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25 Compliments For Guys They Want To Hear

Last updated on June 9, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Are you wondering how to effectively compliment a guy?  

Perhaps you’ve complimented your crush in the past and it hasn’t had the desired effect?

Well, if you’re looking for a set of compliments that really catch a man’s attention, you’re in the right place. 

There’s 25 of them waiting for you in the list below. 

However, before you go ahead and jot down your favorites, I want to share a powerful concept that’ll help you attract fantastic men into your life. 

It’s based on a relatively unknown piece of male psychology called the Hero’s Instinct. 

This psychological trigger, which seems to be held by every man, deeply influences how they feel about the women in their life.  

Once I learned how to activate it, I rarely had to worry about carefully crafted compliments or pick-up lines to make a man interested in me. 

In fact, on its own, this trigger is incredibly effective at increasing a man’s emotional attachment to you (read my personal story to learn more).

This simple piece of knowledge turned my dating life upside-down. 

If you’re hoping to make a lasting impression on a special guy, it’s well worth discovering how I learned to use the Hero’s Instinct

That’s not to say these 25 compliments aren’t handy to know about. Guys hardly ever receive compliments, so it means more to them when they do.  

With that said, let’s get on with the list...

My friends and I would like to share with you some of the compliments we think you could give your favorite guys in the future. Go ahead and try them out, have fun - their reactions will be priceless.

Compliment A Guy On His Looks​

Compliment A Guy On His Looks​

Up until a few years ago, there weren't many grooming products on the shelves for guys. You would think with so few products on the shelves that guys were not interested in grooming. You would be way wrong in assuming this.

Guys have been secretly grooming themselves since the dawn of time. Think of the Egyptian Pharo's with their immaculate make up. Think of the red Indians with their painted faces. Think of English guys with their coiffured hair, and their powdered faces. What I am trying to say is guys are vain. This is the reason that the biggest compliment you can give a guy is to comment on his looks.

You can bet your bottom dollar that in this day and age with all the male grooming products on offer, there aren't many guys who don't use any of them. And why shouldn't he? Us women have been using products for years. If he has made an effort with his appearance he deserves a compliment as well! Tell him how gorgeous he his and bring a smile to his face.

Compliment A Guy On His Personality​

Compliment A Guy On His Personality​

Guys have such wonderful and diverse personalities that you can't help but be enthralled by them. They make us laugh, they make us cry, they make us happy, and they make us sad.

A guys personality is what makes him special. He is unique because he has that one individual trait that is different to anyone else you have ever met. This is what makes him so appealing to you. If you love his personality why not give him a compliment?

Let him know why you think he is special. He will be forever grateful to you for complimenting him on his personality.

Compliment A Guy On His Strength​

Compliment A Guy On his Strength​

I am strong in some ways, but not in others. I do not care what the feminists say about equal rights, all I know is I can't lift heavy items! I don't mind owning up to the fact that I am weak when it comes to moving furniture etc. I need help and I am not ashamed to admit that!

Is it like pulling teeth getting him to spend time with you?
The key to solving is understanding men on a much deeper emotional level. The number #1 factor that causes men to behave this way is actually relatively easy to change with a few subtle things you can say to him.

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When a guy helps me out by carrying something heavy for me, I will compliment him on his strength. I will say something like "thank you for your help, you are so strong".

Just that one compliment will let him know I appreciate him. A guy can be strong in other ways too. You might meet a guy who has a very strong sense of who he is and what he is about. He will have strength of character. You can rely on this guy to get things done. He knows what he wants from life and he works hard to get it. If you know a guy like this, make sure you compliment him. He will remember your compliment in times of stress and your compliment will help him carry on achieving his dream.

Compliment A Guy On His Intelligence​

Compliment A Guy On His Intelligence

Sometimes when you are struggling to find an answer to a problem, it will be your guy who gives you the answer. How many times have you voiced a problem aloud, and been amazed at the response your guy gives you?

Compliment him on his intelligent input, tell him how much he has helped you, and tell him you could not have come up with the answer to the problem without him.

There are many areas of intelligence, there are academics, there are scientists, there are artists, and there are practical skills. All levels of intelligence will have got your man where he is today. Whether he is a teacher, a nuclear physicist, a sculptor or a mechanic, all guys still like to be given a compliment.

Compliment A Guy On His Cooking Skills​

Compliment A Guy On His Cooking Skills​

​When you think of somebody cooking in the house, the picture you invariably conjure up is of a woman in a kitchen making dinner for the family. That would have been the case in bygone eras, certainly is no longer the case today. There are now a lot of men who love nothing better than pottering about in the kitchen creating the most delicious recipes for us.

​It used to be always the case that the guy went out to work while the woman stayed at home and cooked and cleaned. He would walk in from work to a dinner on the table. That scene has totally changed now because a lot of women also go out to work, so the guy will cook meals too. There are more guys in the top hotels in the world employed as chefs, than there are women. Compliment your guy on his cooking skills because it will be great for him to know that you like the taste of the food he has created.

Compliment A Guy About The Job That He Does​

Compliment A Guy About The Job That He Does

It can be a thankless task going to work every day, getting home late, then going to bed early because the whole process has to be repeated the following day. What could make it better for a guy is if he was told how well he was doing? Give your guy the praise he deserves for working hard to provide for you. Compliment him on his work ethic, and tell him what a good job he is doing.

There are also the things he does around the house. How many times have you looked at the dishes in the sink and thought "oh dear I am just not in the mood to do them right now"? I know I have thought this many times. Then "hey presto", your guy decides to wash them instead. When my guy does this for me, I am full praise and I can't thank him enough for his help. Compliment him on a job well done. He will really appreciate your kindness.

Compliment A Guy About How He Cares About His Family​

Compliment a guy About The Nice Way He Looks After His Family​

I honestly do not think we hear enough about how brilliant guys are at looking after their families. The majority are very hands on with their children. They teach their children morality and they bring them up to be loving and caring people.

They show strength when times are tough. Yet we do not seem to hear people shouting from the rafters about these wonderful guys. Why is that?

There are by far and away more good guys than bad. Sadly, through the media we only seem to hear about the baddies instead. We should praise the good guys as much as we possibly can, let them know how valued they are. Let us all start today by complimenting our guys on the wonderful way they look after us and their families.

Compliment A Guy On His Choice Of Outfit​

Compliment A Guy On His Choice Of Outfit

When you want to go out for a night out with your guy, you will have a discussion as to where you want to go. You might want to go for a meal out, or you might want to go to the local pub. Wherever you decide to go, you will want to get dressed up for the occasion. You will take your time doing your hair, you will choose your outfit with care and you will apply your make up. This is where I think we can become slightly selfish as women.

If you are anything like me, you often forget as to what your guy is doing to get ready. The only time you might get involved is when he calls to you from the bedroom asking you to iron his blue shirt!

You just expect him to get his shower, get dressed and head for the door to have a good night out. This is where we all need to stop and consider how much effort our guys are really putting in to get ready. Yes, there will be the shower, and yes you will probably end up ironing his blue shirt at the last minute. But if you really look at your guy, you will see that he has had a shave, his hair will be washed and styled. He will have used body wash in the shower, his teeth will be brushed, he will have applied moisturizer, and he will smell gorgeous with aftershave patted onto his face.

His pants or jeans will be trendy and his shoes will be clean and shiny. The blue shirt you ironed for him looks stunning. This is when you need to stand back and admire the effort he has made, and then compliment him on the way he looks.

Compliment A Guy On How He Kisses​

Compliment A Guy On How He Kisses

As the fairy-tale states, you will have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. I know this is true because I have kissed more than my fair share of them!

Guys come in all shapes and sizes. Their personalities differ massively, and their looks are what we fall for at first glance. But even taking into consideration all the diverse guys that are out there in the big wide world, there is one thing they all have in common, they all have lips! Thankfully their lips are all different sizes, just like ours are. So what makes one guy a frog when he kisses one girl, will make him a prince when he kisses the next girl.

I also think the main factor that makes a guy a good kisser is if there is sensuality in the moment. How often though do you actually say to a guy, "wow, your kisses are lovely"? I'm guessing that you probably never do. Don't worry, you are not alone, because I never say it either.

But guess what? I am trying to change all that. From now on I am going to compliment the guy I am with on the way he kisses, he deserves to know that he is a prince amongst frogs!

​Compliment A Guy On His Sporting Activities

Compliment A Guy On His Sporting Activities

A lot of guys love sport, they have been brought up playing sport and it is something that they really enjoy. The upside of a guy playing sport is that they are super fit. My friend Clare was a bit of a couch potato before she met Dan. He played rugby and he was so fit that she felt ashamed that she had no fitness regime herself. He encouraged her to pick a sport that she thought that she might like and he would go along with her to the sports center.

She chose badminton because she thought that if she chose an indoor sport she could do it all year round. The upside of this is that Clare and Dan met quite a lot of like minded people in the badminton club and so their social life took a turn for the better as well. Clare has complimented Dan many times for being so fit and hunky.​

Compliment A Guy On His Tattoos​

Compliment A guy About His Tattoos

There are two camps regarding tattoos: people who love them, and people who hate them. It almost seems like there is no in between.

When a guy gets a tattoo, it is because he wants to make some kind of statement. It might be a tattoo regarding a football team he is a fan of. It might be a tattoo relating to a hobby. It might be a tattoo relating to his preferred mode of transport. Or it might be about his religious beliefs.

These are just some of the reasons guys have tattoos and there are many more. But one thing that you very rarely hear is a woman saying how much she likes the tattoos he has. I think this is because it has been his choice and his choice alone. She perhaps does not feel like she wants to tell him how much she admires his tattoo, because it is something personal to him and she does not want to come across as nosy.

I think you should take the bull by the horns and tell him you like his tattoo. He might have several tattoos and one stands out better than the others in your eyes. Tell him which one you like best and compliment him on the choice of tattoos he has made.

Compliment A Guy On The Car He Drives​

Compliment A Guy About The Car He Drives

His car is his baby. It does not matter how old it is, what make it is, what color it is, or even what type it is. He has chosen the car because it means something to him. His car is his pride and joy. He will spend hours cleaning and polishing it. He will buy all the accessories he can get his hands on for it.

It is precisely at this moment that you come along. He met you on a training course, you were there because of your line of work, and he was there because of his. You hit it off straight away and he has asked you to go on a date with him to the cinema. He is calling for you at 7 pm on Saturday.

When he first pulls up at the curbside to pick you up for the date, three thoughts will run through your mind all at once. 1) Wow, what an amazing car. 2) o.k. So he has got a car. 3) What the hell is that thing! Whatever you do keep those thoughts to yourself. Play it safe and say nothing.

Whichever one of the three cars he has got, make sure you compliment on his choice because it means a lot to him and he wants you to love it too!

Compliment A Guy On His Physique​

Compliment A Guy On His Physique​

All women are different when it comes to what they like about a guys physique. It could be his broad shoulders, it could be his six pack, it could be his thighs, it could be his long legs, it could be his bulging muscly arms or it could be his bum!

Whatever it is that you admire most about his physique, he would love it if you would simply tell him and compliment him on it. Imagine how happy he would feel to receive a compliment about a part of his body? He would be on cloud nine for the rest of the day and this makes it one of the best compliments for guys.

Compliment A Guy On His Sense Of Humor​

Compliment A Guy About His Sense Of Humor

When a guy has a sense of humor you will find yourself enjoying his company every time you are with him. He will make you laugh and you will surprise each other with your funny quick one liners. You will bounce off each other as you laugh at the same things.

There is also the fact that when you are feeling down, he will pick you right back up again with his sense of humor. If you ever find yourselves in a stressful situation, his sense of humor will bring a moment of relief throughout the ordeal you are facing. Being able to laugh in horrible circumstances will help you overcome any fears you might have.

In general a guy with a sense of humor will point out the frailties of human beings without being contemptuous. His sense of humor will act like a shock absorber through the bumps in life. Compliment him continuously about his sense of humor. Tell him that without him life would be so dull and boring.

Compliment A Guy On His Eyes​

Compliment A Guy About His Eyes​

I know that the first indication that there is an attraction for you with the guy you have just met is when you look into his eyes, you will see a whole world of fascination behind those eyes, and you will see that you are meant to be a part of his world.

Looking into his eyes longingly will bring an emotion to you both that will be incredibly difficult to ignore. You might be attracted to a guy because of the color of his eyes. Where one woman might like smoldering brown eyes, another might like piercing blue eyes.

You can even tell a guys emotions by looking into his eyes. You might see kindness, you might see lust, and you might even see love. Please make sure to give your guy a compliment regarding what it is that you find attractive about his eyes.

Compliment A Guy About Sex Appeal​

Compliment A Guy About Sex Appeal

Sexual attraction or sex appeal is a guys way of attracting a woman. Sex appeal cannot be taught. There is absolutely no way to decipher what one woman finds attractive in one man as oppose to another.

As an individual woman, you will either find a guy sexy or you won't. My friend Paula is very fussy when it comes to guys. She has dated a lot, but has never felt the rush of physical attraction with any of them. She was beginning to despair until she met Greg. She told us she did not know what it was about him that she liked the most, and it was just that she found him so darned sexy.

We couldn't see it in him, we just thought he was a nice guy. This explains the difference between good looking guys and guys with sex appeal. Only the eyes of the beholder can see it. Let your guy know you find him sexy by complimenting him on his sex appeal.​

Compliment A Guy About His Kindness​

Compliment A Guy About His Kindness

Having a guy who is kind is the best thing that could ever happen to you. Yours is the relationship all others envy. You are in a very privileged position, he will never hurt you, and he will always look after you. He has a heart of gold and everybody he knows looks up to him and feels safe in his company. He is not self-centred, he thinks about others first. Your guy is the guy others come to for advice, because they know he will always help them.

He was born kind and has not got one bad word to say about anybody. His family have brought him up to be the decent guy he is today and you know that if you ever have children of your own, your guy would be the most fantastic father on the planet. Let him know how you feel. Give your guy the biggest compliment of his life and tell him you think he is the nicest, kindest person in the world. He will love to hear those words from you.

Compliment A Guy On His Choice Of Friends​

Compliment A Guy On His Choice Of Friends​

I know a guy who has stayed in touch with his friends from his school days and still see each other on a very regular basis. As they have all gotten older, their circumstances have changed and yet they still remain true friends. Some of his friends have got married, others have children, some are still single and others have moved out of town. Yet they still find the time to include each other in their new grown up lives.

They have holidays together once every couple of years and that is enough for them to let their mad side out. Guys together having fun, acting daft, and sharing the banter that only close friends can share. When you think about it, there is only one reason these guys have stayed friends for so long and that is because they respect each other, they are loyal to each other and they recognize the goodness in each other.

You have a gem of a guy, tell him how you feel and compliment him on his choice of friends. Tell him you think they are the salt of the earth. He will love you for being so understanding.

Compliment A Guy About His Virility​

Compliment A Guy About His Virility

If your guy is a sex God between the sheets, let him know. He listened to you when you told him what turned you on and he gave you what you wanted. He is not a selfish lover, he is thoughtful and he puts your needs first. Compliment him on his sexual prowess; he will be really pleased that you are happy. All guys need to hear that they are good lovers. It is after all what they were born to doon this earth.

Otherwise you and I would not exist! When he tries a new sexual position with you in the bedroom, give him lots of encouragement. He will be reassured that you are on the same playing field as him. You will have an interesting and varied love life if you keep complimenting him on his technique in the bedroom.​

Compliment A Guy On His Style​

Compliment A Guy On His Style

You are a very lucky lady indeed if you have a guy with style. He is a guy who can turns heads. He might be wearing the exact same clothes as somebody else, but he carries the look off with heaps more style. A stylish guy knows that money cannot buy what he has got. He is the type of guy who can stand next to a man wearing a £100 shirt, and look better in his own £10 T-shirt.

He never copies anybody else, because he knows what he likes and he does not need to conform to the stereo typical look that men are supposed to have. His stylish look will rub off on you too. You will not want to let him down when you are out together. Your guy does know he has got style but he would still like to hear you say it. Compliment him on his individuality and tell him how lucky you feel to be his partner.​

Compliment A Guy About His Athleticism​

Compliment A Guy About His Athleticism

My friend Laura is going out with a guy who plays a lot of sport. He is in several teams and his Saturday's and Sunday's are spent at matches competing to win the various trophies that the clubs have to award. He trains hard and he looks after himself. When it comes to what he eats and drinks, he chooses well and gets a lot of goodness from the fruit and veg he has.

The good thing about Laura's guy is that she feels the benefit of his way of life as well. because they cook meals together she has found she likes the food that he likes, which is healthy and full of nutrition. She also has a brilliant social life with him, she gets to go to the matches with him and meet his team mates and their partners. She says the best times are when the team win a trophy. The camaraderie is outstanding and they all really enjoy the moment. Laura compliments her guys athleticism constantly because she is so proud of him.

Compliment A Guy On His Dance Moves​

Compliment A Guy On His Dance Moves

Whether you go to a night club, a barn dance, or a rave there will always be one guy who stands out in the crowd.He stands out because he has got the moves. He is the one who does not conform to the norm. It does not matter if you are married or single, you will not be able to take your eyes off him. He is so into the zone of the music that he is unaware of the effect he is having on the people around him. I do not care whether you fancy this guy or not, you should compliment him for the dance moves he has shown you tonight.

​Compliment A Guy On His Cleanliness

Compliment A Guy On His Cleanliness

It is very reassuring to know that a guy is well groomed. His cleanliness is to be applauded. My friend Tina says her guy is one of the good guys, he is always in the shower, he moisturizes his body and face and she says he always smells gorgeous. Tina is one of the Lucy ones. Some guys need a nudge in the right direction to get them moving towards the bathroom. They are happy to sit in their own dirt day after day.

Hopefully you are not involved with one of these bad guys. As the saying goes: cleanliness is next to godliness" so if you have got a saint and not a sinner, compliment him on his brilliant hygiene routine.​

Compliment A Guy On His Courage​

Compliment A Guy On His Courage

If you are anything like me, you are an absolute scaredy cat. If I hear a bump in the night I am under the bedclothes like a shot! So what I don't understand is why guys just roll over and say "oh it's nothing". Where do they get their courage from? I

think they must have some kind of radar built into them that lets them know the difference between real fear and just a passing fright.

My friend Helen is even worse than me; she is scared of her own shadow. In fact, the list of her fears is so long I am amazed she ever leaves the house. She has a fear of lifts, she has a fear of heights, she has a fear of enclosed spaces, she has a fear of being on water, and she has a fear of germs (her house is spotless). There are more, but it would take me all day to list them all. I take my hat off to her guy, he is an absolute Saint. He handles her fears and phobias like a true gent. He never gets angry with her. He books low floor hotel rooms so she doesn't have to use a lift whilst they are on holiday.

He never takes her into the countryside if it is mountainous. When they are out and about, he stands outside the toilet she is in because she will not lock the door in case she gets stuck in the enclosed space.

They have passed up many trips they could have gone on because of her fear of being on water. He cleans up meticulously after himself because he knows she has a fear of germs. He still never gets angry, and respect that this is the way she is. Helen does tell her guy she thinks he is brilliant for being so accepting. She does compliment him every day for the courage he shows getting her through her many fears.​

Compliment A Guy On His Handy Man Skills​

Compliment A Guy On His Courage

Why is it that guys are so handy. What happened to them when they were growing up to enable them to fix almost anything on the planet! Need a plug fitting? He can do it. Need to put up a new shelf? He can do it. Have you got squeaky hinges? He can fix them.

Don't you just love it that our guys are so handy? We can live comfortably in our houses knowing that at the first sign of trouble our guys will be there, ready to fix whatever it is that needs fixing. Next time your guy helps you out, make sure you compliment him on his handy man skills.​

Do you feel like all you think about is him, but he only thinks about himself?
This doesn't mean he doesn't like you. You have to understand how he is wired. Once you do, you'll find there is a subtle thing you can say that to him that will drastically change how he shows his emotions towards you.

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Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...

3 comments on “25 Compliments For Guys They Want To Hear”

  1. No, these are 25 ways to piss me off. Any compliment coming from a woman is a lie. Do you really think we can't identify insincere, fake nonsense when we hear it? It's designed to manipulate you. If she compliments you, she wants something. Don't fall for it. Call her out on this fake bullshit and dump her immediately and permanently.

  2. I'm sorry you have been burned so bad you can't accept a compliment. I get it; when guys call me pretty I often think they are just trying to get laid (which may be true) but you need to consider the source. Don't think of women as the enemy, and realize that some of them might actually like and appreciate you. If it becomes clear someone is a leech or a gold digger, run the opposite way. But by assuming all women are like that and reacting defensively, you're shooting yourself in the foot.

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