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How To Tell If Someone Likes You (29 Unmistakable Ways)

The article below contains a comprehensive list of signs that someone likes you.

Sadly, a lot of men aren't brave enough to tell you when they're attracted to you.

In fact, some will do everything they can to hide it from you, because they're so scared of these feelings not being reciprocated. 

Crazy, right? 

Still, with the information in this guide, you'll be able to guess with reasonable accuracy whether a man is attracted to you or not. 

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They Show Intense Interest In You

They Show Intense Interest In You

1. They Talk A Lot Around You.

Humans are social beings; we love to communicate! Talking isn’t a definite sign where you can tell if someone likes you, but if they are overly talkative around you, that’s a pretty good way to tell if someone likes you. 

Does this person get chatty when you are around? Do they seek you out to talk about everything under the sun with you? Excessive chattiness is a clear indicator they’re into you. People get nervous around the individuals they like. Chattiness can be a sign of nervousness.

2. They Find You Utterly Fascinating. 

If you want to know how to tell if someone likes you, watch the little things. Do they hang on your every word? Do they say things like, “That’s fascinating!” or “Tell me more about that?” If they are obviously interested in every word you say, they clearly like you.

Do they lean in, ask questions, and remember everything you say? Can you discern that they are genuinely interested in what you have to say, even the trivial stuff because they can’t seem to get enough of anything about you? Those are clear signs that a person wants to learn more about you because you fascinate them.

3. They Ask You A Lot Of Questions.

Do they bombard you with questions like you are a person on a game show? Do they make a serious effort to get to know you better by asking you a lot of questions? Do they seem to keep the conversation going by asking you follow-up questions whenever you talk? These are good signs someone likes you.

They clearly want to know more about you; they want to get to know you on a deeper level. What kind of questions do they ask? If they single you out of the crowd to get to know you better with lots of questions, that’s a clear indicator that someone likes you.

4. They Have Made It A Point To Find Out If You Are Single.

Have they asked you if you are dating anyone - even in a subtle way? For example, do they say things like, “Would your boyfriend approve of me saying this?” or “What does your husband think about this?” They are trying to get you to say whether you have a man already.

Did you find out that they asked your friends or coworkers if you were available? Do they seem overly interested in whether or not you have another person in your life? They may be too shy to flat out ask you if you’re single, but if they ask other people, it’s one way to tell that someone likes you.

5. They Listen When Others Talk About You.

Do they seem preoccupied in general until the topic of “you” comes up? If they hear your name and quickly start to enter the conversation or listen intently, they clearly want to know more about you. Watch the way their attention changes when your name comes up in conversation.

People love talking about each other; just because your name’s mentioned doesn’t mean someone’s interested in dating you. However, if a person’s ears perk up at the mention of your name and obviously joins in the conversation so they can ask more questions in a seemingly uninterested way, they like you.

6. They Confide In You About Personal Details About Their Life.

One fabulous way to tell if someone likes you is to listen to what they talk about. They may ask you a lot of questions to learn more about you, but that’s not always the most comfortable way to get to know a person. Sometimes if you can just share more things about yourself, you can get another person to open up.

Does it seem like that’s what this person likes to do? Do they talk about any and everything in the world? Chattiness is a good way to tell if someone likes you, but if they dive into the little details about their life, they are clearly trying to start up a meaningful conversation with you in an effort to learn more about you.

7. They Try To Find Things That The Two Of You Have In Common.

When this person focuses on you, do they try to find common ground? Do they say things like, “Me too!” or “Oh my gosh! I’m the same way!” Things like that mean they are looking for things the two of you have in common so you can bond. 

Granted, people often do this just to have a decent conversation, but if someone likes you, they are more likely to drill you with questions until they can find something in common so you can talk about that subject more. Establishing common ground is a great way to get to know a person better.

They Act Differently Around You

They Act Differently Around You

8. They Are Clumsy Around You.

Does this person trip because they don’t look away when staring at you? People can be clumsy without it meaning anything, but most people aren’t especially clumsy just because someone, in particular, is around. Fumbling around is a good sign this person is into you.

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What is this individual like around most people? Do they seem clumsy in general? Is it just when you’re around? I think that special someone is really into you if they find it hard to keep their balance or stay steady just because you entered the room! 

9. They Fix Themselves Up When They Are Going To Be Around You.

So, you’ve seen this individual before you suspected they might like you, right? How are they now? Did they turn from bum-looking to hot-to-trot, sexy? Has their appearance drastically changed from when you first met them? 

It could have nothing to do with you, but have you caught them off guard on any given day looking regular? And then when you are around, they preen themselves up? Can you tell that on the days they get to see you, they are more spruced up than usual? There is attraction going on; they’re trying to impress you!

10. They Do Things To Make You Laugh.

People love to make other people laugh. It validates them and what they have chosen to talk about. How have you seen them talk to another person? Do they try to make them smile as well? Do they seem to love your smile or laugh? Do they act the same way around other people? If it’s just you, there’s attraction going on.

When people feel attracted, they want to smile. What better way to make you smile than to tell you something funny? If it wasn’t Jerry Seinfeld funny, they probably at least got a grin out of you; they probably feel like anything to make you give them your attention will do. Are they funny? Do they make you laugh? That’s a good sign they’re into you.

11. They Try To Be Very Helpful To You.

If you want to know how to tell if someone likes you, watch what they do around you. Do they notice what you’re doing every minute? That sounds kind of stalker-ish, but it can be a really sweet sign of attraction. Have they made an effort to pick up papers you drop, offer to give you a ride when you need it, or go out of their way to be nice?

They are trying to be sweet and helpful to you. One of the best ways to show attraction is to give a person the help they need when they need it. People can be nice and helpful with no hidden meaning, but if he’s gone out of his way to be helpful, that’s a sign he’s wanting to be more than friends.

12. They Act Shy Or Nervous When You Are Around.

So, I did kind of touch on this earlier, but when a guy likes you, he may get quiet when you’re around. He may feel a tad nervous about being in your presence, so he may close up. Some people do this when they don’t like someone, too, but if he’s obviously nervous, he doesn’t hate you. He feels the opposite way about you.

According to Business Insider, there are 6 obvious signs that someone is nervous. Here are some ways to tell if someone is nervous - they touch their face, compress their lips, blink frequently, play with their hair, yawn excessively, and rub their hands together. Watch for these visual cues, and you’ll know whether someone was nervous or not.

13. They Smile A Lot Around You.

People who smile a lot are usually happy. If this individual lights up when you enter the room, that’s a sign of interest and attraction. They may smile for no reason or all or they may do one thing or another to make you smile. What do you do when you like someone? You don’t frown when they are around; you smile!

Does their life just suddenly seem to get better because you are around? People who want to show attraction, smile a lot; they can’t help it. Smiling is just a clear sign that someone wants to be more than friends. They love to see you smile, and they can’t stop their face from smiling when they see you.

They Have Attentive Body Language

They Have Attentive Body Language

14. They Maintain Eye Contact With You.

Eye contact is a clear sign of attraction. However, if they are nervous and shy, they may have trouble looking up and maintaining eye contact. When you are talking, do they stare at you a lot? No one who’s interested in a person ignores them when they talk. Instead, they probably gaze at you with a clear intent of attraction.

Again, Psychology Today says that the neurochemical oxytocin can cause intense eye contact. And, increased oxytocin levels produce a sense of well-being, increasing one’s attraction to another. That’s a strong sign that someone really likes you!

So, what is their eye contact like? Do they look at you when you talk? Have they maintained a strong vibe of attraction in their body language? Have you caught them staring at you when you are doing something? They like you and want you in their life. Their body language has told you everything.

15. They Face You When They Are Near You.

One sign that someone wants to be in your life is the body cue of facing you. Are their feet pointed in your direction when you have a conversation with them? Do they make it a point to turn towards you when you are around them?

If their body turns and their eyes are on you, those are clear signs of interest in you. These may be subconscious signs, but they are there nonetheless. Watch for them, and you’ll see how this person feels about you in no time!

16. They Adjust Their Walk To Be At Your Pace.

Have you ever walked with someone who walks two feet in front of you or lags two feet behind you? It sucks, right? You have to either jog to catch up with them or slow down significantly. It doesn’t mean someone doesn’t like you, but they aren’t paying close attention to you.

When someone walks at your same speed, it’s a good sign they want to be close to you. It also means they are paying attention to what you are saying. When someone is intently listening, they keep the same pace as the person they are talking to because they can’t hear them very well otherwise. 

17. They Try To Get In Close Proximity To You. 

When you are in the same room as them, do they make it a point to move closer to your location? Do they gravitate toward you in the room? Do they notice where you are and try to get your attention? All of these things are good signs they like you.

If they slowly move around people that are in the way of the two of you or remove physical objects that stand in the way of you two, that’s an even better sign! Watch how they react when you enter the room, and you’ll know their intentions fast!

18. They Mirror Your Body Language And Slang.

When people show interest in one another, they often, without realizing it, mirror each other. Does he lean in when you talk in an effort to get you to do the same? Have you noticed him using silly, weird slang terms you use? He likes you!

Mirroring is more than just slang and movement. It’s also about watching the person very closely and mimicking their actions, how they sit, stand, or slouch. Without realizing it, this person may be repeating your activity. 

On the other hand, you can expect them to say things you have said and move the way you do, so check that out! Watch their face, too. Does their face change when you enter the room? Does their mood seem to match yours? This may not be on purpose, but it’s a good indicator he or she is into you.

19. They Have Dilated Pupils Around You.

Again, Psychology Today really nailed this one. They say that the neurochemical oxytocin, the hormone that makes you happy, can increase the dilation of your pupils. They explain that the wider the pupil dilation is, the more attraction a person feels. 

In fact, the article also explains that one of the sexiest women of her time, Cleopatra, used atropine to dilate her pupils to make herself sexier. That’s a powerful chemical reaction! She made a powerful effort to make her eyes as beautiful as possible. 

The next time you are around this individual, take a close look at their eyes to see if they have dilated pupils. Do they intently stare into your eyes, or do their eyes look away when they talk? Try to check their pupils, but keep in mind that a shy person may not look your way, so it’s not a definite sign they don’t like you.

They Flirt With You

They Flirt With You

20. They Find Excuses To Innocently Touch You.

Are you a physically affectionate person? Do you like it when people touch you, hug you, or shake your hand? Light touching may seem to indicate interest, but for some people, they don’t enjoy touching.

Does this person go out of his or her way to touch you, put their hand on your back lightly, or brush their hand against yours “accidentally?” Does this individual hug you a lot, lingering a bit so he or she can hold on to you just a little bit longer? These are all signs of attraction. 

21. They Perform Little Romantic Gestures.

Do you know of someone who does little things like open doors for you or bring you your favorite coffee or dessert out of the blue? It’s the little things in life that give a person away. You can tell they like you if they show little romantic gestures. 

These are qualities you should want to find in a mate, too. After all, you want someone who thinks of the greater things in life and seems to genuinely care about your well-being. These are awesome indicators that you are well-liked by someone who is a catch!

22. They Joke About Being Jealous When You Talk About Someone Else.

So, you mention another guy, someone else pays close attention to you, or you discuss a date you had last night. How does this person react? Do they get quiet? Does it seem like they’re upset almost? He may secretly be jealous.

Often, when a guy likes a girl, he’ll pretend to be jealous when she mentions or talks to another guy. He might say something like, “Are you trying to make me jealous?” jokingly. He may be serious in his mind but doesn’t want you to know that. He can’t be too obvious about his feelings, or he might come across as possessive or overly interested.

23. They Do Things In An Effort To Impress You.

Have you noticed this person making a special effort to knock your socks off? Does he or she try to show off in front of you? What does he or she do around you? Do you ever think, “Wow! This guy has something I’m looking for! Look at that!”

Right there - that’s what they’ve been trying to make you feel; they want you to feel that attraction for them, so they are trying their best to impress you in any way they know how. For example, he might flex his biceps, ask you to touch them or walk with a strut around you. Look for the cues; you’ll know them when you see them.

24. They Blush A Lot When You Are Around.

Does this special someone almost seem embarrassed when he or she talks to you? He may be! After all, if there’s a spark between the two of you, he or she may feel like he or she’s got to be on their best behavior when you’re around.

Have you seen them blush when you are in the middle of a conversation? Does their face get red when talking about flirty or sexual things? Do they seem flustered when you’re near them? These are all clear signs he’s smitten!

They Pay Close Attention To You

They Pay Close Attention To You

25. They Go To Places Where You Will Be.

Do you happen to see this person when you're at the club or out to eat with friends? This may not be an accident. If this is a coworker, he or she may very well be listening to your phone conversations about the plans you have for the day or weekend. 

They may not intend to be like a stalker, but they may just want to get to know you better outside of your usual place of gathering. They may also just want to be around you more in an attempt to get up the nerve to ask you out!

26. They Have Made It A Point To Follow You On Social Media.

Has this individual asked to befriend you on Facebook? Has he started following you on Instagram, liking all the pictures you post? Does he mention, in person, something from your Facebook wall, something obscure that you didn’t think anyone noticed?

These are very real signs that he’s interested in you. We can do whatever we want with what little free time we have, and most people have multiple followers they can converse with during their off-time. If he’s zeroed in on what’s up with you, that’s a good sign!

27. They Remember Almost Everything You Talk To Them About.

Do they seem to know everything about you? Have they paid attention to the details? If they have had multiple conversations with you, it makes sense. But, to remember all of the details? Well, that means they are an excellent listener and probably have cared a lot about what you’ve had to say.

Do they notice the little things about you like how you did your hair or makeup differently? If they recall the details you have mentioned and the little changes you have made, there’s a big chance that they really like you.

28. They Stand Up For You.

Do they watch what others have said about you? If this person is a coworker, for example, he or she may perk up when your name’s brought into the conversation. And, if it’s a negative reference, he or she may even stand up for you.

That’s a pretty sweet and nice thing for someone to do, especially if you aren’t around to defend yourself. If you are there but are ignoring it, watch what he or she does. For example, does he defend your honor like a knight? 

29. Their Friends Know All About You.

Have you met his friends? Do they seem to already know who you are and what you are all about? That makes you think, “What all has this person said about me to his or her pals?” Obviously, they’ve talked a lot about you if their best buds know you.

It may seem awkward at first, but give them a chance and give him the benefit of the doubt. He may talk about everyone with them, but I doubt it. He’s probably talked about non-stop because he’s really into you!


What Are The Signs That Someone Likes You?

Their actions can tell you lots. Did they buy you flowers because of Valentine’s Day, your birthday, or “just because?” Do they make sweet, romantic gestures for you like buying you a coffee because you’re having a bad day? These are some pretty obvious signs that a person likes you. 

How Do You Know If Someone Secretly Likes You?

Watch their body language. There may be many signs that are still evident if someone likes you. Are they nervous around you? People fidget, act clumsy, or get very quiet (because they’re shy) when they are uncomfortable. These are pretty good clues that the person is into you.

How Do You Tell If A Guy Is Attracted To You?

If you want to know how to tell if a guy likes you, watch their eye contact. Have you noticed whether his eye gaze at you a lot? If he has strong eye contact with you and doesn’t look away when you are around, that’s a pretty good sign!

How Do You Know If Someone Is Thinking About You Sexually?

People often touch themselves or may likely touch the person they are into when they think about sex. People also have trouble looking away when the object of their sexual interest is around, and a person may lean in or give unmistakable eye contact when sexually interested.

What Are Signs Of A Guy Liking You?

If you want to know how to tell if a guy like you is to watch their eye contact, body cues, and attentiveness. If you want to tell if someone really likes you, pay attention to how talkative they are with you; if they’re chatty with you, they like you.

In Summary...

What did you think of the list? Are you clear on what signs to look for in someone who’s interested in you? Do you know of another sign, not on this list? Please share your thoughts and experience in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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