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How To Meet Someone Without Online Dating: 7 Ways To Meet Other Singles

Online dating has its perks, but it’s a bit more like speed dating to me. A quick scan through their profile tells you everything you would normally get to know during the first conversation. You don’t feel chemistry the same way when you’re chatting through a dating app that you do when you’re talking on the phone, either. 

Dating apps are quickly becoming the most popular way to meet a guy, but they aren’t for everyone. I prefer meeting people in person. There’s something about the shy smiles and flirting that remains unmatched by anything that dating apps can provide. If you’ve recently decided to get out in the world of in-person dating, it’s time to get out there and meet some new people. 

Meeting People Without Using Dating Apps

Dating apps are common, but they are far from the only way to meet people. You can meet guys almost anywhere, actually. The last one I met was at Speedway. Start visiting these spots and use these tips, and you’ll have a date before you know it. 

1. Take care of your appearance

Take care of your appearance

The one advantage that dating apps have over meeting someone in person is that everyone looks at your profile picture. Obviously, you look your best in it. If you want to meet people in real life, you need to look your best. That means no heading to the grocery store in the same outfit that you’ve been wearing for three days. 

Not only will this make you more approachable to men, but it will also help boost your confidence. When you feel better about yourself, you’ll be less awkward during those first conversations

2. Ask your friends if they know anyone

Telling your friends that you’d love to meet a new partner is a great way to meet up with someone new. You can all go out for a group activity, like bowling or enjoying the afternoon on a boat. This will give you the chance to meet them without any pressure. 

If your friends are the ones that hook the two of you up, you can already trust that they like him too. He’ll already be accepted by the people that are most important to you! This means that your relationship will last longer too. Acceptance of a partner by one’s friends is ranked pretty high on the list of things that are important to us. 

3. Take a class

When you meet them here, even if it’s just yoga class, you’ll find that you already have things in common. Typically, you’ll start out as friends or partners on a project. Then, you can gradually see if you like each other a little bit more as time goes on. 

Taking your time with someone new takes the pressure out of getting to know someone quickly. It doesn’t feel like you’re dating to marry, which is what app dating can feel similar to. Instead, it’s simply two friends getting to know each other. 

4. Take your time at the grocery store

When you think of where to meet people, Whole Foods probably doesn’t pop into your head, but this is a great place to meet people in real life. Meeting strangers while grocery shopping requires a little bit of skill, but not much. 

First, you want to follow the advice in number one: look your best. Don’t put on your best dress to go pick up a pineapple, but don’t dress down too much either. You want to look casually sexy. Make sure that you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing. 

Next, make sure that you take your time. When you are in a hurry, you’ll find that you simply run in and back out. This doesn’t give you a lot of time to meet the love of your life. Instead, browse the aisles a bit. If you notice someone checking you out, don’t shy away from eye contact or shooting them a smile. This lets a guy know that you are open to them approaching you. 

5. Head to a coffee shop solo

Head to a coffee shop solo

Take a magazine with you if you feel awkward about going to a coffee shop by yourself. Then, kick back and enjoy your coffee. This is a great idea if you’ve noticed a guy you might be interested in at the same shop. The reason you should go by yourself is that you’re easier to approach when you’re sitting alone versus when you’re sitting with a group of friends. 

6. Join a group or club

Just like taking a class, you’ll meet someone that already shares interests with you. This could be biking, hiking, or DIY crafts. There is a group or club for everything you can imagine! You’ll also be more likely to meet people in your own age group this way!

Social media platforms are a great way to find groups or clubs near you. However, you’ll have to make sure that you only join ones that meet in real life. Some online groups are strictly for sharing fun projects and ideas online. This can make meeting someone from the group feel similar to using dating apps. 

Another great way to do this is to search for groups near you while you’re out. Don’t make it a mission in life, but browse the bulletin board while you’re at the museum. If you take a pottery workshop, ask the instructor about groups or other opportunities for you to fine-tune your skills. These are the best ways to find groups in your area. 

7. Delete your dating profile

When you don’t have luck finding love in person or get tired of cheesy pickup lines, it can be easy to go back to online dating. You’ll justify it with reasons like telling yourself that is how your friend found love. That’s why you have to delete your profile. 

Once you are gone from the world of online dating, you’re more likely to put effort into meeting a man in real life because you don’t have a backup plan that is just a click away. You won’t find yourself coming up with reasons to go back to the dating app, either. 


What is the alternative to online dating?

The alternative is to meet people in person. You can meet people anywhere. Smile more to be more approachable. Enjoy spending time with your friends. Take a class or visit places that singles in your area usually go to. There are a lot of great options for meeting people!

How can I meet someone offline?

Ask a friend if they have a single friend. Delete your dating apps so you won’t be tempted. Enjoy lunch by yourself. If you see someone that you like, try approaching them and asking them out. There’s nothing sexier than a woman that has a lot of confidence!

Where can singles go to meet other singles?

You can meet other singles almost anywhere, as long as it isn’t couples night. Restaurants, the movies, the gas station, grocery shopping, and even while going for a hike. The important thing is to get out of the house and enjoy yourself. Once you start, you’ll find that you attract the type of man that you’re looking for. 

How do you politely say no online dating?

Always be nice when you can. Simply say that you don’t feel a connection, or you don’t think that the two of you are a good match. Don’t stack insults on top of each other. If they become rude or start to criticize you in return, block them and move on. Don’t let it escalate into an argument. 

What dating site has the highest success rate? is most likely to result in a long-term relationship when compared to other dating sites. After that, OkCupid is a close second. Finally, there is eHarmony coming in at third place. Tinder is also on the list, but it doesn’t produce the same long-term relationships that others do. 

In Conclusion

Online dating has taken the world by storm, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to meet that special someone. You still have all the same options that you had before. How else would you meet a significant other without using dating apps?

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