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33 Relationship Goals To Strengthen Your Love

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Some that have more ups than downs may not necessarily be particularly long term. 

While others that have downs can be much longer lived. This can be due to many reasons, but relationships can be helped by achieving relationship goals steadily. 

Here, we list 33 relationship goals that can help troubled relationships work and go the distance. So if you are looking to get through the honeymoon phase, these goals could be just the thing to take the honeymoon stage into a long term relationship.

Relationship Goals To Attain

1. Have a regular date night

Have a regular date night

Setting yourselves a goal to have a regular date night can be a good idea. Doing so is a way of making sure that you spend a good amount of time with each other consistently. It helps you stay close together and not drift apart as life inevitably gets in the way. Having time set apart for getting together one on one is one of the most important relationship goals you will ever make. 

2. Send each other a text message each day

It may sound little, but if you can send each other a message a day, it can be such a good way of using technology to help you stay close in your long term relationship. It helps because it is always nice to know that your loved ones are thinking of you, in particular your partner. 

Telling each other that you love one another during the day, when you cannot be together, can be hugely comforting. 

3. Talk to each other

When you are together, it can be so helpful to ensure that you talk to each other. Relationship goals don’t have to be big to be important, so concentrating on the basics can be so key. Talking to one another - in your own love language or not - can be such an easy way to ensure that your communication is as good as it can be. 

4. Share a hobby

Sharing a hobby can be a great way to get you talking to your partner. Relationship goals should aim to bring you closer together, which sharing a hobby will most definitely do. It will be something you can continually return to and talk about - perhaps when you are going through one of your trickier times. 

5. Tell each other your desires

Relationship goals where you share what is going on in your head can be a good way of telling your love what your wants and needs are. Share your desires therefore to help maintain a healthy relationship and make sure you both know where each other stands - both in terms of your own individual relationship goals as well as your life in general too. 

6. Lean on each other for support

It's imperative to set one of your relationship goals as being able to rely on one another for support. Support and trust are critical to the long-lasting nature of a relationship so set yourself targets to ensure that you are both being as reliable a person to your partner. 

7. Have regular sex

Have regular sex

Sex is such a great way to bring people closer together and help solidify a relationship. However, due to differing sex drives, it can also be an area that some people struggle within a relationship. 

Try to remember to have regular sex with your partner. Your love life will do a lot better for it. Plus sex begets sex. The more you have the more you will want - and your relationship will be all the better for it. 

8. Understand each other’s life goals

We all have different life goals. Knowing what your partners are and truly understanding them can help your life together go as smoothly as possible. When your partner knows that you understand his or her life goals, you will find that your bond is stronger as you know that you both know what drives each other. 

9. Marriage

Of course, a lot of people’s relationship goals will be set on getting married. Marriage isn’t for everyone, but for so many people it really does help make or break a relationship. The level of commitment that marriage signals can help people feel confident in where their relationship is, which in itself can make the relationship stronger overall. 

10. Children

Some people won’t need to get married for their relationship to be life long, but to many people, children are the ultimate relationship goal. This can be down to the fact that it is a biological urge, but also it is perhaps the strongest bond that two people can have between each other. 

11. Live together

Some couples won’t need to get married or have children to know that they are committed to each other. Instead, some couples will simply want to live together and come home to each other at the end of the day to feel the level of commitment that they want to reach in their relationship. 

12. Stop dating other people

Before marriage, kids or even living together is on the cards, one of the first relationship goals that many relationships will need to attain first is to stop dating other people. This signals that you are both looking to commit, which can be the first sign of love. 

Relationships all start off as casual, but for it to move into a serious one, you need to hit this goal in your relationship pretty quickly. 

13. Appreciate each other’s quirks

Appreciate each other’s quirks

To make sure that you are both happy in your relationship, it can be a great idea to try to appreciate each other’s quirks. If you don’t, you can start to misunderstand each other or, worse, start to irritate each other on a regular basis. 

14. Be affectionate

Affection can be one of the first things to evaporate in many relationships. For that reason, it can be a good idea when setting relationship goals to try to maintain a certain amount of affection throughout your time together. 

15. Learn about one another’s interests

While you may not have the same hobbies as your partner, it can be hugely helpful to your relationship and life together if you take the time out to learn about your partner’s interests. It will help them feel supported as well as feel like you are interested in them. 

16. Know what each other do for a job

It can be so easy to not properly get to grips with what your partner does for a living. Because people so often go out to work, it can be easy to get to the bottom of what they do all day every day. It’s such a huge part of a person’s life, that it is vital to know what their career is. 

17. Always listen to one another’s opinions

The longer you are together with a person, the more prone you are to argue. However, the relationships that last are the ones where each partner does at least listen to their partner’s opinions. 

18. Be aware of your insecurities

Your insecurities can be a big problem for your relationships. They can minimize your self-esteem and confidence and leave you more vulnerable in some situations. Make it a goal to at least be aware of your flaws, so that you can work to overcome them for your partner’s sake. 

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19. Work on your weaknesses

Work on your weaknesses

Once you have highlighted your insecurities, you can work on them with your partner. However, it can also be a good idea to work on the weaknesses within your relationship. Your love will be stronger for it. 

20. Make compromises

It is important to know that all relationships rely on compromises. Remember that you need to compromise therefore to make your love happy at times. Make it a goal that you both have to achieve to help make your life together with a respectful one. 

21. Talk about money openly

It may sound odd, but so many relationships do not talk about finances at all. Yet your financial affairs can affect so many parts of your life together. You need to make it a goal therefore to be able to talk about money as well as love. 

22. Be best friends

Being the best friend of your partner can be a fantastic goal to try to achieve. It helps strengthen that bond the two of you have. It’s an important factor to include in a relationship - just as sex and love are, friendship is important to have too. 

23. Make key decisions together

Working together to make key decisions in your life is an important goal to achieve. Making decisions together helps keep you both close as well as ensuring that you both have mutual respect for the other. 

Additionally, by making key decisions together, you both know that you value your partner’s opinion. Feeling valued is key to being confident about the commitment you have both made to each other. 

24. Go on holiday as a couple

Goals should be fun to achieve and going on holiday with your love is perhaps one of the most fun goals there is. Take some time out of your busy lives and schedule a time to have at least a few nights away, just the two of you. 

25. Don’t give in to pressure

It can be hard not to give in to the pressures of life sometimes which can make the overall health of your relationship. Try to stay happy within yourselves and it should hopefully mean that by attaining this goal, you will remain in love. 

Outside pressures can make being in a relationship difficult and can make you forget how important it is to check in with your partner and see how they are. Outside pressure is a key factor in you both growing apart. 

26. Be happy with what you have

It can be so easy, particularly with social media, to look at other people’s relationships and be envious. However, it’s important to stay happy with what you have and remember why what you have is a good thing. 

27. Support growth

For your love to prosper, it is important for you both to be able to grow individually and also as a couple. For that reason, make it a goal for you both to achieve that you support your growth as a couple. In doing so, you’ll ensure that you grow together as a couple and you both are headed in the same direction. 

It is very easy, and common, for couples to grow apart who have been together for a long while. However, if you support each other in personal growth, you should hopefully ensure that you stay happy in your partnership. 

28. Have fun

Have fun

It can be very easy to forget to have fun in a relationship. Keeping things light can help you enjoy your partner’s company without getting annoyed about the nitty-gritty that a long life together can sometimes encourage. 

So try to laugh with your partner and try to keep things light-hearted so that you both stay happy. Laughter really does help strengthen a bond between you two, so it’s a win-win situation with this goal. 

29. Get to know relatives

If you are serious about your partner, and your life together, it is crucial that you set yourself the target of getting to know their relatives. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to like them, but getting to know them can help you get along with them. 

Having a good relationship with the one you love’s family can help the longevity of your partnership. Relatives are always going to be a part of your partner’s life, so you need to get on board. 

30. Don’t forget the romance

It can be very tempting to forget the romance side of things in relationships - particularly after you have been together for a long period of time. If you worry that this may be the case with you and your partner, try to up the amount of romance that you both have. 

It doesn’t have to be overly complicated or mean grand romantic gestures - just run your partner a bath, make them a meal, or buy them a small gift on occasion. 

31. Remember the smallest things

When you remember small things about your partner, it takes minimal effort by you, but it has maximum effect. Knowing how your other half takes the tea or coffee or remembering that they had a big meeting at work, can help them feel supported, loved, and valued. 

That is why remembering small things can have such a big impact on the overall state of your partnership and why it can be so useful for staying in love. 

32. Be a good lover

Being a good lover is a good way to ensure that you are both having your needs met - romantically and sexually. These are key components to a long-lasting relationship so it is vital that you focus on addressing your partner’s needs as much as possible. 

33. Don’t aim for perfection

One of the problems with goals is that it can mean that you can be constantly trying to achieve an aim in the best way possible. The result is striving for perfection which can be difficult to try to attain - as well as adding unnecessary pressure to you and your partner. 


What are some relationship goals?

Depending on the stage of your relationship will have a big bearing on what your relationship goals will be. To some, improving communication will be a big goal while to others having sex every day will be a goal that they always want to achieve. 

What are the short term goals in a relationship?

Short term relationship goals will be ideas like making each other a cup of coffee in the morning or remembering to do one kind thing a day for one another. They can help you attain your larger relationship goals so that you can achieve long term happiness more easily. 

How can I make my love strong?

Making your love strong in your relationship is a fantastic relationship goal. There are lots of little things you can do as well as bigger things that can help. Little things include learning to appreciate your partner and understanding their flaws. 

What makes a good relationship?

Most couples counselors will say that the secret to a good relationship is clear communication. To that end, make sure that you talk through any issues you have with your partner as and when they occur so that you do not make problems bigger than they need to be. 

What are the red flags in a relationship?

Red flags in a relationship are keeping secrets from one another as well as cheating on each other. Additionally, having a lack of respect for each is also a problem between two people who are past the honeymoon phase. A healthy relationship should be about balance and support. 

Relationship Goals - Key Takeaways

Relationship goals can be a good way of keeping your partnership on track. Knowing what some healthy relationship goals are can really help you and your partner in the long term. They can keep you both striving to help each stay happy as well as the content. 

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