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30 Telltale Signs A Shy Guy Secretly Likes You

Does he like me? Why hasn’t he made any moves? What is he thinking? These are some of the things that might be running through your mind when you’re trying to figure out whether or not a shy guy likes you as more than a friend. 

Deciphering whether or not a shy man actually likes you can be tricky. There may be subtle cues that indicate he has feelings for you, which you might completely miss if you don’t know what to look out for. 

Let’s take a look at some of the telltale signs a shy guy likes you and what you can do to help him feel comfortable and confident around you.

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30 Signs a Shy Guy Likes You

1. He creates opportunities to be around you

If a shy guy likes you, you might find him spending more and more time around you, with or without his friends, without even saying much to you. 

You might notice that he hangs around you and your friends at lunch break or chooses a seat close to you during meetings or events. You might even notice that he and his friends have started frequenting the same bars and clubs that you and your friends hang out at or that he’s suddenly taken up some of the hobbies you’re involved in. 

While some of this may sound strange, generally speaking this is just a shy guy’s way of trying to get close to you and trying to get you to notice him. He’s probably secretly hoping that once you take note of him, you’ll make the first move and approach him.  

2. His body language says so

If you’re curious as to whether or not someone likes you or has a crush on you, pay attention to their body language. These are some of the telltale signs that a shy guy has a crush on you: 

  • He fidgets a lot when he’s around you 
  • He tilts his head when you speak 
  • He mirrors you 
  • The way he hugs you gives it away 
  • He leans towards you when you talk 
  • He smiles a lot when he’s around you 
  • He faces you, even in a group setting 
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3. He listens intently when you speak

If he’s shy, he might not speak much but if he likes you, he’ll be paying extra attention when you speak. 

You’ll know he’s listening attentively when he maintains eye contact, nods as you speak, laughs at the right times, and knows when to be consoling. He’s also likely to remember every detail of the conversation and might even use it as a talking point down the line. 

4. He gets nervous when he's around you

Shy or not, it’s completely normal to get nervous around people you have a crush on. You might notice that he stammers when he speaks, blushes more than usual, doesn’t make complete sense when he speaks, or is a little clammy/sweaty when he’s around you. 

These are all signs he’s nervous and, more than likely, has a crush on you. 

5. He’s clumsy around you

Clumsiness is another telltale sign that someone is nervous around you. He might accidentally mess his food, spill his drink, trip over his feet, or drop things when he’s around you. 

Generally speaking, his clumsiness is a result of him trying too hard to impress you and being overly aware of his every move because he’s anxious around you.  

6. You catch him glancing at you

A shy guy might not approach you outright but he will occasionally glance at you from across a room. You are likely to catch him staring at you more frequently than usual and your friends might even pick up on this, too. As you lock eyes with him, he’s likely to look away. 

Glancing at you is his way of admiring you from afar, take it as a compliment. If you’re feeling brave enough, you might want to approach him yourself or at least, smile at him when you catch him looking at you. 

7. The way he touches you might signal that he has feelings for you

People only really engage in touch when they like someone or want to show someone care, concern, and affection. Even if he really likes you, he’s probably too shy to take your hand or put his hand on your leg. 

However, you may notice he finds other ways to engage in touch like brushing his hand against your arm, fixing your collar, or hugging you for a little longer or tighter than usual.  

8. His social media behavior gives him away

Thanks to social media, engaging with someone you have a crush on is a lot easier than in days gone by. The ability to hide behind a screen has given shy people more opportunities to engage with others, without having to pluck up the courage to do it face-to-face. 

With that being said, if he’s liking or commenting on your photos or sending you memes, videos, or messages to your DM on a regular basis, it’s a sign he’s thinking of you and likes you.  

9. He mirrors you

Mirroring is the act of consciously or unconsciously mimicking someone else’s behavior. If a guy likes you, you might notice he mirrors your tone of voice, attitude, or body language. Mirroring is generally an indication that someone likes you or is interested in you. 

10. He barely speaks when he’s around you

It’s not uncommon for shy guys to become mute when they’re around someone they have a crush on. There’s a good chance your presence makes him feel anxious or intimidated and, as a result, he closes up. 

If this happens, you can help him come out of his shell by acknowledging his presence and asking him some open-ended questions. 

11. He's extra friendly to you

Contrary to the above, if a shy guy likes you he might become overly friendly instead of closing up. He might acknowledge you from across the room, go the extra mile to help you out when you need it, save you a seat at an event, or show he cares through small and thoughtful gestures

While these gestures might make him feel vulnerable, he’s still prepared to put himself out there for you and show you he cares. This is an obvious sign that a shy guy likes you. 

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12. He avoids face-to-face conversations

When a guy is shy he’ll probably try to avoid face-to-face communication with you and communicate online or via social media instead. Talking to someone you like in person can be very nerve-wracking and intimidating, especially in the beginning. 

13. Gift giving is his thing

Gift giving is one of the 5 love languages. It’s one of the ways some people enjoy showing, and receiving, love. If a shy guy likes you he might not be very verbal about it, instead choosing to demonstrate his feelings for you by giving gifts. 

Rest assured, if he’s giving you gifts, he definitely likes you.

14. He gets jealous when he sees you talking to other guys

If he gets jealous when he sees you talking to other guys, it’s another one of the telltale signs that he likes you. Some of the signs that a guy is jealous includes the following: 

  • He gives you the silent treatment or starts ignoring you after seeing you flirt with other men
  • He becomes obviously angry when you talk or flirt with other men
  • He makes his presence known by coming to stand next to you when other men approach you 
  • He leaves the party or event you’re at the minute he sees you with other men

He’s likely jealous because he wishes he had the courage to speak to you as easily as extroverted guys are able to and because he’s nervous you’ll begin falling for someone else before he’s had the opportunity to express his feelings for you. 

If you notice a shy guy all of a sudden becomes jealous, you might want to approach him yourself and find out what’s up. 

Man peeking on to a woman's phone

15. He’s protective

Many men become protective over women they like. It’s something that instinctively appeals to their “hero instincts.”

When he’s acting out of protectiveness, he may do things like jump to your defense in arguments or when other people are speaking about you, walk you home late at night, check in on you from time to time to make sure you’re okay, or walk on the side of a busy road so you’re away from traffic. 

A shy guy is likely to express his emotions through his actions - it’s the little things he does that’ll give him away. 

16. His friends tease him about it

If he has a crush on you, his friends are likely to tease him about it or throw him a funny glance as you pass by, and you may notice it. His friends might also make comments about the two of you that suggest he has feelings for you. 

17. His friends say so

In an effort to act as his wingmen, his friends might tell you that he has feelings for you or hint at it. They may even set up scenarios where the two of you are left alone together in a room to see what unfolds. 

If you want to gauge how he feels about you, you might want to ask some of his friends. His friends might also be able to give you suggestions about how to approach him and make a move. 

18. He agrees with almost everything you say

In an effort to make you feel happy, heard, and avoid any confrontation, he might agree with everything you have to say. He might even start liking the same things you like (like the same movies, restaurants, and hangouts) as a way to establish some common ground between the two of you. 

19. He remembers the seemingly insignificant details

One of the signs a shy guy likes you is if he remembers the seemingly insignificant details you tell him about your personal life. He might remember the way you like your coffee, who your favorite band is, little details about your upbringing that you share with him, when your birthday is, and what your favorite chocolate is. 

20. He steps out of his comfort zone for you

If a shy guy steps out of his comfort zone for you, it’s a sure sign that he has feelings for you. Some of the things a shy guy might do that would typically be outside of his comfort zone includes the following: 

  • Inviting you out with him 
  • Choosing to hang out in social settings so he can be with you or see you, 
  • Going to a work event just because he knows you’ll be there,
  • Choosing to make friends with your friends because he knows it’ll make you happy. 

21. He does whatever he can to please you

From opening the door for you to booking a date at your favorite restaurant, handpicking you some flowers, paying you kind compliments, and buying you your favorite chocolate, a shy man will go out of his way to please you as he tries to pursue you. 

If you’re being treated with this much kindness and attention, count yourself as lucky. 

22. He makes friends with your friends

If a shy guy starts making an effort with your friends or begins befriending them, he’s probably doing it to get closer to you and show you that he cares about you. Most guys know that if they get the approval of someone’s friends and family, they stand a better chance with the woman they like. 

23. He asks lots of questions

Sometimes shy people will avoid talking too much about themselves by asking you a lot of questions instead. He might also be asking you questions as a way of showing you he’s interested in your life. 

If you don’t want to feel like you’re getting interrogated, turn the situation around by asking him open-ended questions instead. This way, you can lead and guide the conversation the way you feel fit. 

24. He changes his look to impress you

If he learns that you like a specific style shirt, cologne, haircut, or pair of sneakers, you may notice that he begins adapting his personal look and style accordingly. A shy lover will do everything he can to impress you and be noticed by you. If you’re feeling brave, compliment him on his new look.  

25. He improves his grooming habits

You may notice the shy guy who likes you is suddenly very well-groomed. Don’t be surprised, it’s his way of making a good impression on you. He might suddenly have cleaned up his look, be sporting a new hairstyle, have shined his shoes, or be wearing a couple extra sprays of cologne. 

26. He lets you in on his secrets

Shy guys tend to find it difficult to let others in so if he’s opening up to you, revealing more about himself, it’s a sign that he trusts you and probably has feelings for you. Vulnerability is one of the signs a shy guy likes you. 

27. He smiles a lot around you 

If a shy guy finds it impossible to hide his smile when he’s around you, it’s a good sign he has romantic feelings for you. If you like him too, smiling back at him will give him some added reassurance and might even encourage him to make a move. 

Co-workers in the office

28. He gives you more attention than he gives other women

If a shy guy likes you, he might not say much but you will notice that he gives you more attention than he gives other women. He might glance at you more frequently than he glances at others or hang around you more frequently than he hangs around other women. 

29. He has a nickname for you

If he has his own nickname for you, it’s a sign of affection and adoration. He’s possibly selected his own nickname for you as a way of getting closer to you and building a relationship with you.  

30. He’s chivalrous

Chivalry is another one of the signs a shy guy likes you. Does he hold the door open for you, pull out your chair for you, lend you his coat when you’re cold, or walk on the outside of the sidewalk when walking alongside you? If he does any of these, it’s a sure sign he’s trying to make a good impression. 

How to Help Him Open Up or Make the First Move Yourself

Sometimes, an introverted or shy person may find it incredibly difficult to open up, express their feelings, or make the first move. Using the below-mentioned suggestions might help shy guys open up and express their feelings. 

Alternatively, making the first move yourself may also work well and be beneficial to the both of you.

1. Connect with him online/on social media 

Shy men might find face-to-face interactions intimidating and overwhelming and regardless of their feelings for you, they might shy away from the idea altogether. If this is the case, you might want to consider making a subtle first move and connecting with him on social media. 

There are a variety of ways you can connect with a shy guy on social media, i.e. liking or commenting on his photos, starting a conversation in his inbox, or sending him memes and videos you think he might like via his DM. 

2. Make the first move

There are many different ways you can go ahead and make the first move yourself, below are some suggestions: 

  • Invite him to a social event with you and your friends
  • Strike up an in-person conversation with him 
  • Ask for his number 
  • Ask him on a date 
  • Connect with him on social media 

3. Ask him open-ended questions 

One way to encourage a shy person to come out of their shell is by asking them open-ended questions. Here are some suggestions of open-ended questions you can ask a shy guy: 

  • Do you have any hobbies? 
  • Tell me about your family 
  • Where’s the best place you’ve traveled to before? 
  • What’s your favorite restaurant and why? 

4. Show an interest in his life 

Some of the questions mentioned above are also a great way for you to show interest in his life. Once you show him that you’re interested in learning more about him and his life, he’s likely to open up to you and feel more comfortable around you. He’ll soon learn that you’re interested in him, which might encourage him to take the next step. 

5. Participate in an activity together 

Shy guys might not enjoy talking much but if you find an activity the two of you can enjoy together, like hiking, sports, painting, or going to the movies, it’ll make him feel more relaxed around you. 

Start off by taking small steps and let the relationship unfold naturally from there. He’s sure to become more and more confident around you with time. 

6. Hang out with him and his friends at first

Hanging out with him and his friends is sure to make him feel more comfortable and confident in the beginning. You’ll probably be able to learn more about him this way and see what he’s really like when he’s not overwhelmed by his feelings for you in a one-on-one situation. 

Most people will agree that having friends around brings out the best in you. Not only that but it gives you an added confidence boost too.  

7. Ask him on a date 

Gone are the days when it was taboo for a woman to ask a man out. If you like him but feel like he’s too shy to make the first move, do it yourself. If he has feelings for you, he is sure to jump at the opportunity. By asking him out on a date yourself, you’re able to get the ball rolling quicker than if you leave it up to him. 


How to tell if a shy guy likes you?

Shy guys might find it difficult to flirt in person or verbally. Instead, they’re likely to flirt with you via social media, texting, or online. He might also try and win you over through gift-giving, writing you thoughtful notes, or expressing his feelings through his actions.

How do you get a shy guy to chase you?

Take things into your hands and get a shy guy to express his feelings by flirting with him, making eye contact with him, mirroring him, dropping hints that you like him, and maybe even letting his friends in on your feelings for him.


While it might not always be easy to identify whether or not a shy guy actually likes you, this guide should have given you a good indication. If the signs are there and you like him too, there’s nothing wrong with making the first move yourself, in fact, he’ll probably appreciate it more than you know. 

If you can think of someone who’d benefit by reading this article, please share it. Alternatively, let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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