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12 Signs A Male Coworker Likes (Or Has A Crush) On You

Last updated on June 12, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Are you wondering whether a male co-worker is attracted to you?

Perhaps you’re struggling to tell whether he’s flirting or just really helpful?

Maybe you’d make a move on him if you knew he was interested, but you’re worried about mis-reading the signs in a professional environment? 

If so, read on because this guide will reveal the telltale signs that a work colleague is attracted to you.  

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Of course, it could be that this guy is already attracted to you.

If he’s showing one or more of the signs listed below, this is likely to be the case.

12 Signs A Male Coworker Likes You

1 . He makes an effort to spend time with you alone.

Workplaces are busy places, and you might constantly be surrounded by people. But do you find that someone constantly tries to spend time alone with you away from all the corporate hustle and bustle? If so, they might be trying to spend time with you to talk to you and figure out if you like them too. He might try to get you alone in several ways - following you into the kitchen or communal area, volunteering to go away to conferences just the two of you or even walking out with you at the end of the day. So, if you think a male coworker likes you, take note of how many times they try to be by your side when nobody else is around. If you notice that he is doing this a lot, it's a sure sign that he is interested in you.

2 . He makes conversation about your life outside of work.

2 . He makes conversation about your life outside of work.

A lot of people at work probably make conversation with you - sometimes it could be small talk and sometimes it could be more interesting. Although most people speak about their private life a little bit when they're at work, it's normally about what you did last weekend or what your pet is called. If you think that a male coworker is interested in you, he won't be making small talk or asking about your dog - he will be trying to figure out what your life is like outside of work, and also if you have a partner. You might notice that he drops hints that he's single and asks questions about your personal life to figure out if you are. On the other hand, he might simply outright ask if you're in a relationship. He'll also take a genuine interest when hearing what you did at the weekend, or where you plan to take your holiday this year. If you notice he is asking a lot of personal questions, it's because he wants to be part of your life, and not just the one you have at work. This is a sure sign they like you and are trying to get to know you more.

3 . He looks at you, in a certain type of way.

This one of the body language signs he likes you, that we will touch on in more detail later in the article, however, eye contact definitely needs its own point. Eye contact is one of the main ways we can tell if someone likes us - the eyes really are the windows to the soul! Do you notice that this male coworker looks at you a lot? Maybe you can tell that the way he looks at you just isn't the same way he looks at everyone else? If this man is interested in you, he won't even be able to take his eyes off you. His eyes will follow you around the office as you walk around, and you may even notice that he peeps a look at you from where he's sat whenever he can. If he makes direct eye contact with you, he might hold your gaze for a moment too long, smile and look away - he can't stop looking at you. If you're wondering if this coworker likes you, this is an essential sign to look for.

4 . He asks to connect on social media.

4 . He asks to connect on social media.

It's pretty rare to connect with your work colleagues on social media unless you really get on with them and you are friends outside of work too. So, if this guy asks you to connect on social media, it's because he likes you and wants to establish a relationship with you that doesn't involve work. He will also want to check you out to see what you're interested in your free time, to see if you're both interested in similar things. Connecting on social media also makes it easy for him to message you - for example, if you post a story on Instagram or a status on Facebook, he might respond to it and therefore create conversation. Of course, your work friends might also connect with you on social media, but if you find this guy liking your photos and messaging you all the time, hopefully, you will be able to get that it's more than just friendly.

5 . He's the first person at work to help you out if you have an issue.

If you're having a problem at work, this guy might be the first person to jump at a chance to help. Not only will he want to help you and make your life easier, but it's also a good excuse to spend more time with you, in close contact. If you notice that this particular male coworker likes to help you, then it's definitely a sign that he is interested in you. On the flip side, you might be the first person he asks for help when he is stuck. He might even pretend to have a problem with his work so that you can help him and spend time with him. He's secretly hoping the two of you will get to brush each other's hands romantically and a spark will ignite!

6 . He always looks like he's made an effort.

If a male coworker likes you, he will always want to show up to work looking his best. Of course, he could just be an incredibly style-conscious man, but you might be able to notice if his style has changed since he started to get to know you. For example, if you started at the job after him, you might have realized that when you first started working at this company, he looked tired and he didn't put a lot of effort into the way he looked, but then pretty much as soon as you started to work there, he cleaned up. Maybe you can even pick up on the fact he always smells great when you know you'll be in a meeting together or that he's bought a bunch of new shirts after spending more and more time with you. This guy might even ask you if you like his hair, new shirt, or if you think he smells good - if he does, he wants you to notice that he looks good for you and he also wants to figure out if you think he's attractive.

7 . His body language shows that he is interested.

7 . His body language shows that he is interested.

Body language is created by the subconscious, and therefore it's a great way to figure out if a guy likes you when he isn't verbally open about it. As mentioned above, eye contact is one of the main body language signs that will help you to figure out if a male coworker is interested in you, but there are several other types of body language a guy will show if he likes you, too. One of the easiest body language signs to pick up on will be if this guy constantly faces his body towards yours. This subconsciously shows that he is focusing solely on you, and it also ensures you take his entire body in, which will hopefully make you feel turned on when looking at it. Another sign could be that he gets fidgety when he is around you - maybe he can't get his words out properly, or he can't keep his body still. This shows that this guy is completely out of control, because of the way you make him feel. Another body language sign that he could be showing is parting his lips or licking his lips. He won't be doing this intentionally, but he won't be able to stop it. This is a sexual move that hopes to get you turned on, and focusing on his lips.

8 . He's complimentary.

This isn't one of the most subtle signs, but if a male coworker is always complimenting you, it's probably because he likes you. He not only wants to make you feel great and boost your confidence, but he also wants to make sure you know that he is interested. He might compliment you in a variety of different ways, and you might not even realize it, especially because the compliments he is giving will have to be considered workplace friendly. With this in mind, you might notice that this man is always complimenting the work you do, the clothes you wear, the way you look (subtly and appropriately) or your personality. Although he probably has to bite his tongue when he's complimenting you, you should be able to pick up on it. You might notice that he's always the one that has your back in the office, or he's the one telling your boss just how amazing you are at what you do. Complements are obvious signs someone likes you.

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9 . You have personal jokes together.

Do the two of you get on really well? Perhaps you have personal jokes together that no one else in your workplace understands? If you do, then the two of you have created a deeper and more intimate level of connection with each other than just being coworkers. One of the most obvious signs a male coworker is interested in you will be that he tries to make you laugh. Someone that makes us laugh can make us happy and we want to be with them more and more - this guy knows this and therefore is trying to make jokes with you and keep you giggling. If he has created a joke just between the two of you, he is making progress at turning your relationship from colleagues to friends, and hopefully to lovers in the future.

10 . He's flirty.

In a lot of workplaces, flirting is present - at the end of the day, we all spend a lot of our lives in these places and need something to keep it fun and exciting. You might notice that this guy flirts with you a lot. Although this could just be a little harmless flirting between coworkers, if he only chooses to flirt with you, it's probably because he wants you. He is trying to take the relationship from strictly in the office, to fully out of the office. He might flirt in different ways - winking at you from across the room, making you laugh, sending you flirty emails or teasing you. If every morning you go into work, you know this guy is going to be flirty with you, it's one of the most obvious signs he is into you.

11 . Everyone else in your workplace picks up on the fact he likes you.

11 . Everyone else in your workplace picks up on the fact he likes you.

When someone likes another person, other people around can pick up on it. When we like someone else, a certain energy is given off. So, even if you can't pick up on the signs a male coworker wants you, your other coworkers will be able to. They might tease you about the fact another coworker likes you, or they might simply try and tell you that he likes you. If you feel like people around you are always trying to tell you that a certain coworker likes you, you need to listen to them, and accept the fact that this coworker likes you.

12 . You can feel the sexual tension.

As much as other people can pick up on certain feelings that others have, you should also be able to pick up on certain feelings. Do you feel a romantic or sexual tension between yourself and the guy you think likes you? If so, it probably is because this coworker likes you! Although we might not think it, humans are very receptive to other people and how they feel. If the coworker you think likes you is showing some of the signs listed above, and you feel a tension between the two of you - this male coworker likes you and you can stop looking for other sings!

How Should You Deal With Having A Coworker That's Interested In You?

How Should You Deal With Having A Coworker That's Interested In You?

You're Not Alone

The first thing you need to do is remember not to panic. You are not the only one in this situation - this is actually a really common occurrence because of how much of our lives we spend at work and with our colleagues. This most likely won't affect your work, so don't worry about that.

Do You Like Them Back?

The second thing you need to do is figure out if you feel the same. Are you interested in your coworker? If you do, then you can start to think about what you want to do. If you don't, then you don't need to give your energy to it. Don't worry too much about this person liking you. If you feel like it's uncomfortable for you at your workplace, you can speak to them about how they feel and ask them to refrain from flirting with you. If things don't get better, you can always speak to someone higher up in your workplace about the situation making you feel uncomfortable.

If You Do Like Them Back, Do You Want To Date Them?

If you have come to the conclusion that you reciprocate the feelings that your coworker has for you, it's exciting! You might have met someone really special. If you feel like you want to, you can open up to them about the way you feel or start subtly flirting with them and see where it leads.

However, it's important to note that once you start to date a coworker, it might be difficult for you in the future. The company you work for might not appreciate the two of you being a couple, you might find it hard being around your partner all the time (at work and at home) and the worst situation is that you could break up and then have to see your ex-partner every day at work.

It's completely up to you with what you choose to do next. Some people love being around their partners all the time, and the prospect of working together is exciting. However, some people like to know that their workplace is just for them. Have a good think before you even choose to tell your coworker how you feel, or if you choose to pursue anything with them.


I really hope that this article has helped you by taking a look at the signs a male coworker that likes you will be showing. Hopefully, you can figure out if your particular coworker does like you or not, by using the signs listed above to help.

Did this article help you at all? If it did and you liked what you read, please let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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