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How To Know If A Taurus Man Likes You (18 Signs)

by Sonya Schwartz

Is there a Taurus man you’ve got your eye on?

Are you wondering how he feels about you?

Is he sending you some signals that you’re unable to read?

If so, this is the guide for you. It features 18 common signs that a Taurus man has feelings for you. 

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Of course, it may be that this Taurus man might already have a huge crush on you. 

Read on for our guide on the signs that a Taurus man likes you.

Personality Traits Of A Taurus Man

Before we take a look at the signs that a Taurus man likes you, it’s essential that you know a bit about the generic personality traits of Taurus men. Taurus is an earth sign, meaning they are grounded, practical, and stubborn, in comparison to the likes of water signs such as Cancer.

Taurus men are incredibly connected to the earth, and whether they’re nature lovers (which they most probably will be), they will be incredibly grounded. They don’t feel the need to travel the world and put themselves in unknown situations, instead, they value the feeling of being constantly secure in life

The ruling or dominant planet for Taurus’s is Venus, the planet of love, so you might be wondering why the guy you’re interested in doesn’t seem open to and interested in romance. Taurus guys are interested in romance and they’re good at impressing women, but due to the fact they value security and stability, they will only be romantic with those that they genuinely see a future with. 

Although it might seem frustrating that Taurus men don’t make a lot of effort at the beginning when getting to know someone, it’s only because they want to be sure that you’re right for them and they’re right for you. If you do get into a relationship with a Taurus male, they will be fully invested in making the relationship work and will show you incredible loyalty. Taurus’s are people you can trust, which is one of the main things everyone looks for in a relationship - so a Taurus man is the right person to pick for a long term relationship, even if it does take some time trying to figure out how they really feel in the beginning!

18 Signs A Taurus Man Likes You

1. He shares personal information with you

One of the first signs a Taurus man likes will be if he tells you personal information or really opens up to you. A Taurus man won’t allow himself to waste any time when it comes to relationships, so he will only open up and share personal information with you if he likes you. In addition, being shy is a Taurus trait, so if a Taurus man opens up to you, he clearly feels comfortable enough to come out of his shell around you.

2. He isn’t dating anyone else

Due to the fact loyalty is such a big Taurus trait, a Taurus man will never date two people at once. He might hint to you that he’s not seeing anyone else, or he might simply tell you in the hopes that you’ll see his loyalty shining through. If he isn’t seeing anyone else but he’s spending a lot of time with you, it’s probably a sure sign that he’s into you. 

3. He treats you like a queen

He treats you like a queen

If a Taurus man is treating you like you’re a queen, you can be certain that he likes you. When a Taurus man finds someone they like, they will shower them with beautifully planned dates, touching gifts, and compliments. If your Taurus man is sending flowers or taking you out to restaurants, there’s no reason to doubt his attraction towards you - he won’t do that for just anyone.

4. He makes time for you

One of the biggest signs that a Taurus man likes you is simply him making time for you. Taurus’s are very set in their routines because it gives them a sense of security. Therefore, if a Taurus man creates time for you, it’s because he’s invested in you and wants to get to know you more. Although making time to see someone might not seem like a big deal to someone else with a different zodiac sign, for a Taurus, it’s a big deal.

5. He makes an effort to really know you

Taurus men are stubborn and most of the time very set in their ways, therefore the only reason they will make an effort and go out of their way to invest their time in someone is if they really like them. You will be able to notice if a Taurus man goes out of his way for you, because they won’t make any near as much effort for others. If they want to know, it’s because they feel like you’re the one for them!

6. He makes sure you're not interested in anyone else

You’ll know if a Taurus man likes you due to the fact he will make sure you aren’t into someone else or dating anyone else. As mentioned previously, a lot of Taurus men are shy, so instead of asking you upfront, a Taurus man might ask around to see if you’re single. A Taurus man will want to make sure you aren’t interested in anyone else because he’ll want to feel secure in liking you.

7. He’s fixated on you whenever you’re together

If you’re unsure whether a Taurus man is into you or not, the next time you’re with him you might want to keep track of his eyes. Does he look around the room and take interest in other things going on? Or, does he stare deep into your eyes and keep fixated on you regardless of what’s going on around? A Taurus man won’t be able to take his eyes off you or have the time to think about other things in life if he’s into you.

8. He doesn’t even look at or talk about other women

A Taurus man is all about loyalty, and so you’ll be able to tell if he likes you by the way they react to other women. If you’re trying to figure out whether your relationship with this guy is platonic or romantic, see if he talks about or looks at other women. If he does want you, he’ll never look at or talk about other women to you, unless he’s telling you about a woman in his family. 

A Taurus guy expects everyone else, regardless of their zodiac sign, to value loyalty as much as they do, so he’ll be trying to prove just how loyal he is to you.

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9. He introduces you to his friends

A Taurus guy will typically have a small but close-knit group of friends that they’ve been friends with for a long time. Taurus’s need security and stability in their life, and one of the best ways to have that is to keep the same set of friends since you were a teenager. A Taurus man is dedicated to his friends and will take his relationship with them very seriously, so if he invites you to get to know them, it’s because he’s serious about you too. 

10. He wants to meet your friends

Always looking towards the future and wanting to make sure their life will be secure, Taurus men are always eager to meet the friends of the person they’re interested in. A Taurus man will want to meet your friends to firstly make sure they like him and support the two of you being together, but also so they can see what kind of people you surround yourself with and get to know your life further.

He wants to meet your friends

11. He’s protective of you

A Taurus man that likes you will be protective over you, whether that means walking you to your door or defending your side of an argument in a group. Taurus’s love to feel secure and therefore that’s exactly how a Taurus guy will want to make you feel, so he’ll always defend you and protect you if he likes you.

12. He wants to know what your future plans are like

One thing that Taurus’ is always looking to is the future because they want to make sure they will constantly be as happy as possible whilst never having to come into unexpected problems. They yearn to feel secure in the future just as much as they do in the present. Therefore, if a Taurus man likes you, he’ll be interested in how you want things in life to be for you in the future, to see if the two of you are a good match. He might be as direct as asking you if you ever want to have children, or he might start up a casual conversation about your career goals - he wants to know because he wants you.

13. He gets jealous

One of the biggest signs a Taurus man likes someone is if they get jealous. Unfortunately, if you’re really not into guys that are jealous, a Taurus man probably isn’t for you, because Taurus men feel so protective over the people they care about, and they do get jealous over people being interested in their love. If a Taurus guy makes a point of holding your hand in a crowded bar whilst other people check you out or they question the intentions of any male friends, it’s because he likes you and wants to be with you romantically.

14. His body language shows he’s attracted to you

As mentioned earlier, a Taurus man will quite often be shy and that might be why you’re finding it difficult to figure out whether he likes you. If you’re dealing with a shy Taurus man, you can still look at other signs to figure out if he likes you, such as their body language. If this guy holds eye contact with you for a long time, checks out your body, always faces his body towards you, or leans into you, these are all signs that will show physically that he’s interested in you.

15. He helps you in practical ways

Taurus’s are incredibly practical, and therefore, another sign that a Taurus man likes will be if he helps you in practical ways. This guy might go out of his way to make sure he fixes the tap you’ve been complaining about for weeks, or he might come up with a practical solution to an emotional dilemma you have. If he tries to help in practical ways, he is using what comes naturally to him to make you happy and decrease the stress in your lie - this is a sign a Taurus man likes you!

16. He alters his plans for you

Taurus’ like to stick to schedules, they’re routine lovers and they make plans that they stick to. Therefore, one of the biggest signs a Taurus man likes you is him making changes his plans to accommodate you. As one of the most stubborn zodiacs, alter plans or switching up his schedule for you is something incredibly special and he most likely wouldn’t do it for anyone else. He clearly likes you!

17. There’s undeniable sexual energy between you both

Taurus guys are incredibly sexual, and they’re always wanting to have the highest levels of pleasure possible. However, they don’t just pick anyone to be sexual with, and therefore if you can feel the sexual chemistry between the two of you or if this guy makes sexual advances on you, it’s definitely a sign he likes you.

18. He takes into account your opinion

Although this sounds like a really basic thing, and something that you might expect every man to do if they find you attractive and want to be with you, Taurus’s are incredibly stubborn and it’s normally either their way or the highway. So, if a Taurus man listens to you and takes your opinions into account with something he’s doing, it’s certainly a sign he likes you. 


How do you know if a Taurus man is interested?

Hopefully, the list above will help you to understand the signs a Taurus man will show if he likes you, but overall he will want to take care of you, he’ll be jealous of other men that are interested in you, he’ll want to make you happy and he’ll treat you to impress you. Most importantly, he will take time out of his busy life to spend with you.

How does a Taurus man flirt?

Taurus’s flirt quite innocently, they act sweet and try to impress a woman the old fashioned way - by being a gentleman. However, saying that, as the dating continues, Taurus guys will show that they are very susceptible to touch, and therefore they will probably try to touch you as much as possible without doing so too obviously, so they will brush your leg or touch the small of your back.

How do you know if a Taurus man likes you more than a friend?

It can be hard to figure out if a Taurus man likes you as more than a friend because he will most likely be incredibly dedicated, kind, and helpful to his friends. But you will be able to tell if he shows any of the 18 signs in the list above, and overall he will be loving, sexual, and flirty with you rather than simply platonic.

Do Taurus hide their feelings?

Taurus’s do tend to hide their feelings at the beginning of a relationship because they really want to make sure it’s the real deal before they make themselves vulnerable and include another person into their life. It makes it hard to figure out whether they like you or not, but give it time and see if they are showing any of the signs in the 18 point list.

What Taurus man is attracted to?

Talking in zodiac terms, Taurus’s are usually attracted to and most compatible with Cancers, Virgos, and Pisces. Overall, Taurus’s are attracted to beautiful women (they’re always striving for the most perfect) and those that have the same goals and desires as them, as well as people with strong loyalty.

On That Note...

Hopefully this article will help you to work out whether a Taurus man likes you or not. Initially, Taurus’s can be very difficult to fully understand and figure out, but once they open up and you accept them, they’re incredibly thoughtful, trustworthy, and loyal partners. Did you like this article? Let us know in the comments and share this article with your friends!

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