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How To Deal With A Flirty Boyfriend (13 Ways To Address His Actions)

Having a boyfriend who loves to flirt is risky. This is because, for some reason, he is always too friendly to other females. It is not a bad thing to be flirty. Actually, from a different perspective, it adds spice to the union when both parties are aware that they are allowed to flirt. It doesn't leave them too concentrated on themselves in the relationship.

Too much concentration on each other is wrong as it can make the relationship an unhealthy one. That being said, coping with your boyfriend's constant flirts might be difficult. Perhaps, he is the friendly and charismatic one, and you are the introverted girl. So, how do you deal with him without getting hurt and insecure? More so, how do you survive the union without making your partner uncomfortable?

The truth is, even though it is difficult, being with a flirty boyfriend can work out. But you are going to have to put in more effort to manage his ways. On that note, here are a few ways to deal with a flirty boyfriend for the benefit of your relationship.

13 Ways To Deal With A Flirty Boyfriend

1. Find out why

One of the first ways to deal with a flirtatious boyfriend is to understand why he wants attention from ladies. This will go a long way to help you two in the relationship. If being flirty is his personality, you can comfortably adjust to it. Or if you think you can't be with a flirty guy, you can end things.

On the other hand, if you discover that he is doing it for female attention, you can decide to take action. Men flirt for several reasons. Regardless of why he is flirting, you can both take the necessary steps to fix things. 

Believe it or not, some guys who flirt too much have self-esteem issues. They may hide it so well, but it is there. And by flirting, they get that recognition they want from other ladies. However, if he is just flirting for the fun of it, you have to talk to him about it.

2. Talk about it

talk about it

If you have a flirtatious boyfriend, it's prudent to talk about your relationship. It may be true that he has a charming personality that draws everyone to him, including other women. However, you should let him know if his constant flirting is making you feel upset or insecure

It is advisable, to be honest with your feelings. For instance, if you feel disrespected that he flirts in front of you, let him know. If he loves you, he will try to consider your feelings whenever he is flirting.

3. Stand your ground

Some guys flirt because they think their partners will not react. Usually, women do not like to be associated with jealousy. This is because it makes them look insecure. And sometimes, they do not want the union to end. However, this should be no reason why you put up with his flirting. 

If it bothers you, tell him the truth. You do not have to deal with behaviors that make you hurt and angry. If you are upset about his flirting, stand your ground.

4. Be objective

The typical female's mind is an interesting place to be. Modern psychological studies have discovered that a woman's intuition is a real thing. Despite that, it is quite easy to be in a state of paranoia and make decisions based on that, mistaking it for your intuitions. Especially where your boyfriend's flirting is concerned. 

However, you need to be objective. Do not readily assume that your boyfriend is out to hurt you or cheat on you. If you keep getting insecure about his flirts, discuss your fear with him.

5. Confidence test

A guy who likes flirting will test your confidence above its limits. Being with such a guy will let you know whether you are insecure. If you constantly find yourself feeling jealous whenever he is flirting, maybe it is time to up your confidence level. I say this because jealousy is based on fear. And once fear grows, insecurity is the result.

Occasionally, you might have a valid reason to get jealous when your man is flirting with other girls. But it is best to be calm and patient. These two qualities, though overlooked by most girls, actually work like magic. 

6. Trust

Trust is a necessary variable in all relationships. This is because with trust comes intimacy. And in this scenario, if you don't have a reason to believe that your flirtatious boyfriend is having sex with someone other than you, trust him. This is especially important if he has reassured you that his flirts are harmless. If he has, it is because they probably are.

You cannot keep watching him with eagle eyes all the time. You have to have time for yourself too. And if you are okay with the flirting, you can stay. However, beware of guys who flirt to keep you insecure. This is to get you to react. They usually do this to incite jealousy so that you react by focusing your attention on them. So they always flirt when you are around.

If you observe this trend, note that your boyfriend is trying to reflect his insecurities on you. Such a guy is not worth it because he enjoys seeing you wallow in jealousy. My advice is to end the relationship.

7. Consider why you are in a relationship with him

Another way on how to deal with a flirty boyfriend is to consider why you are with him in the first place. It is easy to put up with everything thrown at you when you have a reason to be with him. 

So consider what makes the relationship worth it. Is it because you both think you have a future together? The answer to this question will determine a lot when dealing with his flirting.

8. Be on the lookout

While it is true that you ought to trust your partner, it is wise to not be naive. Be on the lookout to ensure that you do not feel disrespected by his flirting behavior. And try to ensure that he is not having an affair with someone else. 

It is easy for some men to get carried by the attention they receive from other women. And before you realize it, what started as unsuspicious and friendly has ended in a sexual affair right under your nose. 

9. Enjoy the attention that comes with it

You are the girl everyone finds charming. Well, revel in that truth and enjoy the attention that comes with it. At least, you ought to enjoy some benefits as a result of being with a flirtatious boyfriend. It doesn't always have to be about being upset and jealous.

10. Manage your expectations

Perhaps, you are worried about the flirting attitude of your boyfriend. And, he has reassured you that he will change. If so, manage your expectations. Be patient with him. Change is gradual. While it is wise that you spoke to him about your sentiments concerning his flirting, it is unwise to expect him to change overnight.

And if for some reason, this change happens overnight, you should know that it is not honest. So give him the space to change. Your patience is very important to your relationship. 

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11. Get to know his friends

get to know his friends

Instead of being the jealous girlfriend, it is a good idea to get to know his friends, especially if he has a lot of female friends. It will help to establish trust between both of you. Also, the advantage for you is that you also get to have more friends. 

Separating yourself from his friends while putting up tantrums when he flirts with his female friends is not a very mature thing to do. Another advantage that comes with knowing his friends is that you will understand why he flirts.

12. Expand your circle

Some people believe that if a guy is always flirting, the girlfriend should do the same. I think this line of thought is both positive and negative. On a positive note, it will bring your guy's attention to the fact that other guys also desire you, so he ought to focus on you. However, on the negative side, it can become unhealthy.

I say this because once it becomes like a competition, there's no point in being together. No doubt, you should also expand your circle and make friends. Do not let your boyfriend's thoughts about your friendship with other guys get to you.

13. If you are fed up, leave

Another way on how to deal with a flirty boyfriend is to leave the relationship. Your mental health is very important. And if you think you cannot deal with the flirting behavior of your flirtatious boyfriend, save yourself the constant anxiety and fear that he will cheat on you. Be true to yourself and end it.


Is it okay to have a flirty boyfriend?

A flirtatious boyfriend is one who is usually popular and has a lot of admirers of the opposite sex. If you happen to be in a relationship with one, it is because he chose you. So, it is okay to have a flirty boyfriend. It is important to know how to cope with his flirting so that it does not hurt your feelings and jeopardize the future of the union.
A little bit of flirting in every union is allowed, however, it would be best to discuss it with your partner. This is so that you can both indulge yourselves in individualistic activities outside the union.

How do you know if a flirty guy likes you?

You know if a flirty guy likes you when he tries to put in more effort where you are concerned. He will ask questions in order to know more about you. He will also go the extra mile to do things that will please you and gain your attention.

How do you flirt with a really hot guy?

In order to flirt with a really hot guy, you need to smile often at him. Do not fake smile at him. Those smiles are reserved when you are trying to be polite. Also, express genuine interest in whatever he may be saying. 
Tease and pass occasional compliments, but be sure not to overdo it. Once in a while, touch him playfully. Also, have on your mysterious airs. You can do this by finishing the talk first. Leave him asking for more. Again, try to be seductive in an innocent way.

Are flirty messages cheating?

One rule is certain when it comes to flirting: flirt all you want. But do not act on it. Acting on it is crossing the line, and that is cheating.

Why does my boyfriend flirt in front of me?

Research shows that men flirt for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include sex, flirting for the fun of it, insecurity, etc. It is, therefore, possible that your man is flirting in front of you because he is insecure. By flirting, he is trying to elicit positive responses from other women to affirm to himself that he is also wanted by other women.

To Summarize

Adhering to these tips can help you and your relationship. You should, however, understand that if it gets too much for you to handle, you can walk away. Like I always say, you deserve the best.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. And please keep sharing this piece.

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