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The Little-Known Proven Path To True Love (By Taking Control)

[no_toc] You’re probably here because it's April 2024 and you’re wondering: where in the hell is my Prince Charming!?  

Did he take a wrong turn? Was his horse stolen? Did some other damsel in distress get to him first?   

True love wasn’t supposed to take this long to arrive, right? 

But it is…

And there’s still no sign of your knight in shining armour. 

It’s April 2024 and your hopes of finding a ‘happily ever after’ are seeming increasingly unlikely… 

These feelings are understandable. 

Throughout my teens, twenties and early thirties, it felt like I had tried everything to find a man who truly loved me for me. 

The bar and club scene didn’t work.

Meeting men through friends didn’t work.  

Joining clubs, groups and evening classes didn’t work.  

The major online dating websites didn’t work. 

Thankfully, eventually, I stumbled upon a solution that made so much sense.

A simple solution that had been under my nose this whole time. Honestly, I was angry at myself for not learning about it sooner.

Within a few months of trying it out, I met Greg. 

The love of my life.  

Now, I want to share the story of how we met.  

Online dating with a key difference 

I was sick to death of online dating. 

The terrible profiles. The tedious messaging. The constant dread of wondering whether this person is anywhere near as charming and fun as he’s pretending to be.

In most cases, they were not. 

They were usually far creepier, less interesting and less attractive in real life. 

Or they’d be overwhelmingly charismatic and incredibly caring, only to sleep with me and disappear without getting in contact again. 

I’d promised myself I’d never sign up to another dating website. 

But, then a close friend of mine asked if I’d tried eHarmony.

(I'll show you later how I got 3-months off the price)

I scoffed and laughed off her suggestion.

Until, she showed me how it worked...

It shouldn’t take a lottery to find “The One”

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I always thought finding true love required a lot of luck.

You have to go on a ton of bad dates until you find someone you click with.

That’s the way dating works, right? 

Not so…

The scientists at eHarmony have spent years developing and tweaking the perfect algorithm to help match you with your perfect partner without leaving the house.    

That might sound too good to be true.

But the numbers speak for themselves…

  • Someone finds love on eHarmony every 14 minutes.
  • eHarmony is responsible for 75% of marriages that begin online. 
  • 71% of female eHarmony users find their spouse within a year. 
  • The divorce rate of couples meeting on eHarmony is just 3.86%

The more I read, the more it began to make sense. 

Why would you choose who you date based on a lucky dip, when we have proven technology to match you with someone perfect?

The perfect online dating website? 

It was clear that the algorithm wasn’t the only reason why so many people had found their true love on eHarmony. 

This website had obviously taken a lot of steps to only attract members who were serious about finding a long-term partner. 

For starters, there was a monthly fee. Not a lot - but enough to scare off the losers only looking for a quick hookup. 

Then, there is the infamous eHarmony compatibility quiz. This took me well over half an hour to fill out. 

The length of this survey not only allows the eHarmony algorithm to accurately track down the perfect partner for you, but it also frightens off those who aren’t truly committed to finding love. 

This is actually great for people that are serious!

Better yet, when you complete their survey you'll also be offered with 3-months off on the price - which will save you a lot of money.

There’s also the fact that every single piece of marketing that eHarmony puts out is tailored to those looking for a loving relationship. 

There is no hint of f*ckboys being welcome. 

No wonder it was voted as the #1 most trusted dating website with the #1 highest quality dating pool. 

Eliminating the #1 flaw of online dating 

After signing up for eHarmony and filling out the compatibility quiz, the algorithm began to recommend a small handful of matches per day, based on their answers to that same quiz.

The “small handful” might sound like a massive disappointment. 

But it’s actually a stroke of genius. 

After a couple of days, I realized that this move helped to eliminate the #1 downside of online dating. 

On most traditional dating platforms, men can ‘swipe right’ or (even worse) cold-message as many women as they want.

You might think that increases their chances of finding someone suitable, but it absolutely doesn’t. 

Here’s what actually happens on these websites. 

  • Most women are overwhelmed with messages and have little desire to answer them all. 
  • Their dream partner - if he is even on the platform - is likely to be drowned out among the chaos of her inbox.  
  • Men eventually become frustrated with their low response rate and put less effort into their messages.
  • Women become increasingly frustrated with messages like “hi”, “hey” or “wanna smash?” - and with online dating in general.

Then, there’s the fact that most free online dating websites are packed with creeps, catfish or f*ckboys in disguise… 

Perhaps, you can see why I swore to never touch one again. 

But, by tailoring their website to those looking for serious relationships and limiting the number of people they can message per day, eHarmony cures this problem.

Here’s what happens on eHarmony.

  • Women are unlikely to be overwhelmed with messages.
  • They’re therefore more likely to pay full attention and engage fully with their matches. 
  • Men receive a higher response rate, and are therefore more likely to engage fully too!

Everybody wins!

Now, add the fact that your matches are selected by a super-intelligent and proven algorithm… 

Suddenly, it becomes clear why people find it so easy to find love on eHarmony. 

Meeting Greg… 

Greg’s message appeared within a couple of weeks of me signing up to eHarmony.

As if by magic, we appeared to share tons of hobbies and interests…

He invited me to a cute coffee shop in my home city - and we got on so well!

It was easy!

Everything just clicked.

I thought that initial awkwardness was a part of the deal on first dates. But not with him. We seemed to have so much in common. 

After a few more dates, we were an item. 

It was like an emotional rollercoaster, but without the downs. Instead, we just seemed to fall more and more in love. 

When he proposed only a few months later, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was thrilled to marry my soulmate and our relationship remains fantastic to this day.

I’m sure not all eHarmony dates end in a perfect love story like this - but I don’t consider myself ‘lucky’ to have met Greg. 

I consider myself incredibly smart for tilting the odds in my favour.

I could have continued to go with my gut feeling when choosing guys to date - and continued to get the same lousy outcomes I had experienced for decades.

Instead, I allowed a proven algorithm to suggest a partner who was highly compatible with me…

And look what happened!   

If you have reservations about online dating, that makes complete sense.    

But I know how desperate, lonely and frankly depressing it can feel to have experienced so much bad luck with dating.  

That’s why I was so keen to share the story of how I solved this problem. 

But it’s not just me! Over 2 million people have found a loving partner using eHarmony.  

And remember: 71% of female users find a spouse within a year

I was one of them! 

Perhaps you could be next? 

If finding your perfect match within 12 months sounds like a dream come true for you, I’d urge you to give eHarmony a try. 

Don't forget to complete the survey when you first sign up, so you get the 3-months off!

This could be the beginning of your happy ending, 

All the best,



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