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What Does A Fourth Date Mean For Guys? (17 Mind-Blowing Thoughts)

Have you reached the fourth date with a guy who you’re really into?

Are you wondering if he thinks the relationship is becoming serious? 

Maybe he’s been keeping his feelings to himself so far?

This is a confusing situation for women. Sometimes, men hide strong feelings for a woman because they’re afraid of scaring her off. Other times, they do it because they’re seeing a bunch of other women behind her back.

What’s more, a lot of women feel like it’s too soon to ask a man how he feels. 

So, what does it mean if a guy reaches the milestone of the fourth date with one woman? The guide below reveals the most common answers to this question. 

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Still, the guide below will give you a good idea of what’s going inside a guy’s head when he goes on that fourth date.

Tips For The 4th Date

Here are some tips that can make things easier for you if you get to date four with a guy. 

1. Don’t feel too pressurized

Given that a lot of people see the fourth date as an important one, you can feel pressured before going on it with a guy. Try not to and just go with the flow a little. 

2. Be yourself

One of the best ways you can go with the flow is to be yourself. If you want to show interest in your date, do. But if that does not come naturally to you, don’t force it either. 

3. Make sure your needs are met too

A relationship is a two-way street, so make sure that what you want from a guy on a fourth date is also addressed. 

17 Things A Guy Is Thinking On A Fourth Date

1. Taking things further

Taking things further

To some men, the fourth date means that he can try to take things further in terms of kissing but also in terms of what your relationship is to one another. 

2. He likes you

Sometimes we can over-complicate dating. If you’ve managed to get past the first three dates with a guy and onto your fourth, the probability is that he likes you.

3. He can see a future with you

Getting to a fourth date with a guy can be an important date as it means that he could see a future with you. Men don’t like to waste time in general so he won’t want to keep dating someone that he can’t see a long term relationship with. 

4. He is comfortable with you

Take confidence in the fact that you’ve got way past the first date. Getting to date number four means that he’s very comfortable around you. 

5. He wants to get to know you better

As men don’t want to waste their time, if you are on a fourth date, it means that he wants to get to know your character better. 

6. He wants to get you into bed

It can mean, once you get past the third date, that a man’s mind turns to sex. If you’re on the fourth date with a man, he may want to get you into bed

7. He wants to spend more time together

A fourth date to a man can simply signal that he likes you and as a result wants to start spending far more time with you. 

8. He wants to be exclusive

The fourth date can indicate that a relationship is going somewhere and as a result, he may try going exclusive and not seeing other people. 

9. He doesn’t see any awkwardness with you

Men don’t like to be around people whose company they don’t enjoy. If you get to the fourth date, it indicates that he doesn’t feel any awkwardness around you at all. 

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10. He wants to get physical with you

While it may not necessarily be sex that he is after, a man may want to do something more sexual with you when it gets to your fourth date. 

11. He likes to talk with you

He likes to talk with you

Men will only date a woman numerous times if they enjoy talking with them and like the conversations that they have. 

12. He thinks you both have a spark together

Men only stay with women with whom they feel they have a spark. If you’ve lasted to the fourth date, it means that he sees that spark between you. 

13. He has strong feelings for you

Getting to date number four can indicate that a guy is really into you. Take confidence in the fact that he must have strong feelings for you to want to see you this many times. 

14. He respects you

To want to see a person in a romantic way, you must respect them. To get to this many dates indicates that the guy you are seeing respects you and your opinions. 

15. He wants to stop internet dating

Getting to this number date can indicate that a guy is willing to give up all other forms of dating so he may suggest that you both stop using dating apps or sites

16. He is happy to be open with you

You must have had a lot of in-depth conversations by now if you have got to date number four. The result will be that your date is happy to be very open with you. 

17. He gets excited to see you

Men don’t over complicate matters very often. If he has asked you out on date number four, then he must get very excited to see you and spend time in your company. 


Is a fourth date a good sign?

A fourth date can be a really good sign between two people. It means that you are still attracted to each other after having spent a lot of time one on one. It also means that you are likely to be quite compatible if you are still getting excited at the thought of meeting up again. 

What does a 4th date mean to a girl?

A fourth date can signal many things to a girl. It will often indicate that she’s into the person that she is seeing and is probably looking for things to get to a serious place. It also is a signal that she is still attracted to the person she is dating. 

How many dates should a guy pay for?

This is totally an individual decision and should be based on individual circumstances. It may be that one of the people involved is not earning very much money, or conversely that the other is exceedingly well off. 

Why do guys go quiet after a few dates?

If men go quiet after a few dates, it could be that they are commitment-phobes or perhaps that they just don’t see a future with the person they have been dating. If this is the case, they don’t always have the bravado to say so outright so simply go quiet to avoid an awkward conversation

What should I expect on the 4th date?

You can expect a variety of things on a fourth date depending on the person you are meeting up with. Be sure that you are always comfortable with whatever is going on and that your needs are also met. 

The Fourth Date - Conclusion

Dating can be a difficult game to navigate - especially if you really like a person. Many of us don’t know what is going to happen in the long term when we first start dating someone that we like and are too afraid of ruining things if we were to ask them directly. 

However, to ensure that your love life and any relationship you do start is successful, the key is to make sure you’re comfortable with what is going on at all times. You need to feel like you are in control so if you think your date is playing games and you don’t know what his intentions are, do have confidence in the fact that your needs need to be met too. 

If you have made it to date four with a guy, this is great but don’t feel pressurized into doing anything with him for the sake of a relationship. 

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