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Signs He Told His Friends About You (7 Special Hints)

Are you wondering whether a man has been talking to his friends about you?

It’s perfectly normal to wonder about this, as this is a clear sign that he’s taking your relationship seriously. He’d rarely mention you to his buddies if you were nothing but a short-term fling…

But how can you tell? It’s weird to ask him.

Luckily, I have listed 7 telltale signs that he has been telling his friends about your ongoing romance.

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With that said, let’s take a look at the behavioral hints he’ll show if he’s been blabbing about you to his mates.

The Signs He Talks About You To His Friends

When you first start going out with a guy, it can be wonderfully intense as you simply meet up with just each other on romantic dates. However, the longer that you date, the more you start to become a bigger part of each other’s lives. This means that you begin to join each other at social events or work plans. 

Being introduced to people in your new partner’s life can be quite intimidating. But sometimes when it happens we can take solace in seeing signs that your new guy has told his friends about you already. Here, we look at the signs that he either has or will tell his friends that he has a new person in his life that he is serious about

Here are some indicators that he has told his friends things about you. They might not all be present all the time, but one or two is all that is needed to show that he has said something about you to his mates. 

1. They know your name when you meet them

A big indication that your boyfriend has not only told his friends about you but that he might like you for a serious relationship is that when you first meet his friends, they know your name already. Additionally, they might even know some other things about you - like what you do for a living for example. 

If this is the case when you meet them, take big comfort in that as well as making sure you make the most of the opportunity to impress his friends too. Most guys will take a lot of advice from their friends, and if they think you are great, he will take a lot of confidence in their buy-in. Make sure that you get to know them too and find a way to actually learn about his friends in return. Your new guy will be so grateful that you too have taken the effort to talk to his friends too. 

2. He asks you along to parties

He asks you along to parties

If a guy has already spoken about you to his friends, a good way to tell is by the fact that he asks you along to parties or other social events with him. The reason that this is a key sign that he has told his friends about you, or at least will tell his friends before the actual event, is because he at least has to prep his mates that he will be bringing someone. Whilst this is obviously a practical reason that helps encourage his talking to his friends about you, it at least shows a willingness that he wants you to meet and see his mates. 

3. He asks to meet your friends

Any relationship is a two-way street and if you think you have a good chance of lasting, he will want to meet your friends too - particularly if you have met his pals or you suspect that he has told his friends all about you. It can be so easy to focus on what his actions are towards you and what his intentions are, without remembering that he too may get nervous about whether you think you are both in the same place. 

If he asks to meet your friends, you can take this as a key sign that he has talked about you with his nearest and dearest. Remember to return the favor!

4. He calls you his girlfriend

Guys can sometimes be a little slow to talk about girls to their friends - often because it takes them a little longer to realize that they’re dating someone that could actually turn into something. However, if you know that he calls you his girlfriend - either by conversations you overhear on the phone or otherwise, this is a good indication that he has told his mates all about you. 

If you and he have only recently confirmed that you are exclusively dating, then he may not have gotten around to saying something to his mates - but he will tell his friends about you soon if you have both deem your relationship as something that might be a long-lasting one.  

5. You don’t just go on dates

Dating can be a really fun stage of a relationship. Flirting with the new guy in your life and getting to know each other better is exciting and intoxicating. However, if things are getting serious between you, you may stop just going on dates. You may do more mundane things that are a part of life - like going grocery shopping - just to spend time with one another.

If you have got to this stage with your new guy, but you are yet to meet his friends, it is still a good sign that he has told his nearest and dearest about you. If he just wants to tag along with you when you are doing life admin or chores, he almost certainly will have told his friends about you and how important you are in his life. 

6. He is affectionate in public

Being affectionate with one another in public is not something that all couples do easily. However, if your boyfriend does it with you - it is likely that he either has told his friends about you or he will tell his friends soon. People tend not to be overly affectionate with people in public unless they are serious about one another. And if he is holding your hand or kissing you openly, then it means he is serious about things with you. This is why this is a good way of knowing if he actually talks about you with his nearest and dearest. If he is happy to be affectionate around others, then he will want to talk about when you are not with him. 

7. He talks about the future

He talks about the future

Knowing whether a boyfriend talks about you when you are not around can be a comforting way of knowing whether you might make it as a couple. You can get a lot of solace from hearing him talk about things in the future for you both. If he is even doing this in passing and only once every so often, there is a good chance that he has spoken to his friends about you. 

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Talking about the future can vary in several ways, but even the smallest plan for you both can be a great sign that you might make a go of things for a long while yet. He might chat about what you are up to in a few weeks’ time so that he can ask you along to a party or event. Or he might even suggest going on holiday together. If he does this, he can be relied on to be a boyfriend that talks about you even when you are not around. 


Do guys tell their friends about the girl they like?

If a guy likes a girl, they are likely to talk to their friends about her. It’s a really common reaction as people who are in love or falling in love want to talk about the object of their affections as much as possible. 

Do guys tell their friends about hookups?

Guys will talk to their mates about hookups in a few different ways. They may talk about a girl they like simply as they love any opportunity to talk about a girl they have a big crush on at that moment. However, they can also talk about girls they have hooked up with as a form of boasting. 

How do a guy's friends act when he likes you?

A guy’s friends are likely to be inquisitive around you when they eventually meet you if their friend really likes you. They might put you under closer scrutiny than any other girl that they have previously met who has dated their friend. 

How do you tell if a guy is confused about his feelings for you?

How to tell if a guy likes you can be hard as sometimes they get confused about their feelings for you. This could be because he didn’t want a relationship, only a few casual dates. If he is confused, he will send you lots of mixed messages whilst he works out his emotions. 

What guys do when they have a crush?

When guys have a crush they can be very attentive to a girl’s wants and needs. Or they can act very nervous around them too, while they work out how to move things on further in your relationship as quickly as possible. 

Signs He Talks About You Even When You’re Not Around - Summary

Talking about you to his friends when you are not around is a great indication of the way a man feels about you. If he is happy to tell his friends that he is seeing a new girlfriend that he thinks things could get serious with, he will exhibit a number of behaviors like the ones mentioned above. He will most likely not do all of them, but just one or two while he comes to terms with his feelings. 

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