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Guys Weakness (13 Common Weaknesses Men Have)

Would you like to know the moves you can make to turn men weak at the knees?

Yes, men may look big and strong on the surface, but there are plenty of things women can do that turn them to jelly...

Would you like to learn how to turn your super-masculine crush to putty in your hands? 

If so, this guide should help. It lists 13 of men’s biggest ‘weaknesses’ when it comes to women.   

First off though, here's a story that I'm sure you'll find useful to hear. 

In my teens and early twenties, I was unable to tie down a good man. 

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It's a cheat code in the male mind like no other - and you can learn the specific details of how I took advantage of it by clicking here. You can do the same if you follow the same steps as me!

With that said, let's now progress into my list of 13 male weaknesses.

13 Weak Points Of A Guy

1. Making the first move

Many people still hold the idea that girls or women shouldn’t approach men first. In fact, they say all that a lady needs to do is show up looking flawless. Any interested guy should take it from there. Here’s the thing; you don’t want to confuse chasing with making the very first move.

Chasing is continuously pursuing someone till they say yes. That’s a guy thing. You don’t want to do that, it makes a lady look desperate. But making the first move totally weakens their knees unless he has no feelings towards you.

2. Ask a guy for help

Ask a guy for help

Research shows guys love being the hero. Asking them for help almost always hits their soft spots, so they’ll gladly swoop in to “save you.” I’m not entirely sure if this behavior is a result of not being able to resist the natural female charm, a massage on their ego, or a conventional expectation that most men just got used to overtime. 

Whatever the case is, asking a guy for help weakens his knees and brings him to your corner easily.

3. A hot body & a beautiful appearance

Men are visual creatures, this is a fact that I can’t overemphasize. They see your curves before they see real you. Yes, it sounds superficial, but that’s how they are wired when they see a woman. Walk into a room full of guys with a hot shape, flawless makeup, and an outfit screaming sexy but not slutty, you’d realize just how much power you girls have over guys. 

4. The “green light” look

The eyes, they say, are the window to the soul. Without saying anything with your mouth you can say more with your eyes within a second. If you can get a guy’s attention from your body to your eyes, you will weaken his knees. You know that look that says “I want you right now,” guys can’t resist it. It throws them off balance. But make sure it’s not a desperate or slutty look.

5. Cooking his favorite meal

For some men, the saying “The way to man’s heart is through his stomach” is true. If you are a good cook, or even better, you know how to whip up his favorite meal in the kitchen, you’ll forever be in his good books. Just pull this one out of the bag when you need to say sorry or when things are a little awkward. 

Trust me, girl, you’ll get him on the same page with you in no time.

6. Give him the bedroom look

Sex is the hunger for guys, so it’s no surprise that they launch at you like you are a kind of meal that’ll satisfy their craving. Still, guys go weak in the knees and almost can’t resist a woman who makes the first sexual move or hint. Showing a man you sexually desire him sends messages all over him. 

His body and his mind get all excited that he’ll almost do anything you say in a jiffy. For example, if you command him in a sexy way to take his clothes off, he’ll do it with the speed of light like an obedient little boy.

7. Appreciate him as a man

If you want to get a man eating out of your palms and weak in the knees, appreciate his masculinity. Men hate feeling inadequate. So when girls say statements like “You are my Superman, I just feel safe in your hands,” trust me, you have found his weak buttons. He’ll get all mushy and weak in the knees whenever you say them.

8. Make a guy feel wanted even when he’s not around

Make a guy feel wanted even when he’s not around

When you make a guy feel like he’s the one on your mind and you can’t wait to get under the sheets with him, girl, he’ll race home to you as his life depends on it. You can send him a naughty text or a sexy photo of you licking a lollipop seductively. Guys are generally captivated and intrigued by women/girls that are bold and express their desire unapologetically.

9. High heels & pantyhose

It’s time to turn up the heat. If nothing works on your guy, pantyhose and high heels won’t fail and get your guys weak in the knees. You might never hear this one from your guy unless you both have had the chance to sit down and list all your likes or turn-ons. 

Guys are a total sucker for women or girls in pantyhose. It melts their heart right away. Some guys confessed that they are completely hooked if it's a black or off-white color hose.

10. Being mysterious and unpredictable

Again, this one has something to do with men’s natural behavior of chasing. Being mysterious and unpredictable makes them addicted to and all over you. Look it this way, an addicted punter keeps wagering because of the unpredictability and possibility of getting more when he gambles.

Similarly, a guy keeps coming for more when he can’t get enough of you. Being mysterious technically gives you power as you get to dictate the pace of the relationship.

11. The seductive touch

Trust me, girl, you don’t need long nails to make him “weak in the knees”. For starters, look good, smell nice, and be alluring. You can now send a shivering sensation down his spine when you seductively drag your fingers around his skin and hair. He’ll totally go gaga and weak for you. 

Seductive touch doesn’t just excite guys physically, you are also messing with their minds and taking some of the control. Most men love it. 

12. Being yourself and having a great sense of humor.

One mistake girls make is playing “hard to get” too hard. Yes, it’s not a bad idea to make yourself a bit unavailable when you meet a guy so that you can know if he’s serious. But the idea is to be mysterious, not to put a show that’s not even you. If you are running a “hard to get” script for too long, you’ll end up becoming boring and unappealing. 

Instead, be yourself and smile more often. Guys totally get hooked with a beautiful smile. The best way to let a guy become captivated by you is to see the real you, your smile, your vulnerabilities, etc.

Naturally, guys are the ones that do more so that ladies can feel comfortable and open up when they go on dates. However, when you have also had a great sense of humor that also makes him smile and more comfortable, you have him. In fact, he’ll love you more because he can be vulnerable with you and doesn’t have to act around you.

13. Be strong & independent

You may have heard men want respect from their girls. However, that doesn’t mean they want a girlfriend that will do their bidding like a servant. Women/girls that are independent and don’t act all clingy attract guys more. When it comes to relationships, men love a little challenge and always get hung on a woman who knows how to put her foot on the ground.


What is the weakness of man?

These are the things that make him feel “weak in the knees.” Not in a bad way, but in a way that makes him more emotional and inclined to be more affectionate, romantic, and all over his woman. Knowing them can be a good way of enjoying a more healthy dating lifestyle since you’ll find it easy making him happy and “breaking the ice” when things get a bit awkward.

What are the characteristics of a weak man?

One of the first characteristics of a weak man is selfishness. He does only things for himself and never feels the need to be there for others and his woman. Because he never wants to fail, he never tries. He lets his woman and others around him do all the work. What’s more, he’s always quick to use the exit once things get very tough. 

What are common human weaknesses?

The weaknesses common to humans include but are not limited to greed, unnecessary doubt/second-guessing, aggression, fear, dishonesty, and the tendency to cheat. All of these not only affect us personally but also negatively impact our relationships with others.

Is overthinking a weakness?

Yes, overthinking is a combination of fear, doubt, and unwillingness to take the risk. Anyone who overthinks everything and situations will always second guess and never trust others. Because they read too much meaning into little things and everything, they’ll find it difficult to identify a good gesture from others.

How do you know a man is strong?

While many might think a strong man will hardly show his weak side, quite the contrary, it takes strength to show you are down or in need of help. A strong man is honest even when it’s hard. Also, he doesn’t assert his manhood over his woman, intimidate others or allow others to intimidate him. More importantly, a strong man stands up for his woman and others.

To Conclude

Knowing the things you can do to get a guy weak in the knees can make your relationship more enjoyable. Generally, weakness exposes people’s vulnerability. The result of him, being more vulnerable around you is that he’ll be more open and affectionate, which will make you enjoy him more. I hope you enjoyed the article, feel free to comment and share it with your girlfriends.


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