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Taurus Men Jealous? (7 Tips To Handle Jealous Taurus Guys)

May 30, 2024

A couple of years back, I incidentally found myself in a relationship with a stranger. The drama leading up to that is incredible and hilarious. Both our families were playing a match-making game. Then when I found out he was a Taurus, naturally, I thought to myself “this could work”, after all, Taurus guys are romantic as hell. So, I went along with the matchmaking.

One month into the relationship, it dawned on me that this man is pretty interesting! Slowly, but steadily, it crept in on me that I wanted - no, I needed this to work. And just when I began to have vested interests, things started getting shaky. I was no longer receiving the amount of attention I’d become used to, and so, I went on a journey towards making him jealous by flirting with other people

I figured; seeing men literally drool over me as I flung my hair and walked away, then pausing to throw them a look over my shoulder as I winked, would jar him back into total commitment. Pause for effect. Let’s just say, I’m the one who wound up hurt. 

Still reeling from the unforeseen turn of events, I later realized that my journey towards understanding a Taurus man was a thrilling walk that made me do a double-take and an abrupt U-turn in my approach to this man. Bottomline - making Taurus men jealous does not make a good relationship. So, if you want to make a Taurus man happy and free from jealousy, the following tips will help. 

Are Taurus Men Jealous? How To Handle Jealous Taurus Men

1. Understand what makes a Taurus man

If you are the least bit confused about your man, or better yet, the signals you are receiving from him, you should probably check his birth date. The Taurus man was born between April 20 and May 20. He is represented by the bull. This in itself says a lot about who he is and how he behaves when he is jealous. 

He is pretty much a stubborn introvert who is more traditional in his beliefs and thus chivalrous. 

He tends to be firmly rooted in his beliefs. Be happy, once he believes in you, he would defend you against the world and protect you.  

2. Monitor the lifestyle of your Taurus man

Dependable, a provider, the ideal father. Wait! Hold on, do I hear your ovaries squirming? Yes! He is your ideal husband once you understand how his mind works - especially when he is jealous His love for nature makes him tend towards gardening, carpentry, generally anything that involves being tactile and cultivating. 

There is so much work for you, as his darling though. The Taurus man is highly complicated. He tends to bury his strong emotional side under a blanket of gruffness and so it’s easy for a delicate flower, such as yourself to interpret that as disinterest. Hold on, give him time. Patience is key in understanding him

3. Understand the sensual Taurus man

Sex is never casual for the Taurus man. It is a hotbed of emotions. Passion and energy. He is not your wild, spontaneous lover but he is your forever love. He enjoys watching you enjoy lovemaking, and so, he would spend an eternity on foreplay. With every kiss and every touch, he is communicating his love for you and his appreciation of your body. It is his way of reaffirming to you that he has got your back! This is every girl’s sensual heaven.

4. There is a bull in Taurus men

Their dependable, rooted personalities make them commit to a cause and stay true to their commitment for the long haul, be it a job or a person; hence why when they are jealous, they do it passionately. Just as they never leave the job half done, they never leave a relationship half done. And if circumstances take a job out of their hands, it will haunt them for a long long time. Even long after they stop saying anything about it. 

There is a bull in Taurus men

This methodical, dedication in them results in these men being extremely possessive. This man wants to own his success. Fiercely protective and so you don’t want to stir up his jealousy. Have I mentioned before that it will end badly? Well, it will end badly.

5. Beware of his complexes

One of the primary reasons this man may withdraw is if he feels misunderstood, taken for granted, disrespected, or unwanted. After a while of wooing a woman, it ceases to be a chase for him, but a challenge of his worth. You do not want to touch his self-concept, except you want to get rid of him fast. 

He desires stability, security, and routine. He is tenacious and diligent and you may be the sole subject of these strong characteristics, at least for some time. If you are trying to man a Taurus man commit, do not tamper with his ego or try to make him jealous.

6. Conventional relationship advice doesn’t always work on Taurus men

If I was in front of you, I would scream it. Do not resort to conventional relationship advice in order to decipher this man! It will backfire, big time. He is unique and one thing you can depend on is his unpredictability, in a good way, if you have gone through the journey of gaining his trust, which you almost cannot lose, or in a bad way; if he has not truly sorted his feelings for you. 

In that case, one moment, you are in a sweet and happy relationship, and in the next, you are all alone. He withdraws with no explanation whatsoever. This is the point of view of a woman who has been there and done that.

7. When trouble comes knocking

You would be doing yourself more harm to believe the way to ‘show him’ when you are going through a rough patch is by making him jealous. Jealousy doesn't become him! Taurus men cannot stand mind games; in fact, a Taurus man jealous is uncalled for. For them, the color is either black or solid white - never grey. 

More so, he may hold himself off from you when he perceives that he is not appreciated or respected. Believe me, I know. And because he is not communicating his position with you, if you had not already learned about his personality, you may be tempted to turn to someone else for affection which would enrage the bull in him. Uh oh. Make sure you don’t.


How do Taurus men deal with jealousy?

They don’t allow themselves to get jealous. Short and simple. If they feel unappreciated, they will hightail it. So, jealousy is a no-no. More so, they never want to feel like they are in competition with someone else for your affection. It hurts their ego. Or rather, it hurts the bull in them. In trying to make a Taurus man jealous, you will lose him.

What happens when a Taurus man falls in love?

A Taurus man in love is the best thing that could happen to a woman. You get a dedicated, passionate, loyal lover who wants nothing more than to the mother of his children. He will subtly brag about you to people, friends, and family alike. His world will revolve around you. You will be crowned his queen. However, jealousy is not his good trait.

How do you know if a Taurus man is falling for you?

He will take the time to woo you the old fashioned way. It will be both sweet and amusing. Sensual and thrilling. This man will write poetry, take you out on dates to naturally themes restaurants. Their desire for control and order will make him panic at first, particularly if he gets even a hint of rejection.

How do you know if a Taurus man loves you?

He just won’t bother with you if there is no interest. If he is calling, texting, even discussing his work with you, girl, you are in. Taurus men think long and hard before making decisions and once done, there is no going back. So, if this straight jacket Taurus comes out clean with you, his word is his bond. 

How do you make a Taurus miss you?

Careful now, making Mr. Taurus miss you is not the same as stirring up jealousy in the man. He is strong and possessive but does not want a woman who is a doormat. So, get out there and work. Go to soirees with friends.

If at a party together, don’t make him the center of your attention. Mingle with other people, but make sure you don’t flirt. He will be restless until you give him back your full attention. Be careful not to inflame him with jealousy though, a jealous Taurus man is not pleasant. 

To Conclude

I was one of those people who truly disbelieved the zodiac sign mumbo jumbo. Honestly, it was the despair that unearthed this treasure trove to me and then I realized I’d been struggling needlessly the entire time! Dating a Taurus man who gets jealous quickly can be testing and yet exhilarating. The key is to put in the work required to decipher your man or someone else will. The fruits to be reaped are more than worth the trouble.

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