9 Signs a Taurus Man Is In Love With You

9 Signs a Taurus Man Is In Love With You

The Taurus is a fixed earth sign that is slow to move, but steady and committed once they are in a relationship.  Taurus men are typically very good looking and know that they are. They don't normally have tremendous egos but they do like being complimented, after all, who doesn't? The great news about falling for a Taurus man is that once they decide you are the one for them, they really commit to that sentiment. They make an ideal provider for the home with their good work ethic, they tend to be a great committed father, and a fantastic and attentive lover. You may see younger Taurus men who act older than their years, ready to settle down sooner than other signs.

So what are the signs that a Taurus man is in love with you? After all they have that initial passionate and sensual side of them, so it is hard to work out if the Taurus man has tipped from lust into love with you!

Here are the signs that can help you cut through the noise!

Firstly, what are the characteristics of a Taurus man?  

A male Taurus will be generous and focused, loyal, patient and kind. He likes simplicity and stability in his life and tends to be goal driven. On the more negative side he can be seen as materialistic, stubborn like the bull and protective of people in his life.

Everyone is different but these are classic Taurus traits! Here are the signs to look for that show he is really interested in you.

1. He's investing time in you

A Taurus isn't the man who will show his love with grand gestures and gifts and trinkets. Instead you have more of a stoic approach here, and one way is that he will start to know your schedule and what you do. He will start to say things like ‘I know you have Friday off this week – shall we meet up?' He will already have considered you and wants to integrate in your life and doesn't want to miss out on any opportunity to be with you.

When this Taurus man commits, he wants the person that is going to be his best friend and always be there for him as he is for them. So when you're getting to know a Taurus man; pay attention for signs that he is paying attention to you! These could be quite subtle but are a fantastic sign.

He is going to start to pay attention to you and will be keen to ‘pop by or drop in. This is a sure sign that he is head over heels with you. Because Taurus men are shy, this is a really safe way for him to spend more time with you without being rejected, If it's easy for you both, he will figure he has a god chance of seeing you! Watch out for him reading your work rota like it's an important text in his life!

He might also encourage activities together, food (which we will touch on later) as well as massages and outdoor adventures. He tends to love being outside so look out for invites to enjoy him on a trip away or to the beach, even if it’s with friends.

2. He's going to open up when he's around you

When a Taurus man actually falls in love and he decides that he wants you there permanently he will be very keen on getting and holding you attention. He will be making all sorts of moves, so if you are starting to date you will see hi making bolder steps towards bigger levels of commitment.

He will be excited by the possibility of a real romance and is likely to start to open up to you and talk about the future. The good news is when he does want to be with you, he should start to make it clear, after all, to him it's just logical! This is one of the more stable signs of the zodiac with the men.

Again, for this shyer personality at the start of a Tarsus men relationship this is a tough ask, but if the rewards are as great as he thinks, he will know it's a risk worth taking!

Ideally he will be doing this in his home environment, another great sign that he is comfortable and feeling some love for you.  Taurus signs like a comfortable, homely environment that will give them the security that they crave. He is likely to have very happy at home and if he is happy with you in that environment with him, then that is even better!

Don't forget that a Taurus making you meals or gratefully eating yours  is a great sign. One of the things he covets most is a woman who will cook for him. His heart is just about literally in his stomach so look out for signs that he is complimenting you cooking or baking skills as this is high praise indeed from the Taurus man!

3  He wants to know everything about you

You may start to  notice that he's going to make his presence known more around you. He is making himself physically there. He is going to do all he can to show more bravado and courage and manliness, and then, when he actually does talk to you one to one, he's going to do whatever it takes to find out something that interests you. He wants to know more about you. He's observed you from a distance and then, he makes a move! Translated into a long term relationship you will start to see that the Taurus man is interested in being very attentive to you. He wants to know all about your future plans, how he can integrate you into his life, you family and even your pets. The Taurus man is the bull but he is ruled by the planet of love so he is looking for romance and he will be looking out for ways to be romantic with you!

4. He is generous with his compliments

Once a Taurus sets his mind to doing something, he will really go after what he wants and one way for him to show his love is through compliments.

He is definitely complimenting your looks if he is falling in love and if there's any sign in the Zodiac that is prone to doing it – it has to be a Taurus! When he compliments you, he does still mean it – but he knows that it is something you will love. In short, he is adapting his behavior to meet you grown needs.

Whatever you do, don't laugh off his compliments or simple statements or expect him to hurry towards the L word because it won't word with this stubborn sign!

5. He is taking lots of practical care of you

Because Taurus is from an earth element, they're very practical. Most all Taurus born men know what career they want to be in and the path they wish to take. Because this sign is highly practical, they are adverse to wasting money.

While they enjoy living a good lifestyle, it doesn't come at the expense of the things that have to be paid first – like utilities, credit cards and so forth. Again, a major Taurus trait is practicality so gifts will likely be off the radar at the start of the relationship or if he feels he can add more value with lifts, tasks or taking care of you physically.

But in terms of how they approach life, this is the Taurus all over! He's going to not only do the physical caring but he will likely take whatever steps he needs or requires to show you that he is actually listening to you, and that he truly values your opinions. He will try and use this knowledge to show you, without trinkets, how he loves you.  Whatever your goals are, you're going to know this man is behind them just as much as you are. You may sit up and think sometimes ‘Wow, he paid attention to that.' That is a Taurus man and one of his greatest qualities!

You will also see this with how he looks at you, especially in public. If you are in a group or speaking in public, he will have his eyes locked on you. Taurus men can't help but be this way.

It's going to earn his respect if you can be really straightforward with him about any issue you have and avoid playing mind games. The bull so not one to be cornered so ensure that you are playing fair with him and his feelings, and be adult in your dealings with him.

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6. He is confident around you

He might have a hard time trying to find the right words with you at the start of a relationship which can be very endearing. This means that he might crack some jokes that may not necessarily be funny, he might say the wrong thing or seem to always be making himself look the fool. With a Taurus man, this is what you're going to experience in the beginning, but if you really focus on definitely paying attention to him telling you how good you look  and responding with positivity to his ‘smooth talk' when he feels ready to woo you, then he will start t grow in confidence.

 Taurus men can be shy but if he is in love, he will be 100% out of his shyness mode. Sometimes a Taurus can be offended even by something as small as your tone or the way you stand, so be sure to instill confidence in him by making sure you are encouraging his new found personality!

As soon as the Taurus man has figured you out and is assured you are worthy of his attentions, you will see that he becomes more confident than ever – something that happens to make him attractive to a lot of women If you think of the bull image that this sign represents you get an idea of the man behind it 0- someone that is cautious but when he is ready, he just charges, so watch out!

7. He is physically affectionate

He is going to be highly physical affectionate and sensual towards you. Taurus are known for their indulgence in the physical, the sense that you can call them materialistic or what have you, but this is, it is what it is. This is just what makes Taurus Taurus against the earth energy. Okay, so they are definitely connoisseurs of the sensual and physical question. Okay, so if you look at good to him. He's going to want to revel in that and take part in that. And he wants to share that pleasure with you. He will likely say to make any excuse he can to show you physical affection okay and I do mean any excuse, and he's going to give you massages, he'll hold your hand and as long as you know that you're not going to reject any attempts at him doing this, the affection will just keep coming and coming!

8. He lavishes you with treats

A Taurus man can be considered materialistic although the more you know about signs, the more you know that they are not really materialistic people deep down, they just believe in working hard and enjoying things and the money that they have made from their hard work.

When it comes to romance and love you can expect the Taurus to surely try to spoil you when they know that they are with the right woman. He will want to include you in all types of things, from giving you lavish gifts to the best of foods and drinks, meals out and plenty of treats – perhaps even jewelry and cars if he has the budget! (Taurus men tend to love outdoors and also seem to have nice cars as well – hopefully this is true for yours!)

Because that comfort and enjoyment in life is important to the Taurus man and he wants you to experience that with him, this is a key sign that he really is feeling very strongly towards you. A gift is so much more than a gift from this man, it’s a sign that he is really interested in you.

9. He's going to want you all to himself.

Okay, are you ready to be wanted all the time? If the Taurus man is interested in you then you will have started to notice that he is very keen on being with you all of the time! If you take a look at some of the earlier listed characteristics of the Taurus man you will see that this can be taken for being  possessive. However, this passionate sign is just this way and he

wants to spend all his time with you.

Remember that the Taurus is what is known as a fixed sign so for them change isn't a greatt thing. They will want consistency in their relationships and want to feel secure and stable. He will likely start to build a routine with you and you will quickly find he is comfortable being with you one on one.

 If he is in love it means that he doesn't really care so much about being out  and about and working on socializing and partying, but instead he's good with Netflix and chill of course, it's a Taurus we’re talking about so he will go out and socialize and party with you, and without you,  but he  is in love if he really just wants to spend all his time with you and pour himself into you. This shows he is ready to develop a strong connection and lasting relationship with you and is an amazing sign.

In short,, he's just looking for you to also give this back. Make sure that if you love the Taurus man that you are using your time and affection as your two main assets in showing him how loved he really is and he will certainly be captivated by you for years to come!

How is your Taurus man showing the signs?

Do you agree with all the characteristics of a Taurus man here? What about your chosen man – are you making progress in your efforts to help him see how amazing you are and to connect with him on a deeper level?

As you can imagine, when he moves the relationship on you will be in for a real treat as you become someone special and valued in his life, but this stoic and strong character is someone who can give so much to you, you just need to break past the first awkward moments.

why not see if your sign matches your Taurus man and even see how your relationship could look in the future?

Please do feel free to share this article with someone you know  or through social media so it can reach someone who needs it! Who would love to know how to get a Taurus man to commit over even enter their life? We'd love to hear the success stories!

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