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Why Am I Attracted To Older Men? (17 Compelling Reasons)

February 4, 2023

Do you tend to be attracted to older men?

Are you not particularly comfortable with these feelings that you have when there’s a large age gap?

Would you like to understand why you feel this way?

The truth is: there are a few widely-accepted reasons why younger women tend to go for older men. In fact, I’ve listed 17 popular reasons below.

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Your attraction to older men isn’t as strange or uncommon as you might think. So, don’t panic! You can learn more about why you feel this way below.

17 Reasons Why Some Women Like Older Guys

Perhaps you have always wondered the reasons that attract younger women to more mature men, keep reading to find out once and for all. 

1. Genetics

Some psychologists argue that this connection can come down to attraction based on genetics. If older men still display genetic strength it is a sign for women that they are successful and have something to offer. If an older man is attractive, wealthy and successful it is usually a sign that he has good genes. 

2. Fertility

Another reason to explain this attraction is fertility. Studies on relationships with a significant age gap have shown that humans try to work to secure the future of their kind. As women get older they are no longer as fertile as when they were younger, explaining why older men can be likely to become attracted to younger women, who are more fertile. 

3. Security

Other studies have shown that these types of relationships offer security and stability. Relationships with age gaps offer more security and stability than those involving younger women and younger men. Older men offer more social stability and valued characteristics that make younger women interested in them. 

Older men offer more stability and security than a younger man could offer. Women who date a man that is a few years older often feel more secure in their relationship. 

4. They are more mature

It is well known that women date more mature guys because they are more mature than younger guys usually are. Younger guys usually want to try loads of different things and are not ready to settle down. Guys of greater age are much more likely to commit to a serious and mature relationship. 

More mature guys often appear to be more reliable to women, especially those of the age that are looking to start a family. 

5. They know more about life

More mature guys are usually more knowledgeable about life. This is attractive to women despite the age gap. They have more life experiences and have learnt more lessons, and this shows in their more intelligent conversations. The issue of the age gap is usually overcome by their intelligence and knowledge of life.

6. Confidence

Older men are usually more confident than their younger counterparts. They usually lack the insecurities and doubts that younger men possess. They are usually full of confidence and charisma, making them great company. Women like that these older men are mature, confident and happy in themselves. 

7. Wealth


Older men are generally more likely to possess wealth and property. This is one of the most appealing aspects of much older men. They are usually financially stable and willing to share this prosperity with their partner. 

8. Communication

Many women are into older men because they have a better ability to communicate in relationships than a younger man. Men and women are both better at communicating as they get older due to their increased life experiences and life lessons. This is especially for men as they learn to listen to others and communicate in a healthy way. 

9. Style 

An older man usually has a more solid sense of style due to his more confident nature. His confidence and security are also reflected in his style and fashion choices. He has probably honed his sense of style over the years. 

10. Respect

Often older men have learnt over the years how to really respect the women that they are in relationships with, making them more attractive to younger women. 

11. Clarity

When younger women date older men, it is often because of the clarity that an older man has gained after years. He has realised what he wants in life and possesses more clarity than a man of a younger age could hope for. This explains why many women are dating older men despite the age gap. 

12. Life experience

Life experience

An older man possesses a lot more life experiences than younger guys do, meaning that they can often bring more interest and value into their relationships with younger women. 

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13. Perspective

Men who are a few years older than the women that they are dating have often gained more perspective on life meaning that they see things in a more mature and sophisticated way. 

14. They are more relaxed

Older men dating younger women often means that relationships are more relaxed. Women who date more mature guys often do so because these guys are happy in themselves and therefore more relaxed in their relationships too. 

15. They know what they want

More mature guys usually know what they want in life and won’t spend their time-wasting women’s time or playing mind games with them. They know what they are looking for and usually know how to go about getting it. Guys of this age won’t be likely to mess you around as much as younger guys would. 

16. They are better partners

Guys of a more mature age are often better partners than younger guys. They have learnt how to be patient and how to care and look after another person. Despite the age gap, these guys are often great in relationships and are good at looking after the one that they are with. Women are interested in their ability to protect and look after them.

17. There is something unique about them

Guys of a more mature age often possess a unique attractive quality that women find interesting. Their appearance: wrinkles that show life experience, silver hair and stubble as well as the way that they act in a mature way stands out. 


What does it mean if you like older guys?

You may be interested in older guys because they are usually more able to look after and protect their partners compared to their younger counterparts. In relationships, more mature guys are usually more mature, caring and kind toward their partners, despite the age gap

Why am I attracted to a man twice my age?

Attraction to more mature guys doesn’t usually mean that you have daddy issues but it can largely be explained to their life experiences, maturity and stability. These types of guys offer more security and stability than younger guys offer, meaning that they are more attractive

How do I attract an older man?

More mature guys are usually interested in females that are mature and are able to hold intelligent and meaningful conversations. More mature guys usually aren’t interested in playing games or wasting time in meaningless relationships. 

How do you know if an older man likes you?

If a mature guy likes you he will be more likely to tell you than a younger guy would. Be open and honestly communicate with this guy and ask him how he really feels about you. 

What do older guys like in bed?

As in any relationship, it is important to be open and honest about each of your personal preferences. Have a conversation with this guy about what he likes and doesn’t like. 

In Conclusion

Many females find themselves interested in more mature guys but are not always sure why. Despite the age gap, these guys offer a lot and can be great in relationships. You may be interested in his maturity, stability and confidence that comes from more life experiences.

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