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Dating An Old Fashioned Guy (15 Signs)

We all know them, and we've all heard them talk. Some of them are our fathers, relatives, and perhaps exes. The old fashioned guy is the type of man who holds chivalry in high esteem and looks like someone out of a Jane Austine novel. 

In recent times, women have come to associate the old fashioned guy in a negative light. As someone who upholds patriarchy and wishes nothing more than to have a housewife. While this perception is not far fetched from the minds of men born in earlier times, they are not entirely true, and by no means do they apply to all old-fashioned men. 

If we are honest, many of us modern women still prefer dating a gentleman who portrays the traditional man's positive traits. That's because we can all agree that those qualities contribute towards maintaining a healthy relationship

You see, while these traits are quite unmissable, they can sometimes be confusing to identify if a man is truly old fashioned. In this article, I will discuss 15 signs you're dating an old fashioned man.

15 Signs You’re Dating An Old fashioned Man

1. He is chivalrous

If you think chivalry is dead, think again. Or better still, wait until you meet an old fashioned man. Chivalry is his idea of romance, and it is certainly not dead to him. He is the perfect gentleman as he tends to be affectionate and caring through acts of chivalry. He will hold doors for you, pull out your chair and buy you flowers occasionally. 

He is not ashamed to show he cares about you, and your life is a priority to him. The plus side to all this is that you will never have to wonder if he thinks of you because it shows how he treats everything that concerns you. 

2. He is patient

He is patient

One striking sign of the old-fashioned fellow is that he is patient with life. He does not believe in rushing things but likes to take things slow. You will also notice that sexual intimacy is sacred to him, and he will also want to take things slow here. 

He won't kiss you on the first date and might be embarrassed if you throw yourself at him. I know old fashioned dating may seem archaic to you right now, but that is how this guy operates. So, it would be best if you didn't allow your world to revolve around him. After all, he prefers to be the initiator and chaser.

3. He is very honest

You see, the old fashioned guy believes in doing things the old fashioned way without having to play mind games. He is honest and has no room for silly games common in the modern dating scene today. Such a man is more interested in courting you than' hanging out to see how things go.' 

An old-fashioned guy will never approach you if he does not imagine the possibility of a future life with you, and that's because he naturally tilts towards commitment. He also demonstrates his honesty through his thoughtful and sincere compliments and gestures.

4. He is intentional in his dressing

The old fashioned man knows that he has to dress the way he wants to be addressed, and as such, he pays attention to his appearance. This is not to say that the old fashioned guy is vain; it merely means he is groomed. He dresses for the occasion at all times, even if it is a date with you. 

While the modern dating pool still has well-dressed men, most guys today put in little effort when going out on dates. The old fashioned man takes pride in looking groomed and handsome for you even if it is a coffee date.

5. He likes it when you look good

I get it if you believe that women do not owe it to men to look good all the time. However, old fashioned guys will always find women who are dolled up and look beautiful. It does not mean that they are shallow and superficial, but it shows that they appreciate a woman who takes her time to groom herself, makeup, and look good. 

To him, it is not a big deal; after all, he also grooms himself for you. They like a lady who is just as conscious of her appearance as they are, and there is nothing wrong with that.

6. He marks his territory

The old fashioned man is very much like the early man in this aspect. They like to mark their territory and won't hesitate to pounce on anyone who dares to overstep. This might come off as him being possessive, but he is just protective. You see, he values you and will get jealous if he notices another man is trying to get your attention. For the most part, he wants you to be his and his alone.

7. He believes in spending quality time together

He believes in spending quality time together

While technology may have provided us with numerous communication channels, nothing beats the face to face conversation to a traditional man. He is a firm believer in spending quality time with whoever they are dating. 

Often, long-distance relationships do not work for this kind of man because he prefers to be close to his love interest. Similarly, the old fashioned man will choose to ask you out in person than over a text or dating app, and worst-case scenario, he will opt for a phone call.

8. He prefers to thrash things out in person

If he can say it over the phone, best believe he is not afraid to say it to your face. Instead, this kind of man will settle scores in person and does not see any reason to hide behind a phone. When you have issues in your relationship, he is not the type to send lengthy messages or voice notes. 

Instead, he is more likely to show up at your doorstep ready to thrash things out and settle your differences. He applies the same energy to breakups and will rather do it in person than over the phone, irrespective of how much it hurts him.

9. He takes pride in his work and being a provider

One characteristic of an old fashioned man is how much pride he attributes to his work and ability to provide for the girl he is dating. Irrespective of if he is a doctor or a truck driver, so long as he can put food on the table and clothe the ones he loves, he is happy and expects to be treated with respect

Unlike the modern man who will want to split the bill with his partner, this guy does not mind taking care of his lady and providing for her.

10. He is family-oriented

The old fashioned man is typically a family man; he loves the idea of belonging to a family and community. He is usually close to his family and makes them a priority. 

Similarly, you will likely hear him fantasize about his future family and how he wants to make it a reality with you. He prefers dating a family-oriented woman who understands the importance of prioritizing and nurturing her home.

11. He is goal-oriented and focused

He is goal-oriented and focused

The traditional man is not by any means myopic. He likes to think long term and is quite realistic in his plans. He is usually a deep thinker and thoughtful being, and as such, does not get carried away by trends. 

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Whether his goals are financial, career-wise, or personal, you can be sure that he will do his best to see it through. Remember that he is a man of his words, and he will always aim to achieve whatever he sets his mind to accomplish in life regardless of the challenges.

12. He likes to lead

As the saying goes, there cannot be two captains in a ship; that's how an old fashioned man's relationship functions, except he is more comfortable being the leader. In many cases, his desire to rule is not based on the notion that he is the better decision-maker or your incapability. 

Instead, it is just part of the qualities he possesses, and he functions better in relationships where he rules and is the initiator and leader. This does not mean that your opinion as his love interest does not matter; on the contrary, he is more than happy to listen to you and appreciates a woman who points out his shortcomings.

13. He is attentive and intentional

Even if you are unable to take away anything from this article, one thing you should know about a man who loves to do things the old fashioned way is that he is intentional. He is not erratic, and you will hardly ever see him do something just for the sake of it. 

He thinks before he acts, and part of what informs his decision is how attentive he is to you and his environment. When dating, he pays attention to you and how you treat the people around you. So make sure you stay authentic and kind to everyone, including the waiters, at all times.

14. He is handy

Just as the traditional man will want a woman who knows how to cook and be a good homemaker, he also takes pride in providing and fixing things around the house. When something goes wrong, his first instinct is not to call a handyman because he always has his toolbox ready. 

Many women - myself inclusive, find this kind of men attractive, and I believe they are a rare breed. I mean, think of all the costs you will save on paying something to fix things around your house.

15. He is predictable and non-adventurous

Most old fashioned men do not have a bone of adventure in them. They like to follow the rules and play it safe in everything they do. Everything he does is calculated and intentional, so don't expect any surprises from him. While he might still have some romance in him, he is quite predictable, and it is easy to fall into a routine when dating a man like this. 


How do you know if an old fashioned guy likes you?

Unlike men these days who enjoy the thrill of playing mind games, the old-fashioned guy is relatively straightforward when he likes you, and it is easy to tell. He will call you to ask about your day, provides for you, invites you to family occasions, and takes an interest in the things that concern you.

Is it okay to date an older guy?

While it may seem ideal to date a guy in the same age bracket as you, there are no dating rules regarding being with an older guy. However, remember that there are lot more factors to consider here. For starters, he might have some old fashioned dating values that you do not like and may have to compromise. In simple terms, you should be emotionally matured before delving into such romantic relationships.

What does an older man want in a relationship?

When it comes to romantic relationships, older men have specific standards they expect from their women. They want a woman who shares a similar interest with them and has a sensible dress sense. Dating a man like this can be quite challenging if your values do not align.

What is a traditional guy?

A traditional man is someone who adheres to age-old cultural principles of gender roles. He believes a man rules the home and should be the sole provider while the woman takes care of the children and home affairs. He is usually a man who takes pride in his work, strength, and ability to protect.

How do you know if a guy is genuinely interested?

A man who is genuinely interested in you will want to know everything about you. He calls you daily to check on you and takes delight in pleasing you. He pays attention to you and will notice the little things without you having to say them. 

In Conclusion

Now let's be honest, as women, we sometimes want to eat our cake and have it back. You know, those moments where we wish we could have the best of both worlds — a modern man with a traditional man's values. 

Well, if this is you, I hope you enjoyed reading this piece and found the points helpful. I look forward to reading from you in the comment section, and don't forget to share with your friends.

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