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How Does a Taurus Man Test a Woman? 31 Signs & Ways

May 7, 2024

Are you wondering whether the Taurus in your life is playing games with you?

It’s common for this sign to do this while in a relationship - and perhaps you would like to discover if that’s what's going on? 

If so, this is the guide for you. 

This article will reveal the 31 clearcut signs that a Taurus man is testing you.

However, before these signs are revealed, I need you to read the following story carefully. 

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If you’re in a difficult relationship with a Taurus, this could be the solution to fixing your troubles. You owe it to yourself to understand how the male mind works.

Since Taureans are quite picky, there’s a chance he would stick to just friendship if he feels you’re not the right person for him. On the contrary, the below-listed ways that a Taurus man can test you, will help you manage the situation better and keep him attracted to you.

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How Does A Taurus Man Test You?

Are you ‘more than friends’ with a Taurus man but feel that they are not giving you a commitment? Are you losing your patience but having no idea why your man is taking things slow? If yes, then it is probably because your Taurus man is testing you to ensure that you are the right match for him.

When Taurus men get into a relationship, they think that a long-term commitment and compatibility are significant for them. Even if they like a girl for her physical beauty, they will not commit to her until they test her and are sure that the girl matches them on a mental level. 

Testing their prospective match is something that the Taurus men are subconsciously doing. Doing this might frustrate the girl initially, but the truth is, it is one of the best means to make sure that the relationship is strong and long-lasting.

In today’s article, we will see how Taurus men test their prospective partners. Knowing about these ways will help you to be vigilant and confident.

Plus, we’ll look at how you can attract a Taurus man and have your happily ever after with him.

1. Taurus men test your honesty.

Taurus men are honest, and loyalty is their key trait, and they expect the same honesty from you. They feel that the best way to make a relationship work is always to tell the truth. It does not mean that you have to say to them each and everything, but make sure that you never lie to them. 

A man of this zodiac sign will not only want you to be honest, but a Taurus man will test your honesty. In case of suspicion, a Taurus will ask questions out of the blue to catch you, and if he finds out that you were not completely honest, it might be the end of your relationship. 

At the start of your relationship, there will be many tests to determine your honesty and find out if you are speaking the truth.

2. They will know if you play mind games with them.

Playing hard to get might work for most of the zodiac signs but this is not the case with a Taurus man. A Taurus man will not appreciate it if you try to make him jealous so refrain from playing games as this man does not like being a second option to anyone. 

3. He will test your commitment. 

A Taurus man likes being in a serious, committed relationship, and at every point, he will want to make sure that you also have the same commitment to the relationship. That is why he will ask to meet your friends. This will help him understand if your friends know about him, and if yes, what they think about him. It is a way of knowing how serious you are about him.

A Taurus man wanting to meet your friends is a clear sign that he likes you, and he is making an effort to know the people that matter in your life.

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4. He pushes your emotional buttons. 

There will be times when a Taurus man will frustrate you to the extent that you will get desperate and irritated, especially at the time of an argument. This is not because this man will never let you keep your points at the time of a fight. But, he will be extra calm and cool while you will be the one who will be ready for a screaming match.

Even at the time of the worst fight, it might feel that you are the only one speaking and getting hyper, while the other party will be relaxed while almost ignoring what you speak. This situation can frustrate many. However, here your man is not playing games or testing you but staying calm in couple fights is his way of dealing with the situation.

5. They will test you to make sure you are not a drama queen.

A Taurus man falls in love with an intelligent and sensible woman. Although this earth sign is guided by his feelings and not always playing games when it comes to falling in love, a Taurus man tests you before getting into a relationship to ensure that you are the right person for him.

An immature woman who cannot handle day-to-day problems will never attract a Taurus guy. Instead, he will be attracted to a woman who can handle any situation that life throws at her. You will find a Taurus man testing you by analyzing how you manage your life’s circumstances.

6. He will test your loyalty.

If you feel that the Taurus man is not committing to a relationship even after trying everything, he might be testing your loyalty. He might be waiting because he thinks you have another guy in the option and wants to see whom you choose.

If you really like your Taurus man, you should tell them about your feelings and what you want from them. Doing this will give them a surety. However, make sure that you don't pressure them or blame them.

7. They will also consider your physical traits.

If a Taurus man tests a woman to check if she is compatible with him, this does not mean that the man completely ignores the physical traits of the woman. Being an earth sign, he is very connected to sight, sound touch, and smell. That's why they get attracted to a woman with a soft and sultry voice, who wears feminine dresses and smell of flowers.

So if looking to attract a Taurus man, you should put a little effort into your appearance.

8. He will test you to make sure you are not after his money.

A Taurus man does not like anybody taking advantage of him. He is alert and conscious at every step because many women have tried to use him in the past. You will notice that he will often ask you to pay the bill whenever you guys go out. This is not because he is cheap, but the Taurus man is testing you to ensure that you are not with him only for his money.

9. He will check to make sure that you are not overly emotional.

he will check to make sure that you are not overly emotional

A Taurus man is not too fond of overly emotional women. He feels that there is a time and place for everything, and certain situations demand you to be strong. A man of this zodiac sign himself is very cool in tense situations and expects the same from his partner, so if this man finds out that you cannot handle your emotions, he might push you back.

10. He will use his silence to test you.

A Taurus man test you to make sure your personality traits match what they are looking for. They are looking for a feminine, strong woman who can handle whatever life throws at her and will test you to make sure that you are this woman. Whenever this man does not like anything about you, he will keep silent and observe you.

There will be many instances where he will choose to be silent and test your patience or see how you react.

11. He will show his jealousy to see how you react.

If a Taurus man shows his jealousy when you hang out with your male friends or ask questions, then it is a sign that he is testing you. He will say things like maybe you should go out with your friends because they are better than him, but he says this only to test what you will do and say.

12. He will go slow with the communication.

At the stage when you both are getting to know each other, there would be times when he would not always be the first one to call or message you. He might be taking his sweet time to decide what he wants from you or might be waiting for you to reach out to him. Whatever be the case, you should not bombard him with messages and calls as it will only scare him away.

Instead, occasionally give him a quick call or leave a friendly message, which will indicate that you are still interested in him. Remember, you must not show too much interest in this guy as there are chances that he might be playing hard to get. It would help if you did not come across as clingy and needy.

13. He will ask questions to know you better.

When it comes to Taurus males, compatibility with their partners is very important. And, if they find you worth pursuing, they will want to know you on a deeper level to check if you are eligible to be their long-term partner. 

To make sure that you are a match, a Taurus male will ask you questions about your hobbies, interests, and life. If you want things to work with this man, you should be open, be yourself and show him your vulnerable side so he can understand you more.

14. He will check if you are an independent woman.

A Taurus man likes an independent and strong woman, and a Taurus man is testing you to check if you are an independent woman who can handle things without depending on him at all times. So if you are someone who calls their man for every small problem and is very needy, then a man of this zodiac sign will notice it and keep a distance from you.

15. He will test if you give him enough attention.

Sure, being a Fixed Earth sign, a Taurus man would not be the first to compliment you, but they will always notice whether you are giving them compliments and attention. Although giving compliments does not come naturally to the people of this zodiac sign, once he sees making you an effort, he will also try to return the compliments.

16. He will try to find out about your work ethic.

A Taurus man is very hard working as he has specific goals in life, which he wants to fulfill. He wants to have a comfortable and peaceful life and does not mind putting extra work into it. When looking for a romantic relationship, a Taurus man looks for a woman who shares similar views on hard work so together they can achieve the heights of success. 

Also, a Taurus man hates sudden changes and prefers working through his own routine. He does not like a woman who will try to change him, and he will get into a relationship only after making sure that you both share similar work ethics.

17. He will ask you to make a decision.

While Taurus men love to always be in control, they will, in the initial stage, put you in a spot where you will be required to make decisions for both of you. These decisions can range from picking up a movie to watch to choosing a spot for your next vacation. 

Taurus men know that compatibility between partners is much more important than a simple attraction when it comes to long-run relationships. And, to make sure that you both are compatible and share similar interests, they ask you to make small decisions. This ensures that whatever you choose is your own choice, and you are not doing it just to impress them.

18. He will test you to make sure you are a woman of good character.

he will test you to make sure you are a woman of good character

When a Taurus man is with you, he usually thinks of long-term commitment. To ensure you are suitable for him, he will test almost every aspect of your personality, including your character. Once he finds you are perfect for him, he will eventually stop testing you, which will be the end of all the big tests.

So rather than being hurt by this situation, understanding what your man is doing will help your relationship. When spending time together, just try to be more understanding, strong, and supportive and if he thinks you two are compatible, he will do anything for you.

19. He will test your patience.

A Taurus man will test you thoroughly before committing to a relationship. He will take his sweet time to understand how you react to situations to know whether he should simply stay friends or get romantically involved with you. So, it is better that you do not hurry him up and give him his time to say ‘yes’ to you.

20. He will notice how hardworking you are.

A Taurus man likes a hard-working woman, and he will always be attentive to check whether you fit in his definition of hard-working or not. A man of this zodiac sign is usually determined, incredibly focused, and in a good financial position in society and expects the same from his girl. 

The love of the Taurus man for branded items makes him a materialistic person, and he wants a woman who has a strong mindset and works hard with him so that together they can achieve their dreams. If you are not a determined, hard-working girl, you might have little chance with this man.

21. He will access how you spend your money.

A Taurus guy sees a financially independent and hard-working woman as charming. So it is not uncommon to find a Taurus man testing his woman based on how she spends and manages her money. He will not only despise it if you make him spend his money too much but will also not be too happy if he notices you spending too much as it can mean problems in the future.

22. He will find out if you always answer in a way to please him.

A Taurus man is extremely intelligent and knows quickly if you pretend or lie to him. This man is checking your compatibility; it does not mean that you have to be similar in every aspect, but you should not be too much incompatible that you have different principles. So it is better that you answer all the questions that he asks honestly,

You should be yourself because if a Taurus man feels that you are pretending to be someone else, he will lose interest, and that would be the end of your relationship.

23. He will test your support level.

A Taurus man wants a perfect woman for himself, and to make sure you are the right person for him, he will test you to check if you can provide him with proper support. He will share his problems and life goals with you to see how you react to them and respond. If you respond negatively, do not use support or the man thinks that you are not supportive enough, he will push you away.

A Taurus man tests his woman this way to know if her goals coincide with his goals and your supportive words can increase your status in their life.

24. He listens to you to use it as an opportunity to access you.

As Taurus is a passive feminine sign, they are good listeners. So when you guys are out on a date, and you notice that it is only you who is speaking while your man is keeping quiet for long stretches, then it is not because the man in front of you is bored, but he is taking his time to access you.

He is listening intently as you speak and accessing your body language so he can understand your goals, your plans for the future, and whether they align with his plans or not. All this will help him know if you are a match-potential.

25. He will check if you are ambitious enough.

Taurus men are very ambitious and they want their partner to be ambitious as well. That is why they will frequently ask you questions about your dreams and goals and will motivate you towards them. This might sometimes irritate you, but you will see how their motivation will help you to make a better life.

26. He tests your love language.

A Taurus man is a hopeless romantic and does not mind showing his love to his partner, and they want the same from their partner. Taurus men test their partners to see if they are compatible with showing love. So if kisses and hugs are not your things, then maybe it is time to reconsider your relationship with this man. 

27. He will cancel programs to test you.

he will cancel programs to test you

A Taurus man will frequently cancel your plans, sometimes it would be due to legitimate reasons and sometimes not so much. They do this because they want to slow down things between you two and test how you will handle this kind of situation. You should show that you understand your man's situation and do not mind waiting for him.

28. He will notice if you try to change him.

Taurus are extremely proud of their ambitious nature and continuously work on themselves. If they feel that you are trying to change them, it will not go down well with them, and they might end the relationship. So it is better to accept your man as he is and motivate him but never try to change him.

29. He will check if you have feminine traits.

Even though a Taurus man likes strong women, he also wants this woman to have feminine traits. You will find a Taurus man testing you to make sure that you are soft, tender, compassionate, and overall feminine. A Taurus man will move forward with you only if he feels that you have all these traits.

30. He will test your love for food.

With a Taurus, you will see that the conversation will often revolve around food. This is because Taurus guys are big foodies. And, although they will appreciate that you are a good cook, it is not a necessity. All that is important is that you should share their love for food and the rest they will take care of.

31. He will check if you love his family.

This is something that goes for almost everyone. Just like every other guy, Taurus guys also want that you must love their family and be comfortable with them. They will take you to meet their family and see how well you all adjust.

How to Attract a Taurus Guy?

A Taurus man is attracted to a classy and sophisticated lady with refined tastes. To attract a Taurus guy, show him your feminine side and show him your interests in good food, good wine, and everything classy. Make sure to dress your best when you meet him.

Show this man that you are a hard-working, ambitious, independent, and dedicated woman who wants to make a mark for herself in society and he will not be able to stop himself from falling in love with you. Also, don't forget to show him that you value your money and spend it carefully. Also, make sure that this man knows that you are not after his money.

No matter how much a Taurus man likes you, he will test you so make sure that you're always honest and being yourself.


How do you know if a Taurus man is serious about you?

If a Taurus man is serious about you, he will be frank and confess his feelings to you in most cases. Even if he has not given you a commitment but is still spending time with you, this might be a phase where he tests you to make sure you are perfect for him. It does not mean that he is not serious about you.

How does a Taurus man act when they like you?

When a Taurus man likes you you will notice him always smiling in your company. He will shower you with all his love, attention, and gifts. When in love, this man would want to spend his time with you and ask personal questions from you. He will also share his dreams and goals with you.

How does a Taurus man court a woman?

While courting a woman, a Taurus man will show his romantic side and shower his woman with love, attention, and gifts. He will make his gal feel special and give her surprises. A Taurus man will also share his dreams and goals with this woman and continuously make her feel on top of the world.

How do you make a Taurus man addicted to you?

To make a Taurus man addicted to you, you should dress your best and always be ready with a smile. You should give him his space and let him chase you; however, you should stay in touch and wait for him to make a move. Refrain from playing games with this man and compliment him occasionally, even if he does not.

How do you know if a Taurus is playing you?

If a Taurus man does not make an effort to be with you, does not care about or says that he does not see a future with you, it is a sign that he is playing you. Other than this, he will only be available when he wants and not share his feelings with you, all of which show that he is not in it for the long run.

In Conclusion

Have you ever fallen in love with a Taurus man? How did it go? Did you feel that he was continuously testing you? Do you know how to attract a Taurus man? We’d love to hear a word from you in order to help our readers. Please comment below!

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