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Signs A Taurus Man Doesn't Like You (31 Signs to Watch Out For)

June 4, 2024

Are you wondering whether a Taurus man is into you?

Perhaps you’re looking for clear-cut signs of attraction before you ramp up your flirting? 

Well, the good news is: this sign does tend to show concrete signals when he doesn’t like a woman. 

So, if he’s not showing these, you can take that as an invitation to flirt further. 

However, before these signs are unveiled, I want to share an important story with you. 

In my earlier years, I found myself constantly chasing guys who were not that interested in me. 

At best, they’d see me as ‘a bit of fun’. 

I always felt like I’d never find a guy who would love me for my personality - and I had no idea why!

Thankfully, I turned this nasty situation around and I want to share how I did it. 

It all started when I found out about a psychological trigger called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’. 

This little-known trigger has a significant influence on how men emotionally react to the women they meet.

Once this is activated, it can release intense feelings of purpose, inner strength, and self-esteem within a man. Inevitably, they develop a strong emotional bond with women who can make them experience these feelings.  

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My story of how I mastered the ‘Hero’s Instinct’ reveals everything you need to know.

Once you’ve digested this, scroll down for my advice on whether a Taurus man is into you.

Signs A Taurus Man Doesn't Like You

When you're into someone, it's never fun to spend your day wondering how they feel about you. This can be especially tough when dealing with Taurus men because many are laid-back and sociable. As a result, their friendliness can easily be mistaken as flirtatiousness or a desire for something more serious, such as a relationship.

However, keep in mind that people come in many forms and sizes. They act, behave, and have a wide range of interests. So, when interacting with Taurus men, it is best to be aware of their habits. For instance, when seeking a life partner, Taurus men certainly have their standards, and they prefer to take things slow before making such a decision. 

Understandably, these behaviors can be perplexing and challenging for someone who has never dealt with a Taurus guy to grasp, further blurring the line between whether or not he likes you. 

So, if it feels like you've been hanging out for months and you still can't seem to connect with him, don't worry - there's always a method to their madness. It could be because he likes you, but it could also be because he doesn't. It all depends on the signs and body language

On that note, the following signs are 31 signs a Taurus man doesn't like you.

1. He is distant

Taurus men are well-known for how attentive they can be when they like someone. They will seize any opportunity to prove their love and shower their woman with attention. You see, these men aren't particularly excellent at playing hard to get. So, if they're acting distant, that's a sign you shouldn't ignore.

For instance, if you work in the same place as a Taurus man and he likes you, he would stop at your desk frequently, more than he stops at other people's desks. However, if he doesn't like you, he wouldn't even notice you, and if he's stopping at your desk, it's probably to ask for something. He wouldn't expedite his energy towards any exclusive conversation with you.

2. He doesn't care about your opinion

Taurus men typically like to seek the opinions of the women they like, so if he doesn't like you, he won't ask for your thoughts. 

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This is because he doesn't give a second thought to what you want or need. It doesn't matter to him if his decisions affect you or your feelings, so even when you offer your opinion, he'd treat it like any other random person's opinion - without attaching value.

When a Taurus man ignores your opinions, he's trying to let you know he's not interested in you. However, don't be so quick to conclude only one event. Instead, give it some time and see if this behavior is repeated continuously, and if so, he is not into you.

3. He doesn't notice you

As sensory beings, it's difficult for a Taurus not to notice a woman he admires and finds attractive. Therefore, if he doesn't notice your presence, it's one of the signs that he could care less if you are around him or not.

For all you know, you may be merely an acquaintance or just another girl he talks to at work if he does not acknowledge your presence as you walk past each other or while you are in the same room.

As upsetting as this may seem, try not to take it personally, as it likely has little to nothing to do with who you are, what you look like, or what you do. It's just simply because he has not noticed you. 

4. He is elusive

A Taurus guy is a self-centered and self-indulgent person who always puts himself first unless he is around someone he loves. As a result, when it comes to a lady he dislikes, he will be evasive when making plans with her.

Even if you initiate the plans, he will try to avoid getting involved and will give you ambiguous responses. He will not commit to making plans or going on excursions with you.

So if he says things like, "We should get lunch sometime," but nothing comes of it, it's a red flag, and it means he doesn't like you. 

Of course, if he tries to set up dates with you but has valid reasons to cancel, that's a different story. He could be an ordinary, busy person like everyone else. However, what truly matters are the intentions behind his statement, and we can all agree that if he liked you, he would have been more specific with his plans.

5. There is little to no communication

No calls, no text messages. Is this your experience with a Taurus man? If yes, then it's obvious that your Taurus man doesn't like you, and as such, you aren't a priority to him. 

The same way most men act when they like a girl is the same way a Taurus man who's smitten acts. He will bombard your phone with text messages, calls, and hilarious memes throughout the day. 

Therefore, a Taurus man's lack of communication with you is a major sign that he does not fancy you romantically. It should be a top priority for someone who cares about you to contact you regularly.

6. He doesn't respond to your messages

he doesnt respond to your messages

To be clear, Taurus guys aren't particularly effective communicators in general, including texting and social media messaging. Nonetheless, one of the unmistakable symptoms that a Taurus guy is not interested in you is when he begins to ignore your messages or takes an excessive amount of time to react to you.

So, if you find yourself wondering why he isn't returning any of your calls or responding to any of your messages even though it shows that he's read them, the answer is simple. He is not interested in you and will want to save his time and energy for a more meaningful conversation.

7. He's cold

If you know anything about the Taurus man, one thing is certain; he loves physical intimacy in relationships. He's the kind who's voracious in bed and can't get enough physical attention. In other words, these are the guys who have no problem with you wanting to cuddle, hug or kiss them all the time.

With this understanding, it's easy to conclude that if your Taurus man doesn’t talk to you, touch, or even return your hugs, it means he doesn't like or think of you romantically. For all we know, you could just be another acquaintance, friend, or coworker, and as such, deflects physical contact.

8. He doesn't invite you to events

One of the major signs that a Taurus guy isn't into you and only likes you as a friend is if he doesn't ask you to any events he has with his friends, family, or coworkers. That's because he is too self-absorbed to consider broadening his friendship circle and inviting you along.

When a Taurus guy believes he has discovered his soulmate, he has no difficulty advertising his romance to the entire world. He'll tell everyone how stunning you are and will not keep your relationship a secret. If he doesn't like you, he will avoid inviting you to join him. He won't even schedule dates with you anymore since he doesn't want to have you in his personal space.

9. He pokes at your insecurities

One thing you should know about Taurus men is that they are deliberate about everything, from their words to their actions. This means if they are trying to pass a message, they know how to gradually and methodically do so. 

When he dislikes you, he will show it to you indirectly with serious jokes. These jokes may sometimes be about your body, clothes, attractiveness, or anything else relating to you. 

He is aware that the joke is hurtful to you, but he'll talk about it regardless because he wants to pass a message, which is that he doesn't like you romantically.

10. He cancels plans at the last minute

When it comes to spending time with the one he loves, a Taurus man is highly precise. He will attempt to spend as much time as possible with you if he loves you, irrespective of how busy he is.

It is not in his character to change plans at the last minute. He would rather notify you ahead of time and most likely reschedule the event. But if he bails out unexpectedly, it suggests he didn't want to attend in the first place.

A Taurus man has no problem doing what he believes is right. So him canceling last minute is because he sees no point in hanging out with you and doesn't care about your feelings at that moment.

11. Pay attention to his body language

The Taurus man is one of the most physically-oriented Zodiac signs. This means that he communicates more with his body language than with words. Therefore, if you want to know how a Taurus man feels about you, pay attention to his body language.

For instance, as already mentioned, a Taurus man that doesn't like you deflects physical contact. He will be cold, distant, and elusive. All these are non-verbal cues that do not require him to talk for you to understand what’s happening.

12. He flirts with other women

he flirts with other women

If it comes to the knowledge of a Taurus man that you like him, but he still goes ahead to flirt and talk intimately with other women in front of you, he is sending you a message. He isn't doing it just to make you jealous but to also demonstrate that he is uninterested. 

Taurus men aren't big on mind games. They are more forthright and do not take pride in hurting girls like them. Nonetheless, he would flirt with other women in front of you to make it clear that he doesn't like you romantically and hopes that you receive the hint and not have great expectations of him

13. He doesn't compliment you

Taurus guys are noted for their ability to give compliments. If a Taurus man makes a point of telling you how lovely you are, appreciates your style, or compliments your hair, it's a solid clue that the Taurus man likes you. They also make an extra effort to notice new things, such as a new haircut, outfit, or fresh makeup. 

Therefore, if a Taurus man doesn't do this but instead gives you the cold shoulder; it’s a clear indication that he's lost interest in you. 

Unfortunately, this is one of those signs that women tend to miss because they are blinded by love. However, if you study a Taurus man's behavior when in love and compare it to how he acts towards you, you might be able to learn a lot about his feelings towards you. 

14. He makes excuses

Another clear sign of a Taurus man losing interest in you is that he'll make excuses not to be involved with you alone. 

Perhaps you work in the same office or attend the same school, but even then, he'll spend more time interacting with other people and flirting with other girls than talking to you. Also, when you confront him, he'll come up with incoherent excuses if you try to ask him why. 

A Taurus man that doesn't like you will avoid getting involved with you at all cost and would make vague plans that he can easily wiggle out of without looking like the bad guy.

15. He doesn't help you

When in love, Taurus men are the epitome of gentlemanly behavior. To prove their affection, they will go above and beyond to shower you with acts of service. In other words, a Taurus man that likes you will strive to be your reliable knight in shining armor. 

So unless a Taurus man goes out of his way to be there for you, it's safe to assume that he's not interested in having a romantic connection with you. Instead, he'd rather save his energy for the things that matter most to him, like his career, close friends, and family.

So pay attention to how he acts when you are in need. Is he quick to assist in carrying your luggage at the airport? Does he show up on Saturday mornings to fix your car? Or, does he help you study for an exam?

16. He becomes harsh

When a Taurus man has tried talking to you in a diplomatic and respectful way but you aren’t backing off, he can become harsh. He will go to great lengths to be critical and insulting just so you hate him and stop talking to him.

For instance, if you work together, he will harshly criticize every mistake and push back all your attempts to get close to him. That’s because he sees your persistence and efforts to be close to him as annoying and intrusive.

17. He blocks you

The minute a Taurus man realizes that you aren't aching off despite showing several signs and not responding to your calls or messages, he's likely to ghost or completely block you. 

You should probably take this as advice to back off and move on if you feel the Taurus man you like doesn't like you, especially if you still want to stay in touch with him.

It's important not to push him too far. For instance, if he's flirting with other women in front of you to hint that he doesn't want a relationship with you, he might still be interested in a friendship. However, if you cross his line, he will cut you off completely.

18. He tells you

he tells you

Taurus men do not know how to mince the truth. So, if a Taurus guy isn't interested in you and doesn't believe you'll be able to take a hint, he won't be shy in expressing his feelings. He'll likely tell you immediately. 

Also, you should know that the Taurus man isn't the most empathetic being you'll ever come across. They don't care if knowing the truth hurts your feelings. So while they aren't inherently vicious, they also don't sugarcoat things. If a Taurus guy feels the need to unequivocally state that he is not interested, he will not hesitate.

A Taurus man who is uninterested would rather you know the reality and avoid false hope, even if it hurts your feelings. 

19. He doesn't surprise you with gifts

As already established, the Taurus man is the kind that proclaims his love with actions and fewer words. So if he's in love with you, you can always expect to get frequent gift surprises, and sometimes, they will be the little things that mean a lot to you.

Taurus men tend to be generous and lavish spenders when dealing with people they care about. Therefore, if he isn't getting you gifts or the frequency has dropped, and you can tell that it isn't because of financial reasons or other external factors, then they’re signs a Taurus man doesn't like you or is no longer interested in you.

20. He stops compromising

Let's face it; compromise doesn't come easy to the Taurus man because he is stubborn and needs to be convinced about an opinion before considering changing his mind. However, compromise is an important part of dating, and like every other man in other zodiac signs, the Taurus man also understands this.

Therefore, when Taurus men lose interest in a lady, they return to their natural state, dictating their terms and making compromise difficult. He'll turn into a dictator who enforces his own rules without respect for your feelings, especially if he strongly believes that you are incompatible, as this would mean he doesn't care if you walk away or cut him off.

21. He isn't jealous

While the Taurus zodiac sign is known for being super chilled and stoic, there is still a jealous streak that rears its head when they are in love. These men are protective of their loved ones and will stomp their feet on anyone who tries to overstep their boundaries.

Admittedly, jealousy isn't always a sign of love; it could sometimes be that your partner is narcissistic. However, the Taurus man's jealousy is the good kind because while he may not go into a full-blown jealous rage, he'll show concern for when he feels your attention is divided or threatened.

So be on the lookout for hints of jealousy next time you are hanging out with your male friends or coworkers. How does your partner react when another man asks for your number or sensitively touches you. If he is aloof and unconcerned, chances are he doesn't like you.

22. He doesn't make romantic plans

Being a sign that prioritizes acts of service, Taurus men appreciate the value of romantic relationships. 

One way to know how romantic he can get is to look into his record of planning thoughtful dates, special events, and quality time with his partner. This will reveal to you that although this zodiac sign enjoys spending time on the couch, a Taurus will usually throw in an exciting, well-planned date night for a serious partner. 

Reflect on the last few times you've seen each other. If it seems like all you've ever done is chill on the couch together with no meaningful activities or a nice meal that you love, then they’re signs a Taurus man is not willing to commit to dating you.

23. He is not taking things slow

As earlier stated, the best way to know if a Taurus man doesn't like you is to study the sign's zodiac sign and learn how they treat the people they like.

In this case, a Taurus man is typically slow. They take their time before making decisions, which can come off as being traditional, especially when it comes to sex. 

A Taurus man that likes you does not rush physical contact because he is interested in getting to know you and connecting with you emotionally first. So, if your Taurus man seems to be deliberately moving fast with sex, it could be a sign that he doesn't like you but is only using you as a distraction.

24. You're not exclusive

 youre not exclusive

As soon as a Taurus truly loves you, he'll want to make things exclusive. If you're feeling bold and in need of answers, you can always ask him if he's seeing other people or interested in doing so. 

Fortunately, if you have the confidence to ask, a Taurus man will be honest and not evade the question - they have a knack for honesty. So if he doesn't want to be exclusive with you, this could indicate that he doesn't take your relationship very seriously.

25. He doesn't open up to you

While trust is important in all relationships, Taurus men tend to take it extra seriously. On a normal day, this sign does not open up easily. They are pros at hiding their feelings and will only let you into their personal life when they trust you.

So, if your Taurus man secrets aren’t known to you or he gives you vague responses about his personal life and work, it means he doesn't trust you, and this can easily be translated to mean that he doesn't like you because trust always comes first for this zodiac sign.

26. He's not keen on knowing you

A Taurus man interested in a romantic connection will want to know everything about you, from your likes and dislikes to your routines and favorite activities. You might find him asking you questions that revolve around how you spend your day and how you love to relax and unwind in the evenings.

Don't mistake this for him being nosy. He's simply trying to understand your kind of person and how your routine fits into his life. You see, these men are deep thinkers, and as such, they like to know how they fit into your life and ways to make sure your relationship works seamlessly.

Therefore, if your Taurus man isn't asking you any of these questions or interested in knowing anything about you, it's a clear sign that he's not into you.

27. He doesn't remember anything about you

So maybe your Taurus man doesn't care to know anything about you, but being the bold and courageous girl that you are, you went ahead to tell him anyway. 

The fact is, if this man doesn't like you, he will not remember any of the things you told him. On the other hand, if he's into you and was perhaps too shy to ask initially, he'll remember most of what you tell him, including the little things. 

At the very least, he'll remember your birthday, address, hobbies, favorite restaurant, and stories of your favorite moments.

28. He doesn't appreciate your gifts

A Taurus man who's romantically interested in you will be touched by any gift you give him, not minding if it's relevant or not. This man's love language is an act of service, so even if he doesn't like the gift, he will appreciate the thought and intentions behind it.

To get an idea of where you stand with a Taurus male, get him a thoughtful gift, like scented candles, his favorite board game, or a pack of socks, and watch how he reacts. If he's visibly happy, it means he likes you, but if he looks confused and unimpressed, the Taurus man doesn’t like you.

29. He doesn't want to be seen with you in public

Taurus men are somewhat introverted. They are private beings who like to keep things to themselves and only share information when they feel the time is right or the information is relevant. 

In this case, the information is his relationship with you, which he'll only make public knowledge if he likes you and sees you in his future.

If a Taurus guy doesn't like you, he won't want to be seen with you in public, and even when you unavoidably or coincidentally cross each other's paths, he might ignore you.

30. He doesn't treat you as a priority

he doesnt treat you as a priority

You can tell that a man treats you as a priority by the number of things he lets get in the way of spending time with you, how he handles matters that concern you, and how committed he is to you.

For instance, when a Taurus man doesn't see you as a priority, you'll notice that he will cancel date plans to do things that can be done at a later time or by someone else. Clearly, he doesn't value you or your relationship with him and doesn't care if his reasons are relevant to you or not.

31. He gives you the silent treatment

Getting the silent treatment from anyone hurts, but it's worse when it comes from someone you love. 

Unfortunately, when a Taurus man doesn't like you, he might start ignoring you and give you the silent treatment. This is more likely to happen after he's given you several cues to back off or even told you explicitly, and you haven't. His next step will then be to act like you don't exist.

He won't talk to you when you bump into each other, he won't stop at your desk for idle chats, and he'll stop responding to your texts and phone calls.


How do you know if a Taurus man is playing you?

To understand if a Taurus man likes you or is playing you is to pay attention to his actions, not words. After all, the Taurus man's most exciting quality is his ability to commit to those he loves. However, he won't do this unless he likes you. So observe if he makes you a priority, makes romantic plans, or shows you off in public, as these are other signs that he isn't playing you.

Why is a Taurus man distant?

When a Taurus man is distant, it can be difficult to understand why or what's going on in his mind regarding your relationship because this behavior swings both ways. Nonetheless, the difference lies in the accompanying actions.

If he's distant but hasn't shut you out completely, it could mean that he's going through a hard time or testing you. However, if he's distant, cold, rude, and blocks you, it means the Taurus man doesn't like you and wants to hide things from you.

How do you know if a Taurus trusts you?

The Taurus man is a practical, moral, and reliable being who unfortunately doesn't trust people easily. However, if you prove yourself to be trusting and committed, you are likely to win a Taurus man's heart, and you'll know this because he won’t hide things from you or leave you wondering what’s going on in his mind.

How do you know when a Taurus man is lying?

While people born under the Taurus star sign are regarded as honest and prudent, this does not mean they are never tempted to lie. 

This star sign is meticulous when lying and will first try to deflect the question, but if that proves unsuccessful, they will act like they are in deep thought, but not too hard to a point where you can tell that they are lying.

How do you win a Taurus man's heart?

If you want to win a Taurus man's heart, never stop being romantic. Show that you love and support him through your actions, be loyal to him, and be honest and vulnerable with him. This way, he will trust you and yearn to connect with you emotionally and romantically.

In Conclusion

No one ever really gets used to the pain of unrequited love. However, it's sometimes best to watch out for the signs that a person doesn't like you and withdraw immediately. I hope you enjoyed reading this list and found the different signs a Taurus man doesn’t like you to be insightful. If yes, don't forget to leave a comment behind and share these signs with friends dating Taurus men.

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