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24 Revealing Signs A Shy Guy Likes You (Easy Ways To Tell)

by Sonya Schwartz

Do you have a crush who isn’t showing any signs he likes you back?

Perhaps you’re wondering whether he’s genuinely disinterested or just shy?

If so, this guide is here to help reveal what’s going on. 

It features 24 surefire signs that a shy guy is interested in you. 

However, before I reveal these behavioral cues, I want you to read the following sentences very carefully.

Women don’t have to sit and wait for the men they like to make a move.

It’s possible to be proactive about chasing the guys you like, without sticking your neck out there and potentially embarrassing yourself. 

Recently, I discovered a little-known aspect of male psychology, which can turn a man into putty once you learn how to activate it. 

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Once you master this skill, you won’t have to worry about trying to figure out whether a man likes you or not. It’ll become abundantly clear.  

Still, if that’s what you’re trying to do at the moment, scroll down for my list of signs that a shy guy is attracted to you.

How To Know If A Guy Is Interested In You

If you are wondering whether or not a guy is into you, you may need to watch for the appropriate signs. Of course, the best way to tell if a guy is into you is if he says so. He’ll ask you out or tell you that he likes you; he steps outside of his comfort zone to let you know just how he feels. Unfortunately, not all guys are this straightforward, which forces us to look for other signs. 

So, what do guys do when they are interested in you? They will usually show their interest by talking to you a lot or being near you when you are around them. For regular guys, showing interest this way is not a problem, but shy guys may not show these signs at all. Instead, they may withdraw when you’re around, forcing you to look for other clues. 

Let’s look at the signs a shy guy likes you and how he may act around you. This way, you can know what to look for and take action to ask him out if you are also interested in him. I know this takes courage, but if he doesn’t take the initiative, it may be up to you to do all the work. When you do approach the subject, make sure you are alone with him, so he’s not overwhelmed.  

Top Signs A Shy Guy Likes You

1. He usually smiles when you enter the room

If you notice him grinning from ear to ear when you are around, he’s happy you are there. This is a good sign that he really likes you. He may look away when you try to make eye contact, but if he can’t help himself from smiling when you are there, he likes you a lot. 

2. He tries to help you out

Any guy loves to feel needed and wanted. Usually, guys just volunteer to help out to show you they are into you, but a shy guy may have a little trouble being too helpful for fear that they seem overly eager. 

Take advantage of this opportunity, and ask your shy guy for help with something to build up his self-esteem. If you find that he’s always attempting to help without being asked, he may not be all that shy, and he’s definitely interested in you. He’s flat out showing he cares!

3. You’ve caught him staring at you

He may not always be looking your way, but if you catch him staring at you only to quickly look away, it may be a sign he’s into you. 

4. He’s a very good listener

One thing a shy guy can do well is listening. It means he doesn’t have to talk; it’s a less intimidating way of showing you he likes you. If your shy guy asks you about the things you’re into or tries to keep the conversation going even after the easy part is over, he’s got balls and really likes you.

5. He’s always around you

One of the most obvious signs that a shy guy likes you is that he is always there. Does he just seem to be at the same football games, parties, and concerts as you are? That’s a surefire sign that he’s been paying attention to the details. He may be following you on social media. 

Is he being sweet or stalking you? I guess it all depends on how you feel back. If you like him, it’s probably kind of sweet that he’s showing up anywhere just to be around you. It may be time for you to make a move.

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6. He blushes when you are near

One of the most evident signs that a guy is shy is his blushing nature. He may do this when you are around, when you talk to him, or when you look at him. 

If you really want to be a tease (because you like him too), give him a little wink and watch the color in his cheeks change from white to pink fast. 

7. He shares things about himself

One sign that a guy is shy is that he’s quiet. This doesn’t mean he won’t be chatty when you do talk to him, though. If you are into this guy and want to get to know him back, ask him open-ended questions. He may be chatty because he’s nervous and shy!

Don’t just ask him easy yes and no questions or the conversation will be over fast. Instead, ask him about his favorite things. For example, if he loves football, ask him why he loves it if he’s ever been to a game, and what his favorite part of football is. You might even want to probe him for more information about his favorite team or player.

He shares things about himself.

8. He acts weird when you flirt with other guys

If you are wondering if a shy guy likes you, pay attention to what he does when another guy comes around. Does he get quiet fast, try to get out of the room, try to interrupt you, or even talk rudely to the guy? Basically, does he seem strange, giving you mixed signals?

Those are good signs that he likes you a lot because it means he’s jealous of the other guy. He may be partly annoyed with himself for not being able to ask you out yet; he may feel that this other guy is in his way. After all, he wants you free for when he is ready to make his move.

9. He fidgets around you

When people are shy, they get nervous; shakiness is a sign of nervousness, like when a guy fidgets with something, anything, or when he looks down. 

10. He’s into whatever you’re doing

Does it seem like whatever you are into, no matter how stupid or weird it is, he’s fascinated? 

For example, he found out you have pets or like to sew on the weekends. Suddenly, he has tailoring emergencies that he needs your expert help with, and he now seems to have a million questions about pets when he doesn’t even own one. Those are pretty good indicators that he’s into you. 

11. He pays attention to the little things about you

So, you are talking about your wardrobe, a conversation that most guys would tune out for, but not this guy. He wants to contribute to the conversation and slips by saying something like, “Last Tuesday, you were wearing that dress with the flowers on it.” Oops!

He probably didn’t mean to reveal that he pays that close of attention to the details of your life, but he did. He’s into you for sure.

12. It seems like he only has eyes for you

You’ve seen him around other girls, and he acted totally different. He could carry on a conversation, or maybe he just ignores them. Yet with you, he can’t muster up a word, or he is Chatty Cathy. Either way, watch how he is with you versus other women. That can tell you a lot.

13. He cares about you

If he’s genuinely concerned when you are down about something or is excited when you’re in a good mood, this means he’s really into you. He’s empathizing with you. That’s a good indicator he’d make a great boyfriend.

14. He touches you lightly

People who touch each other pass on oxytocin, the hormone that helps us build trust. If he’s reaching out to you, he likes you and wants you to know it. 

15. He tries to connect with your friends

Have you noticed your shy guy talking and trying to get to know your friends a lot? This is a good sign that he really likes you. He may feel very shy and nervous around you but can talk to your friends a little easier. Plus, he’s trying to get the word out that he’s a catch so your friends will talk him up.

16. He’s clumsy when you’re around

This is a sign that a guy feels uneasy, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If he wasn’t acting nervous, you wouldn’t have a clue he was interested in you. To ease his nerves, try complimenting him or doing something small (until you get to know each other) like a short exchange of words about the weather or something minor. 

17. He’s given you a cute little nickname

This may not apply solely to shy guys, but if he’s given you a cute nickname, he sees something special in you. Maybe give him a cute nickname back to show your mutual feelings. 

18. He follows you on social media

He’s one of your followers, but he’s acting a little differently. He “likes” or “comments” on old pictures or posts. Who does this? Someone who is really into you! He’s been looking at your old stuff and probably didn’t even think about the fact that they're out-of-date. Oops! That’s okay. It’s sweet. Now you know what he’s been up to.

19. His friends tease him when you see them

So, you see him and his friends, and suddenly you get the feeling that they’re talking about you. Are they nudging him and laughing, teasing him? This is a genuine sign that you are probably right. They are teasing him because he’s really crushing on you and probably talks about you a lot with them. 

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20. He tries to make eye contact

Shy guys often have trouble with eye contact, but they aren’t blind; if they think you’re hot, they’re going to be checking you out, especially when you wear that red dress and high heels! So, you should torture him a little, and wear those irresistible things you have in your closet!

21. He’s talkative

Most guys who are shy either get quiet or get nervous and talk a lot. He may like you more than you thought if he can carry on a conversation with ease. Participate in the conversation if you like him back. Show him you want to know about him, too. You can do this by asking a lot of questions. 

22. He sends you mixed signals

If he gives you mixed messages, it may just mean he’s nervous and doesn’t know what to do. You should help him out by smiling at him if you’re into him, too. Just show him you’ve noticed him too by throwing a nice smile in his direction. 

He sends you mixed signals.

23. He’s very polite

He’s nice, polite, and chivalrous; what a catch! What are you waiting for? Show this guy that it’s okay that he’s shy. You like him and want to see if the two of you can hook up. 

24. He seems uncomfortable

Guys, in general, are often uneasy around girls they like, but shy guys can especially be nervous when they’re in front of the girl they’re crushing on. If you notice that he gets very uncomfortable when you try to approach him, he’s shy and thinks you’re hot!

How To Respond To A Shy Guy Who Likes You

You may have to do all the work if you want to show a shy guy that you like him back. Start by showing him appropriate non-verbal cues. Face him, sit next to him, touch his arm lightly, smile at him, and try to maintain eye contact for about 3 seconds. Any longer and he may become uncomfortable. You just want to give him a hint that you are into him, too.

Next, you should say something to him. Compliment him or talk about something he’s into. You want to show him you’re paying attention to the little things. Before even talking to him, find out what his passions and hobbies are so that you can casually ask him questions about them. You may want to start with easy yes or no questions so as not to intimidate him. 

Once you are there, though, ask him more open-ended questions to get him to open up more. Flirt with him by liking his social media posts or by touching his shoulder. Again, don’t go overboard here. Ask him for help with something. This will help build his courage to be more open with you. Finally, ask him out, but keep the convo casual. Maybe text him that you like him.


How do you know if a shy guy likes you without talking?

His body language can tell if a shy guy likes you. He may not feel confident enough to say anything, but if you watch his body language closely, you should see a pattern. He may stumble, trip, mumble, blush, get quiet, or stutter when you are around because he’s intimidated.

How do you get a shy guy to like you?

Make sure you let him know that you’re interested. Don’t come on too strong or you’ll scare him away. Instead, let him know you like him by touching his arm, talking to him, being around him, or even just flat out telling him you want more than friendship.

What do shy guys do when they like a girl?

Many shy guys will act clumsy or blush when they are around the girl they like. Probably, they would like to tell you how they feel and may even try to, but the words that come out of their mouth don’t match how they’re really feeling.

How do shy guys act around their crush?

They pay attention to the little details about you. They may ask you questions because they want to know you better. Other signs that a shy guy likes you include blushing, touching, being clumsy or awkward, talking to you, being uncomfortable, and/or caring about you.

How do you talk to a shy guy you like when your shy?

If you really like a shy man, it’s best to make more of an effort. Talk to them about anything, show them your interest by touching their shoulder, or telling a joke. If he really likes you back, you’ll be able to tell by his body language.

To Conclude

What signs do you know to tell if a shy guy likes you? Are you a shy person? What did you think of my list? 

Please tell us your experiences and tips in the comment section below and share this article! We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I was upset about the loss of a family member and my guy friend saw me and pulled up in his truck, pulled over got out and asked me if I was okay then we talked for awhile and he consoled me by rubbing my upper arm and shoulder a few times. Then patted me on my back. He always seems no matter what he always seem to be upbeat and never lets anything bother him. I like him as a friend and maybe more, but I cannot tell if he was just being a good friend or that he likes me but is just too shy to let me know?! Or is just not interested in me at all in that way!

  2. I'm in high school and there is one guy in the same "group guidance". I think he's cool and everything. I think I like him, but I don't know does he like me.

    There is only few signs I noticed about him. From your list, that I picked up, (1,3,6,9,16,20,24)

    I sound SO creepy, but I would just love to know what I could say to him or keep some small-talk going? Like how?

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