chilling out in their home, or meditating and practicing yoga! So, to make sure that you’re going to be a good fit with them, they will try to find common ground with you pretty early on. 

They might do this by asking your opinion on certain situations or presenting you with two plan options and seeing which one you choose. If you’re overly extroverted, they need to know, because that probably just isn’t going to be a successful match.

13. They will come up with chilled date ideas

If you do get to the point where you are dating an introvert, you’ll find that rather than taking you out to packed restaurants or taking you to their friends’ parties, they will treat you to a home-cooked meal and a cozy night in. They’re doing this not because they’re boring, but to show you that the two of you are compatible and suited to a chilled, more introverted lifestyle.

14. They will share their personal interests with you

Introverts are happy doing things by themselves and they don’t feel the need to share their personal interests like other people do. So, if an introvert shares their personal interests and hobbies with, or even better, wants you to join in with them doing these things, they’re definitely interested in you romantically. 

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15. They will make sure you know that it’s only you, they open up to

Introverts don’t open up to anyone unless they think they can trust the person they’re opening up to, and if they think they are worth it. So, if an introvert does open up to you, it’s because they like you. 

However, an introvert will want you to know that it’s only you that they’re opening up to you because you’re special to them. They might tell you this, or they might simply show you this by making it obvious that they’re not close to anyone in the way that they are close with you.

16. They show you they like you through their body language

They show you they like you through their body language

If an introvert can’t flirt very well and tell you that they like you, you will be able to tell through their body language. They will face their body towards you, they might blush or sweat a little with nerves, they might meet and hold eye contact with you and they will try and be as close to you as possible.

17. They will gravitate towards you in social situations

In social situations, introverts will gravitate towards people that they feel comfortable around and those that they want to be with. So, if you’re in a social situation with an introvert and they’re sticking by your side, you can be pretty certain that it’s because they feel comfortable around you and that they want to be with you.

18. They will get nervous around you

Although not all introverts are shy, a lot of them tend to be, especially around people that they like, because they spend a lot of time alone (by choice though, of course). This means that when an introvert is around someone they like and that they’re trying to flirt with, they will most likely get nervous.

19. They will look at you from afar

As mentioned above, a lot of introverts can be shy, and therefore they might actually be too scared to approach the person that they like. Instead, they might just look at their crush from afar. Obviously, this isn’t in a creepy way! Rather, what they’re doing is pretty much looking longingly at the person they want to actually be in front of, flirting with. So, if you notice an introvert’s eyes following you around the room, it’s most likely because they like you.

20. They will make sure they’re always there for you

Introverts are typically loyal and extremely caring types of people, and an introvert that likes someone will always be there for them, whether that be emotionally or physically. If they really like someone, they will even go to social events and do more extroverted activities for them, pretty much proving how much they like them. 

21. They will offer you advice

Introverts don’t tend to get mixed up with other people’s business or worry about giving advice to others, simply because they can’t be bothered getting involved with anyone else’s business but their own. So, if an introvert is offering you advice, it’s because they genuinely care about you and what you do, and they consider you as important as themselves.

22. They invite you into their home

For an introvert, their home is their happy place and it’s extremely important to them. An introvert’s home is their little haven, where no one comes and disturbs them, and they’re free to do exactly what they want and live however they see fit, all by themselves. 

Most introverts rarely invite people into their homes, because they just don’t want other people there. So, if an introvert invites you into their home, they’re doing it because they like you and they’re romantically interested in you.

23. They will show you that they like you, rather than tell you

After you’ve read through all of these signs, you’ve probably realized that introverts flirt in a very different way to how others do. Introverts show you that they like you, rather than telling you - this is how introverts flirt. 

Introverts won’t engage in small talk, use pickup lines, or have a particular flirting style that they stick to. Instead, introverts will show you how much they appreciate you and how much they like you over time, proving to you that they’re worth your appreciation back.


How do introverts act when they like someone?

If you want to know how introverts flirt, and if you want to be able to tell if an introvert likes you, check out the 23 points above. Essentially though, if an introvert likes someone, they will actually spend time with them and go out of their way to be around this person.
Introverts tend to avoid most people, so if an introvert makes time in their life to be with someone, it’s because they like them.

How do introverts show affection?

Rather than telling you how much they like you or smothering you with kisses and cuddles to try and show affection towards you, introverts tend to do things for you to show affection towards you. 

That’s not to say that they won’t cuddle up to you or kiss you when you’re actually in a relationship with each other, but they would be more likely to sit and listen to you talk about your day, or do you a favor without you realizing, to show their affection for you when they’re trying to flirt with you. 

Do introverts text first?

Although introverts are typically more comfortable and confident to flirt with people over text messages or on social media, they will still probably not text first, especially if they’re a shy introvert. 

If you text an introvert first and they like you, they’ll reply quickly and in the future, because you’ve shown them that you want to speak to them first, they might even text you first!

Do introverts like to cuddle?

Introverts definitely like having their personal space, but if they like someone, they will love to cuddle with them. 

Introverts aren’t really any different when it comes to romantic affection and physical romantic touch once they’re in a relationship with someone, in fact, introverts love being at home and chilling out so much that you’ll find yourself spending a lot of nights cuddled up on the sofa with each other if you date an introvert.

Do introverts cheat?

Obviously, everyone is different, and we can’t group all introverts together, so if someone’s going to cheat on you, it’s down to their individual personality.

 However, generally, introverts are loyal people and they don’t care about spending time with other people outside of their circle (which their partner will obviously be in), so they’re probably not going to go out of their way to cheat.

In Summary

This article will have hopefully helped you to understand how introverts flirt, and if you think an introverted guy likes you, it might be easier to actually understand if they’re trying to flirt with you now that you know how they actually try to flirt. 

You just need to look for the little signs, and understand that they will always be trying to show you how they feel, rather than always telling you how they feel - this is how introverts flirt. Did you like this article and find it useful? Let us know in the comments and feel free to share with anyone you think needs to read this!

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