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How To Respond To A Compliment From A Guy (101 Brilliant Ways)

Do you have no idea how to respond when a man compliments you?

Do you struggle to react well to compliments in general?

Would you like to know the most socially-accepted ways to respond to compliments? 

This guide should help you. It features over 100 tips for how to respond to a compliment from a man. 

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Of course, it’s great to get compliments from men, but not if you have no idea how to react to them.

So, let’s now address how to react in these situations. Take these tips on board and I’m sure you’ll be far more comfortable receiving these compliments from the opposite sex.

Table of Contents

Top Tips On How To Respond To A Compliment

top tips on how to respond to a compliment

What you say in response to a compliment and how you say it is impacted by how you feel at the time. If you like the person you’ll either be nervous and say thanks shyly or say something nice in return. 

If you're, you might end up saying something confusing and when you're eager, you’ll probably say something inappropriate. So you don’t end up saying something awkward or inappropriate, check out these general tips on how to respond to compliments from a guy.

1. Don’t Let Your Nerves Overwhelm You

Even amid your sudden shock or unexpected reception of a compliment, keep your calm and respond directly. Avoid using conversation fillers that are saying something like “Uhm, erm, uh.” The person giving the compliment might feel embarrassed or you might make him feel like he overstepped his boundaries.

On the other hand, gap fillers could be a misleading answer for someone you don’t fancy who might take it as a flattering answer to his unwelcome compliments. To make your reply crystal clear, push your nerves aside, and reply with your choice of words. Say thank you, nod, smile, or compliment him as well. 

2. Maintain Direct Eye Contact

Another rule of accepting a compliment is to make eye contact as much as possible. Even if you plan to flirt back and that means looking at the man from beneath your lashes, you should still maintain eye contact while doing so. 

It’s the same thing as saying thank you and really appreciate him for giving you such a compliment. Maintaining eye contact adds more substance to your response and you can also see how he responds to your reply. 

3. Respond In A Confident Manner

Whoever the person giving the compliment is to you, you should try to respond confidently because it takes a lot of effort to give compliments sometimes. If you reply in a completely awkward manner or say something unclear, you will make him feel like he should have kept his thoughts to himself. 

If you say thank you to his compliment, ensure that you really emphasize your words and maybe even give him a firm handshake. That exudes confidence and it would really make him feel like you mean what you’re saying.

4. Accompany Your Reply With The Appropriate Body Language (If Necessary)

When you appreciate the compliments coming from a guy, you wouldn’t want to maintain a blank or unpleasant face, would you? Anything from simple to wide-eyed open smile will get the guy thinking of how to make you smile every day of his life. Even if you don’t say thank you, he will feel happy that you appreciated his compliment anyway.

If you’re not so obliged to accept a compliment from a guy, you may let him know this by frowning slightly or giving him a patronizing smile. Afterward, you can walk away and he will get the point. Not all compliments are welcome, and you don’t have to say thanks or be nice to everyone that pays you a compliment. 

If you don’t want to say thank you or acknowledge the compliment, maintain a firm stance, and don’t show signs of nervousness.

5. Start Or Keep The Conversation Going

Some people only let the conversation accompanying a compliment start and end with a ‘thank you’, even when there are many potential ways to say thanks without sounding weird or overcompensating. Even if the guy has the confidence for both of you, his compliments are meant to be the conversation-starter that he expects you to key into.

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If all you do is say thanks, he may or may not pursue the dialogue because of your reply. As such, respond to compliments according to how you feel about the man and the situation. 

6. Keep Your Reply Short And Straight To The Point If You Received The Compliment Via Text Or Chat

Although the guy cannot see you or guess what you’re thinking over the phone, you can still give an effective response to his compliments online or via text. Saying thanks may be enough to rub his ego the right way, you could add an appropriate emoji to it. 

Many people misuse emojis, don’t be one of them! Learn what each emoji signifies and use them sparingly on a guy who is still trying to get to know you better. Also, keep your reply short rather than texting a long reply to express how you feel about what he said. 

If you like him, you can build a conversation on the compliment he gave but don’t make the chat be about the compliment itself.

101 Ways To Accept A Compliment From A Guy

Ways to accept a compliment from a guy

The way you respond to a compliment from a guy you like is different from how you reply to the one you don’t really fancy. Similarly, your choice of words towards someone you want to stay far away from will be different from the one you feel is funny.

Therefore, the next time you’re unsure about how to accept or respond to a compliment from someone, based on how you feel, make sure you pick from the following responses:

1. Shut up babe, don’t I know it?

Of course, this is a rhetorical question admitting in a humorous way that you agree with the compliment he gave you. 

2. You have good taste, don’t you?

Any guy would be flattered to hear you give a subtle complement in answer to his compliments.

3. Shut the front door! You have to be kidding me.

Adding fun and sarcasm to your response would probably get the conversation going. 

4. Hey, it’s all mine, no additives whatsoever.

Instead of saying ‘thank you’ get him more interested by insinuating everything on your body is natural—if it is.

5. Aren’t you blessed for thinking so!

A very graceful alternative way to say thanks, I appreciate your kind words.

6. If I had a nickel for every compliment of this kind I’ve given, I’d be richer than Elon Musk.

What better way to show that he isn’t the first to pay you such a compliment? 

7. Glad to know that there are still honest people in the world.

Get him to laugh by saying something like this, and make sure you say thanks afterward as well.

8. What is my duty if not to spread absolute beauty around me?

You’re no aphrodite but your reply would really endear you more to him.

9. I humbly accept your compliments.

A simple answer like this can put a smile on anyone’s face as long as they weren’t expecting more.

10. Are you flirting with me?

This response is most suitable for a guy you don’t want to encourage. However, your tone shouldn’t be aggressive, just be transparent so he doesn’t get the idea that he upset you.

11. Good thing I remembered to take my meds today.

This guy would probably think you’re joking but he won’t really be too sure either. A guy you like will appreciate your sense of humor and the clueless one will be confused.

12. I appreciate that, think we should head to the room now?

This is hilarious but it is either a sign that you’re fooling around with him or you feel an attraction too.

13. What a sincere person you are!

This is a straightforward reply that shows you really admire the guy giving you the compliment.

14. Snap! Do I look that bad?

It’s obvious you don’t look bad but you say this because you want to downplay his words and make him smile. This should follow with a warm thank you.

15. Are you sure you’re not seeing me from a mirror?

Some mirrors have a way of making us look more appealing than we are. You really mean you like what he said but you’re just cross-checking to be sure.

16. Is that all you’ve got to give?

This is another cheeky way of fishing for more compliments or just trying to be funny. It could also be a way to discourage a guy you don’t fancy.

17. I must have left my functioning ear at home. Can you repeat that?

You heard him right, you’re just being goofy.

18. I can say the same about you.

Return the compliment by telling him you feel the same about him, it could be his look or something excellent he did.

19. You think so just for a day? I don’t look good every other day?

This is a great reply to people who pay a compliment and make it sound like you really look good occasionally. 

20. Gee, thanks, my boyfriend/husband thought so too!

Shots fired! The guy will take this answer as a brush-off indicating you aren’t available for anything but friendship.

21. Lucky me, I finally made the right wish.

lucky me, I finally made the right wish

Men love it when a woman can give back humor as good as they get to.

22. Oh, you wouldn’t be the first to think so.

You aren’t being too humble but yeah, it’s all about the fun of it!

23. Awww, I think we’re twins right now.

You’re saying “I believe the compliment applies to you too.” 

24. Thanks, I don’t mind sharing it with you for a minute.

You can accompany this reply with a smile to show how pleased you are.

25. I’d have been disappointed if the sacrifices I made didn’t pay off.

As long as you won’t scare off the guy, you can use this weird line. 

26. Thanks for the compliment, but I’m off the market.

This reply is you presuming that he wants to date you but that might not be the case though.

27. I know right?

When you wink this reply at him, your confidence could be a huge turn on or turn off based on the kind of guy he is.

28. Thanks, but I’m more of a sapiosexual person.

You may not mean this but you are testing if he appreciates your intellectual capacity too or he's only paying compliments because of your physical looks. 

29. Sorry, wrong girl.

You can say this with a high pitch towards the end to indicate you know he is referring to you or use a flat note to show you don’t like the compliment. 

30. Where do you want my autograph?

Saying this after his compliment would make both of you laugh, especially if you say it heartily.

31. Man, that’s the only thing I have going for me.

He will get that you’re trying to be cool about his compliment.

32. That’s me! You can hashtag me pure beauty.

Social media lingo makes people of this age feel closer to each other. 

33. Can you imagine the beauty of transformation?

If you want to feel a bit modest after the compliments he paid you, this will really do just that.

34. You said? Sorry, it’s hard to concentrate when I’m constantly thinking about how amazing I am.

Saying thanks would be humble, but this would either throw him off or make him feel you’re full of yourself.

35. Hahaha, I wouldn’t trade me for the next girl.

This shows your self-esteem and level of confidence in yourself is pretty high. 

36. Please join the queue!

A good line to give someone you don’t want to give much attention to because he has refused to take no for an answer. 

37. It’s not easy to ooze so much sex appeal.

In addition to confidence, this reply is sassy and only an equally confident man can step up with a great comeback.

38. I put in the work, the results should be mind-blowing!

A good dose of self-acknowledgment doesn’t hurt.

39. At last, someone agrees with my parents!

at last, someone agrees with my parents!

A humorous reply that you can give to someone who pays you a good compliment. 

40. Oh, it’s no biggie, I got the money to spend.

This can be your reply to a guy you think might not be able to afford your high-quality lifestyle. 

41. Just say you will marry me already!

You both know you don’t mean it, you’re simply being silly or expressing how much you liked his compliments.

42. You don’t want to know the things I’ve done to be this way.

A cryptic answer that suggests there’s more to you than meets the eye. 

43. Thank you, that’s really nice.

A simple wave followed by a smile should follow that short and simple ‘thank you’. 

44. Oh wow, I didn’t see that coming.

This is a reply you can give to an unexpected compliment from the least person you expected. 

45. I don’t hear this often enough.

You know you deserve to be appreciated, but you sincerely don’t hear it enough. The man will feel really special.

46. I don’t get goosebumps from such flattery. So leave it be!

Clearly, you don’t like this person all that much. 

47. What can I do for you?

He deserves this reply if the guy is a close friend or acquaintance who only compliments you when he needs something from you.

48. I doubt that.

Not that you necessarily doubt what he said but, you doubt if he really meant it.

49. Is it the end of time already?

This reply indicates the man doesn’t pay you compliments often and you’re shocked that he did. It may or may not make him feel bad.

50. Come on, do you have to be so cheerful and sweet?

This response is most suitable on days when you’re not feeling so cheery yourself. 

51. Oh please, you are being far too kind.

This is almost the same as saying ‘thank you.’

52. Now, now, don’t make me fall in love with you.

Meaning, the man is a likable person too and you really like his choice of words. 

53. Who could ever tell, wonders still happen?

This is almost like saying, “I wasn’t always like this”.

54. Hey maestro, it’s a dead-end zone!

This is another way to say you can only compliment me but you ain’t getting me.

55. Easy for you to say but can you handle me?

A flirty reply to a compliment that suggests the man wants to be more than friends.

56. You would be the hundredth person to say I look like this celebrity.

It’s possible to say this in a good-natured manner or a frustrating one. 

57. It’s my pleasure to have made your day better.

Receiving compliments isn’t usually just a favor to you but also the person giving them.

58. I guess having the right kind of friends rubbed off on me.

This shows your loyalty and acknowledgment of your amazing friends.

59. Funnily enough, I’ve been looking forward to asking you out too.

You’re flirting with him to show him that you don’t mind his compliments at all. 

60. Well, I guess I have food poisoning to thank for that.

well, i guess i have food poisoning to thank for that

This is a good put down to a compliment about your weight loss that sounds rude.

61. Glad you think so.

When you lack a witty comeback to give someone you don’t really like, this bland reply would do.

62. You’re right but I doubt I could say the same about you.

Ouch, that must hurt the person on the receiving end. Hopefully, he deserves it.

63. You don’t look/sound bad yourself.

A common reply to any form of compliment that has to do with either your outlook or intelligence. 

64. Why did you say that?

This kind of response is unexpected and so you can confuse the person who complimented you if you doubt his sincerity. 

65. You can’t blame me, my middle name is blessed

Imagine yourself with a half-grin on your face when you say this. No one can accuse you of having low self-esteem, can they?

66. Don’t even bother, you’ll be running the other way if I give you a chance!

67. Do you mean I’ll be a firecracker in bed? Haha, thanks!

 The dude will probably be red in the face with embarrassment. 

68. You’re welcome!

Seems cocky but it’s always a better reverse answer to replace thank you. 

69. My luck yeah?

A rhetorical question saying I like that I’m this way too.

70. I totally agree.

It’s still shocking for some people to hear anyone give this reply but it’s refreshing too.

71. Careful, I come with a unique set of instructions.

Meaning, don’t take me at face value.

72. Well, a lot of people will agree with you.

This translates as, even if I don’t agree with what you said, I’ve heard it multiple times.

73. Sorry to say but, you’re stating the obvious.

The way you say this matters. You don’t want to come off as self-absorbed, except that’s your intention.

74. Sorry, too expensive for you!

You’re saying I’m hard to get, do you want to try though?

75. It means a lot to hear that from you.

If he is someone you hold in high esteem, this reply will humble him in a good way too.

76. Don’t drop your jaw on the floor, please.

The person is clearly smitten with you. 

77. Not taking on any charmers today.

Meaning you believe he's just flattering you.

78. Oh, you can thank my makeup artist for that!

Makeup is one of the best physical enhancers that can fetch you nice compliments and this is a simple way to respond to such.

79. Thanks, do you want to meet my genie too?

A cute way of saying “it would suit you too".

80. I would have loved to say the same thing but my parents raised me better 🙂

You should only give this response in a witty way to avoid a negative whiplash, even if the person deserves the rude reply.

81. I’m a testimony of what I eat.

i'm a testimony of what i eat

If you’re an advocate of a good diet, this is a good way to preach your beliefs! 

82. I could tell you the secret if you’re ready to pay the price.

Ooh, scary but interesting! 

83. I’d tell you my secret, but then I’d have to kill you!

Anyone who has ever heard this line before knows it’s all jokes and nothing more. 

84. I couldn’t agree more with you.

Sounds formal and so it will be more suited for formal settings. 

85. You think so? Are you sure you don’t have the miracle charm working for you too?

Meaning he should be receiving the same words too.

86. Right back at ya!

This is another popular good-natured reply to nice compliments.

87. Aren’t you the sweetest?

A rhetorical question stating how sweet and thoughtful you think his words are. You don’t use this with everyone, only with people you know mean what they say.

88. That's a nice thing to say and I appreciate it.

This looks like something you say to a man you respect and not just want to flatter in return. 

89. You would be the sixth person to say this to me today.

You’re not complaining, you’re just validating what he said. 

90. Hey, don’t let the paparazzi get me!

Just witty you catching some fun at his expense.

91. Which spy agency do you work for?

Hopefully you are safe and the only reason you’re saying this is because you’re exchanging cool banter. 

92. Who sent you to say that to me?

There is a good chance he complimented you of his own free will but you can give this reply when it sounds like something a closer acquaintance would say.

93. Who could have guessed, I picked this dress just for you.

You probably didn’t wear the outfit because of him but you say so because you like him.

94. I think you're good looking too!

Most men don’t like to be called beautiful, so you can use an alternative word for him.

95. Thanks so much. I love that you’re so observant and sensitive towards me.

If he compliments you on something no one else notices, this reply is perfect. 

96. I love that, keep the compliments rolling in.

Any man will love to know his words are well-received and you’ll love to hear more from him.

97. What else do you think is great about me?

This is a good way to continue the discussion or explore the connection between both of you. 

98. That’s a cool thing to say.

A more laidback reply that’s not over the top. 

99. You’ve truly made my day.

Especially if the person complimented you in the morning. 

100. Gee thanks, I’m literally blushing right now!

gee thanks, i'm literally blushing right now!

 A good over-the-phone reply.

101. You have a good sense of humor too, I love that!

A compliment you give in return to someone who made you laugh 


How do you respond to a compliment?

There are different ways to respond to a compliment; choose your reply based on how you perceive the person’s honesty and intention. If you like the compliment, then respond nicely too. If you don’t, reply in a way that conveys your feelings too.

How do you compliment a guy interested in you?

You use cool yet confident words such as, “that’s a beautiful thing to say” and if you’re interested in him too, add something encouraging like, “I also think you’re amazing". He will appreciate the fact that you provided a good reply to his compliment.

How do you respond to a flirty compliment?

If you don’t mind being flirted with and the person flirting with you, you can flirt right back. However, if you don’t like the compliment or the person giving it, be polite but don’t encourage any further comment. 

Why can't I accept a compliment?

Not everyone can accept a compliment graciously. For example, shy people and those who doubt their worth find it difficult to accept a compliment given in honesty. Sometimes though, you can sense when someone is insincere with you and it’s normal to feel wary about their intentions

What to say when someone calls you cute?

Who is giving the compliment and in what way did they call you cute? Most women don’t like to be called cute and not all men are flirting with you when they call you that. You can accept the compliment without any fuss or say thanks but no thanks. Meaning, they shouldn’t use the word on you again.

In Conclusion

When a guy compliments you, he does so for different reasons, and being on the receiving end, you can sometimes be at a loss for what to say in reply. I hope the suggested responses in this article will suffice for you when next you receive a compliment from a guy.

Please leave a comment below about what you think and use the share button to invite other people to read it too.

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