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How To Make Your Relationship Strong

Anyone who has been in a relationship knows how hard it is to keep things afloat. It takes a lot more than feelings of affection and attraction to keep the flame alive. 

If there is one thing you and your partner can count on, it is the fact that there will be many relationship problems along the way. With so many colossal disasters befalling couples everywhere, it's not a bad idea to seek out different ways to make your relationship stronger. 

Think of these are relationship tips that will ensure you last long beyond the honeymoon phase. Of course, every couple has their own way of navigating down the route to a healthy relationship. But with these in your arsenal, you should be able to keep your relationship strong.

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101 Ways To Make Your Relationship Strong

1. Don’t be afraid to disagree

As long as your disagreements are constructive, they will make your relationship strong. Disagreeing is one way to get to know each other better. Make sure you don’t aim for the jugular so the argument won't become a long term problem.

2. Never stop dating

It’s easy to stop seeing your spouse as a conquest, but that will hurt your relationship. Don’t forget how wonderful your love felt when you first met each other; make sure you hold onto those feelings.

3. Appreciate the little things

A vital part of every relationship is doing cute things that make your love life more pleasurable. Things like holding hands, taking walks, stealing kisses in public, or simply showing appreciation for little favors you do for each other’s help.

4. Share details about your day

It may seem like small talk, but sharing the details of your day is a great way to maintain the connection you share. It also shows a level of commitment; if you can still discuss little things with your significant other, you’ll maintain a strong relationship.

5. Don’t be too dependent

Yes, you need to be able to depend on each other; emotionally, financially, physically, and spiritually. Altogether, relationships bear long term consequences when the parties involved cannot function on their own.

6. Don’t put your partner on a pedestal

If you want to know how to make your relationship strong, see your partner for who he is. It’s easy to be blinded by all the romance, but it's vital to focus on who he is. 

7. Be silly together

Sometimes you need to let your hair down and play like a child every once in a while. It does the soul worlds of good for couples to show their silly side when the occasion calls for it.

8. Show appreciation 

A lot of resentment is built when you cannot show appreciation for the things your partner does for you. Sure, you do not have to say something about every little effort, but if you want to make your relationship work saying ‘thank you’ will suffice.

9. Date night should be a ritual

Going out on dates every now and then is a wonderful way to focus on your partner. With the hustle and bustle of life, it's hard to stay on the same wavelength all the time. Going on dates will give you the opportunity to connect with each other.

10. Don’t hold grudges

Grudges are like cankerworms. They can dig deep into the foundation of your relationship and unravel everything. Open communication is a must if you want to keep your cool. Don't let things fester and grow out of control, because grudges don't make a relationship strong. 

11. Have other interests 

When you finally find 'the one', don't be under the impression that he's meant to be your everything. Make an effort not to constantly do things as a couple. Focus on yourself sometimes. 

12. Make communication a must 

Make communication a must

If you don't talk to each other, then you're never going to know what's going on with your partner. Don't assume that you know what's going on with him, only open communication can assure that. 

13. Listen

Both you and your partner need to be willing to listen to each other if you are going to keep your connection alive. Many times, people get lost in what’s being said and they don’t take the time to listen.

14. Apologize when necessary

The thing about apologizing is that it’s easier said than done, especially when emotions are running high. Relationships thrive when each partner cares enough to apologize to the other when the need arises.

15. Respect each other’s boundaries

The fact that you are in a relationship does not mean that instantly meld into one single person. Don't encroach every time your partner pulls away, sometimes people need space. 

16. Be honest with your partner

A couple that tells each other the truth is sure to lead to a long and fruitful relationship. Being honest is one of the best ways to be supportive, nevertheless, be sure to have a good bedside manner, especially if it's about a sensitive matter. 

17. Be a solid support system 

Everybody wants that ride or die that stands by them through thick or thin. Be that partner that supports his dreams, gives him pep talks, cheers him on, etc. 

18. Don't forget to be his friend 

If you aren't friends, then it goes without saying that you won't have a very good relationship. Couples need to find ways to build a good friendship outside all the mushy stuff. 

19. Agree to disagree 

In relationships, it's often misconstrued that the couple needs to be on the same page before things work out. Nevertheless, you often have to agree to have different opinions so you can focus on building a solid relationship. 

20. Try new things together 

Think of being in a relationship as an adventure that you get to embark on with your partner. Don't stop trying new things together, it'll keep you young and happy. 

21. Look for hobbies you share 

You don't have to share everything in common, but relationships often thrive when the parties involved have hobbies in common. Couples who can find one or two things they can enjoy together are bound to stay together. 

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22. Don't assume

Assumptions can eventually land your relationship in a hole you can't dig yourself out of. If the aim is to keep the love and affection alive, don't assume you know what's on your partner's mind. 

23. Listen to what they don't say

Everyone has non-verbal cues and the truth is that your partner probably won't vocalize every single issue they have with you. It's important to look a little closer once in a while because that's how relationships thrive.

24. Keep things alive in the bedroom 

Relationships are not all about sex, but if you leave that aspect out, it'll undoubtedly crumble. Learn what he enjoys and likewise teach him what you enjoy. This is your partner, you should not have to pretend with each other. 

25. Don't try to win all the time 

In relationships, you win some, you lose some, there's truly no other way for couples to navigate. Sometimes you need to let things go because the argument is in no way worth the peace within your relationship. That doesn't mean you should suppress your voice, just learn to let some arguments slide. 

26. Be forgiving 

If you don't forgive your partner, then you'll end up with enough resentment to wreck your relationship altogether. To move forward after a disagreement, it's important to develop a forgiving spirit because you're going to need it. 

27. Be empathetic

If you can't put yourself in your partner's shoes, you won't be able to put a finger on what makes them tick. You don't have to completely comprehend what's going on in their heads, but at least you'd be able to relate. 

28. Make your partner a priority 

Of course, you have other aspects of your life to concentrate on, but you need to make time for your partner. Show them that they are an integral part of your life. 

29. Buy him gifts 

Only recently has it become normal for women to spoil their men with gifts. But some people are still trying it on for size. Don't wait for your partner to ask for things, take the initiative, and buy him something nice every now and then. 

30. Learn new skills together 

Your relationship shouldn't simply be about bumping uglies and merging accounts, you should be able to acquire new skills with your partner. You can take a cooking class, join a book club, or learn how to play golf. 

31. Openly show that you care

If you cannot openly show that you care about your partner, then why are you in a relationship? Even if you aren't a big fan of PDA, you can still seek out ways to show that you wouldn’t trade his company for anything.

32. Know when to take a break

Spending every waking hour together can become too much. If you truly want the relationship to work out give each other space when you can. It’s healthy and will even make you miss your partner.

33. Tell him why you love him

In every relationship, it is essential to constantly reassure one another. Sure, your man knows that you love him, but he needs to hear it.

34. Ditch the screens

Yes, it’s the 21st century and there are screens everywhere, nevertheless, every relationship needs a breather from technology. Take a day out to enjoy your man's company without a screen in sight. 

35. Don't pretend 

A relationship riddled with pretense is already doomed from the start. He does not have to know every single detail about you, but there are some issues you should never pretend about. 

36. Don't push other people away

It's easy to lose yourself in your relationship, especially when it's still relatively new. Try your best not to push everyone else away just because you have a man. Your partner should be your friend but he can't be your only friend. 

37. Think of yourselves as a 'we' 

As much as you're both individuals, it's crucial to act like you're a team. In fact, don't just act like it, simply know that he's part of your team. It's not a 'you against the world' situation, but if you're going to be together, you have to learn to exist together. 

38. Be positive 

Negativity can drain your relationship of all its allure, so try to adopt a positive outlook on life, it'll make it easier to live together. 

39. Admit when you're wrong 

Admit when you're wrong

You can't be right every single time, that's something you need to accept from the get-go. Be sure to accept it when you are wrong. 

40. Don't fight dirty

It's human nature to try to hurt someone who hurt you, but it's not the best way to handle issues. 

41. Don't expect him to read your mind

Use your words, especially when he annoys you, he can't read your mind and you shouldn't expect him to. 

42. Don't stew in your issues 

Try your best not to keep tabs on everything he does wrong only to fling it back at him when you have a fresh argument. 

43. Don't take him for granted

Value every single day you get to spend with your man, especially if he's 'the one', not everybody gets to experience that. 

44. Don't be over-possessive

This is not an attractive look on anyone, be confident in the fact that your man loves you and you alone. 

45. Remember his birthday

It's a cardinal sin to forget your S.O's birthday; remembering details like this shows that you are interested in his life. 

46. Be there when it counts

You should be partners through thick and thin, so when the cards he's been dealt are not great ensure that you aren't off somewhere having a drink. 

47. Take constructive criticism 

This is a sore point for most people who are romantically involved, but you should be able to take a few pointers from one another and ultimately become better people. 

48. Set health goals

Being healthy together should be one of your major goals. Don't just spend your days scarfing down fast food and rolling around in the sheets. Adopt a healthy diet and workout together. 

49. Try to make his life easier

Life is stressful, your man is probably going to face adversity at work, on the streets, and everywhere else. Don't be another problem to him, instead be his safe haven. 

50. Be open to new experiences 

You can't go through life without learning and unlearning, so why limit yourself with your man. Seek out ways to amass new experiences that make your lives richer. 

51. Check out your partner's hobbies 

You don't have to be interested in everything your S.O likes, but it won't hurt to explore his world. 

52. Don't underestimate “me time”

There's nothing like some good old me time to reboot your system and revitalize you. Spend time together, but spend time apart, it's good for the soul. 

53. Take care of yourself 

It's easy to let yourself go when you finally bagged the man, but that's not going to end well. Look good, not just for your man, but for yourself. 

54. Don't try to be perfect 

No one is perfect, and if you try to do it you'll most likely exhaust yourself. I'm not telling you not to work on yourself, but know your limits. 

55. Don't raise your voice 

Your man is not a child that you can scold when he behaves badly, so whenever you argue try not to sound condescending. 

56. Learn from your arguments

Don't argue just to hurt the other person's feelings, ensure that your arguments lead somewhere. If you're upset about the same thing 5 times in a row, then there's no growth. 

57. Try to be cordial with his friends and family 

You don't have to be best friends, but it'd help to be on good terms with anyone close to him, be it a friend or family member. 

58. Talk about your future

If you don't take out time to plan your next step as a team, many issues will throw you off. 

59. Don't apply too much pressure 

Pushing your man to take certain actions when he's not ready often comes off as nagging. No one is asking you to sit around and waiting for him to make all the moves, convince him, don't push him. 

60. Be guarded with information

What happens between you two should mostly remain between you. All your social media friends should not know what's happening in your relationship. 

61. Let your actions match your words

Saying you love him is not enough, your actions have to mirror those sentiments. 

62. Be kind 

It seems simple enough, but you'd be surprised at how many people treat their partners badly. Simply be conscious of your delivery. 

63. Brace yourself for trying times 

It's not always going to be peachy, no matter how much you adore him. So understand that there will be disagreements, don't take it personally. 

64. Set goals together

Set goals together

You obviously have your personal goals, but relationships are partnerships, so endeavor to set goals as a team. 

65. Compromise 

You can't have it your way every single time, that's not a sustainable plan. Once in a while, let him have a win. 

66. Trust

As you may have heard before, this is a two-way street. If there's no trust, there's no amount of love that can sustain you. 

67. Be vulnerable 

No, don't walk around baring it all, simply know exactly when to let your S.O see you for who you are. 

68. Build healthy boundaries 

It's good to be close to your man, but don't encroach on each other's space to a weird extent. You should still be individuals, together. 

69. Don't be passive-aggressive 

Sometimes you want people to just sense how upset you are, so you put up an attitude. Try to vocalize your annoyance, your S.O won't always know what he did wrong. 

70. Accept help when needed

Don't be deceived, there is no condensed handbook on how to navigate a romantic coupling. Nevertheless, there are people that can make it easier for you to settle serious disputes. Seek therapy or counseling before it's too late. 

71. Don't leave arguments hanging

Always seek resolutions when you have a lover's squabble. Keeping cases closed simply means that one of you will bring it up when there's a fresh argument. 

72. Watch your tone 

It's easy to come off as rude, even when you were simply trying to make an honest observation. Be conscious of your tone, it could make all the difference.

73. Don't shy away from difficult conversations 

If you are in it for the long haul, you'll need to get ready to hear some harsh truths. Don't take it too personally, just take what's needed and leave the chaff. 

74. Treat them with respect 

Treat them with respect

Always remember that your man is a human being with valid feelings, be respectful in all your dealings. 

75. Admire 

The same way you get dolled up for him, he grooms himself for you. So, let him know when he looks or smells good. 

76. Do something nice periodically 

It could be anything ranging from preparing his favorite meal to buying him a PS4. 

77. Make decisions together 

If you're looking to build a future together, then you have to make decisions together. You see, what one person does affects the other. 

78. Learn from experienced people 

Don't model your relationship after someone else's, but have people you can draw inspiration from. 

79. Find happiness from within 

Giving one person the sole responsibility of making you happy mounts a lot of pressure on you. S.O. Most times you have to make your own happiness. 

80. Don't neglect him

Trying to secure your own happiness does not mean you should do so at the expense of your man. Create happiness without being selfish. 

81. Figure out how they communicate 

As much as we'd all love to be able to bear our minds at all times, it's not possible. Learn how your partner communicates, which could save you from many arguments. 

82. Remember that you're a team

Teammates often have to work together regardless of the fact that they have different strengths. The same goes for you and your S.O.

83. Have his back 

It may not always be convenient, but try as much as you can to be on his side. Standing together in solidarity bonds people. 

84. Don't try to change them

You can't expect him to bend to your will, he spent years developing who he is present. Some aspects of his character will change, others won't and that's OK. 

85. Ask

Again, your S.O is not a mind reader, if you want to know or need something, simply ask. 

86. Do some soul searching 

You aren't perfect and you don't have to be, but you can look inwards to figure out what you can let go of. 

87. Be open

Sometimes we tell white lies to keep our partners happy, it's not necessarily bad, especially when sentiments are involved. Just don't lie to them about everything. 

88. Improve yourself 

Don't hide behind the excuse of being true to who you are, grow out of some childish attitudes. 

89. Don't try to control everything 

Life is full of surprises. If you try to control everything you'll end up gravely disappointed. Plan to an extent and leave the rest to fate. 

90. Don't keep a scoreboard 

If you keep track of how many times you did him a favor or let issues slide, you'll get tired really quickly. Life is not a game, simply live it. 

91. Be a solution person 

Life is sometimes like an unsolvable math problem, you're both going to need solutions as you go forward. Try to be his solution person and not another problem to tackle.

92. Don't walk on eggshells 

If you're scared of ruffling a few feathers, you're going to get frustrated. You should be able to be yourself within respectful limits. 

93. Pick your battles

Sometimes you know you're right, and so does he if he wants to be honest. But you just need to let issues slide to maintain the peace. 

94. Don't compare him to others

No one wants to be constantly compared to your ex or some random movie star. Keep your eyes on stuff that makes him special and let him know. 

95. Don't approach everything with logic 

Not everything lovers do make sense, with that in mind, you should try to understand him on his level, not from your POV.

96. Stay faithful 

Needless to say, sexual immorality has killed more marriages than you can imagine. Try to limit your bedroom needs to your S.O.

97. Kiss! 

There's something extremely intimate about kisses, they make you feel closer to your beau. 

98. Laugh

Laughter is food for the soul and who better to do it with than your S.O.

99. Flirt 

No matter how far down the line you are, take your time to flirt with yourselves like teenagers. It sweetens the deal. 

100. Talk about the big stuff 

If something is vital to your life together, don't hesitate to talk about it. 

101. Be dedicated 

For anything to work, dedication is a vital ingredient. Being together is a full-time job, be dedicated enough to see it through. 


How do I make my relationship unbreakable?

No two relationships are the same. But, for the most part, you and your partner must respect each other. Also, learn not to take everything too seriously and really listen to your partner when they speak. With this, you won’t only keep your relationship strong; you’ll make it unbreakable.

How do you sustain a relationship?

First of all, you have to try to understand each other in terms of your love languages. Once you have that covered, you are well on your way to a healthy relationship. Also, try to end all arguments in resolution rather than with resentment. Once that seed of bitterness is sown, it can cause long term damage.

What do girls want in a relationship?

Before answering this, it is important to note that it varies depending on the person in question. Nevertheless, most girls want a partner that is dependable, honest, and loyal. They want a significant other that tries to understand them and isn’t quick to call them crazy when they do something strange. Altogether, they want a friend.

What makes a man happy in a relationship?

From the get-go, you need to make sure you give him attention; they love that. You equally need to meet his needs on an intellectual and physical level. Sure, sex is great, but it cannot keep him happy for long. What makes it even better is when you are happily building this connection; everything comes across better when you enjoy yourself.

What does a healthy relationship look like?

A healthy romantic relationship is one where the partners are honest with each other, open, trustworthy, and respectful. Each partner sees the other person as an equal and not a subordinate; they respect their individuality yet enjoy each other’s company. Altogether, they are well aware that being in a healthy relationship is no walk in the park.

To Conclude

At this point, it should be evident that building a strong relationship is a lot of work. But, both you and your significant other have to be on board to make it work. It gets even more complicated when it comes to marriage, but the principles above still make for a strong relationship. 

Hopefully, you’ve been able to pick one or two things from this article; I’ll be glad to see your point of view in the comment section below. Even more, share this with anyone who needs to rekindle that special connection.

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