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Taurus Rising Man: 12 Traits to Understand His Emotions Better 

July 8, 2024

If I asked you what your Zodiac sign is, I’m guessing you’d know, but have you ever heard of rising signs? Zodiac signs give us the general character traits of a person, whereas a rising sign represents the first impressions of someone, or how the outside world sees you. 

Now, men with Taurus rising are interesting. In this article I’ll let you into all their secret desires, positive qualities and even their weaknesses. But before I talk about the Taurus rising man, how do you calculate your rising sign? 

Western astrologists establish our Zodiac sign (or Sun sign) from the position of the Sun on the day we are born. 

We calculate our rising sign (also known as the ascendant signs) by our exact time of birth. They are called rising signs because they are determined by whichever star sign is rising on the eastern horizon at the time of our birth. There are twelve rising signs, divided into a 24-hour period.

12 Personality Traits of a Taurus Rising Man

1. Physical appearance

physical appearance

How can you spot a man with Taurus rising? He’ll have attractive features that appeal to many women. For example, he’ll be strong and sturdy with broad shoulders. 

Taurus ascendants are prone to darker shades of hair, skin and eye color. People born under the Taurus sign have big, dark brown eyes that dominate their chiseled face (think of those huge cow eyes and long eyelashes). 

They are average height or smaller, but with a stocky frame. Taurus ascendant natives have dark brown hair coupled with an earthy appearance. These soft-spoken individuals belie their solid frame, with thick necks and muscular bodies.

2. Charming and romantic

One of the first indicators you’re dealing with Taurus ascendant natives is their natural charm. These guys give a great first impression when they meet someone for the first time. 

Men with Taurus rising are romantic and charismatic. The opposite sex (and the same sex) find them seductive and enchanting. 

They attempt to wine and dine you (which they love doing anyway). They’ll remember little details about you that delight and surprise you. 

Taurus ascendant man is a traditionalist, which many women like. He’ll open doors for you, insist on paying for dinner and see you home.

3. Down-to-earth

Down-to-earth nature is the second sign of a Taurus ascendant. Taurus is an Earth sign and not given to flights of fancy or fantastical ideas. Their feet are on the ground. 

Think of the symbol of Taurus, the weighty bull, hooves entrenched in mud. You can tell if a guy has a Taurus ascendant with his no-nonsense attitude

Men with Taurus ascendants are practical people. Taurus risings don’t over-analyze situations; they’re not interested in complex, abstract thought; they just get on with things.

4. Ruled by their senses

For the Taurus rising sign, satisfying the senses is everything. It doesn’t matter whether it is touch, taste, hearing, seeing or smelling. 

They can be foodies or music lovers, love to kiss and cuddle or have a massage, feel intoxicated by the smell of the sea or have an eye for art. 

At the first meeting, they’ll probably notice something about you that alerts their senses. For example, ‘That dress looks great on you’, ‘You smell good’, ‘What music are you listening to?’ 

A first date with a Taurus ascendant is also likely to involve the senses. So, expect a date at a wonderful restaurant, meeting up at an art gallery or tickets for a music concert.

5. Highly sensual

highly sensual

We’ve already discussed that one or more of their five senses arouses Taurus ascendants. However, a man with Taurus rising is a highly sensual being. This doesn’t mean they are players or cheat on their partners. 

Sex is important to the Taurus ascendant man and Taurus ascendant woman, but it is the physical act of sex they crave. 

For instance, Scorpio ascendants utilize sex to form a deeper mindful connection. Taurus ascendants are tactile and sensual and for them, sex is purely an exchange of physical pleasure. The Taurus rising sign finds this deeper connection through physical touch.

6. Private

Having said that Taurus ascendants are charming, they are also private individuals. Imagine the bull in the field eyeing you with suspicion at first until they can trust you. This is the same with Taurus rising people. 

So, although they may not declare their intentions or love immediately, when they do, they are extremely loyal. Venus, the planet of love, rules the zodiac sign of Taurus. So, married life with a long-term partner naturally draws a person with a Taurus ascendant. 

Add that to the fact they are an Earth sign and you have a discreet lover who minds their own business.

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7. Fixed perspective

As a rising sign, Taurus ascendants are most obvious in situations where you suggest something new or out of the ordinary. Even if it’s driving a different way to work, the Taurus ascendant native doesn’t like change and prefers to stick to a scheduled plan. 

They are creatures of habit, moving at their own pace. Taureans are not spontaneous or impulsive people. Taurus ascendants take the slow and steady approach to all things in their life. 

They don’t like to be pushed around or manipulated and certainly don’t play mind games.

8. Materialistic

Earth signs within Vedic astrology need security and like to settle down. The difference between someone who has a Taurus ascendant is their materialistic side. Taurus ascendant natives love the finer things in life. 

They place great importance on their acquisitions. Men with Taurus rising like to show off what they’ve got. And they are likely to have the most expensive things to show off. 

Remember, their senses rule them, and material things are pleasing to them. However, Taurus ascendants are not flashy or tacky. Sure, they like nice things, but they are also traditionalists. Think old, classy money rather than new or bling.

9. Hardworking homemaker

hardworking homemaker

Taurus ascendant man has a lot in common with Capricorn ascendants. They both want a secure, settled and loving family life. But unlike other zodiac signs, the home is also where Taurus rising can show off his materialistic side. 

For Taurus ascendants, and I’m including a Taurus ascendant woman here as well, their house is their castle. It will be opulent and comfortable, with a touch of luxury here and there and a sense of peace and tranquility. 

Imagine plush, tactile materials combined with expensive art pieces. And Taurus is prepared to work hard at his beautiful home. He shows a great sense of pride in his achievements and won’t risk them for a fling or an affair.

10. Reliable but stubborn

Taurus ascendants are reliable individuals that won’t let you down. If they say they’ll help or do you a favor, you can rely on them. However, the Taurus Sun sign is stubborn, resistant to change and unyielding, and it is no different when it appears as a rising sign. 

Once a Taurus ascendant has made their minds up, they are unswayable. Try shifting that bull in the field. They won’t move unless they want to. 

So, whilst you can always rely on them, you’ll have a hard time changing their minds. For instance, if a man with a Taurus ascendant says he’ll collect you from the airport he most definitely will. 

But don’t expect him to swing by a mate’s house on the way back. He’s picking you up and taking you home.

11. Methodical

Taurus ascendants take the slow and steady approach, so how can you tell if you’re dealing with one? Watch how they make decisions or work through problems. 

When you are dating them, even something like choosing the wine or appetizers from the menu will be thoroughly and methodically evaluated. They’ll go through the whole list before deciding. 

Taurus risings like to have a plan with a starting point and a finish. They never jump in midway or act without having already examined the bigger picture. 

Taurus rising people might be a little slow off the block, but their steady demeanor and consistency allows them to achieve their ambitions in the end.

12. Health

People with Taurus as an ascendant enjoy good health, however, they are prone to certain health problems. You’ll most likely see them in the Ear, Nose and Throat department and they suffer from throat infections. Zodiac signs with Taurus ascendants seem to catch colds more than others. 

As for their mental state; we already know from Taurus rising man traits how stubborn and bullish they can appear. This can isolate them from their loved ones if they refuse to back down. 

But remember, Taurus has Venus at the heart of all they do. I’m not saying they’ll do anything for love, but some emotional prodding can get them to budge. 

Famous Taurus Rising Celebrities Men

1. Taylor Lautner

31-year-old American actor Taylor Lautner epitomizes a Taurus ascendant native in his appearance alone. He is 5ft 11in, dark hair and eyes with a muscular build. Taylor had minor roles in TV and film before starring in the Twilight series. 

However, he almost didn’t get to reprise his role in the second Twilight film, as his character had to go through major physical changes. The director wanted to recast the character but Taylor worked on his body, gaining 30lbs of muscle and was credited with the success of the second movie.

2. Josh Brolin

Fellow US actor, 55-year-old Josh Brolin also has the typical physical appearance of a Taurus ascendant. He has a strong body, with a thick neck and a blocky face. Josh may have come from Hollywood royalty (his father was James Brolin), but he has always persevered and carved out his own path in the film business.

3. Carl Sagan

“(Astrology) purports to satisfy our longing to feel personally connected to the universe. Astrology suggests a dangerous fatalism. If our lives are controlled by a set of traffic signals in the sky, why try to change anything here?”

The late, great cosmologist and astronomer Carl Sagan was particularly scathing of astrology, but he would be, his Sun sign is suspicious Scorpio!

Sagan was down-to-earth (pun/no pun?) and methodical in his approach to science; sorry Carl, but that’s the profile of a typical Taurus ascendant. Despite his criticisms of astrology, he did understand our need to be connected to the universe.

4. David Beckham

English and international football star David Beckham didn’t always look the way he does now. Look back at the start of his career and it would not be unkind to call him a little scrawny, but look at him now. Muscular, fit and an ambassador for not only football but young players around the world. 

Beckham has worked steadily and methodically to build up not only his impressive physique, but his presence on the sporting stage. He shows all the signs of having a Taurus ascendant.

5. Brendan Fraser

US actor Brendan Fraser is probably best known for his role as George of the Jungle, where he showed off his fit and muscular body. However, recently he has received critical acclaim for his portrayal of an obese man in the film The Whale. Proving that a steady and methodical approach is a sign of Taurus risings.

6. George Lucas

Most of us know 78-year-old American film director George Lucas from the Star Wars franchise. However, he also pioneered the special effects company Industrial Light and Magic, bringing new ideas to life with groundbreaking technology. 

ILM has produced some of the most spectacular visual effects, including Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and of course, Star Wars. But Lucas said himself that without a good, believable story, special effects were useless.

7. Peter Jackson

How similar are George Lucas and New Zealand director Peter Jackson? Both have directed blockbuster movie series with incredible special effects. 

In fact, Jackson co-founded the special effects company that helped bring to life some of the 21st century’s best productions, including Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. These people tend to be creative with a pragmatic approach


Who is Taurus rising compatible with?

Taurus ascendants move at their own pace and like a steady progression into romance. These private individuals need to trust their partner before they open up to them. They are naturally drawn to people who want to settle down, work hard at the relationship and build a life together. 
Taurus risings are therefore compatible with fellow earth sign and the hardworking and ambitious Capricorn. They also get on with water sign and family-orientated homemaker Cancer.

What does a Taurus rising man need?

Taurus rising people are easily pleased. We all know that there’s no such thing as a typical guy, but Taurus ascendants come close. They like good food, comfort and a solid relationship. 
These guys have a strong desire to settle down with a partner who shares their no-nonsense, practical attitude. So, the way to this man’s heart is definitely through a home-cooked meal, some fine wine and a smooch on the couch afterwards.

Are Taurus rising men good in bed?

Taurus risings are all about the senses. They delight in the physical aspect of lovemaking. So, they may not whisper deep and meaningful declarations of love in your ears, but they let their body do the talking. 
Taurus ascendants are tactile, so expect a long massage, sensual kisses and lots of physical contact. A man with a Taurus ascendant won’t stare into your eyes and promise you true love. However, they’ll let you know they love you through their touch.


If you are looking for a sensual, down-to-earth, macho kind of guy, then Taurus rising man is perfect. They can be a little stubborn and resistant to change, but I’m sure with the right encouragement you can tempt them into your way of thinking.

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