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Good Morning Text For Him (141 Playful Messages)

Nothing beats waking up every morning beside the man of your dreams, but a good morning text comes close. Irrespective of what you type, as long as it is positive, it conveys a profound message to the one you love, an unspoken reassurance that choosing him wasn’t a mistake.

The right message can potentially put a smile on his face, shining a needed light on yet another routine day. It says this person who means the world to him woke up thinking of him; I tell you, that is a great feeling.

Cute, flirty, funny, or sweet texts can be tailored based on your preference to suit the mood you intend to pass across. This means you can use them to remind your lover how much he means to you, tell your family and friends they’re important to you, as well as wish your crush well without coming on too strong.

The catch about this versatile tool, however, is that they don’t always readily come to you when you need them, and that is where I come in. Below are a variety of good morning texts for the next time you’re in a bind for something to send to him to brighten his day.

141 Morning Messages For Him

Sweet and Playful Good Morning Texts

Sweet and Playful Good Morning Texts
  1. Good morning my sunshine, I hope your day is as beautiful as your smile.
  2. You are the reason I wake up with a smile every day, I love you
  3. You are an absolute catch, I can’t wait to see you 
  4. Morning, boyfriend
  5. Big day ahead, go get them, babe!
  6. You mean the world to me sweetheart
  7. The sun is up, get up and give it a run for its money
  8. Every day with you is a blessing, I love you, babe.
  9. Good morning and welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life
  10. Rise and shine sugar, stay hydrated!
  11. If you are reading this, you are amazing
  12. Feeling a little grumpy today, know what would help? My voice. Call me.
  13. Another day, another chance to remind you how much you mean to me.
  14. Hey best man, just wanted to say good morning.
  15. You make me want to be a better person, thank you
  16. Thank you for making a little girl’s dreams come true, you are the best!
  17. Good morning babe, rise and shine!
  18. I made coffee; it was a disaster! I miss you 🙁
  19. Morning texts aren’t my thing, but if it makes you smile, I’m game. Good morning, lovely.
  20. It’s your world, we are all just living in it. Break a leg at work today, dear!
  21. You look so handsome in your sleep. Good morning sweetness.
  22. It’s 9 a.m and my day is already crazy. I cannot wait to get back and tell you all about it.
  23. Whenever I think of something good about me, you come to mind. Good morning, my love.
  24. Hello, it’s me, the love of your life, wishing you an eventful and purpose-filled day
  25. We just met, but I feel like I’ve known you forever. Good morning, soulmate.
  26. Wake up babe, it’s time to greet the day knowing you have an amazing partner rooting for you all the way
  27. I don’t know how to wake up without you
  28. I love how much you love me
  29. Drink water today and be happy
  30. Good morning, my king, I can’t wait to see you at the end of the day
  31. When I count my blessings, I count you twice.
  32. I love how fresh you look at dawn. I could eat you
  33. Today on what you already know: You are worth it.
  34. Dialing the endearments downs, so you only get a good morning.
  35. It might be raining outside, but you still fill my heart with sunshine
  36. Flirty Good Morning Texts for Him
  37. I slept in your shorts; I can still smell you all over me.
  38. Morning sexy, last night was amazing!
  39. I did a number on you in my dream last night, come over later and let’s see how much you can take  😉
  40. Not a morning person, but I could do you right now 😉
  41. Just checked my schedule, you’re on my to-do list today.
  42. Can’t wait to feel your skin against mine again, it’s been too long
  43. My night would have been perfect if you were here.
  44. Good morning. Wanna come over and eat what my mom made?
  45. A little birdy told me you woke up horngry, me too…
  46. Breakfast in bed, or would you like to break some sweat first?
  47. I took too long to dress up again. You can punish me for it when you take them off later 😉
  48. We worked up quite an appetite last time, didn’t we? Good morning, I want a do-over.
  49. I want you so bad this morning!
  50. Right now, at this moment, I miss your morning wood and perfect butt.
  51. You know, I was made on a morning like this. Wanna make a mini-me?
  52. Rise and shine! Dinner on me tonight?
  53. I miss waking up to your tongue in some part of me.
  54. Is it even legal to look this hot in the morning?
  55. I wish I were in your arms all day 🙁
  56. Breakfast in bed or a warm bowl of me?
  57. Roses are red, violets are blue. On top of you is where I want to be.
  58. Good morning! Guess what I’m rather be doing right now
  59. Morning, tiger!
  60. I love how much you want me. 
  61. Let’s call in sick today and do that stuff you like
  62. I get warm just thinking about you
  63. Good morning sweetheart, have fun today
  64. I’d catch a bullet for you, though I prefer monster
  65. Morning trivia: are you an eggplant or a banana?
  66. I’m not Bruno Mars, but you can count on me like one, two, three. 
  67. Getting the ache just thinking about hanging out with you later today. Top of the morning to you, Mr. Grey.
  68. I love what your smell does to me in the morning
  69. How’s the sexiest man I know doing this today?
  70. Morning hottie, truth, or dare?
  71. Hey, you up, or do you need a little help?
  72. Morning babe, wish you were here.
  73. I can’t wait ‘til we never have to sleep apart again. Good morning, my love
  74. The bed feels too big without you in it. Come home, babe. I miss you
  75. You are all a girl could ever wish for. I love you.
  76. Woke up feeling super pumped to have you all to myself, I am one lucky girl.
  77. Waking up to your perfect face is the highlight of my day
  78. I didn’t think I could love you more than I did yesterday. I couldn’t be more glad to be wrong
  79. Good morning baby. Have a great day!
  80. I love your mom’s food, but you’re my favorite meal she’s made yet.
  81. Every day I wake up with you by my side is a win.
  82. Good morning dear, I just wanted to let you know you are the sweetest, most loving man I have ever been with!
  83. I love you so much! Good morning.
  84. Good morning, my prince charming. Sleep well?
  85. Hey lover, I hope the universe brings you as much joy as you bring me
  86. Thankful for the gift that is you. Good morning, babe.
  87. I know I say this a lot, but you really are the best.
  88. I don’t say this enough, but I appreciate all that you do for us! Thanks for trying, baby. Good Morning.
  89. Good morning, you’ve got this! 
  90. Waking up next to you makes me happy.
  91. I choose you. Have a great morning
  92. My life is better with you in it, and no better time than this morning to let you know.
  93. Good morning. You are loved.
  94. I miss you too much, can we fix that?
  95. I’m not going anywhere, baby. I’m here for you
  96. Tell your mom you love her today. Good morning, baby.
  97. I will love another boy, and he will call you daddy.
  98. May the heavens be with you today Love
  99. I wouldn’t be here right now if not for you.
  100. So much to do today but I’d rather stay home with you
  101. Hey sunshine, you are the love of my life.
  102. I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but knowing I have you in my corner is enough for me today.
  103. Sending you love and myself this day, because I love you, and I’m all the light you need.
  104. I like you like my coffee in the morning, dark and strong.
I like you like my coffee in the morning, dark and strong
  1. The shower’s got nothing on the dream I just had about you
  2. Good morning, baby. Try not to stress yourself today, you’ll need all your energy later.
  3. Wake up sleepy head, the woman of your dreams is already up
  4. Wakey wakey, did you dream of me, or are you going back to bed?
  5. I just had a dream that you didn’t dream of me *insert shock emoji*
  6. Thanks for picking the badly broken egg. I love you. Good morning <3
  7. Your shine makes the sun shy. Hehe... Good morning, dear.
  8. Going through my messages, I don’t see a good morning text from you, are you okay?
  9. I hate how jealous I am that you get to wake up anytime you like. Good morning, boss.
  10. Good morning, Romeo. This is me trying.
  11. Good morning sleepyhead, call me when you get this.
  12. I’m going shopping today, do I need a new dress for the girlfriend of the year awards ceremony?
  13. I just realized you not being around, means I get all the snacks to myself! Great morning, by the way.
  14. I had a whole plan for you to wake up to, but my boss had plans of her own. 
  15. I think my brain ran out of good morning texts because I got nothing today, bro
  16. I really needed that sleep, thanks for turning the alarm off. Good morning
  17. You are a day older today, and so am I. There’s no point to this just to say good morning.
  18. Nothing to see here, just the best girlfriend of the year wishing her man a great day! 
  19. I know your phone is the first thing you check when you wake up, so good morning from the person lying next to you.
  20. I’d make you coffee, but your taste buds will be glad you aren’t here. Good morning, darling.
  21. Hey boyfriend. Come over and eat something nice for a change.
  22. You are my favorite man, try to remember that all day.
  23. Morning inspiration: If I can handle being your girlfriend, I can do anything! 
  24. You spend too much time in my head, I love it. Good morning, baby.
  25. Morning! I found something gorgeous in your room, look in the mirror.
  26. I do not like morning people. Or mornings… or people. But I do love you!
  27. Get over here and love me. Or not. Good morning.
  28. Don’t freak out, but I really, really like you.
  29. You’ll do, my dog likes you. Morning.
  30. Get up lazy bones, can’t turn this alarm off.
  31. Good morning, Mr. Grumpy.
  32. I could get used to having the bed all to myself. Lol. Good morning, my love.
  33. I woke up thinking about how lucky we were to find each other
  34. Hey silly, still sulking?
  35. Hard guy but you couldn’t wait to text me good morning
  36. Teasing you gives me a special kind of satisfaction 🙂
  37. One day you’ll be a morning person, just not today.


What do you text a guy in the morning?

You can text him something that makes him smile. A message that lets him know you are thinking of him and do not mind letting him know. The idea of a morning message is that he (the recipient) wakes up to it and feels loved. A message that makes his day not spoils it.

What to text a guy in the morning to make him smile?

When aiming to make a guy smile, you can hardly go wrong with a compliment. Say something good about his looks. You can also wish him a productive day, reassure him about your feelings, and remind him he’s worthy of whatever good thing he’s got going on for him.

What do you say in a good morning text?

Typically, you share love and light with a good morning text. Depending on how much your message means to the recipient, saying the wrong thing can turn their day sour. In the same vein, the right thing could be the spark that lights up their entire day. So, just say how you feel, in a nice way.

How do you say good morning to your lover?

If you are not in the same physical space with your lover, you can greet them in the morning with a text message, a phone call, an email, emoji, letter, gif, short video or picture of yourself. If they are with you in person, you can just kiss them and say good morning.

Do guys like morning texts?

There is no umbrella answer to whether or not guys like to receive messages in the morning; some do, while others find it silly. You can ask to be sure, or test the waters with a non-cheesy message not too early in the morning and see how he reacts.

In Conclusion

Hope you have fun sending these good morning texts to him every morning. If there’s ever a topic where everyone can contribute, it’s this one right here. Which is why I decided to let loose a bit today and dig out the texts. What are your favorite morning messages? Engage me in the comment section, and please share the post if you enjoyed reading it.

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