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31 Best Qualities In A Man You Should Look For

A lot of women longing for a loving, committed relationship seem to have trouble finding the perfect man, and it could be because lots of women either don’t know what they should be looking for, or they’re concentrating on looks over personality traits. 

All women want to find the one for them but often find themselves looking for what they think is the ideal man, only be let down by the fact they have been constantly going for men that tick all the boxes in the looks department, but they haven’t thought about whether these men will be honest, caring and mature. So if you seem to constantly be getting let down by the type of men you go for, this article is here to help you and give you a list of the qualities you should be looking for in a man. 

Best Qualities Of A Man 

1. He’s Respectful To Everyone.

One of the most important qualities a man can have is showing respect for others. A perfect man shows respect towards everyone, regardless of whether he knows them or not. Being respectful of women is also a must.

2. He Goes Out Of His Way To Be Kind To Others.

Kindness is one of the key things in a partnership, and the ideal guy will go out of his way to make sure he spreads joy throughout the world whenever he can. This kind of man won’t want anything in return for his kindness.

3. He’s Close To His Parents.

Perfect men are usually close to their parents (as long as they’re good people that didn’t cause any childhood trauma) because they understand that they raised them the best that they could and therefore they will want to stay close to them and honor them

4. He’s Comfortable In His Own Skin.

Men that are comfortable in their own skin and know themselves will never need to look anywhere else for approval. When someone isn’t comfortable with themselves, they search for approval and therefore come across as needy or damaged men. Instead, men that understand and love themselves can openly love, without being needy.  

5. He Has A Positive Attitude.

Of course, we go through difficult times and our emotions go up and down, but if you’re looking for a good man, you’ll want to make sure that they have an overall positive attitude towards life.

6. He’s Responsible.

The perfect partner takes responsibility for themselves, the things they do, and the actions they take and doesn’t have to rely on anyone else. Responsibility really is a huge turn on.

7. He’s Grateful.

Someone that’s happy and positive is always grateful for those they have around them. The ideal partner wakes up every day understanding that being alive is a gift and appreciates everything others do for them. 

He’s Grateful.

8. He Works Hard To Get What He Wants.

Hard work, drive, and determination are important qualities in a partner, not only does it show that they take responsibility for themselves and work to get what they want in life, but it also shows that they will be willing to work to make a relationship successful.

9. He’s Surrounded By Nice Friends.

The friends we surround ourselves with are a direct reflection and representation of who we are, so if a guy is surrounded by kind, caring friends then they will most likely be the same.

10. He’s Good With Children.

Whether you children in the future or you already have children, it will obviously be important to you that a guy is good with children. However, even if you don’t plan on having children, if someone is good with children it shows they have patience and kindness.

11. He’s Supportive.

We all need support from time to time, especially when we experience difficult situations, so the perfect guy will be supportive of you. He’ll never tear you down, only lift you up.

12. He’s Never Cheated.

If you know that someone has never cheated, you know that they are committed to only one person at a time and don’t have unfaithful characteristics, and therefore if you get into a relationship with them you can feel secure. 

13. He Doesn’t Lie.

Someone that’s honest is someone that you want to be in a relationship with because they will never lie to you or hide things from you. Honesty is key to a successful partnership.

14. He’s Committed To Those That He Loves.

If you’re looking for commitment, you need to look for someone that’s already committed to other people that they have in their life, such as family and friends. If they’re committed to others they will be committed to you.

15. He Makes An Effort To Make You Happy.

Happiness is one of the most essential parts of a partnership, and someone that tries all to make sure you’re happy is someone that you want to be with for the long run because they’ll always put effort into putting a smile on your face.

16. He Shows You That You Can Trust Him.

Someone that’s trustworthy doesn’t need to tell you that they should be trusted, instead they will show you. So, someone that never cancels plans, never lies, and is transparent with you is the ideal partner.

17. He Handles Conflict Well.

The last thing you want in a relationship is someone that deals with conflict badly or has anger issues. A guy that deals with conflict well is someone that you should be with because there’s no doubt, conflict does occur between couples.

18. He’s Accepting Of Everyone.

You want to be in a relationship with someone that’s open to the world and other people, so always look for someone that accepts people as they are, no matter what race, religion, gender, or background.

He’s Accepting Of Everyone.

19. He Doesn’t Try To Change You.

The perfect partner loves you and accepts you exactly as you are and doesn’t try to change you or criticize you.

20. He Respects What You Do.

The ideal guy will respect whatever it is that you do and will understand and appreciate that you are committed to your work. 

21. He Doesn’t Control You.

The perfect guy understands that you’re your own person and you can do or say whatever you want without ever trying to control you or take control of the relationship.

22. He’s Mature.

Nothing’s worse than when a guy acts like a man-child, so the perfect partner is someone that’s mature and acts with experience.

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23. He’s Funny.

One of the most vital things to keep the happiness alive between two people is laughter. Look for a guy that truly makes you laugh and has a similar sense of humor.

24. He Has A Strong Set Of Morals.

Good people normally have a strong set of morals that they live their lives by, and someone that lives a conscientious life is someone you should be with.

25. His Future Goals Are The Same As Yours.

If you’re looking for someone to be with for the long run, you will want to make sure you choose the guy that’s future goals join up with yours. If they do, you’ll have a long, happy partnership.

26. He’s A Good Communicator.

Communication is one of the most important factors of a relationship, and the perfect guy will be a clear, confident communicator with you and others.

27. He Doesn’t Get Jealous.

Jealousy usually comes from low self-esteem and is one of the main causes of relationships ending, so you’ll want to go for a guy that doesn’t get jealous of you hanging with your male friends. 

28. He Wants To Be Friends With Your Friends.

The perfect partner is someone that makes an effort to be friends with your friends because they not only want to be liked and accepted by your friends, but it also shows you that they are looking to be with you in the long run.

29. He Treats Your Family Like They’re His Family.

A guy that takes an interest in being part of your family just as much as he is with his own is someone that you want to be with for a long time. The ideal partner loves your family and wants to be part of it. 

30. He Helps You To Achieve Your Goals.

The ideal guy wants you to have everything that you desire, so he will ensure he’s constantly supporting you and helping you to achieve your goals in any way he can.

31. He’s Affectionate.

Affection and physical love are important in a relationship if it’s to be successful in the long run, so try to look for a man that shows affection frequently.


What Are The Qualities Of A Good Man To Marry?

Hopefully, this article will have shared a long list of qualities that women can use to look for in a man that will be perfect for a long term relationship or marriage. Overall, a man that shows they are a kind, committed, honest, and respectful is the perfect guy for women to look for.

What Age Are Men Most Attractive?

The ‘most attractive’ age varies from man to man, so women might be attracted to men in their late 20’s or they might find someone in their 40’s attractive. A lot of men age like fine wine and only get better with time - just think about all those yummy 50+ men out there!

What Makes A Man A Good Man?

A good man is kind, caring, and committed. He will know himself, be comfortable in his own skin, and want to inspire or uplift a woman to feel confident within herself.

Who Is The Best Man To Marry?

This depends on what characteristics a woman finds the most attractive, but the ideal man will care for you, respect you, and want to show you every day how much you mean to him. The perfect man never wants to cause you pain and will want to show the beauty of life with him.

What Are Your Deal Breakers In A Relationship?

If a man disrespects anyone or thinks they’re above anyone, it’s a strong no from me. If a man acts like a child or isn’t open to life, these are also massive turn-offs. Different women have different deal-breakers though, and it can be helpful to know exactly what your deal breakers are so you can notice any red flags of these issues whilst dating someone.

To Finish With...

Hopefully, this article has helped to shed some light on the kind of men you should be going for, and what the qualities of an ideal man are. Did you like this article? Let us know in the comments and share it with others if you did.

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